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Dear Readers,

here is the final coffin nail for the Atomic Cancer Industry. No peaceful atom, atomic explosions of the “reactor type” are possible:



“The first explosion consisted of thermal neutron mediated nuclear explosions in one or rather a few fuel channels, which caused a jet of debris that reached an altitude of some 2500 to 3000 m. The second explosion would then have been the steam explosion most experts believe was the first one.”

Written by Lars-Erik de Geer, Swedish Defense Research Agency, CTBTO (!), and University of Stockholm, and Meterological Insitute.

Published also in “Nuclear Technology Volume 200, 2017”

And guess what, 37 years before, a similar hard to get article by spanish scientists was published, here it is:


That’s why Chernobyl is COMPLETEY EMPTY!

And that’s why Chernobyl is everywhere, just one of 10 half lifes (full decay time) is “gone”: France stopps Chernobyl mushrooms https://news.sky.com/story/chernobyl-blamed-for-radiation-found-on-mushrooms-being-imported-into-france-11150612



2 seconds later the Nuclear Explosion / Reaction occurred. This one was 1,000 Gigajoules = 1 Terrajoule. This is the equivalent of 200 – 300 Tons of TNT, or just the yield of a U.S. nuclear W54 warhead.


This nuclear warhead existed and was actually tested. It`s yield: 250 Tons TNT, or, in other words: 1,12 Terrajoule. Exactly the amount of Energy Chernobyl`s two explosions had (one setting the core dry, the other destroying it):

LINK of the 250 tons (0,25 kilotons TNT) Warhead:http://www.designation-systems.net/dusrm/m-26.html

And there is Constantine Checherov, who passed away 2011, and was 1,500 times IN the Reactor, in the Reactor Vault (!), who said this:


The phase transition Uranium Oxide core flew like a turbo jet engine into the air, ca. 20 – 30 m above the central hall and exploded in a nuclear explosion of the reactor type. The temperatures reached at this moment: 40,000°C.

But the Temperature of the Chernobyl nuclear explosion was 100,000 times lower (10,000,000%) than the nuclear explosion of the bomb type.

“Two different models of the nuclear explosions are known. According to, the core of the Chernobyl reactor transformed to a turbo-jet solid-phase engine after a very short initial overheating of fuel. It flied like a missile from the reactor vault to the central reactor hall by the hydrodynamic forces of gas-phase streams flushing down from the fuel channels. Then it exploded as an atomic bomb in the spaceof the central hall.” source:http://www.rri.kyoto-u.ac.jp/NSRG/reports/kr79/kr79pdf/Malko1.pdf

MORE: https://tekknorg.wordpress.com/2016/04/21/nuclear-explosion-emptied-chernobyl-concealed-by-the-nuclear-industry/


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Link: http://www.mk.ru/social/2017/04/25/kak-ubivali-akademika-legasova-kotoryy-provel-sobstvennoe-rassledovanie-chernobylskoy-katastrofy.html

I do not believe Valery Legasov killed himself. He just knew too much.
From the article: “And on April 27, 1988, on the second anniversary of the Chernobyl accident, Valery Legasov was found hanging in his home office…”
“On April 28, Legasov was to disclose to the government the data of his own investigation into the causes of the Chernobyl disaster. According to some reports, some of the records that he had prepared were erased from the recorder.” (!)
His wife does not believe in suicide either, it seems. Although he was going to die, because of the radiation effects. He received 100 rem, liquidator’s official (!) max. dose was 25r.

his recordings: http://www.life-upgrade.com/DATA/Legasov_V._Ob_Avarii_Na_Chernobiylsk.pdf

Also there was no graphite fire, as the article claims. It is disproven by Checherov, here is my summary: https://tekknorg.wordpress.com/2016/04/21/nuclear-explosion-emptied-chernobyl-concealed-by-the-nuclear-industry/
From the article: Legasov “understood the scale of the tragedy and could think of nothing else but the Chernobyl disaster.” / “Valery Legasov struck a veil of lies and silence about Chernobyl. Disclosing the true nature of the disaster…” / “He left his dosimeter in the closet…” / “A whole group of specialists worked on the report. It was prepared before our very eyes. My father used to take documents home. For several days scientists and specialists stayed at our house. Father repeatedly checked all the numbers. He personally had to make sure that they were all absolutely truthful. The report was very detailed and very honest.” / At the IAEA meeting: “The report lasted 5 hours, and another hour the father answered questions. Without any interruption. He saw his main task not justify the Soviet Union, not hide some information, but, on the contrary, explain to the world community how in such situations it is necessary to behave.” / “But the truth about Chernobyl was not liked by everyone. For example, in the leadership of the Ministry of Medium Engineering were extremely dissatisfied with the independence of academician Legasov…” / “At Chernobyl he was 7 times. He was unwell: constantly sick, exhausted by a dry cough and headaches. His immunity was weakened. At the same time, he continued to work for 12 hours a day.” / He said: “Everything is burned inside of me” / ”

Here is what he also had to say, before his “death”: https://tekknorg.wordpress.com/2013/03/27/valery-legasov-about-chernobyl/

15 billion for a new reactor.
take one thousandth.
= 15 million.
5 mio for the MEDIA (Spokesman of the industry, Ideologization of the masses, mind control)
5 mio for the POLITICIANS and EXPERTS (focus on thyroid cancer, excluding all other cancers, hormesis revival, pseudoscience, strategic misinterpretation, fraud statistics, no long-term maladies, equalization of internal and external radiation, equalization of high and low radiation, gag contracts, news laws, dose limits, soft dictatorship, technocratic tyranny)
5 mio for ASSASSINS (sudden death, cardiac insufficiency, “complications”, drowned, disappeared and so on…)
its not a simple industry or complex.
it is the evolution control committee.
a few million deaths are nothing to them.
but they are AFRAID. of each new sick child and the awarness. so they blame the parents of unhealthy living conditions, the people for creating fear and the rest of unscientific approach.

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Dear readers,

What is an evidence? What is a symbol?

Where is the molten fuel everyone parrots?
Have you seen it? Has TEPCO seen it?
Was there ANY fuel sample taken IN FULL SIX YEARS?

TEPCO says “Meltdown”

EVERYONE says “Meltdown”

TEPCO shows empty reactors, muon scanner pics

EVERYONE says “Meltdown”

TEPCO switches off robots, says it was caused by radiation

EVERYONE says “Meltdown”

TEPCO shows a hole

EVERYONE says “Meltdown”

What does “Meltdown” mean?

They switch the robots off, becaue they can not find any fuel (3 full cores! = radioactivity of 3,000 Hiroshima bombs). They know that, so they design this little robot circus show for us, until the public gets bored and TEPCO can entomb the units, so no one asks: HEY! Where is the FUEL you call MOLTEN?! Seems we have this point already. No one asks, only parrots what TEPCO says. Six years of winter sleep. This public awarness is a 2nd catastrophe.

Do you know, that if you say “Meltdown” you agree automaticall, that only 2 – 5 % of the radioactive inventories / cores left the reactors.

What if more was emitted? Not with you, since you parrot the “Meltdown”

That is what Meltdown means, that is what INES 7 is. A certain amount of radio iodine becquerel emitted by a nuclear power plant.

Here, it was more- background: https://tekknorg.wordpress.com/2015/04/07/ventilating-or-exploding-each-reactor-architecture-must-lose-radioactive-inventory/

There you have it: NRC document ML12052A105. The vented gas (fragmented / vaporized particle fuel / core) was causing the explosions! The reactor house is the burst protection. The containment was vented empty into it, until it could hold no longer -> EXPLOSION, the core was gone, in a big brown cloud and invisible particles, during venting before that,hours, days. It happened before our eyes. No meltdown in none of the reactors. TEPCO drilled even a hole into burst protection of Reactor 2, manually, done by human hands. I feel very sorry for the guys who did it.

“To justify venting or purging, there must be an established need to improve working conditions” JUSTIFICATION: Avoiding explosion of the containment: https://www.nrc.gov/reading-rm/doc-collections/gen-comm/gen-letters/1979/gl79054.html

The Meltdown was also used as paper tiger and brainwashing in the Chernobyl aftermath, and it works for 31 years now.

But Chernobyl was not a meltdown:

Enough with the Chernobyl Meltdown Myth:
Here, the crew walks next to the reactor lid, at the reactor vault. Not much impact on camera, no fuel left. Empty. IAEA says there should be 26 Sievert per Hour, eveyone dies. Nope. Chernobyl developed a nuclear explosion. It’s out. It’s time to ask questions: Why a new sarcophagus? Why still believing it’s in there?
If a reactor can empty itself, it’s illegal to operate and to build!
All reactors! That’s why! 800,000 liquidators wasted, a useless new sarcophagus!
I suggest you watch the 3:00 minute mark.

You can see the Chernobyl 4 central hall. Graphite block from reactor, no burnt graphite. A fuel assembly lying around – NOT molten. Video: Alexander Kupny.

It was an in air explosion in and above central hall, by a upward flying core jet, which lifted the 2,000 tons lid aside. This non welded lid played a similar role like a safety valve:

Backround: https://tekknorg.wordpress.com/2016/04/21/nuclear-explosion-emptied-chernobyl-concealed-by-the-nuclear-industry/

That is the technical aspect.

Now the health damage:

What happened with Chernobyl,

happens now with Japan:

This is the reason for such “empty white coats” are speaking pro nuclear in public and media: https://www.japantoday.com/smartphone/view/national/doctors-radiation-not-biggest-impact-on-fukushima-residents-health?utm_campaign=jt_newsletter&utm_medium=email&utm_source=jt_newsletter_2017-03-10_AM


Congratulations TEPCO and IAEA

and SHAME on you anti nuclear activists.

36 years! Sleep well.

background: https://tekknorg.wordpress.com/2016/05/31/denying-damage-by-historicizing-and-resettlement/

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High grade free mason and Grand Master Gioele Magaldi decribed in world’s most important book that went under the public radar, that 36 Super / Ur Lodges rule the world. They were discovered 2014. Magaldi spoke with four other high grade masons, who are members / founders of certain Super Lodges, in his book “MASSONI”. It will be hopefully released in english next year.

His political movement: (for all people): http://www.movimentoroosevelt.com/

Grand Oriente d’Italia democratico: http://www.grandeoriente-democratico.com/


The following text is an english summary of parts of the 650 pages long book. So far it is only in italian language available, but an english version is in the making. Magaldi received death threats for his work.

