First, we create the conditions that people are genetically altered and then we create the solutions that will make them even more dependent. New genetic anti leukemia drug by NOVARTIS, in the U.S. for 475,000 US Dollars: https://www.nytimes.com/2017/08/30/health/gene-therapy-cancer.html?mcubz=0


Increases in perinatal mortality in prefectures contaminated by the Fukushima nuclear power plant accident in Japan: http://ebm-jp.com/wp-content/uploads/media-2016002-medicine.pdf

more: http://alfred-koerblein.de/indexengl.htm

“We each carry a load  of about four serious faults  in our DNA. We are saved from fourfold incapacitation by covering most of these faults with a normal gene from our parents.”Better medical care does not mean a bright future, the evolutions phases out each disturbance: ““H.J. Muller estimated that the genetic load accumulated in 8 human generations (∼ 240 years) living under constantly improving medical services with zero mortality rate due to natural selective forces is equivalent to that acquired in a single exposure to 200roentgen (1,8 Sievert) of gamma radiation 2 kilometers from Ground Zero in Hiroshima.”  https://tekknorg.wordpress.com/2015/09/22/the-radiation-generation/“Radiation exposure is an inevitable side-effect of our atomic energy programs, as well as of medical X-rays and of our natural environment. The Atomic Energy Commission (AEC = NRC) standards of permissible exposure (about 30 times larger than the level we experience now from atomic energy activities) would increase the natural rate of mutation about 10 percent. Over a period of generations the health costs of these additional mutations would be about $10 billion a year. This estimate and its probable uncertainty by a factor of 10 either way, needs to be factored into the economics of energy production and, more immediately, into the cost-effectiveness of the genetic research needed to plan on a basis of scientific certainty. Most of the atomic-energy related costs might even be canceled if we made sufficient efforts now to develop the countermeasures.”  Joshua LederbergLinus Pauling proved, that by fallout of the atomic and h bomb tests of 1958 15.000 children with severe hereditary error came to the world in one year. 38,000 children were born dead. 90,000 were murdered inside of the mother.Muller H J. 2014 May 12. Video – Hermann Muller (1955) – The Effect of Radiation and other Present Day Influences Upon the Human Genetic Constitution.Genetics in Geneva bookOur Load of Mutations PDF
Government Is Most Dangerous of Genetic Engineers PDFGenetic and Somatic Effects of Carbon 14 PDF

My Mari Takenouchi:

PLEASE CONDUCT GENE TEST AND EVACUATE KIDS IN FUKUSHIMA! 早急に遺伝子検査を行い、福島の子供たちを避難させてください!https://tekknorg.wordpress.com/2016/03/11/please-conduct-gene-test-and-evacuate-kids-in-fukushima-%e6%97%a9%e6%80%a5%e3%81%ab%e9%81%ba%e4%bc%9d%e5%ad%90%e6%a4%9c%e6%9f%bb%e3%82%92%e8%a1%8c%e3%81%84%e3%80%81%e7%a6%8f%e5%b3%b6%e3%81%ae/

Thyroid Cancer TODAY: “prevalence of thyroid cancer was 605 per million examinees”: http://journals.lww.com/epidem/Citation/2016/05000/Thyroid_Cancer_Detection_by_Ultrasound_Among.3.aspx

“Dr. Mettler (IAEA) learned well that solid cancers without a ten year latency period did not “count” as radiation-related under ICRP latency models. Therefore the Chernobyl thyroid cancers were seen, but not reported as radiogenic, since they were within five years of a disaster! The nuclear industry has a monopoly on radiation and human health scientific information, and its dissemination through the Universities into nuclear reactor facilities, hospital radiology laboratories and UN organizations. This poses a further serious problem. Normally, one believes the evidence at hand, rather than the theory! If one has been taught theory as fact, the situation becomes more complicated. ICRP has created an artificial “consensus” on the health effects of radiation” from: https://ratical.org/radiation/Chernobyl/CaUFtH.html

Thyroid Cancer – naturally a cancer of old people, naturally one to two cases per million people – BEFORE the atomic age.


Radiation News:

“Over 30μSv/h was read along side the recently-reopened Route 114 in Fukushima, September 20, 2017. It’s nothing more than insane for the government to give a green light people to cross by. 6.5 years mean nothing here. Nothing at all.” quote Kaye Nagayame



= 0,03 Millisievert per hour. Run away. Normal is 2 Millisievert PER YEAR (30 micro sv per hr = 263 Millisievert per year EVACUATE)

720 bq per kg of nuclear substance has been detected in mushrooms sold at a farmers market in Nasu Shiobara City in Tochigi Prefecture. That figure is over seven times higher than the government’s standard. It came to light through an individual inspection. The market has been recalling the products and alerting customers not to consume them: http://web.archive.org/web/20170826142825/http://www3.nhk.or.jp/shutoken-news/20170825/3355481.html

“100 Bq / kg or less is safe” has NO scientific basis
Mr. Yagasaki http://okinawahinansha.wixsite.com/houshanou-kougai/single-post/2017/08/08/%E7%A6%8F%E5%B3%B6%E3%81%AE%E7%8F%BE%E7%8A%B6

“An essential factor is that sensitivity to other damaging effects of molecules, cells, organs and animals changes after exposure to low dose radiation. The indices of health of people exposed to low dose irradiation also change. The bimodal dose-dependence of the effect was illustrated by the leucoses death rate. The explanation is given in terms of the changes in the relation between the quantity of damage and the activity of repair systems induced by low dose irradiation.” https://academic.oup.com/rpd/article-abstract/62/1-2/13/3107577/Low-Intensity-Radiation-Radiobiological-Aspects?redirectedFrom=fulltext

The outlook for Japan in 2021:
Dr. Kazue Kadamori, Investigative Commitee of Atomic Bombing Victims, Hannan Chuo Hospital, Osaka, Japan, IPPNW Conference 1996 (ten Chernobyl years): How Thyroid Cancer is used by IAEA, WHO, ICRP, to conceal all other radiation induced cancers, and even thyroid cancer effects are misinterpretated:



The Japanese radiation victims (anyone who takes in radioactive food) do not suffer from “mental disorders” or “phobias”.
They suffer from the murderous lies of TEPCO, IAEA, Fukushima Medical University (a human-nuclear research lab), from the Abe government, industry, even doctors, and hospitals, and even NGOs and pseudo NGOs like the ETHOS program. It is a catastrophe in a catastrophe. Both man made. The first one attacks the body cells, the DNA, the tissue, the 2nd one attacks the thinking process.
The reality is not just irradiated. The reality is absurd, murderous and not a bit normal. Anyone who does not adapt to this real madness “suffers” from a non existant “mental disorder” or under a trauma. No! People suffer from the fact that the truth is not told to them.
The Japanese population is punished for suffering, for being sacrificed and feeling it, for showing up courage, for telling the truth, even for protecting their kids.

