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More than 160,000 people are demonstrating nationwide for the rapid and final shutdown of all German nuclear reactors.


Last week, for two days, 13 of 17 atomic reactors were shut down in Germany:


No blackout, nothing. Panic by atomic plant operators – worldwide – criminal.

Yesterday, on May 27th 2011, the german government promised to shut down 7 of 17 atomic power plants forever.

Background story: Germany’s government bribed by atomic industry, even when they shut down atomic reactors:


Impressions from the April 2011 demonstration around the 25th Chernobyl year, infront of the atomic power plant “Neckarwestheimt” (web):

The demonstrators (I was among them with a belarusian friend) played original evacuation tapes from Pripjat April 1986. I held a speech there and met a japanese journalist whose parents live in Myagi. The child of the atomic plant worker’s doctor developed leukemia. He left his job and the town:

TRANSLATION: http://www.universalsubtitles.org/de/videos/SjU2A1chgSBm/info/Atomkraftwerk%20Neckarwestheim%20April25th%202011%20-%20Rede%2C%208000%20Leute%2C%20japanischer%20Journalist/



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German chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU) announced today that 7 reactors are going offline for three months. They will be tested for safety. For example, if they can resist against a plane crash. Every engineer tells you: They can’t. The only consequence can be the once and for all shutdown of all atomic reactors worldwide.

2009 a new book of rules was written, for higher standards in Germany’s atomic power plants. The rules we use today are 30 years old – also a reason why the seven plants are shut down at the moment

Atomic energy chief lobbyist Gerald Hennenhöfer (web) recommended Chancellor Angela Merkel NOT to use the new Rules for opterating atomic power plants in Germany, because then all german atomic power plants would have been shut down. SOURCE (speech SPD party Germany) And Gerald Hennenhöfer is now the man who supervises the testing on safety of the seven atomic power plants. Unbelievable.

So, the german government gives the people safety – for three months. After that, the danger continues – powered by the german government.

In the meantime the german government announced that they will stop and reduce support money for environmental energy projects and research.

German government bribed by atomic industry

Here is the list:

From 3/15/11 SOURCE

Biblis A (build 1974) [map] not enough emergency systems, quake area
Biblis B (build 1976) [map] not enough emergency systems, quake area

Unterweser (build 1978) [map] running with Plutonium MOX fuel, in 2007 the emergency cooling system went offline

Philippsburg (build 1984)  [map] not enough Bor solution in 2001, shutdown

Isar 1 (build 1977) [map] no protection against a plane – Operator E.ON shuts it nown down

Neckarwestheim 1 (build 1976) [map]

Brunsbüttel (build 1976, offline since 2007) [map] Scandal plant operated by VATTENFALL (web) caused dangerous accidents at their atomic power plant “Krümmel” (offline since 2009) [map]:

Incident is the normal case at VATTENFALL


# Fire in Vattenfalls atomic reactor “Krümmel” – June 28th 2007

# Vattenfall and the fire in a German atomic power plant – July 6th 2007

# New problems in the atomic power plant “Krümmel” – July 10th 2007

# Police search in atomic power plant “Krümmel” – July 13th 2007

# Vattenfall – 3rd shutdown of “Brunsbüttel” reactor in 4 weeks – July 18th 2007

From 3/14/11:

The leading CDU party under chacellor Angela Merkel is going to shut down three german atomic reactors:

Biblis A [map]

Neckarwestheim  [map]

Isar 1 [map]


Reason: The situation in Japan casts doubts in the government about the safety of atomic reactors.

Not a single german atomic reactor would get a running admission today. They’re all to old. Biblis is located in a quake area, but is not built for quakes, for example.

The German Government is bribed by the atomic industry

Here are Germany’s atomic scandals

Fire in german atomic power plant 2007 – operator: Vattenfall



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