Translation by Graham Rickett of the contents of Gioele Magaldi’s book *Vol. I – THE DISCOVERY OF THE UR-LODGES” Link PDF1: http://lochmann-verlag.com/gioele_magaldi.pdf Link PDF 2: http://lochmann-verlag.com/an_excerpt_from_massonic.pdf LInk PDF3: http://lochmann-verlag.com/massoni_chapters_1_to_9.pdf


Gioele Magaldi: Vol. I – THE DISCOVERY OF THE UR-LODGES “Massoni”

SUMMARY of Ch. 1 of “MASSONI” – The Final Solution (1941 – 1942 – 1948)

Hitler’s National Socialism and Mussolini’s Fascism received massive support from the élitist Masonic establishment in the West, who were hoping that this type of regime would spread peacefully to other countries. This support was greatly reduced when Hitler’s warlike intentions became apparent. Researchers have discovered more and more about the occult dimension of Nazism. While Freemasonry was officially banned in Germany and Italy, key positions were nevertheless given to Masons – e.g. Hjalmar Schacht controlled the entire economic financial-industrial system of Nazi Germany. While Mussolini wanted to give his regime as a whole a ritualistic, Masonic character. Heinrich Himmler, Reichsführer SS, surrounded himself with twelve Gruppenführer in the castle of Wewelsburg, were occult meditative exercises were practised, and initiation-like processes took place at the nearby site of the Externsteine.

The genocide of the Jews can be explained on different levels. First, it was an act of revenge for the betrayal by Hitler’s initial supporters in Freemasonry, many of whom were Jews. Secondly the aim was to remove the rival pure race, to make way for the superior race of Aryans. And thirdly, it was believed that a human sacrifice on such a scale could endow the executioners with special powers.

Before armed conflict began, there was intense opposition within Freemasonry to the idea of waging war against Hitler. Masons Roosevelt and Churchill (the latter had initially supported Mussolini) together with their rival Stalin (who had undergone a Masonic initiation in his youth) were determined to defeat Nazi Germany militarily. And it was progressive, democratic Freemasonry, represented by Roosevelt and most notably by his wife Eleanor, which set a new course for humanity after the war through the ratification by the U.N. Organization of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. The Chapter closes with a reference to two outstanding representatives of progressive Freemasonry: Mahatma Gandhi who, like Eleanor Roosevelt, was a member of the Ur-Lodge “Thomas Paine”, and Martin Luther King, member of the Ur-Lodge “Hiram Rhodes Revels”.

SUMMARY of Ch. 2 of “MASSONI” – Conservatism from East and West (1950-56) In the post-War period there was a progressive heightening of tension between the Western and Eastern blocs, for which the term ‘Cold War’ was coined by Freemasons George Orwell, Walter Lippmann and Bernard Baruch. This culminated in the forming, in 1949, of two opposing German States – the Federal Republic in the West and the German Democratic Republic in the East. (It was the Eastern bloc, where Freemasonry remained active, that Angela Merkel and Vladimir Putin – both born in the 1950’s – were to undergo Masonic initiation in the same Ur-Lodge “Golden Eurasia”, thereby laying the ground for their later prominence as political leaders.)

Polarization of East and West was deepened further through the formation of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) in 1949 and of the Warsaw Pact in 1955. But a Masonic background was shared by lead ers on both sides of the ‘Iron Curtain’: Grotewohl, Pieck, Walter Ulbricht in the East, and Konrad Adenauer and Theodor Heuss in the West. In the 1950’s new “para-Masonic” organizations were formed at the instigation of leading Freemasons. David Wills (of tobacco fame) set up the Ditchley Foundation; and the Bilderberg Club was founded by a group comprising Jozef Retinger, Bernhard van Lippe Biesterfeld, H. J. Heinz II, Paul Henry Nitze, David Rockefeller, Dennis Healey etc. Thanks to the efforts of progressive Freemasons such as F. D. Roosevelt, John Maynard Keynes, George Catlett Marshall (of the Marshall Plan), William Beveridge and Clement Attlee it was possible for socially enlightened policies to be implemented and to play an important role until the end of the 20th century.

However, in parallel to this, there was a sharpening of conflict between the Capitalist and Communist blocs, as manifested in the forming of the Chinese People’s Republic versus the regime in Taiwan, and in the Korean War 1950-53. However, in parallel to this, there was a sharpening of conflict between the Capitalist and Communist blocs, as manifested in the forming of the Chinese People’s Republic versus the regime in Taiwan, and in the Korean War 1950-53. In the U.S.A. an ideological battle raged under the leadership of (non-Mason) Joseph McCarthy, who sought to expose Communist sympathisers in government, in the entertainment world etc. He had strong opponents in Freemasons J. Edgar Hoover, (FBI Director) and Edward R. Murrow, and para-Mason Dwight Eisenhower. After four years of frenzied activity as an ultra-conservative, he was forced to resign in 1954. Note: the dominance, in this period, of reactionary ultra-conservative regimes in Spain and Portugal (Franco and Salazar). This chapter ends with a discussion of the features of an “Ur-Lodge” (trans-national, highly selective, admission of women), and examines in detail a notable example of a para-Masonic institution, namely, The Tavistock Institute of Human Relations.

SUMMARY of Ch. 3 of “MASSONI” – Masons and Vatican for European Unity (1950-57)

A number of leading personalities (Freemasons) in the 18th and 19th centuries had mooted the idea of a United States of Europe: Montesquieu, Voltaire, George Washington, G. De la Fayette, Mazzini, Victor Hugo, Garibaldi. The idea was put forward by Garibaldi, Hugo, John Stuart Mill, M. Bakunin in 1867 at a Congress of the League for Peace and Liberty held in Geneva. But it was not until after the 1st World War that R. von Coudenhove-Kalergi succeeded in embodying the impulse in an institution: the International pan-European Union, in 1922, the first congress of which was held in Vienna in 1926.

The movement drew towards it Freemasons of all political directions, and from 1924 was generously funded by (Mason) Max Warburg. It attracted many eminent personalities, including Freemasons Otto von Habsburg, Hjalmar Schacht, Louis Nathaniel de Rothschild, Konrad Adenauer, Rainer Maria Rilke, Paul Valéry, Thomas Mann, Felix Warburg, Stefan Zweig, Sigmund Freud, Albert Einstein, A. Karenski, Jean Monnet, Aristide Briand, John Maynard Keynes etc. French Prime Minister Aristide Briand was invited in 1930 to present to the League of Nations a memorandum on the question of Federal European Union. However, the rise of Hitler to power made any practical steps impossible, as the Nazi regime was vehemently opposed to anything of a multi-racial, multi-ethnic or multi-cultural nature. After the war, the idea was taken up again by Freemasons such as Winston Churchill, Allen Welsh Dulles, Jean Monnet, K. Adenauer, Robert Schuman, Maurice Schumann, Otto von Habsburg, but was now starting to turn in a more elitist, technocratic direction.

Kalergi, together with his friend Otto von Habsburg succeeded in organizing in Switzerland in 1947 the first congress of the European Parliamentary Union – This led to the Council of Europe and finally, via the General Assembly of the European Coal and Steel Community, to the assembly in Strasbourg elected by all European citizens. It was due in large part to Jean Monnet, also at the urging of Masonic circles in the U.S.A., that efforts were made to draw together the coal and steel industries of France and Germany. The élitist, technocratic system that this entailed led George Orwell to express his deep concerns in literary form. In ‘Animal Farm’ , published in 1945, he had satirized the totalitarianism of Stalinist Communism. But from 1947 he warned of totalitarian tendencies that could arise in the liberal-democratic West.

Of particular concern to Orwell were the theories of mass psychology used by (Freemason) Edward Bernays and others to influence public opinion, although there was a contrasting system developed by (Mason) G. H. Gallup (of the Gallup poll), based upon a more optimistic view of human nature. What does the name Winston Smith allude to, in Orwell’s novel ‘1984’? It is not Winston Churchill plus ‘Smith’ as the man in the street. Magaldi, the author of ‘Massoni’, has been able to consult the minutes of the Thomas Paine Ur-Lodge to which Orwell belonged and comes to a different picture. Orwell valued the Churchill who had turned away from his direct support of Mussolini and indirect support of Gen. Franco and had become anti-Nazi and anti-Communist.

But he wished to steer Churchill away from an alliance with the technocratic and elitist pan-European project of Coudenhove-Kalergi. Few people know that Winston and Smith are the initiatory names of two notable members of the Thomas Paine Ur-Lodge. It is to them that Orwell is referring – until such time as the Winston Smith in the novel refuses to yield to Big Brother. Orwell died in Jan. 1950, just before the important developments that paved the way to a European Union of the kind he had fought against in his writings. Meanwhile, Kalergi was honoured in 1972 (the year in which he died) through the choice of the anthem he had proposed for the European Community: the last movement of the 9th Symphony of Mason L. van Beethoven, with words from ‘Hymn to Joy’ by Mason Fr. von Schiller.

Between 1941 and 1944 a document was written – The Manifesto of Ventotene – in which European unity is proposed in the democratic spirit of those who had advocated it in the 19th century. The authors were Altiero Spinelli (a Freemason) and Ernesto Rossi. [A lengthy quote was given as an introduction to Chapter 3] Their attempt was unsuccessful, but the vision was not lost, with the result that an elected European Parliament was established in 1979. However, this does not have political sovereignty within the EU. Only in the early 1940’s did the Vatican begin to show an interest in European unity, though many of the Masons promoting this in the 19th and 20th centuries were Catholics. Monsignor G. B. Montini (later Pope Paul VI) and Cardinal Spellman were prominent among those advocating European unity on behalf of the Vatican.

SUMMARY of Ch. 4 of “MASSONI” – Angelo Roncalli, Mason and Rosicrucian (1958-68)

As an introduction to this chapter the author quotes the first verses of the St. John Gospel, part of the speech delivered by John F. Kennedy on 27th April 1961, and the well-known lines of Martin Luther King: “I have a dream…”. From the early 1950’s the Vatican and Masonic circles were working together to promote the formation of a European Union. In connection with this, a proposal was put forward jointly by a number of Ur-Lodges, namely “Ecclesia”, “Daath” (mainly Jewish), “Thomas Paine”, “Montesquieu”, “Christopher Columbus”, “Ioannes”, “Hiram Rhodes Revels” and “Ghedullah”. They proposed that, for the first time in history, a Freemason should be elected as Pope, while, also for the first time, the U.S.A. should have a Catholic president. Both of them should have a strong progressive orientation.