1. About 2 grams of radioactive cesium release radiation of 10 sievert per hour. Scale that up to become your average TEPCO high readings. Still believe high readings correspond to “fuel somewhere” – or are it rather tiny spots causing it?
2. A 1,3 billionths of a gram of Cesium 137 (4,000 becquerel) creates a load of 100 Becquerel per Kg in the body of a 40 Kg heavy child, 20 bequerel per kg cause serious damages to the cardio vascular system.
3. one millionth of a gram of plutonium-239 cause cancer. TEPCO vented 700+ kg to the outside.
4. Polonium 210: A lethal dose of 2 Sieverts would be delivered by inhalation of less than 5 nanograms of the isotope (4.7 x 10-9 grams or 4.7 billionths of a gram).
There are no LOW doses of radiation.
It is always the same energy.


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Dear readers,

What is an evidence? What is a symbol?

Where is the molten fuel everyone parrots?
Have you seen it? Has TEPCO seen it?
Was there ANY fuel sample taken IN FULL SIX YEARS?

TEPCO says “Meltdown”

EVERYONE says “Meltdown”

TEPCO shows empty reactors, muon scanner pics

EVERYONE says “Meltdown”

TEPCO switches off robots, says it was caused by radiation

EVERYONE says “Meltdown”

TEPCO shows a hole

EVERYONE says “Meltdown”

What does “Meltdown” mean?

They switch the robots off, becaue they can not find any fuel (3 full cores! = radioactivity of 3,000 Hiroshima bombs). They know that, so they design this little robot circus show for us, until the public gets bored and TEPCO can entomb the units, so no one asks: HEY! Where is the FUEL you call MOLTEN?! Seems we have this point already. No one asks, only parrots what TEPCO says. Six years of winter sleep. This public awarness is a 2nd catastrophe.

Do you know, that if you say “Meltdown” you agree automaticall, that only 2 – 5 % of the radioactive inventories / cores left the reactors.

What if more was emitted? Not with you, since you parrot the “Meltdown”

That is what Meltdown means, that is what INES 7 is. A certain amount of radio iodine becquerel emitted by a nuclear power plant.

Here, it was more- background: https://tekknorg.wordpress.com/2015/04/07/ventilating-or-exploding-each-reactor-architecture-must-lose-radioactive-inventory/

There you have it: NRC document ML12052A105. The vented gas (fragmented / vaporized particle fuel / core) was causing the explosions! The reactor house is the burst protection. The containment was vented empty into it, until it could hold no longer -> EXPLOSION, the core was gone, in a big brown cloud and invisible particles, during venting before that,hours, days. It happened before our eyes. No meltdown in none of the reactors. TEPCO drilled even a hole into burst protection of Reactor 2, manually, done by human hands. I feel very sorry for the guys who did it.

“To justify venting or purging, there must be an established need to improve working conditions” JUSTIFICATION: Avoiding explosion of the containment: https://www.nrc.gov/reading-rm/doc-collections/gen-comm/gen-letters/1979/gl79054.html

The Meltdown was also used as paper tiger and brainwashing in the Chernobyl aftermath, and it works for 31 years now.

But Chernobyl was not a meltdown:

Enough with the Chernobyl Meltdown Myth:
Here, the crew walks next to the reactor lid, at the reactor vault. Not much impact on camera, no fuel left. Empty. IAEA says there should be 26 Sievert per Hour, eveyone dies. Nope. Chernobyl developed a nuclear explosion. It’s out. It’s time to ask questions: Why a new sarcophagus? Why still believing it’s in there?
If a reactor can empty itself, it’s illegal to operate and to build!
All reactors! That’s why! 800,000 liquidators wasted, a useless new sarcophagus!
I suggest you watch the 3:00 minute mark.

You can see the Chernobyl 4 central hall. Graphite block from reactor, no burnt graphite. A fuel assembly lying around – NOT molten. Video: Alexander Kupny.

It was an in air explosion in and above central hall, by a upward flying core jet, which lifted the 2,000 tons lid aside. This non welded lid played a similar role like a safety valve:

Backround: https://tekknorg.wordpress.com/2016/04/21/nuclear-explosion-emptied-chernobyl-concealed-by-the-nuclear-industry/

That is the technical aspect.

Now the health damage:

What happened with Chernobyl,

happens now with Japan:

This is the reason for such “empty white coats” are speaking pro nuclear in public and media: https://www.japantoday.com/smartphone/view/national/doctors-radiation-not-biggest-impact-on-fukushima-residents-health?utm_campaign=jt_newsletter&utm_medium=email&utm_source=jt_newsletter_2017-03-10_AM


Congratulations TEPCO and IAEA

and SHAME on you anti nuclear activists.

36 years! Sleep well.

background: https://tekknorg.wordpress.com/2016/05/31/denying-damage-by-historicizing-and-resettlement/

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How does someone look suffering from cancer in the final stage?
Can not walk, eat, drink, talk …
As somone old, “dying natural…”



The pro nuclear New York Times says in their latest Cancer article: “Why Everyone Seems to Have Cancer”SOURCE: http://www.nytimes.com/2014/01/05/sunday-review/why-everyone-seems-to-have-cancer.html?smid=fb-nytimes&WT.z_sma=OP_WES_20140105

SEEMS to have Cancer.

A total Denial of the increase of Cancer.

“According to the National Cancer Institute, cancer incidence (all sites) in the US increased by 55% between 1950 and 1995; the trends in Europe and other industrialised nations are similar. Non-smoking related cancers are responsible for about 75% of the overall increased incidence of cancer since 1950, and cannot be explained in terms of better detection or ageing” http://www.preventcancer.com/publications/cancer-gate.php

The same New York Times said 1996: “Chernobyl “compressed several thousand years of evolution into a decade” and “Inherited Damage Is Found In Chernobyl Area Children: changes in DNA in sperm and eggs. Such mutations are passed on from generation to generation.” SOURCE: http://www.nytimes.com/1996/05/07/science/chernobyl-s-voles-live-but-mutations-surge.html

AND, also from New York Times 1996: “Radiation at any level is a uniquely potent cause of chromosome mutations that can lead to so-called irregularly inherited disorders like heart disease, cancer, diabetes, multiple sclerosis, schizophrenia, asthma, rheumatoid arthritis, Alaheimer’s disease and many, many more.” http://www.nytimes.com/2000/06/25/nyregion/l-even-background-levels-of-radiation-are-harmful-922897.html

The World Health Organisation also fakes history and statistics: “The second category involves dozens of manipulations of data, among them: averaging exposures over entire populations and ignoring local sources of concentrated contamination; ending studies after 10 years thereby excluding long term morbidity and mortality; qualifying five year survival as “cure”, only considering cancer, those still alive and the three most affected countries; claiming decreases in childhood cancers when in fact children have become adults with cancer and therefore no longer appear in that database.” SOURCE: http://mondediplo.com/2008/04/14who