Thus, on 28.10.1958 Angelo Roncalli, Freemason and Rosicrucian, was elected 261st Bishop of Rome and Pope of the Catholic Church. He had received his first Masonic initiation in 1940 in Istanbul, within the UrLodge “Ghedullah”, where study of the Kabbalah and of the Rosicrucian tradition was practised. Documents in the Lodge archive show Roncalli’s ascent via Companion of Art to Master Mason. They also record the presence of Catholic Mason and Knight of Malta Franz von Papen at the initiation ceremony in 1940. He had assisted Hitler in his appointment as Chancellor in January 1933, obtaining himself the post of vice-Chancellor. But in 1934 he wished to withdraw from the Nazi regime and was saved from assassination through the intervention of Hermann Göring. Roncalli underwent a second Masonic initiation, moving on to 4th degree of Legislating Master. In his internal Masonic communications he says that only a true Freemason and Rosicrucian can become a good priest, bishop etc. Together with von Papen he made great efforts to rescue Jews fleeing Nazi persecution.

The II Vatican Council, lasting from 1962-65, was a historic event for the Church, intended by the Pope to bring renewal and modernization. He was able before his death to nominate the first African, Japanese and Philippino cardinals. Most important was his intervention to prevent an escalation of the Cuban missile crisis. That he was successful in this was due to his connection with supra-national Lodges, active in both Western and Eastern blocs.

An important mediator between the Pope and J. F. Kennedy was Freemason Cushing, archbishop of Boston and friend of the Kennedy family. Another important personality, able to mediate between Vatican, White House and Kremlin, was Norman Cousins, member of at least five Ur-Lodges. For his services, he was awarded with the Eleanor Roosevelt prize, the U. N. Peace Medal and the Albert Schweitzer Prize.

A further factor in the success of the peace negotiations was the membership of N. Krushchev and of U. S. Diplomat L. Thompson Jr. In the Ur-Lodge “Golden Eurasia”. The leading role, however, was played by Pope John XXIII. After the death of J. F. Kennedy and the Pope in 1963, both were awarded posthumously the Presidential Medal of Freedom by Freemason Lyndon B. Johnson. The author now refers briefly to what is viewed as an act of political homicide – the death in an air disaster of Freemason Enrico Mattei (Oct. 1962) head of energy company ENI. After the “removal” of Enrico Mattei, the natural death of Angelo Roncalli, the assassination of J. F. Kennedy (Nov. ’63), Khrushchev was toppled in a coup led by Mason Leonid Brezhnev in 1964.

A list now follows of the many Freemasons with leading positions around Brezhnev until his death in 1982. Most were members of the Lodge named after the reactionary Mason Joseph de Maistre (1753-1821). The Lodge was first set up in Switzerland in 1917, one of the founding members being Lenin, who then refounded it as an unofficial organ within the Soviet Communist Party. J. De Maistre’s name was found suitable because he had been ambassador in Russia (and engaged in conspiratorial activity together with the Jesuits) from 1803 to 1817, and epitomized the contempt for democracy shared by the oligarchic groups on both sides of what later became the Iron Curtain. We now move on to the question of the assassination of President Kennedy.

Our author Magaldi believes that the reasons for it have been most clearly recognized by German investigative journalist Mathias Brőckers, and he gives a lengthy quote from his book ”JFK. Coup d’État in America”. Kennedy was faced with opposition from many sides, particularly from the “military-industrial-financial complex”, who were fiercely opposed to his disarmament policy. Not only this, but he sensed the activity behind the scenes, on both sides of the Iron Curtain, of the sinister power of the Ur-Lodges. Similar to the warnings of Eisenhower regarding the militaryindustrial complex were Kennedy’s allusions to the hidden forces lying behind it, in his speech on 27th April 1961. Magaldi confirms that it was from within the neo-aristocratic Ur-Lodges “Geburah”, “Joseph de Maistre”, “Edmund Burke”, and “Compass Star-Rose” that the assassination plan originated.

However, it was possible under Pres. Lyndon Johnson for many of Kennedy’s policies to be put into effect. Significantly, the student movement for freedom of speech arose in this period, followed by the student rebellions of 1968. The Civil Rights Act was proclaimed in 1964, the Indian Civil Rights Act in 1968. An AfroAmerican – Mason Thurgood Marshall – was appointed, for the first time, judge of the Supreme Court. Keynesian policies were implemented, combining ideas of the New Frontier (Kennedy) with principles of the New Deal (Roosevelt). But a powerful backlash occurred through the founding, by a consortium of ultra-conservative Ur-Lodges, of a new Lodge called “Three Architects” or “Three Eyes”. This was followed by two assassinations: of Martin Luther King and Robert F. Kennedy, both in the fateful year 1968.

SUMMARY of Ch. 5 of “MASSONI” – Give Power to Imagination! (1968-75)

1968 – a very turbulent year and a critical one in view of the impending presidential elections. In order to prepare themselves for this with the greatest efficiency, the neo-aristocrats of Freemasonry founded the new UrLodge, the “Three Architects” or “Three Eyes”. Pres. Johnson wished to end the Vietnam war, but was prevented from doing so by the military-industrial complex. Supra-National Ur-Lodges active also in the Communist bloc prompted the “Tet Offensive” in Jan. 1968 in order to swing American public opinion away from peace initiatives. Freemason Johnson wanted to stand again for re-election, but the progressive Lodges were unwilling to support him, as they saw great potential in Robert Kennedy and Martin Luther King. Johnson withdrew from the Democratic primaries and in March Robert Kennedy launched his campaign. On the Republican side Richard Nixon was nominated.

But the progressive Ur-Lodges were nervous for their protégés Kennedy and King, and took steps to organize an “initiatic shield”: a formal internal agreement among Freemasons that a given person will not be harmed, even by those most hostile to him. M. L. King was willing to accept this protection, but before it was finally ratified the assassination took place, in Memphis on 3rd April. Kennedy was at this stage a non-Mason. For the sake of the “initiatic shield” which, in view of M. L. King’s death, now seemed more important than ever, he was offered a quick initiation. But he insisted on waiting until the 21st Nov. , the date between his own birthday and that of his brother John’s death. Lacking the shield, he was shot in the night of 4th and 5th June and died on the 6th.

Magaldi now looks back at M. L. King’s famous speech ‘The Power of Love’ delivered in Aug. 1963, and points to the progressive Masonic inspiration (as, apparently, King himself did) behind the radically democratic and egalitarian impulse of his campaign. Nixon won the presidential election, and was installed in the White House in Jan. 1969, thanks to the efforts of “Three Eyes” and other neo-aristocratic Lodges. Their policy was now to channel the waves of protest in the 60’s in the direction of radicalism, extremism and violence. Magaldi now lists some leading “Three Eyes” members . They include: David and Nelson Rockefeller, Gerald Ford, H. Kissinger, Z. Brzezinski, G. Agnelli, André Meyer, Joji Watanuki, R. Nozick, Raymond Barre, Edmond Adolphe de Rothschild, Samuel P. Huntington, John Connally, Henry Ford II, F. Von Hayek, Lee Kuan Yew, Milton Friedman, Tadashi Yamamoto, John McCloy, Henry Luce III, R. R. Bowie, Edward Heath, Armand Hammer, Georges Pompidou, V. Giscard d’Estaing, E. O.Reischauer (expert on Japan), J. R. Schlesinger, R. Helms, J. J. Angleton, W. Mondale, Maurice Oldfield, Paul Marcinkus, Paul Volcker, Alan Greenspan, Zhou Enlai, Deng Xiaoping, Akio Morita, Masaru Ibuka, Kiichi Miyazawa, Yasuhiro Nakasone, Otto Graf Lambsdorff, G. H. W. Bush, Alexander M. Haig, R. (Dick) Cheney, W. E. Colby, Winston Lord, Henry Sturgis Morgan etc. It should be noted that not all agreed with the policies and decisions of this and related Lodges.

Nevertheless, all contributed in some way to the overall plan to undermine the public sphere in favour of the private, and weaken the sovereignty of the people in favour of the concentration of power in the hands of institutions outside the control of the electorate. In view of the profits gained by members of the “financial-military-industrial complex” from the Vietnam War, it was not until 1973 that the Paris peace agreement was signed, the Nixon Government being represented by H. Kissinger, who wielded more influence than the Secretary of State. From 1971 onwards a new policy was pursued by Nixon and Kissinger, aimed at improving the relations between U.S.A. and China.

This involved bringing top Chinese figures – Zhou Enlai (1971), Deng Xiaoping (1973) – into the Masonic fold. (Magaldi promises to tell us more about this intriguing process in one of his five (!) books) An outcome of this was the entry of the Chinese People’s Republic into the U.N. in Nov. 1971, and the handing over of Vietnam to full Communist control. But here a split arose in the neo-aristocratic camp. On the one hand there was the majority led by “Three Eyes”, who speculated on gains to be won in the future through opening up China and the Far East to U.S. interests. On the other, there were the “Geburah” and “Leviathan” Lodges, who wished for a continuation of the lucrative business arising from military involvement – trade in armaments etc. – in Vietnam. Nixon favoured the former, non-warlike, policy and in so doing prompted an act of revenge from the Lodges “Geburah” and “Leviathan” .

They were, in fact, the forces behind the Watergate scandal (1972-74) which led to the departure of the Republican President in Aug. 1974. Following upon their success in China, the “Three Eyes” Freemasons created a new para-Masonic association – The Trilateral Commission. It was to be more open to public life than other para-Masonic societies such as the Bohemian Club or Bilderberg Group, presenting itself officially as an organization that could connect N. America and Europe with Japan – creating a bridge between the three main industrialized areas of the world, all governed by free market principles and parliamentary democratic institutions. However, it became evident through the content of a study “The Crisis of Democracy.

Report on the Governability of Democracies” that the purpose of the Trilateralists was to re- or de-structure Western democracies in an elitist, oligarchic, hierarchical direction. The study was presented as something new to the Trilateral Commission meeting in Kyoto in May 1975, the main signatories being Michael Crozier, Samuel P. Huntington, Joji Watanuki (Freemasons). But it had in fact been worked upon from 1967 onwards in the secrecy of the “Three Eyes” Lodge, those involved being Z. Brzezinsky, R. R. Bowie, James Cornford, George S. Franklin, Gerard C. Smith, Tadashi Yamamoto, Yasumasa Tanaka, Erwin Scheuch, Karl Kaiser, S. M. Lipset, John Meisel. The chapter concludes with a reference to the space programme of the Johnson administration, which culminated in the first Moon landing, on 21st July 1969, by Neil Armstrong, a Freemason of the “Three Eyes” and also of the “Janus” Lodge, of which Pres. Johnson was a member.

SUMMARY of Ch. 6 – “MASSONI” Chaos ab Ordine et Ordo ab Chao (1967-81)

The reactionary Freemasons who decided in 1967-68 to create the “Three Eyes” Lodge were aware of the motto of the ancient and accepted Scottish Rite: “Order from Chaos”. But their aim was to create a new order, so the question was how to create the chaos out of which the new order could be made to arise. At the end of the sixties there were authoritarian regimes in Eastern Europe (the Warsaw Pact) and also in the West (Salazar in Portugal and Franco in Spain). Now Greece was targeted, and a number of military figures were given Masonic initiations prior to the coup d’état of April 1967 which led to the dictatorship of the “Colonels”. But through the decades, beginning in the 50’s, many nations had attempted to join together in a nonaligned movement independent of the two main power blocs. This process had, however, been closely bound up with Masonic power struggles at the highest level. In Eastern Europe people were wishing, and demonstrating, for greater freedom. But in Poland this movement was crushed in March 1968.

In Czechoslovakia there were many political figures belonging to the UrLodge “Golden Eurasia” who were trying to establish a “Socialism with a human face”. They were opposed by Masons of the reactionary “Joseph de Maistre” Lodge within the Czech Communist Party, who prompted Brezhnev (of the same Lodge) to send in hundreds of thousands of Soviet soldiers to put an end to the “Prague Spring”. Gustáv Husák, who was installed as leader, also joined the Ur-Lodge “Joseph de Maistre” and in 1983 was declared “Hero of the Soviet Union”. In China in the sixties the aim of Mao’s Great Cultural Revolution was to eliminate whatever appeared to cling to Chinese tradition, bourgeois values etc. This led to the death of hundreds of thousands (if not millions). Mao was not a Freemason, but he was able to demonstrate the art of creating chaos out of order and order out of chaos: a subtle art much needed for operations in the West, by neo-aristocrats such as H. Kissinger (who visited China in 1971 and brought Zhou Enlai into the “Three Eyes” Lodge).

Towards anti-Democratic Democracy – For most Western Countries – those with an established democratic tradition – the imposition of an authoritarian regime would have been unthinkable. There was only one way in which the neo-aristocrats could gain control over such populations. And that is, to drive them into poverty, unemployment etc., thereby making it impossible for them to exercise in dignity their full rights as citizens. Thus, there are in the Western world millions of people engaged in a constant struggle for survival, differing little from the disadvantaged in the 2nd, 3rd and 4th worlds. The author now brings two lengthy quotes from other analysts on the question of the centralization of power versus democratic decision-making involving all citizens.

He then points out that abstract, generalized terms like ‘capitalist’ and ‘communist’ obscure the fact that these ideologies are represented by concrete personalities, and in many different and often conflicting ways. And while Freemasonry does not exist “in and for itself” and is represented by countless diverse personalities, it is nevertheless a real historical movement which bears “unlimited responsibility” for leading humanity to where we are now. But it is only the initiation process undergone by all Freemasons, entailing an experience of death and resurrection, that can account for the courage, determination and self-sacrifice with which Masonry has fought for the rights of the common man and overcome the dominance of the hereditary aristocracy. The unseen work of the Freemasons extended through the 18th and 19th centuries and (leaving aside a first experiment in anti-democracy in the 1920’s and 30’s when they supported the Fascists and National Socialists) changed radically towards the end of the 1960’s.

In contrast to the New Frontiers and Great Society policies proclaimed earlier, we now have a thrust towards the “Small Society” – thanks to the “Three Eyes” Lodge and its servant the Trilateral Commission. Their aim is not to make us all into mere “consumers, spectators, small investors”, but to create a privileged ruling class (with varying levels, as in Orwell’s ‘Socing’), free to exploit with impunity a globalized neo-proletariat. Incidentally, is there freedom of discussion in the Trilateral Commission? – Yes, there is. For example, ‘The Crisis of Democracy’ was discussed in a plenary session on May 31st 1975, and there were dissenting voices.

Nevertheless, all three authors, reactionary Masons Crozier, Huntington and Watanuki, became members of the Carter administration, where their ideas were adopted as official policy. And one example from “Three Eyes”: Stanley Kubrick (1928-99), a famous figure in the entertainment world, joined this Lodge, but left again disillusioned, after quarrels with the leadership. He disagreed with the way the Lodge was run and with the goals it pursued with great rapacity.

Italy, field of Battle between the Ur-Lodges – By the end of the sixties Britain had lost much of her influence in the Mediterranean region, with the notable exception of oil-rich Libya. But in Sept. 1969 an Italian- inspired coup d’état takes place and young Colonel Muammar Gaddafi seizes power in Tripoli. American and British bases are expelled from Libya and the balance of power in the Mediterranean region shifts dramatically in favour of Italy. [Researchers other than Magaldi have studied once-secret documents in the State archives in Kew Gardens, from which emerges the extent to which the British have tried to influence developments in Italy, from one political assassination 1924 (Matteotti) to another in 1978 (Aldo Moro).

But the importance of Italy for British interests had already become evident with the building of the Suez Canal, completed in 1869. In the late sixties oil and trade routes were a central factor determining Britain’s interest in Italy, but there was also the obsession with the PCI (Italian Communist Party), the largest in the Western world. And when in 1976 the PCI looked as if it might be elected to government, the British first considered a coup d’état, but then opted for a different subversive action: a wave of terrorist attacks culminating in the assassination of Aldo Moro.] The bracketed paragraphs above are a summary of the more “exoteric” research quoted as a prelude to Ch. 6. While full of praise for the article, Magaldi remarks, nevertheless, that to get a truer picture of events more than one archive needs to be consulted.

His own research into Masonic archives shows that there was indeed, a serious and well-organized plan to launch a coup d’état in Italy, a central rôle being played by British Freemasons Alec Douglas-Home (ex-prime minister), John Rennie (director of MI6) and Martin Furnival Jones (director MI5). The original date for the coup d’état was December 1969, but owing to the intervention of U.S. Masons W. A. Harriman and A. Schlesinger Jr. and more especially of Jacques Chaban-Delmas (French P.M.) and Harold Wilson (British P.M.), the coup was postponed to Dec. 1970. By that time Mason Edward Heath of “Three Eyes” had become P.M. and Brother Alec Douglas-Home was Secretary of State for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs. Despite their strong backing for the coup, it was possible for A. Jackson Goodpaster, the then Supreme Allied Commander Europe, to foil the plan. Even Henry Kissinger had to accept that the “English” coup d’état would, once more, fail to take place.

Operation Condor – Humiliated by this failure in Italy, the neo-aristocratic Ur-Lodges – in particular the “Three Eyes” , “Edmund Burke”, “Leviathan” and “Geburah” – turned their attention to South America. Thanks to the complicity of national Masonic Lodges in Brazil, Bolivia, Uruguay, Paraguay, Peru, Chile, Argentina it was possible for a wave of terror, involving kidnapping, internment in concentration camps, torture, and murder of tens of thousands of people, to afflict the S. American continent between the 1970’s and 1980’s, the countries the worst affected being Chile and Argentina. Its victims were politicians, diplomats, civil activists, intellectuals, students, trade unionists, workers and on occasion the parents and relatives of those under attack.

The conditions imposed by the dictatorships served the interests of the multinationals, making it possible for them to exploit natural resources and labour. It was the kind of regime the reactionary neo-aristocratic Lodges would have wished to export, albeit in a milder form, to the whole Euro-Atlantic region. Hence the importance for them of Italy as a next testing-ground after the imposition of dictatorship in Greece. In Chile dictatorial rule had begun with the overthrow of the Allende regime by Pinochet in 1974. The progressive Lodges were angered at the tragic death of Allende in the coup d’état and determined to do all in their power to prevent a similar coup in Italy.

A third such attempt was planned for Italy in 1974, with the backing of H. Kissinger, CIA director W. Colby, P.M. Edward Heath, Alec Douglas-Home, the new MI6 Director Maurice Oldfield (“Three Eyes”, “Edmund Burke”), MI5 Director Michael Hanley, and former Belgian P.M. Eyskens (“Three Eyes” etc.). A. Schlesinger Jr. received warning of the plot and prepared to counter it with the support of fellowprogressives Harold Wilson (Ur-Lodge “Newton-Keynes”) Helmut Schmidt (“Ferdinand Lassalle”), A. J. Goodpaster and others. However, Schlesinger was first able to score an important victory in Portugal, where the authoritarian regime under Salazar was overthrown in the “Carnation Revolution”. By marking April 25th as the day of liberty Schlesinger was recalling the final liberation of Italy from Fascism on 25th April 1945, thereby sending a strong message to those planning a coup d’état. The same group around Schlesinger was also able to bring about the overthrow of the regime of the Colonels in Greece.

The “Magnificent Four”, as Magaldi calls them, obtained the support of V. Giscard d’Estaing for restoration of democracy in Greece and averting the coup in Italy planned for August 1974. As a result, Kostantinos Karamanlis (“Atlantis-Aletheia”) was entrusted with the task of restoring democracy in Greece (returning there from exile in Paris in a presidential aircraft provided by Brother Giscard d’Estaing). Regarding the Italian (or rather English) coup, Harold Wilson was able as P.M. to restrain his MI5 and MI6 chiefs and Helmut Schmidt dissuaded Eykens from participating. In order to deal with the continued determination of H. Kissinger and CIA director Colby to go ahead, the “Magnificent Four” spoke directly to David Rockefeller, the most influential member of neo-aristocratic Freemasonry, threatening to expose the activities of the “Three Eyes” Lodge. Rockefeller bowed to their pressure and persuaded Kissinger and Colby to abandon the plan. The chief Italian conspirator was arrested and imprisoned, but then Rockefeller, Kissinger, Brzezinsky, Agnelli intervened and he was released without charge.

In her introductory chapter Laura Maragnani described how – thanks to sponsorship by such figures as Kissinger, Helms, Hoover – Licio Gelli had in 1972 been appointed organizational secretary of the “Propaganda Due” (“P2”) Lodge, and then three years later, at the insistence of Kissinger and V. Giscard d’Estaing, had become its Grand Master. The purpose of the Lodge was to secretly infiltrate the upper echelons of Italian society and prepare the ground for a coup d’état and the setting up of a dictatorial regime. It was able to recruit hundreds of people in key positions – political parties, the State bureaucracy, security services, the armed forces, the judiciary, finance, big business, the mass media – consolidating itself as a State within the State, in violation of the Italian constitution which outlaws secret movements. Silvio Berlusconi was close to the P2 Lodge from the beginning and underwent initiation in it in 1978, becoming eventually Master Freemason. He then created in 1992-3 his own ‘home-made’ Lodge of the Dragon (“Drake’s Lodge”). With the failure of the coup attempts and the huge scandal that arose in Italy when a list of 962 members (probably not complete) was made public, the P2 Lodge renounced its goal of undermining Western democracy. However, its Ur-Lodge mother, the “Three Eyes”, continued its subversive activity, but, for the present, targeting countries of the Third World.