ONE radiograph during pregnancy: 20 % increase for cancer probability before the child is 10 years old. Two radiographs during pregnancy: 28 %. Three: 70 %. FOUR:…. 100 PERCENT. There is NO SAFE LEVEL OF RADIATION EXPOSURE: http://books.google.de/books?id=aAoAAAAAMBAJ&pg=PA30&lpg=PA30&dq=cancer+stewart+xray+1970+radiographs&source=bl&ots=UGZYt0TZGo&sig=ENE9wYZjjNs3Rh2XyptdZwP3Ucw&hl=de&ei=7545Tu6iF8aAOsLrvbMG&sa=X&oi=book_result&ct=result&resnum=1&sqi=2&ved=0CBsQ6AEwAA#v=onepage&q&f=false

This goes with 100 years old knowledge: In 1914 Thomas Boveri found that Genomic Instability causes Malignancy of Cancer – and that Genomic Instability is also caused by RADIATION “quote: “existence of cancers produced by X-rays” : http://jcs.biologists.org/content/121/Supplement_1/1.full

The genomic instability is passed on in the genes and increases exponentially with each generation” = what New York Times said 1996 and what Boveri found out.

SEEMS to have?


Alexei Yablokov (Russia) Doctor of Biological Sciences, advisor to the Russian Academy of Sciences, said: Among of the main effects of the Chernobyl disaster is to be found in the increase of ilnesses’ incidence and prevalence:

• increase in cancers;
• accelerated aging; ACCELERATED AGING!

more: https://tekknorg.wordpress.com/2012/06/02/%E3%82%A2%E3%83%AC%E3%82%AF%E3%82%BB%E3%82%A4%C2%B7%E3%83%A4%E3%83%96%E3%83%AD%E3%82%B3%E3%83%95-may-12th-2012/

Earlier onset of cancer = Accelerated Aging = Radiation Effect.

Accelerated aging! And this why we find diseases of the old in children. Perfect Example: Thyroid Cancer – see below: Who understands the thyroid cancer phenomenon? A frightening text:
There are two main findings. Only the first will be understood and is always mentioned, by doctors, media: 1) The increase of thyroid cancer, in children. And: The increase of cysts and other changes.


Not so understood: These are usually the precursor of cancer. Digested? Well,
then there is 2) Thyroid Cancer WAS uncommon. Totally. One out One Million. Before the Atomic Age (During the period 1935 – 1944: less than one in a million cases, it was declining

It increased 5 fold since 1945). AND: It was a cancer of OLD people. NOT children. Dear readers, friends. Nuclear Reactors make us more mortal – They lead to an earlier onset of diseases that only older people had. It is a kind of an accelerated evolution. Now it becomes clear why are more and more ill, and also EARLIER. Diseases – of which no one knows WHY. Alzheimer’s, dementia, diabetes type 1, Preemies, mental illness, autism, stillbirths… And these few generations living and born since the nuclear age, are only one second of a long journey. If the invisible disguises itself by taking the shape of The Known… it is no wonder, experts fail to blame the real offender. Parents pay the killer of their children, with the monthly electricity bill. Nuclear Safety and dose limits allow peaceful murder. Victims of the nuclear cellular apocalypse are simply called “cancer patients.” Then even laws are passed, so is not reported on nuclear issues. I ask: Who dares to look into it’s face and rip the mask away? If the self-evident became an offense. If you do, you’re welcome. We can not count on experts per se, but on the new thinking. Remember what Einstein said: the possibility of a chain reaction “never occurred to me”.

The latest total schizophrenic saying of the New York Times sound like IAEA policy: IAEA protecting against Truth and irradiating People: https://tekknorg.wordpress.com/2013/11/27/iaea-protects-against-truth-and-irradiates-people/

They say Cancer and Radiation are not the problem: Resettlement of people in irradiated areas is ok, “overcoming” the situation by ignoring the situation is important, Rehabilitation means: Restoration. NOT of the people, but of the IRRADIATED land, into “normality”. Radiation is forced ON the people, INTO the people, by calling it normality, and encouraging the people to come back. This program is fed by the IAEA annual budget of over 300 millon EUR and by the nuclear industry: http://www.iaea.org/About/budget.html

it is recognized by the World Health Organization that the International Atomic Energy Agency has the primary responsibility for encouraging, assisting and coordinating research and development and practical application of atomic energy for peaceful uses throughout the world without prejudice to the right of the World Health Organization to concern itself with promoting, developing, assisting and coordinating international health work, including research, in all its aspects.http://www.iaea.org/Publications/Documents/Infcircs/Others/inf20.shtml#note_c

Einstein also said: “The splitting of the atom has changed everything except our way of thinking, and thus we drift towards unparalleled catastrophe”. Albert Einstein http://www.icucec.org/files/art-chernobylrem.pdf

This is why we confuse symbol with reality. Experts and media (as New York Times above) see the waves NOT THE OCEAN!


> If a radiation-caused cancer is not fatal, it is not counted in the IAEA’s figures

> If a cancer is initiated by another carcenogen, but accelerated or promoted by exposure to radiation, it is not counted.

> If an auto-immune disease or any non-cancer is caused by radiation, it is not counted.

> Radiation-damaged embryos or foetuses which result in miscarriage or stillbirth do not count

> A congenitally blind, deaf or malformed child whose illnesses are are radiation-related are not included in the figures because this is not genetic damage, but rather is teratogenic, and will not be passed on later to the child’s offspring.

> Causing the genetic predisposition to breast cancer or heart disease does not count since it is not a “serious genetic disease” in the Mendelian sense.

> Even if radiation causes a fatal cancer or serious genetic disease in a live born infant, it is discounted if the estimated radiation dose is below 100 mSv [mSv= millisievert, a measurement of radiation exposure. One hundred millsievert is the equivalent in radiation of about 100 X-Rays].

> Even if radiation causes a lung cancer, it does not count if the person smokes — in fact whenever there is a possibility of another cause, radiation cannot be blamed.