SUMMARY of Ch. 7 of “MASSONI” – United Freemasons for Globalization. Part 1 (1974-5-9-1991)

[The chapter is prefaced by quotes from R. Reagan, M Thatcher, M. Gorbachev, Z. Brzezinski and others, most notably John Rawls (“Thomas Paine”, Newton-Keynes”), who had been commissioned to write a treatise “A Theory of Justice” in the spirit of the progressive Ur-Lodges.] From 1981 the reputation of Licio Gelli, Grand Master of the P2 Lodge, was in steep decline in Italy. A historian, Molo, tried nevertheless to portray Gelli’s career in a positive light. Magaldi opens this chapter by challenging Molo’s viewpoint, listing the crimes for which Gelli had been convicted and quoting Gelli’s assertion, made in a radio interview in 2011, that to put things right in the country the only real solution would be a Nazi or Stalinist-type dictatorship. But to return to the 1970’s – in October 1973 the Yom Kippur war was being fought between Israel and Egypt. H. Kissinger, newly-appointed official U.S. Secretary of State, urged Israel to use maximum force to defeat the Egyptians. However, just before the final, decisive phase of the battle, Kissinger obliged the Israelis to withdraw.

This won him the lasting gratitude of Egyptian president Sadat. The war was followed by a severe energy crisis resulting from the decision of Opec (Organization of oil producing countries) to dramatically raise the price of crude oil. The Arab members of this organization also wished to use oil prices as a means to persuade Israel to withdraw from the territories occupied in 1967. Within Masonic circles the classical conflict between the progressive and neo-aristocratic Ur-Lodges continued, but a challenge to the leadership role of “Three Eyes” within the conservative camp arose with the founding, in Jordan in 1972, of Ur-Lodge “Amun” and the emergence in 1978 of “White Eagle” Ur-Lodge. The “Amun” counted among its members the Syrian president, the King of Jordan and Morocco, the Lebanese, Algerian and Egyptian presidents, plus none other than Israeli Defense Minister Moshe Dayan. Golda Meir was present at the inauguration. The “Amun” played an important role in instigating the energy crisis after the Yom Kippur War, and was also active in connection with the Iranian Revolution in 1979 and, less centrally, with the Iran – Iraq War of 1980-88.

Freemason John Rawls and his enemies – As an ideological response to the founding of “Three Eyes”, the coup d’état in Greece and the assassination of King and R. Kennedy, a pro-democracy work by Harvard philosopher Rawls was commissioned and published in 1971 under the title ‘A Theory of Justice’. The counter-attack from the “Three Eyes” camp came in 1974, when F. Von Hayek received the Nobel prize for economics and Robert Nozick, also a Mason and, like Rawls, teaching at Harvard, published ‘Anarchy, State and Utopia’. Then in 1975 Crozier, Huntington and Watancki published ‘The Crisis of Democracy’, and in Britain Freemason M. Thatcher was helped to become leader of the Conservative Party in place of Edward Heath. In 1976 the Nobel prize for economics was awarded to Milton Friedman (“Three Eyes”).

Between 1973-79 the three volumes of Hayek’s ‘Law, Legislation and Liberty’ were published. All these authors extol the values of individual self-sufficiency and minimalization of the role of the State, particularly in the economic life (free market economy). However, the neo-aristocrats felt that a purely academic ”refutation” of their opponents’ views was not enough. Some drastic action needed to be taken on an international scale in order to throw the pro-democracy camp into disarray. The energy crises and those of the economy in the early and later ‘seventies were exactly what was needed to cast doubt on the deficit spending policy of Keynes and on the Welfare State.

A Sister in Downing St. And a Brother in the White House.

M. Thatcher was elected P.M. in 1979 and R. Reagan became U.S. President in 1980. The “Iron Lady” was an admirer of Hayek and his economic theory (she made him a member of the exclusive “Order of the Companions of Honour” in 1984). There was a massive presence in the Thatcher government of pro-Hayek and proFriedmanites, and such policies were also promoted by the Centre for Policy Studies, founded in 1974 by Thatcher and fellow-Masons A. Sherman and Keith Joseph. Reagan, too, appointed to his cabinet economic advisors from the para-Masonic Mont Pelerin Society, who venerated Hayek and Friedman. The policies – known as “Reaganomics” involving reduction of the welfare state, and deregulation of banking, big business etc. were similar to those implemented by M. Thatcher, who fought to eliminate Trade Union power, and cut back pensions, unemployment benefit etc. leaving the “undeserving poor” to fend for themselves. In the U.S.A. the influence of “Three Eyes” Lodge had, by 1978, reached its zenith with faithful Trilateralist J.

Carter as official president and Z. Brzezinski as unofficial or shadow president. It was thanks to the efforts of Brzezinski that his friend and ally Karol J. Wojtyla was elected Pope in Oct. 1978 (John Paul II). He also helped two previously little-known figures to ascend to the U.S. presidency – Jimmy Carter and, later Barack Obama. The “Three Eyes” had been present in the White House since 1969 (Kissinger etc.), had penetrated into China, orchestrated Operation Condor in S. America, set up the Trilateral Commission, influenced Sino-Japanese relations and events in the Middle East etc., and was beginning, through its dominance, to arouse resentment even in its fellow neo-aristocratic Lodges. The outcome of this was the formation in Dec. 1978 of a new Lodge – the “White Eagle”, one of whose first tasks was, covertly, to prepare the conditions for the election of M. Thatcher in Britain and Reagan in the U.S. The following members of “Three Eyes” wished to loosen their connection with its leadership by joining “White Eagle”: George P. Schultz, M. Friedman, F. von Hayek, Paul Volcker, Alan Greenspan, W. H. Webster, Alexander Haig, W. J. Casey, Geoffrey Howe, David Owen, Shirley Williams, Roy Jenkins, Quentin Hogg, Nigel Lawson, R. Leigh-Pemberton, Casper Weinberger, F. Carlucci, Leonore C. Annenberg , Walter Annenberg, Lew Wasserman, Francesco Cossiga, Jacques Chirac, Wilfred Martens, W. Wriston, etc.

Attack on the “Three Eyes” – How to prevent re-election of Carter to the White House?

The “Edmund Burke”, “Geburah” and “Amun” Lodges came up with the following scheme: topple the “Three Eyes” member Reza Pahlevi, Shah of Persia, and prepare the ground for the Iranian Revolution in early 1979. This involved the spreading of propaganda in Iran and the West and an act such as the burning down of a cinema in Abadan, causing the death of over 400 people, whereby the blame was falsely imputed to the Shah’s secret police. They then proclaimed that Khomeyni would be able to head a government that could reconcile all the conflicting parties and interests in Iran, and channelled events towards the setting up of an Islamic Republic. This resulted in the birth of a theocratic, sharia-inspired regime that harmonized perfectly with the interests of fundamentalist authoritarian Khomeyni and of his Masonic supporters who had succeeded in “killing two birds with one stone”: dethroning a sovereign (Reza Pahlevi) close to “Three Eyes”, and creating the perfect conditions for events involving the U.S. embassy in Teheran in Nov. ’79. The ex-Shah fled to the U.S.A. for a “tumour operation” and to consult with Rockefeller, McClay, Kissinger, Brzezinski etc. on the situation in Iran. Meanwhile the Khomeyni regime organized demonstrations, which culminated in the storming of the U.S. Embassy by the Islamic Revolutionary Guard and the taking of more than 50 hostages, demanding for their release the return of the Shah to Iran, a deal rejected by the U.S. However, the failure to resolve the hostage crisis, even after a rescue attempt named Operation Eagle Claw, severely weakened Carter’s position. With the result that Reagan was elected President in 1980, with G.H.W. Bush appointed vice-president.

Section 4 ‘War and Peace’ is fully translated as follows: Attempted Assassination of the President

The archives of the various Ur-Lodges which we have been able to consult and a number of first-hand accounts by personalities still living (of the highest profile and international standing) who were involved in those events at the dawn of the Eighties (sworn testimonies by persons whose identity, plus testimonies, have been duly registered and deposited at the offices of lawyers and solicitors in Paris, London and New York….) paint a scenario that is truly alarming and bewildering to public opinion. – A public opinion which, to this day, has never had access to information that would explain a series of events of the year 1981. These events were not connected to one another by the inquiries conducted at the time by the judiciary and the media… remaining largely impenetrable and mysterious for the general consciousness.

The fact is, according to our sources, that the fury of some (not all and not even the majority, let it be said) of the “Three Eyes Lodge” Freemasons came to concrete expression in the placing of a weapon in the hands of John Warnock Hinckley Jr. (b.1955), the assassin who on 30th March 1981 fired in the direction of Ronald Reagan and others who were with him in front of the Washington Hilton Hotel. Reagan was seriously wounded but survived the attack, as did the others who were struck by the bullets. Concerning Hinckley, a mentally disturbed young man obsessed with the actress Jodie Foster (he actually said that the assassination attempt was an open “declaration of love for her”), it was concluded that he “lacked the ability to understand and to will”, and he was therefore imprisoned in a criminal asylum.

Few people gave serious attention to the fact – noted, all the same, by sections of the media in the days immediately following the attack, and reconsidered by a number of conspiracy theorists who, however, had insufficient knowledge of all that had gone on between members of the Ur-Lodge “Three Eyes “ and Brothers of the “White Eagle” — that mentally unbalanced John Hinckley Jr. was a son of John Warnock Hinckley Sr., who for years had been president and delegate executive of the Vanderbilt Energy Corp. and was in general active in the oil business. Originally from Oklahoma and then transferred to Texas, he was a friend of the Bush family and had given weighty financial support to George H.W. Bush during the Republican primaries of 1980. Moreover, the son of Hinckley Sr. and elder brother of the assassin John Hinckley Jr., Scott Hinckley (a close associate of his father in the oil and energy sector) was, in his turn, a close friend of the fourth child of G.H.W. Bush and Barbara Pierce, Neil Bush. Significantly, John W. Hinckley Sr. (1925 – 2008) was also a member of “Three Eyes” .

Regarding this “nth” political homicide (this time failed by a hair’s breadth), a number of sources maintain, however, that neither the Bush family nor Hinckley’s was responsible for arming the certifiably unbalanced John Hinckley Jr. — However, the “Three Eyes” Brother who effectively prompted the assassin to shoot knew very well that, with President Reagan out of the way, the first to occupy the White House would be his deputy vice-President George H.W. Bush, one of the most faithful, dedicated and embedded members of the “Three Eyes” Lodge. Indeed, according to some, the fact of having chosen and armed for assassination purposes a mentally disturbed young man directly associated with the Bush family was, of course, a way of giving back the U.S. Presidency to a man of the “Three Eyes” and the Trilateral Commission, but was at the same time a fiendish stratagem to blackmail and control G.H.W. Bush who, since becoming vice-President, seemed (though someone pointed out that appearance is not the same as reality) to be in loving agreement with Reagan and other members of the presidential administration who adhered strictly to Reagan’s policies. Be that as it may, within the circles of the “White Eagle”, the “Edmund Burke” and the “Geburah” no-one doubted that the assassination attempt had a clearly Masonic origin, attributable to a number of bladewielding Brothers of the “Three Eyes” Lodge.

In this case, too, the majority of Masons of these pro-Reaganite Ur-Lodges did not intend to set in motion the sensational act which, instead, was planned and carried out by very few shortly afterwards and in scientific fashion, with the support of the Russian and East German secret services directed of necessity by the Soviet leaders imposingly present in the Ur-Lodge “Joseph de Maistre” (amongst whom we recall Freemasons Brezhnev, Andropov and Chernenko, who had already betrayed the “Three Eyes” Brothers in 1978-79 through their support of the Iranian revolutionary rebellion provoked by the Ur-Lodge “Amun”). Thus, opting for a course of action entirely different from the milder, more resigned and submissive stance of the progressive Masonic circles who , in 1963-68 (assassinations of J.F.K., Martin Luther King and Robert F.K., all of them successful) had not responded “an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth” to their “Three Eyes” Brothers and their allies who were suspected of these acts of homicide, a determined and aggressive minority of “White Eagle”, “Edmund Burke” and “Geburah” members decided to avenge in blood the (failed) attempt to assassinate their protégé Ronald Reagan.

Assassination Attempt on the Pope

So it came to pass, although this attempt missed its aim by a fraction, since the victim managed to survive the attack. In fact, at 17.17 precisely, on the 13th May 1981 in St. Peter’s Square, Mehmet Ali Agca fired at Pope John Paul II, severely wounding him but without succeeding in killing him. Ali Agca (b.1958) was a terrorist by profession, a person well known to the secret services and police around the world. And yet he was able to find a way through all networks of protection and security, get close to the Pope and shoot at him virtually without hindrance. Why the choice of Karol Wojtyla, alias Pope John Paul II, as a sacrificial victim to avenge the attempted assassination of Reagan barely 45 days previously? – For various well-grounded reasons by striking at Wojtyla one would be striking at the heart of his dear friend and ally Zbigniew Brzezinsky: (without neglecting the vital role of another “Three Eyes” Freemason, namely Archbishop Paul Marcinkus, IOR President who was most closely bound up with the fate of the Polish Pope), a key director of both the Ur-Lodge “Three Eyes” and the para-Masonic Trilateral Commission, both of which (one in reality, with clear subordination of the second to the first) were held responsible (though not with the complicity of all their members) for the attempted assassination of the U.S. President on 30th March 1981.

The whole operation was accompanied by an amazing, sophisticated obsession with symbolic numbers, typical of the Masonic milieu [The author now describes these in detail and this we will omit for the present.] So, in accordance with this highly subtle taste for the re-evocation of historical events, those who stood behind the attempted homicide of Wojtyla calculated precisely the moment in which the unwitting pawn Mehmet Ali Agca was to shoot at the Pope: 17 hours, 17 minutes, that is 1717, the formal year of the founding of the Grand Lodge of London and Westminster and thus of the re-founding of modern Freemasonry.

As if to say to later members with the ability to interpret: “This assassination refers to the hegemony exercised over the modern and contemporary world by the Freemasonry of the beginning of the 18th Century, of which our specific Ur-Lodges are, and must be considered, the most authentic and legitimate heirs, ranking higher than those Masonic forces, also, — the “Three Eyes” – which have created this Pope with the intention of using him for their own ends.” In the midst of all this human planning, chance, or Divine Providence exoterically speaking, or the Great Architect esoterically speaking, wished neither Ronald Reagan nor Karol Wojtyla to perish as a result of the respective assassination attempts. Freemasons United for Globalization In fact, the first and most decisive impulse for a general pacification came from the pair of British Masons Margaret Thatcher and William Whitelaw.

Sister Thatcher, for the purposes of neo-liberal economic globalization which she and her entourage were beginning to project well beyond the confines of the United Kingdom, would absolutely require a pax masonica on a wide scale, at least within the realm of conservative and neoaristocratic Freemasonry. As to brother Whitelaw, who had already become Deputy Prime Minister to Thatcher from 1979 (which he remained until 1988, the year of expulsions) and Minister of Home Affairs (remaining so until 1983, when he obtained the highly prestigious functions of Lord President of the Council and Leader of the House of Lords – retaining these also until 1988 – in consequence of having inherited the noble title of Viscount), he, as a member of the “Three Eyes” since its foundation in 1967 – 68, and having nevertheless also recently (1976) joined the “Edmund Burke” of which the “Iron Lady” was a member, was the very person to act as a peace ambassador between the two quarrelling conservative/oligarchic factions.

Thus, under the guidance of Thatcher and Whitelaw, some younger (but also established and promising) men and women Masons of the “Leviathan” Lodge, accompanied by others of greater maturity and influence, undertook to repair the most serious internal splits within the neo-aristocratic sector of Freemasonry, which had emerged in 1978-81 and had culminated with the attempted assassinations of U.S. of President Reagan and Pope John Paul in 1981. The Ur-Lodge “Leviathan” was instituted in 1910 and contained within it Masons of all orientations: conservative, moderate and progressive. Only from 1965 onwards had a majority emerged – and remained in the following decades – of a clearly oligarchic nature….. But where did the “Leviathan “ come from? Who had had the idea of erecting the columns supporting it? It was the fruit of an ecumenical attempt to reconcile neoaristocratic and democratic impulses in Freemasonry.

Other similar attempts have been made over the course of time (a recent and striking example is the creation in 2004 of the Ur-Lodge “Maat” [joined by Barack Obama], under the inspiration of Masons Zbigniew Brzezinski and Ted Kennedy) . Such an attempt relative to the “Leviathan” had had a precedent with the constituting of the para-Masonic association Pilgrims Society, whose British section was founded on July 24th 1902, while that in the U.S.A. saw the light of day on 13th Jan 1903. In the case of the founding of both the Anglo-American Pilgrims Society and of the “Leviathan” Lodge (an echo of Thomas Hobbes’ allusion to the Biblical monster), the two powerful Masonic bodies behind this ecumenical initiative were the democratic-progressive Ur-Lodge “Thomas Paine” (founded in 1849-52 and the expanded and re-founded in 1864-68) and the oligarchic-conservative Ur-Lodge “Edmund Burke” (founded in 1888). Let us recall here that the first to conceive and establish the supra-national “Thomas Paine” were a number of aproned personalities gathered around Masons of the calibre of John Stuart Mill, Giuseppe Mazzini, Alexander Herzen, Ferdinand Lasalle, Jules Michelet, Louis Blanc, Giuseppe Garibaldi, Lajos Kossuth, John Bright, Richard Cobden, William E. Gladstone…..

In the course of time, some members of the most radical leftwing in the “Thomas Paine” also called into being the para-Masonic Fabian Society, founded in London on 4th January 1884. Amongst the most eminent Freemasons (belonging also to the “Thomas Paine”) who conceived and founded this para-Masonic body and were connected with it from the beginning, assuming full control, we would recall Freemasons Edward Carpenter, Frank Podmore. Henry Havelock Ellis, Martha Beatrice Webb, Sidney James Webb, Herbert George Wells, George Bernard Shaw, Annie Besant – who was to become an important exponent of the Masonic Order of Droit Humain and of the para-Masonic Theosophical Society – Virginia Woolf, Leonard Woolf, Emmeline Pankhurst. Still at the initiative of a number of “Thomas Paine” Freemasons, also involved in the para-Masonic Fabian Society, the London School of Economics and Political Science was founded in 1895. Following generations of Freemasons who were also active as Fabians included personalities of the calibre of James Ramsay MacDonald, Harold Joseph Laski, Jawaharlal Nehru, collaborator and disciple of Brother Gandhi, also connected to the Ur-Lodge – “Arjuna Phoenix”. As for the “Edmund Burke” , it was founded later than the “Thomas Paine” and with an opposite ideological direction. It could not be otherwise, in view of the fact that the two Freemasons after whom the Lodges are named fiercely disagreed with one another. The super-Lodge dedicated to the counter-revolutionary and anti-democratic Burke was founded in 1888 largely under the inspiration of a neo-aristocratic Mason of the calibre of Cecil Rhodes.

Between 1888 and 1909 also founded at Rhodes’ initiative were the para-Masonic associations Society of the Elect and Round Table Movement (the former being secret, like the Ur-Lodge that had founded it, while the latter was open and official) . Among the principal members of this oligarchic super-Lodge we could name personalities such as Nathan M. Rothschild, Alfred Beit, Alfred Milner, Reginald B. Brett, Arthur J. Balfour, Henry E. Manning, Albert H. G, Grey, Joseph Chamberlain, R. Gascoyne-Cecil, better known as the Marquess of Sailsbury, William W. Astor, John J. Astor IV, William H. Taft, Warren G. Harding, Louis Renault, Armand Peugeot…. The Ur-Lodge “Leviathan”, therefore, offspring (b.1910) of a Masonic experiment for reconciliation of ideologically opposed super-Lodges, founded in July 1920 the para-Masonic British (later Royal) Institute of International Affairs, also known as Chatham House. On July 29th 1921 its counterpart in the U.S.A. , the paraMasonic Council of Foreign Relations was founded, whereby the “Leviathan” has since that time exercised a controlling influence on both the RIIA and the CFR….

Sagely inspired by Sister Thatcher and Brother Whitelaw, Masons Peter G. Peterson, Madeleine Albright, Marie Jana Korbel (pupil and protégé of Brzezinski), Colin Powell, Muhammad Yunus, Robert Rubin, Halil Ozal, Adolfo Gonzales, José Maria Aznar, Anders Rasmussen, John Major, David M. Rubinstein, John Alan Redwood, Norman Lamont and others, constituted a kind of international task force whose aim was to persuade the more stubborn elements of the two Masonic Factions in question to exchange olive branches with one another. – The operation concluded successfully in the course of June 1981. It was also sanctioned through the admission of Brother George H.W. Bush (dedicated member of “Three Eyes” and U.S. President suspected of direct involvement in the attempted assassination of Reagan) into the newborn Ur-Lodge “White Eagle”, as had already been requested but not granted between December 1980 and January 1981. At this point, everything seemed nearly ready for the launching of a new historic epoch in the contemporary world. A project designated literally, as we gather from the documents it was possible to examine: “United Freemasons for Globalization” – But in fact, for the realization of such an ambitious plan, it would be necessary to involve the progressive Masonic circles, momentarily battered and disorientated, but powerful nevertheless, as could be seen from the repeated failure of coups d’état in Italy in 1969-70 and in 1974 – Yes, indeed Italy!