> If all else fails, it is possible to claim that radiation below some designated dose does not cause cancer, and then average over the whole body the radiation dose which has actually been received by one part of the body or even organ, as for instance when radio-iodine concentrates in the thyroid. This arbitrary dilution of the dose will ensure that the 100 mSv cut-off point is nowhere near reached. It is a technique used to dismiss the sickness of Gulf War veterans who inhaled small particles of ceramic uranium which stayed in their lungs for more than two years, and in their bodies for more than eight years, irradiating and damaging cells in a particular part of the body. SOURCE: http://exacteditions.theecologist.org/read/resurgence/vol-29-no-7-november-1999-5368/28/3

Radioactive Atoms are SMALLER than any GMO or Virus. Plus: Virus are mutated by radioactive atoms. “It is well known that radiation can cause mutations in bacteria and viruses. Andrei Sakharov, the famous Russian physicist, described in his 1992 Memoirs that even at low levels radiation could increase mutations of bacteria and viruses. His predictions, which were originally made in 1958, have come true and we are seeing new ailments such as Reye’s syndrome which first appeared in 1963, and Legionnaires’ disease, which is caused by a bacteria that was not threatening prior to 1976. AIDS may be related to a mutated virus combined with a weakened immunity in a generation born after the first nuclear weapons were detonated.” http://www.nuclearreader.info/chapter1.html

Prof. Dr. Hedy fritz-niggli, Switzerland: “Ionizing radiation produces the same mutations as they occur naturally. The former, however, gives rise to coarser changes of chromosome structure. Mutations are irreversible injuries. Smallest doses may cause harm.The present stage of our knowledge does not permit an accurate statement on the kind of mutation. We can only see extreme changes of ion-density exercise influence the number of the mutations produced. At the various stages of the formation of germcells sensitivity to radiation is different. Water content and oxygen tension of the environments bear on the number of mutations produced. Anoxybiosis protects against radiation effects so that these occur mainly indirectly.Germ cells of various age respond in a different way to ion-density and to changes in environment.” https://www.thieme-connect.com/ejournals/abstract/10.1055/s-0029-1212990

In 1970 he said:
10 milli gray create 2 point mutations among 1,000 gametes. These are one seventieth ofl the natural mutation rate. If you take all chromosome mutations 10 milli gray produce one-tenth of the total mutation rate. If each year the maximum allowable dose is reached (5 mSv) the genetic mutation rate is increased in 30 years (one generation) by a fifth.

I add: We don’t see the primarily “BIG” mutations, with many legs. Instead it’s what we do not see: The genetically induced malignancy. And this takes time. This is how Fukushima and Chernobyl “work”.

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The 100 Millisievert Threshold Lie http://www.strahlentelex.de/The_100_Millisievert_Threshold_Lie_Statement_German_GSS.pdf

Thyroid Cancer & the crime of the IAEA: www.youtube.com/watch?v=lvNR8VtVJpU

How the IAEA actively endangers the health of children

Position Statement: What Is Currently Happening to Fukushima Children? http://fukushimavoice-eng.blogspot.fr/2012/07/position-statement-what-is-currently.html

Children’s thyroid cancer is (was) an extremely uncommon “disease” (mutation). It’s world spontaneous rate doesn’t exceed 1 – 2 cases per 1 million: https://tekknorg.wordpress.com/2012/03/04/japanese-children-cancer-outlook-children-need-absolutely-clean-food/

Me speaking @ Correction of History: Forum on Radioprotection May 12 – 13 Geneva by independent WHO.org

Councilor of radiation is led by a pharmaceutical company and ICRP http://fukushima-diary.com/2012/02/councilor-of-radiation-is-led-by-a-pharmaceutical-company-and-icrp/

The Latest of Yamashita and Fukushima Medical University: http://www.cataloghouse.co.jp/2012spring/yomimono/yamashita/index.html – translation by Kitagawa Takashi:

“Complete set of what Dr.Yamashita think about Fukushima children.

This interview reveals what the Yamashita thik about Fukushima Children.
His definite belief:
1. There’s no scientific evidence that radioactive dose less than 100mSv/year has something to do with disease including cancer.
2. The only desease which has something to do is thyloid cancer.
3. It take at least 5years to detect thyloid cancer for children, and 20 years for adults.
4. So it’s enough to examine all the children within 5 years. (Actually he will check within 2 and half years for children under heavy dose)
5. There’s no children with thyloid cancer detected so far. Zero. No problem.

This is fundamental attitude of Japan Academy of Nuclear Health related Association and Foundations and IAEA, NRC, ANSER, etc. Nothing has changed. No lower dose. Without scientific evidence of caused by radioactive, there’s no responsibility, no suit, no payment, namely no problem. If something happend, it’s due to something else, which they call it radio-phobia.
(That’s exacrly what they did in Hiroshima and Chernovyl)

This interview is very rare, done by a mail order business.
Usually NIRS and RERF(formally ABCC) never accept interview.
They reject Chernovyl report(NY Academic Press) and related research work as Non Scientific.
MEXT(Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology) follows them and teach all the children “Smile, Don’t mind it, No problem”.

About 20mSv/year on the playgroud of junior high, the IAEA standarad in emergency state is clarified that 100mSv-20mSv. So they(Committee formed by the Government) say “We take the most strict and severe level for the safety for chldren, namely 20mSv/year”. There’s official record for this decision making.”

It is widely accepted that the A-bomb survivors’ data are an unsatisfactory basis for estimating the effects of internal contamination. As early as 1953, data were available to falsify assumptions that there is a 7-year time lag between exposure and the onset of leukaemia, that there was no fallout or residual radiation at Hiroshima and Nagasaki and that there were no heritable defects in those who were exposed xxiv and hence to falsify a risk model based on those assumptions. Since the Radiation Effects Research Foundation controls were as contaminated as the study group it has been possible to reanalyze RERF data to show whether there are health effects in the controls attributable to fallout. Busby has shown that UNSCEAR reported high leukaemia rates in the Hiroshima controls relative to all Japan. Sternglass attributed to fallout the dramatic increase in cancer rates in children which was recorded all over Japan between three and five years after the Abombings. RERF data have been reanalyzed to show disturbances of sex ratio in  live births.” http://cnic.jp/



Dr. Shinichi Yamashita + Fukushima Mecial University are Japan’s CORE of Pro Nuclear Health Care:







“ The problem is the control over medical experts in Fukushima. They have to follow infamous Dr. Shunichi Yamashita, who is a governmentally supported nuclear medical care expert, who says that a child can be exposed to 100 milliSV of radiation yearly. An ad by a clinic in local papers says, “Breast milk is safe”. Many concerns are expressed, but only in anecdotal ways because we cannot acquire any good information since the Japanese government excluded Fukushima from its annual health monitoring. If somebody goes to a clinic, she or he will see obvious sign languages among staffed nurses saying “Shshhh…don’t tell them!” It’s all about “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell”. We need investigation, and need to accumulate data from people in Fukushima for the use of people. With the clinic project, we also want to promote psychological care for people who are suffering with this anxiety.”
–Chieko Shiina at The Peace and Resouce Center of San Diego, July 7th, 2012 http://www.clinic-fukushima.jp/
 Accelerating CHILDREN KILL: Dr Suzuki also claimed it is unlikely thyroid cancer rates would rise and that the results found so far where over 43% of children had abnormalities were “ordinary”: http://www.simplyinfo.org/?p=8220 If the thyroid gland does not work correctly. the fetus is going to suffer
Protection against Fear, not against Radiation!
Contract between IAEA and Fukushima Medical Universitys (“Dr” Yamashita)
“…the IAEA will endeavour to organize conferences, seminars and workshops, in cooperation with the University, with the aim of enhancing public awareness of radiological effects on human health and addressing the issue of “radiation fear” and post-traumatic stress disorders in the Fukushima population…”

it is recognized by the World Health Organization that the International Atomic Energy Agency has the primary responsibility for encouraging, assisting and coordinating research and development and practical application of atomic energy for peaceful uses throughout the world without prejudice to the right of the World Health Organization to concern itself with promoting, developing, assisting and coordinating international health work, including research, in all its aspects.http://www.iaea.org/Publications/Documents/Infcircs/Others/inf20.shtml#note_c


NEWS: info by Yoshimasa Kitsunai
May 7 (part) 2011 Video Professor Shunichi Yamashita answer questions
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bWhzpfeHhZw“There is no way of taking responsibility,” Shunichi Yamashita

Back of the governor Yuhei Sato, Shunichi Yamashita remarks “safe to 100mSv” [Ban]
The biggest risk is the “Internal Emitter” which is totally different from external radiation as IAEA, ICRP, UNSCER, RERF, NIRS of MEXT asserts that less than 100mSv is uncertain.It is KNOWN Internal Emitter of lower dose ACCUMELATES.
Even IAEA admit this in the Publication 111.(Evidence is the Picture Attached. See this carefully, No doubt. Continuous Lower dose accumulates in your body in long time. IN THIS PICTURE 1000 days, less than 3 years.)

Dr.YamaSHITa USES Publication 103 which do not admit this and OUT OF DATE. (This is really, really CHEAP TRICK.)Possible fact is revealed by a doctor of Fukushima.
There’ll be thousands of these examples available in the future. (Within 3 years according to the CHART attached.)
This is not child but rather old husband and wife in 70’s.
WBC detected 20,000Bq of Cesium in their body.There are clear evidences and scientific analysis of the mechanism. Your DNA is continuously injured and tapestry of diseases overwhelms your body. CANCER is NOT the point at all. All we care is QOL(Quality Of Life) for 20-30 years and GENERATIONS. This (The Internal Emitter damages all the DNA’s not only human, but trees, grasses, insects, birds, animals, fishes…EVERY LIFE and Environments. These are well clarified by the famous “Chernobyl” of NY Academy of Sciences, 2009 and the “cited 150,000 references” from Belarus, Chernobyl, Ukraine and all the European countries.)20,000Bq in Body detected.
below: 7 years -old boy who lived in Aizuwakamatsu at that time which the Fukushima nuclear power plant exploded:

Background: 9/11 from last year:


Why children should be screened:




Japanese IPPNW members support the pro nuclear, anti human term “Radiophobia” (made by IAEA):

“The biggest problem is the fear of radiation and psychological stress. Stress itself,
and failure due to stress or alcohol” – QUOTE by japanese IPPNW: http://www.hiroshima.med.or.jp/ippnw/sokuho/docs/2150_006.pdf
Nearly nothing about Fukushima, Chernobyl and nuclear energy in general, at the IPPNW 2012 Congress in Hiroshima:
1 out of 1,000,000 Children once had thyroid cancer – and today, because of radiation More and More a developing it!
ICRP Publication109(2007) Recommendation、”Emergent radiation status” which determines, “20mSv~100mSv/year” .”ICRP Publication 109(2007) for Emergent State:
20mSv-100mSv”They say 20mSv/year is the best thing they can employ (in Japan).
ICRP Publication 109(2007)
Arrangements for emergent exposure situations.
20-100mSv/yearThey employed this recommendation.ICRP Publication 111(2008)
This recommendation lowered the level to
1-20mSv/yearStill MEXT employed the former(109) to admit 20mSv/year.ICRP Publication 109(2007)
neglects internal emitter totally: https://tekknorg.wordpress.com/2012/06/01/%e3%83%9f%e3%82%b7%e3%82%a7%e3%83%abfernex-may-12th-2012/by Marnie DawsonWho composes the “test” group? They are the children of Fukushima. They are an involuntary irradiated “test” group monitored since March 2011 displaying disturbing health abnormalities that may ultimately decide the debate on nuclear power, should the global media report it. Fukushima Daiichi has been like a suppurating wound, leaching radionuclides into the environment since March 2011. The sixth report of the Fukushima Prefecture Health Management Survey, revealed after the survey examined 38,114 local children that 36 percent of Fukushima children have abnormal thyroid growths. The Fukushima Prefecture Health Management Survey revealed that 13,460 children, or 35.3 percent, had thyroid cysts or nodules up to 0.197 inches long growing on their thyroids and 0.5 percent of the children had growths larger than 0.197 inches. So, why might this be significant? According to the American Thyroid Association (ATA), thyroid problems from nuclear events occur when radioactive iodine is leaked into the atmosphere and thyroid cells that absorb too much of this radioactive iodine may become cancerous, with children being particularly susceptible. Furthermore, the ATA reports noted that thyroid cancer “seems to be the only cancer whose incidence rises after a radioactive iodine release” and that that babies and children are at highest risk. The National Institute of Radiological Sciences conclusions refute the government’s assertion that Japanese children in effect received zero thyroid radiation doses from Fukushima. Fukushima children’s health, the news just gets worse. Two months ago Tokyo Shinbum reported that 60 percent of Fukushima children under 12 have tested positive for diabetes, according to Dr. Miura, the director of Iwase’s general hospital. Why, possibly? Because the Strontium-90 radioactive isotope quickly decays to become Yttrium-90, which can concentrate in the pancreas, causing pancreatic cancer or diabetes. Two major nuclear disasters in less than 40 years….Thousands of children continue to suffer because of it. In Japan and around Chernobyl http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8ujAG_Ofj4M Do we want more children to suffer when the next nuclear accident happens? As responsible adults can we continue to let this happen? Another report on the kids of Fukushima: http://www.eelamenews.com/?p=100126 Data above taken from this report: http://www.techwireasia.com/3754/fukushima-local-children-unwitting-and-unwilling-radioactive-guinea-pigs/
with kind regards,
Jan Hemmer

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OF GREATEST IMPORTANCE (Sources are the Scans below):

Children’s thyroid cancer is (was) an extremely uncommon “disease” (mutation). It’s world spontaneous rate doesn’t exceed 1 – 2 cases per 1 million


During the period 1935 – 1944, which is pre-nuclear, the trend of THYROID CANCER rate was very LOW, less than one in a million cases, it was declining. (…) It increased 5 fold since 1945. https://tekknorg.wordpress.com/2013/04/08/prof-gould-explains-how-radiation-kills-infants/#jp-carousel-4418


Known ten years before Chernobyl.