But before we give a brief account of the events surrounding the strange and unnatural alliance of neoaristocratic and democratic-progressive Freemasonry extending from the early Eighties to 1991 and from 1992 to the dawn of the 21st Century, let us go back in time for a closer look at the Italian situation and that of Licio Gelli and the “P2” Lodge….

Section 5 Brothers in Italy – The resistible rise of Gelli

With the failure of the 3 coups d’état in Italy, Gelli turned his attention elsewhere. He became Maestro Venerabile of the P2 Lodge, promoted Trilateral Commission-inspired texts on political change, founded the ‘World Organization of Masonic Thought and Assistance’, recruited to his two organizations people of prominence, particularly in S. America. In Argentina his influence and that of his associates grew, extending into the period of dictatorship under Videla. It seemed that Gelli was trying to develop P2 into a new Ur-Lodge, partly out of frustration, no doubt, that he had not been admitted into “Three Eyes”, the Lodge of his sponsors. The latter were beginning to divide into those who ardently supported Gelli and those who felt it was time to bring the P2 experiment to an end, as journalists were launching inquiries and legal indictments were looming.

1978 – A Fateful Year – This was the year of the founding of the “White Eagle” Ur-Lodge as a challenge to “Three Eyes”. And also the year when Christian Democrat leader Aldo Moro was kidnapped (16th March) and his lifeless body was found (9th May). Magaldi assures us that the circumstances surrounding this and other acts of violence in Italy in 1962, 75, 78, 79, 80 are far more complicated than the reader can imagine, but that he will clarify them all in the volumes to follow. Licio Gelli, meanwhile, is caught up together with his P2 Lodge, in the titanic battle raging between his sponsor “Three Eyes” and its fellow neo-aristocrat enemies “White Eagle”, “Edmund Burke”, “Geburah”, “Amun”. He considered transferring to Washington in the hope of gaining support from Pres. Reagan and those close to him. But in March 1981, three years, almost to the day, after the kidnap of Moro, his homes and offices are searched and important documents removed. 13 days later, “Three Eyes” brothers most supportive of Gelli organize the assassination attempt on Ronald Reagan. The following May, Pope John Paul II is also attacked, at the instigation of violent members of “Edmund Burke”, “Geburah”, “Amun”, “White Eagle”. In June a truce is called between the warring parties, initiated by Masons M. Thatcher and W. Whitelaw, and sanctioned by the entry of G. H. W. Bush into the pro-Reagan “White Eagle” Lodge. In Italy the authorities discover in the confiscated P2 documents a list of 962 members of the clandestine organization, which includes ministers and the Cabinet Chief of the P. M. Whereupon warrants for the arrest of Gelli are issued, and the Forlani government resigns.

6. United Freemasons – Towards a New World Order

In late June – early July of 1981 a diplomatic committee presented to the attention of leading members of the Masonic progressive camp a project called ‘United Freemasons for Globalization’. The committee consisted of: Z. Brzezinski, Lew Wasserman, Madeleine Albright, Robert Rubin, Jacques Chirac. The progressives included: A. Schlesinger Jr., John K. Galbraith, François Mitterand, Helmut Schmidt, Jacques Delors, John Rawls, Olof Palme, Yitzhak Rabin, Ted Kennedy … When judging the (seemingly naive) response of the progressive camp to these bold and far-reaching proposals, we should bear in mind the unprecedented position of dominance held by the neo-aristocrats at that time: M. Thatcher in power in the U.K. and R. Reagan in the U.S.A. ; the World Bank headed by A. W. Clausen (“Edmund Burke”, “White Eagle”); the I.M.F. chief J. de Larosière (“Three Eyes”); control by “Three Eyes” exercised in Japan (via “Jimint”); in China Deng Xiaoping, member of “Three Eyes” and president of the Central Military Commission of the Communist Party (and from 1983 also of the State).

SUMMARY of Ch. 8 of “MASSONI” – [The chapter is profused with a number of quotes from Italian authors on: the growing power of international banking institutions, the negative consequences of globalization, restrictions placed on human rights after 9.11, and – did all the intelligence really know nothing of the impending terrorist attack?] The Religion of the Market

– Friedrich von Hayek died in March 1992, but the influence of his neo-liberal economic theories grew, extending from the U.S.A. and Europe to include the former Soviet Union. They formed the underpinning of the entire globalization project. Magaldi now quotes at length an Italian author Luciano Pellicano, who first describes the successful attempts, most notably by socialist governments in Britain and Sweden, to tame capitalism through the creation of a State-run welfare system. In the U.S.A. a concept of threefold citizenship was developed by sociologist Thomas Marshall (Freemason), also to “civilize” capitalism through an ideal of solidarity which would ensure a life of dignity to all citizens. But the theories of Hayek (and Friedman) prevailed, resulting in the impoverishment of huge numbers of American citizens, and a quadrupling of the U.S. prison population between 1980 and 2005. The most Venerable Mario Draghi – Pellicano, and Jeremy Rifkin who wrote in a similar vein, believed that the European model of a compromise between capitalism and socialism would eclipse the “American Dream”.

They did not anticipate that from 2011 onwards market fundamentalism would be exported to Europe, Mario Draghi being one of its most powerful exponents. From an interview with the Wall Street Journal it emerges that Draghi (head of the European Central Bank, and formerly of Goldman Sachs) believes the European social model is obsolete. Governments will no longer be allowed to spend more on their citizens than is raised through taxation. A List of the Powerful – The next few pages are filled with the names of leading figures, with their Masonic affiliation. Some well-known people not yet mentioned are: Warren Buffett, Lynn Forster de Rothschild, Peggy Noonan, Bill Gates, Anders Fogh Rasmussen, Jeroen Dijssebloem, Wolfgang Schäuble, Leon Brittan, Jacob Wallenberg… United Freemasons: the Expansion – In the 20-year period of collaboration between the contrasting groups in Freemasonry, one important development was in China, where Deng Xiaoping (“Three Eyes”) signed the agreement with the British regarding the future of Hong Kong. A new political system was emerging – namely, “Socialist market economy”, whereby capitalism would flourish, but without a parallel democratization of society.

There were Freemasons (members of “Thomas Paine”) who wished for a more liberal system in China, which would even include greater autonomy for Tibet. Hu Yaobang, general Secretary of the Chinese Communist Party from 1982-87, was a key advocate of such policies. But he was deposed by Deng in 1987 and died in 1989. This loss led to the protests in Tienanmen Square, lasting from mid-April to June 1st 1989 and terminated through military force. Deng had meanwhile concocted the idea of founding an autonomous Chinese Lodge working in the neo-aristocratic spirit of the “Three Eyes”. Leading personalities were initiated into the new “Tao Lodge” in 1990. This would help to ensure implementation of Point 1 of the agreement, which was to bring a free market economy to China and foster commercial and diplomatic relations with the West (also with Japan).

Part 2 of the ‘United Freemasons for Globalization’ project had to do with the dismantling of the U.S.S.R. The war in Afghanistan (1979-89) was exploited for this purpose.

Mujahidin leaders and prominent jihadists were initiated into Ur-Lodges; also Osama bin Laden, initiated by the hand of brother Brzezinski in person. In Russia the ascent to power of M. Gorbachev was assisted by Y. Andropov and Armand Hammer. But his impulse as a “Golden Eurasia” Mason to introduce a socialism with a human face was foiled by “Pan-Europa” and “Lux ad Orientem” agents, with the result that he was replaced by Boris Yeltsin, a faithful servant of the “Lux ad Orientem” (founded by Brzezinski in 1967), which had been given the task of introducing the ‘Washington Consensus’ into post-Soviet Russia. This led to the application of so-called ‘shock therapy’ in Russia: total liberalization, privatizations etc. as recommended by J. D. Sachs (Harvard Economist) and the U.S. Department of State controlled by neo-aristocratic Masons James A. Baker and Lawrence Eagleburger, with devastating effect on Russian society. Putin succeded in reversing this trend to some extent through renewed nationalization of industries, and legal charges brought against oligarchs close to Yeltsin. A similar swing from total liberalization to semi-centralized control of the economy took place in the other (former) Warsaw Pact countries.

Part 3 of the project has to do with European integration, whereby a degree of national sovereignty was to be maintained, despite the fact that 18 out of 28 countries abandoned their own currency in favour of the euro. This partial unity of the European nations corresponded more to the vision of Coudenhove-Kalergi and to the directive of Ur-Lodges “Pan Europa”, “Babel Tower”, “Three Eyes”, “Edmund Burke” etc. Still closer integration was postponed indefinitely.

Part 4 proposed the reunification of Germany in accordance with the intention of certain, mainly oligarchic, and Ur-Lodges. This came about as planned.

Part 5 foresaw manipulation of the electoral process, so that R. Reagan would be re-elected in 1984 and G. H. W. Bush would become president in 1988. In 1992 a select group of 14 Masons (with the opposing camps equally represented) would decide how to proceed further.

Point 6 proposed the use of various forms of intrigue in British politics to keep M. Thatcher in power, together with a group of trusted Masonic personalities sympathetic to the theories of Hayek and Friedman. Come 1992, a group of 14 as in the U.S.A. would try to identity a candidate from the Labour Party as successor, so as to create in the public mind the (false ) impression that a change of policies was taking place. In actual fact, M. Thatcher was removed in 1990, two years earlier than planned, because of her refusal to join the European monetary system. She was succeeded by neo-aristocratic Mason John Major, prime minister for 7 years.

Then from 1997-2007 Tony Blair led the country, officially as Labour and progressive, but in reality in the service of the neo-aristocratic Ur-Lodges. The “Third Way” proclaimed by Blair (and Bill Clinton) was basically a policy formulated by Freemason Anthony Giddens as an expression of the aims of the reactionary Ur-Lodges.

Point 7: The plan was successful, to intervene in French politics to ensure the continued influence of Freemasons, through leading figures F. Mitterand , J. Chirac, V. Giscard d’Estaing. In Brussels, when the term of office of Gaston Thorn (“Three Eyes”, “Edmund Burke”, “Pan Europa”) expires, moderately progressive Mason Jacques Delors becomes president of the European Commission. The usual 14-member grouping will plan for the future, in 1988.