Neoplasms in Youths after x-rays: http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/5602291

There are NO SAFETY LIMITS with external and internal radiation exposure!
That is a LIE !
These safety limits only define how high of a percentage they allow on human collateral damage !!


And THAT is the truth !!!!

> The majority of Children who fell ill with cancer were UNDER THREE YEARS OLD at the time of the Chernobyl explosions. 61,6 % were 4 – 10 years of age at the time when they were operated on. Sex correlation: 98 boys (39,2%) and 152 girls (60,8%); 1:1,6.

> The age of the Child at the moment of the explosions and releases of radionuclides are important and the moment when the cancer was diagnosed. The younger the child was during exposition the earlier the child develops cancer.

> 58,5% of cancers were diagnosed with endocrinological screening. 15% with ultrasound.

> Only 15% of those who fell ill with cancer took stable iodine during the first month after the explosions.

> The highest incidence of thyroid gland cancer is among children and teenagers: Khoiniki district 1990 (6,2% of 100,000 Children): http://www.rbic.by/images/stories/articles/files/Khoiniksky-Map.pdf – an area with up to 1,48 million becquerel per m³ (40 curie per km² = 50 – 60 mSv/a).

> There are cancers in “clean” regions. (FOOD! With ingredients from irradiated areas!)

> Average incidence of thyorid gland cancer of children is 1,8 of 100,000 Children. In Brest: 0,7 of 100,000 Children.

> High correlation between level of thyroid gland cancer morbidity and the average doses accumulated by thyroid gland (correlation factor is r=0,84) as well as the contamination density of territories with Cesium 137 (r=0,86).

The low latency period of radiation-induced Thyroid Cancers among the Belarusian population was found: about 1 year in case of children and about 2 years in case of adolescents and adults. The risk,of the radiation-induced thyroid cancers is higher than the risk established for atomic bomb survivors that were irradiated with dose rates many thousands times higher… http://www.rri.kyoto-u.ac.jp/NSRG/reports/kr79/kr79pdf/Malko2.pdf

For years, scientists have established a causal relationship between radiation exposure and hypothyroidism. In particular, radioactive iodine (which seeks out the thyroid gland, and destroys cells) is linked with the disease. Here it is: “GEOGRAPHIC VARIATION IN U.S. THYROID CANCER INCIDENCE, AND A CLUSTER NEAR NUCLEAR REACTORS IN NEW JERSEY, NEW YORK, AND PENNSYLVANIA” http://www.radiation.org/reading/pubs/091116Thyroidcancer.pdf During pregnancy, thyroid gland controls Brain Growth of Fetus

NEWBORNS, NUCLEAR REACTORS, RISING HYPOTHYROIDISM: http://www.nuclearreader.info/chapter4.html

the FETUS can not repair, because it’s cells divide too fast. This is well known but still ignored by all radiation “protection” agencies. https://tekknorg.files.wordpress.com/2013/03/childrenkill-iaea.jpg

ONE radiograph during pregnancy: 20 % increase for cancer probability before the child is 10 years old. Two radiographs during pregnancy: 28 %. Three: 70 %. FOUR:…. 100 PERCENT. There is NO SAFE LEVEL OF RADIATION EXPOSURE: http://books.google.de/books?id=aAoAAAAAMBAJ&pg=PA30&lpg=PA30&dq=cancer+stewart+xray+1970+radiographs&source=bl&ots=UGZYt0TZGo&sig=ENE9wYZjjNs3Rh2XyptdZwP3Ucw&hl=de&ei=7545Tu6iF8aAOsLrvbMG&sa=X&oi=book_result&ct=result&resnum=1&sqi=2&ved=0CBsQ6AEwAA#v=onepage&q&f=false and: http://www.ratical.org/radiation/WorldUraniumHearing/AliceStewart.html

Measure your Children and Measure your Food AT:

WHOLE BODY COUNTER at CRMS JAPAN!*  http://www.crms-jpn.com/art/168.html

パセナカMisse 1F
MAIL: info@crms-jpn.com

EDIT Aug 1012: “Following the recent discovery that 36% of nearly 40,000 Fukushima children examined have abnormal thyroid growths, the inevitable industry apologists have surfaced, questioning any connection between the radioactive iodine spewed out when three cores at Fukushima began melting in March 2011. But the burden of proving safety should be on those whose profit results in poisoning, not on those who are poisoned.”

BELARUS: Permissible levels of Strontium 90 (in Japan is NO limit): Drinking Water 0,37 Becquerel per L / Milk and milk products 3,7 Becquerel per L / Bread and bakery products 3,7 Becquerel per Kg / Potatoes 3,7 Becquerel per Kg / Baby food of all kinds 1,85 Becquerel per Kg -> http://www.rbic.by/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=147&Itemid=42

BELARUS (Chernobyl irradiated): “When visiting the forest mind the rules of fire safety: do not throw cigarettes and matches away, do not make fires. Forest fires in the contaminated areas lead to the transfer of radionuclides” (TABLE Curie per km²) http://www.rbic.by/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=96&Itemid=41

Permissible levels of cesium radionuclides in food and drinking water: CESIUM 137: http://www.rbic.by/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=146&Itemid=42

Greatest thyroid gland cancer cases: GOMEL region: 54 % (1994, 44 cases were registered, 11,7 of 100,000 Children)

RADIATION MAP GOMEL: http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=236743459747625&set=a.236742506414387.60122.100002359176176&type=3&theater

=> 12,5 of 100,0000 Children

1,48 Million Becquerel per m² = 40 Curie per km² = 50 – 60 additional Milli Sievert per Year – ONLY by living there, eating, drinking not included. Source: https://tekknorg.files.wordpress.com/2012/03/16.jpg

BREST region: 22% (21 registered in 1994, 5,9 out of 100,000 Children)

RADIATION MAP BREST: http://www.rbic.by/images/stories/articles/files/Luninetsky-Map.pdf

=> 4,91 out of 100,000 Children

highest growth rate in 1993: 6,37 of 100,000 Children.

The more years go by, the more cancer cases!

In Brest, more than 90% of cancers were found in:

Pinsk: http://www.rbic.by/images/stories/articles/files/Luninetsky-Map.pdf

Stolin; http://www.rbic.by/images/stories/articles/files/Stolinsky-Map.pdf

> During 1986 (when Chernobyl exploded) and 1993: 251 Thyroid gland cancer cases in Belarus (72% of Chernobyl fallout – irradiating 25% of the country)

> During 1978 to 1986 only 5 Thryoid cancer gland cases in Belarus

> 1990: 29 cases – four fold to 1989

> 1991: 59 cases

> Beginning 1992: 1,1 – 1,2 times more

> 1994: 82 and increasing

people talk about small half-lifes of radio-iodine. 8 days. full decay time 2,7 months. but why are the thyroid cancer rates in Chernobyl areas among children rising? for 26 years now. there are 2 important anwers:

1) cancer becomes heritable (I think that increased thyroid cancer incidence of children from irradiated parents would be first manifestation of the induced genomic instability: http://vivretchernobyl.wordpress.com/2008/06/05/presentation-of-rosa-goncharova-genomic-instability-after-chernobyl-prognosis-for-the-coming-generations/)

2) A daughter isotope of strontium is focused in the pituitary gland and has a secondary effect on hypothyroidism. pregnant women So take in strontium 90, which in turn affects the pituitary gland and has an effect on other immune diseases. This also increases the mortality rate of low weight infants (an important indicator of radiation damage).

Rosa Goncharova‘s geneticist. In the Belarusian capital Minsk, she directs the laboratory of the Institute of Genetics and Cytology of the Belorussian Academy of Sciences. For decades, the research professor and her team investigated the effects of long-lasting radioactive low-level radiation.

What harm take people living in contaminated areas?

Internal Dose for japanese Infants: 1 SIEVERT per year: http://www.strahlentelex.de/RadiationRisk_EU_042011_engl.pdf

“Must live”, because there are 2600 villages that should relocate. Rosa Gonchrova summarizes the results of their studies (in german):



“One of the main lessons learned from Chernobyl is the fact that even low doses of ionizing radiation in animals and humans have biological and genetic consequences. This is now proven. They produce damage in the body cells and in the sex cells. Even at a low dose of less than 100 micro Sievert and even years at a tolerated dose of one millisievert were identified in our laboratory genetic changes.”

“About one Milllisievert per year: This is the annual dose limit for people who do not work professionally with ionizing radiations. For occupationally exposed persons in Europe are higher limits. The research team has identified mutations, ie changes in the genes of the nucleus.”

“Man, like every other living being possesses, protection systems, the repair such mutations almost. If there is now under the influence of radioactivity additional mutations, the organism will be charged additionally, he must also fight against it.”

“For these children we have found changes in individual genes. And the worst part is that these children show an increased sensitivity to other unfavorable factors. That is, these children fall ill more frequently than others. Among the unfavorable factors include poor diet, environmental factors, chemical pollution. This is true not only for children but for adults too. They all have an increased sensitivity to other unfavorable factors.”

“In plain English: who spends his life in contaminated areas spend, must, whose immune system is weakened.”

Radioactivity, as it opens the doors for other health problems.

The most dangerous radiation is which is ingested with food. Thus, for example, cesium-137 from the inside to act on the cells, because it displaces the vital potassium in muscle tissue. Or strontium-90, a radionuclide that accumulates in the bone and bone marrow: there can damage blood cells and can cause cancer such as blood.”

– On the question of whether changes in the genetic inheritance of future generations, says geneticist Rose Goncharova: “We demonstrated in our laboratory for the first time that genetic changes over generations may be swept on. We have found after Chernobyl more than 22 animal generations of genetic instability. There are animals that live in the contaminated areas who have to live under the influence of low doses. We have been scientifically proven.”

“This has been proven in one of the most common mammals in the bank vole. The cells of these mice were well comparable with those of humans, says the researcher. Therefore one can transmit many findings to him.”

“Even after 22 generations of mice you can still see changes, mutations. They are inherited. The radioactivity is harmful. So it happens that many offspring do not survive or even many embryos. Those who survive are somehow cope with the situation. But whose genome is unstable, and they also pass into the next generation. And often they are ill. Their whole system is more unstable than in other animals.”

“The mortality rate in these animals is very, very high. Mice produce very many offspring, and therefore they can afford a high death rate. Man, however, will usually produce only one child. In any case, not five, six, seven at once. He also does not bring several generations in a year or during his life to the world. So we can also transmit the results that actually would be transferable to humans, not in all respects to him.”

“Which low doses of radiation effects in humans may have, but points to a study that was published in December 2010 in Germany. It states: Within a radius of 35 km around a nuclear plant are fewer girls were born in areas without nuclear power. We investigated the surroundings of 27 facilities in Germany and four in Switzerland. Fewer female births have been noted previously: In regions that were hit by the Chernobyl radioactive precipitation. It is believed that female embryos are more sensitive to radiation and therefore die rather than male.”

! Belarus has all the information Japan needs !

“Helen Mary Caldicott was on flashpoints yesterday, good interview on a good daily show. she said a third of itates children are showing thyroid tumors! that is an astounding figure! i wonder what the source is on that?


Flashpoints – March 12, 2012 at 5:00pm | KPFA 94.1 FM Berkeley: Listener Sponsored Free Speech Radio” From Vince Packard & Mali Martha Lightfoot:

CLICK every single SCAN to understand the curve of thyroid cancer in Children:

Lessons from Belarus to Japan: 555 kBq per m² (15 Curie per km²) to 1,480 kBq per m² (40 Curie per km²) cause 50 – 60 milli Sievert per year for the people living there – according to Belaraus National Report 1995 [the year when Belarus stopped aid for irradiated areas with 1 – 5 Curie km² (37 kBq per m² – 185 kBq per m²)]. Exclusion Zones start at 18,500 kBq (18,500,000!!!) per m² of Cs-137, 455 kBq per m² of Sr-90 and 150 kBq per m² of Pu-239. Very very high tolerance levels, if we take into account, that Bandashevsy proved, that 20 Bq – 50 Bq of Cs-137 per Kg of the body (not kilo Bq! normal Bq!) are already letal for children! 1995: the level of air contamination exceeded by 10 and more times the pre-accident data even for “clean” places, like Minsk.

The river sediments of Dneeper, Sozh and Pripjat, Neman, Zapadnay and Divina increased Cs-137 by 80%. This is only official state data. It reached also backwaters: The Sr-90 activity varies from 2,2 – 66,0 up to 407 – 4,215 Bq/Kg). Alpha-radionuclides density in riverbed sediments is higher than in river waters: Pu238 from 0,005 – 9,10 Bg/Kg; Pu-239-240 from 0,13 – 28,13 Bq/Kg; Am-241 from 0,07 – 16,2 Bq/Kg. In the 90ies the levels fro Cs-137 and Sr-90 exceed pre-accidental levels in ground water 20 – 30 times and in underground waters 10 times and more. Chernobyl turned the soil into a collector where accumulation and prolonged retention of long-living radionculides occur.

Today contaminated soil functions as the main source, which delivers various components of radionuclides into the biosphere. At at distance of 150 – 200 km to Chernobyl: Gomel in Belarus: 2,271 kBq/m² (61 Curie per km²) and Mogilev (146 Curie per km²) can be found. In Bragin (Gomel) Cs-137 contamination is 174 kBq per m² up to 2,523 kBq per m². Radionuclides are distributed into forest photosynthesis: this is the growth line for Cs-137: wood < branches < needles < forest litter. For the living soil cover the line is as follows: herbaceous plants < lichens < mosses. The maximum is in the root system and ground vegetative part of plants, and considerably lower in generating organs. Accumulation degree for Sr-90 in meadow plants is twice as large as compared to Cs-137. The permissible levels for mushrooms is 7,4 kBq per m² for mushrooms. Terretories are called clean if contamination density is lower than 37 kBq per m². For berries of the red worthle berries family varies from 37 to 185 kBq per m². Migration processes of marketable animals and birds cause high specific activity of game registered even on relatively clean terretories.

The presence of radioactive isotopes in practically all components of the natural and natural-techno-genic ecosystems with density much higher than before explains their involvement in the geo-chemical and biological cycles of migration. This stuation causes different ways of external and internal irradiation of the population and jeopardizes people’s health.

We don’t get more data today, it is covered up by the state. So we go back into the 90ies: Thyroid illnesses morbidity of the children of Gomel area in 1994 (indices per 100,000 children: Total in Belarus 1086,20 – Total in Gomel area: 3594,30 – Contaminated area (> 555 kBq per m² / > 15 Curie per km²): 16159,70. Thyroid cancer morbidity of the children of Gomel area in 1994 (i.p. 100,000 children): Total in Belarus: 3,20 – Total in Gomel area: 12,00 – Contaminated area (> 555 kBq per m² / > 15 Curie per km²): 77,50. Tumour morbidity of the children in Gomel area in 1994 (i.p. 100,000 chidren): Total in Belarus: 101,10 – Total in Gomel area: 154,90 – Contaminated area (> 555 kBq per m² / > 15 Curie per km²): 245,40. Malignant tumour morbidity of the Children of Gomel area in 1994: Total in Belarus: 13,80 – Total in Gomel area: 27,10 – Contaminated area (> 555 kBq per m² / > 15 Curie per km²): 103,30.

Official radiation maps of Belarus (too low): http://www.rbic.by/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=256&Itemid=86

How Belarus makes Chernobyl zones attractive, which are irradiated with 40 Curie per km² (1,480,000 Becquerel per m² – gives 50 – 60 mSv/year only by living there): http://www.kostukovichi.mogilev-region.by/en/news/region

send questions to the contact information given in this article: https://tekknorg.wordpress.com/2012/03/02/mother-how-much-radiation-%E3%81%8A%E6%AF%8D%E3%81%95%E3%82%93%EF%BC%81%E3%81%A9%E3%81%AE%E3%81%8F%E3%82%89%E3%81%84%E3%81%AE%E6%94%BE%E5%B0%84%E7%B7%9A%EF%BC%9F-2/

Civil Society and independent institutes will help you measure your children and measure for CLEAN FOOD (the most important PROTECTION!)

Measure your Children and Measure your Food AT:

WHOLE BODY COUNTER at CRMS JAPAN!*  http://www.crms-jpn.com/art/168.html

パセナカMisse 1F
MAIL: info@crms-jpn.com

“For Cesium 134 – 137. “Dosimeters distributed to children should be replaced by whole body spectrometers periodically transported in schools for controls. This gives a measure of the Cs-137 load. If the values are above 20 Bq/kg bodyweight, pectin courses may be necessary, and the contaminated food must be replaced by absolutely clean food and clean drinks.” Source: http://fukushima.over-blog.fr/article-the-health-impact-of-fukushima-warnings-and-recommendations-by-michel-fernex-98279018.html

PECTIN (absolutely CLEAN ingredients): http://belrad-institute.org/UK/doku.php?id=pectine_preparation

Measures of Radiation protection of the Population of Belarus after the Chernobyl Catastrophe: http://www.belrad-institute.org/UK/doku.php?id=publications:articles:mesures_of_radiation

Ukraine’s Ministry of Health: 125,000 Chernobyl deaths between 1988 and 1994 https://tekknorg.wordpress.com/2012/02/17/ukraines-ministry-of-health-125000-chernobyl-deaths-between-1988-and-1994/

Chernobyl Data: Dr. A.Okeanov – Ministery of Health, Belarus: Morbidity rate among Children and Teens: https://tekknorg.wordpress.com/2011/09/25/chernobyl-data-dr-a-okeanov-ministery-of-health-belarus-morbidity-rate-among-children-and-teens/

Fukshima from the eyes of a 3 year old child: http://mdn.mainichi.jp/mdnnews/news/20120305p2a00m0na008000c.html

Tbis is the trick: In the eyes of WHO and IAEA the numbers stay or increase slowly. But since Chernobyl births decrease. So, if the disease numbers stay the same, in reality they increase! Fraud statistics by the United Nations. And by the belarusian state, and now also by the japanese government. The birth numbers do not only decrease because people don’t want children… they can’t get as much healthy children as in the past. Mutation rate of insects rised from 1% to 30%: http://radionucleide.free.fr/Stresseurs/fulltext_punaise.pdf

In New York State, mandatory screening for newborn hypothyroidism began in 1978. An article by administrators of the program showed that the state rate rose 138% from 1978 and 2005. “Because U.S. atomic bomb tests above the ground ceased in

1963, and all tests ceased in 1992, the only current source of environmental radioactive iodine is emissions from nuclear power plants. The oldest and largest plant in New York State is Indian Point. One reactor at the site ran from 1962-1974, while the other two started in 1973 and 1976.“According to official records maintained by the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission, Indian Point emitted the 5th highest amount of airborne radioactive iodine of all U.S. nuclear plants from 1970-1993. The Indian Point total of 17.5 curies exceeds the official total of 14.2 released during the Three Mile Island accident in 1979.“Four New York counties flank Indian Point, and nearly all residents of these counties live within 20 miles of Indian Point. The New York State Newborn Screening Program provided numbers of newborn hypothyroidism cases for each of these counties for each year between 1997 and 2007.“Results of this screening program show that the 1997-2007 four-county newborn hypothyroidism rate was 92.4% greater, or nearly double, the U.S. rate, based on 208 confirmed cases in the 11-year period. Each county’s rate exceeds the national rate, and both Rockland and Westchester rates were more than double the U.S. rate. The highest rates are in the most recent years; the 2005-2007 local rate was 151.4% above the U.S. rate.CONCLUSIONSRates of newborn hypothyroidism in counties closest to the Indian Point nuclear plant are roughly double the U.S. rate. While many factors may account for this pattern, none are obvious. The fact that Indian Point has released more radioactive iodine into the air than most U.S. nuclear plants suggests that these releases may represent one causal factor.

“Results are consistent with the recent journal article showing the local rate of thyroid cancer is 66% greater than the U.S. rate.(3) Exposure to radioactive iodine raises risk of both thyroid cancer and hypothyroidism.

“As the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission considers a proposal to extend the Indian Point licenses for 20 years, it is important that information such as local rates of newborn hypothyroidism be made available to the public and to decision makers.”


with kind regards,

Jan Hemmer

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