Part 8 of the agreement proposes to bring Operation Condor to an end in S. America. Masons T. Nevos, and J. Sarney would restore democracy in Brazil, and R. R. Alfonsin in Argentina, after which the other South American countries would follow suit. This plan succeeded, as did also

Point 9 concerning the dismantling of the apartheid system in South Africa, the legitimation of the African National Congress and liberation of Nelson Mandela. However the process of realization was slow and laborious, owing to the resistance and ambiguity of conservative Mason M. Thatcher. Point 10: aimed to resolve the Israeli-Palestinian conflict by drawing moderate Palestinian leaders into transnational Masonic circles. However, this was thwarted by the assassination of progressive Mason Yitzhak Rabin (Ur-Lodge “Daath”), who had succeeded in signing the Oslo Accords in Sept. 1993, together with fellow Mason Yasser Arafat (Ur-Lodge “Amun”). [Magaldi promises to explain the background to the assassination in a later volume, where Point 11 will also be discussed.] Point 12 of the agreement focussed on the situation in Italy, and aimed to dissolve the Red Brigade and other, smaller, terrorist cells. It also planned the dismantling of the P2 Lodge. In these and other aims set out in Point 12, the ‘United Freemasons for Globalization’ project was entirely successful.

SUMMARY of Ch. 9 of “MASSONI” – [The chapter is prefaced by quotes from a number of authors (Nietzsche, Orwell etc.) on the theme of imperialism, domination, power. Its heading is “A big fiery Eye with no Eyelids, inscribed in a Triangle. Sauron in an Apron, and Globalization without Democracy, Freedom or Global Rights” – Part One (2001 – ?)]

In these last 100 pages of the book we are witnesses to a Masonic conversation between the author Gioele Magaldi and four prominent, influential personalities, who for the present remain anonymous and are given pseudonyms. “Frater Kronos” comes from the English-speaking West; “Frater Rosenkrantz” from the Franco-German part of Europe; “Frater Amun” from the Middle Eastern and Arab/Islamic world; and “Frater Tao” from the Far East. Magaldi uses his own Masonic name “Frater Jahoel An interviewer – “FCI” invites them to introduce themselves: Frater Rosenkrantz explains that it will be difficult to identify him because he is speaking also on behalf of other Masons who regret the present effects of their earlier actions.

He was active in the creating of the European Union and the transition of the former U.S.S.R. and satellites to a market economy. Frater Jahoel reproaches him for having taken full advantage of the “revolving doors” between public office and private business, and making use of philanthropic activities for personal gain. Frater Rosenkrantz replies that he would not be participating in this project if he did not feel genuine remorse for things done in the past. Frater Kronos at 80+ is the most senior member of this group. He likes to be in the U.S.A. Has contributed to the founding of a number of super-Lodges, and admits that he is a convinced neo-aristocrat, though he prefers the term demo-aristocrat. This means that a spiritually qualified, initiated, élite must guide humanity, but that the outer forms of democracy must be preserved.

Quote: “The majority of the too-many-billions of individuals inhabiting this planet, also in the West, live an animalic, anonymous and meaningless existence. It is important that these semi-bestial creatures should be guided by sane minds and energetic hands – even if these often need to remain invisible, leaving the ‘front office’ to politicians acting as scarecrows and lightningrods. All this must happen according to very precise rules…. The historic and most serious error of the progressive Freemasons has been to consider it right and appropriate to grant freedom, equality, and brotherhood to all human beings – even to those unworthy on a moral, intellectual and spiritual level.” Frater Amun belongs to the Ur-Lodge “Amun” and is member of an important Middle Eastern dynasty. Formally he is an adherent of Islam, but he is above all an adept of Sufism, believing this to be the highest expression of the esoteric life.

Frater Tao belongs to the Ur-Lodge “Thomas Paine”. Held very high functions in State and Party in China. Now over seventy, he can devote more time to the task of bringing more democracy, pluralism, social equity into Chinese society. But the “Tao Lodge”, an offshoot of the neo-aristocratic “Three Eyes”, is very powerful at present, with Brother Xi Jinping a member.

“FCI” – asks why he chose this pseudonym. Answer: because the word Tao is being misused by the Lodge of that name. Frater Kronos again speaks in defence of the neo-aristocrats, the élite of the spirit and of finance. Nonmaterial money is, he says, the most spiritual and initiatic or earthly goods, the fruit of small and large alchemical operations in the markets throughout the world.

“FCI” asks “Frater Tao” about wealth, and he replies that his family has made good use of its talents in the Socialist market economy created in China. When challenged, Frater Tao insists that his wealth has always been used for the benefit of the disadvantaged. Frater Jahoel agrees to answer questions put to him by the interviewer “FCI”. “FCI”: What do you do in ordinary life? Frater Jahoel: I am a free-thinker. “FCI”: Have you never done anything else? Frater Jahoel: I was an entrepreneur and manager in the early 2000’s, but this career was ruined by my former friends in the Grande Oriente d’Italia. “FCI”: How did you get involved in Freemasonry? Frater Jahoel: In very early youth I practised esotericism (in this case a form of gnostic-sexual magic) within the A.U.R. Sophia organization. But, later, Freemasonry appealed to me more, because of its emphasis on serving the good and the progress of all mankind. “FCI”: How do you look upon your opponents in the Grande Oriente d’Italia? Frater Jahoel: Without rancour.

“FCI”: Aren’t you afraid of being removed physically because of this campaign you are engaged in? Frater Jahoel: I know I can count on the support of many people, and expect to live many years longer and enjoy a peaceful old age. But in any case, I am inspired by the words of a Sicilian song-writer: “To live 20 or 40 years longer is all the same…..” I have no fear of a premature death. The birth and death of a body is a transitory experience within an infinite and eternal cosmic context. And remember that a traumatic event would only serve to give wider publicity to our cause.

An Aristocracy Destined for Global Rule? “FCI”: What do we think of Frater Kronos’ idea of the right of a spiritual élite to rule over the rest of humanity? Frater Jahoel quotes at length a young Italian student of Modern Money Theory who had published on the Internet an article on Magaldi’s campaign. It describes how the spiritual élite see humanity as divided into three “ontological” groups: hylic man (from Gr. hyle – matter), bound up only with impulses and emotions and unable to govern themselves; psychic man (from psyche, soul) linked primarily to rationality and the intellect, but with little knowledge of spiritual reality; and pneumatic man (from pneuma, spirit), or those who attain a perfect harmony between body, soul and spirit.

Frater Kronos says he fully agrees with this picture. Frater Jahoel speaks of his intention to found a Lodge on a completely new basis. The Eleanor Roosevelt Lodge will be open and transparent and will provide a vehicle for the ordinary citizen to assert his/her rights over against the neo-aristocratic authority. Frater Rosenkrantz brings a quote from an Italian author (published 10.10.14) who describes how a leading neo-aristocrat such as Mario Draghi – head of the European Central Bank – has no need to steal wealth from the general populace, but is able to create money at will and to manipulate the world of finance, with the aim of realizing in practice the threefolding of society in which the lower class majority is permanently in need, and forced to lead a hand-to-mouth existence under the controlling eye of the spiritual élite.

September 11th 2001 – The Founding Event of the 21st Century.

Given the fact that there are 18 intelligence agencies in U.S.A., it is inconceivable that none of them should have known anything about the complex and far-reaching plans to destroy the Twin Towers. What lay behind this “terrorist act” which, technically speaking, had more the character of a controlled demolition than a guided plane crash? Frater Kronos undertakes to tell us something of the hidden background to 9.11. We are taken back to the U.S. Presidential elections of 1992, where the 14 Masons responsible as a group for such decisions chose W. J. Clinton (Bill), whereby Bush Senior was intended to withdraw from the campaign. But he did stand for reelection and, together with his cronies of “Three Eyes”, Cheney, Rumsfeld etc., was infuriated at being made to step aside in favour of Clinton.

This situation worsened in 1996 when Clinton was admitted to “Three Eyes”, Bush Sr.’s own Lodge. (Frater Kronos confesses to having, himself, played a part in these manipulations.) In 1993, the first year of Clinton’s presidency, Dick Cheney and Don Rumsfeld commissioned Samuel Huntington to write ‘The Clash of Civilizations’, which then appeared and was disseminated widely in the critical year 1996 when Bush Sr. was seething with anger at the thwarting of his ambitions. Huntington’s book was the ideological manifesto of Freemasonry for the 21st Century. It was the focus for the informal founding of the new Ur-Lodge “Hathor Pentalpha” under the auspices of Bush Sr., Jeb Bush, S. Huntington, D. and R. Kagan, D. Feith, Dick Cheney, D. Rumsfeld, I. and W. Kristol, Dan Quayle, P. Wolfowitz, R. Perle, Karl Rove etc. The next step was the forming of the para-Masonic think-tank “Project for the New American Century” in early 1997. “FCI” then reads out the Statement of Principles of the PNAC, which has ostensibly to do with the expansion of American Interests. Frater Kronos reminds us however, that the interests served having nothing to do with the American people as such. He then describes how he helped to bring about the financial collapse in Asia in 1997-98.

A next important initiative of his, with Larry Summers etc., was the repeal of the Glass-Steagall Act of 1933, so that banking activity was now completely free of legal restraint. Frater Kronos made full use of the new powers of financial manipulation in S.E. Asia, Japan and finally Washington itself. But by 2000 it became evident that a huge new threat was emerging. In 1997 Tony Blair had become P.M. in Britain and was inducted into the informal nucleus of the projected “Hathor Pentalpha” Lodge which, after a 4-year secret existence, became official in summer 2000. Its Grand Master was Dick Cheney, First Overseer Don Rumsfeld, Second overseer Bill Kristol, Orator Sam Huntington, Treasurer Paul Wolfowitz, Secretary Richard Perle, Deputy First Overseer Tony Blair, Deputy Orator Karl Rove, plus many others in the centres in Europe and the Middle East. The first really alarming act of the “Hathor Pentalpha” was the publication in Sept. 2000 of “Rebuilding America’s Defences: Strategies, Forces and Resources for a New Century”. One year after 9.11. Scottish journalist Neil Mackay wrote a perceptive article on U.S. ambitions, which “FCI” now reads out. Also an Italian article quoting from ‘Rebuilding America’s Defences’ which states that the rebuilding process would be very slow “unless a catastrophic and catalytic event occurs, like a new Pearl Harbor”.

Frater Kronos continues by informing us that Osama bin Laden was originally a “Three Eyes” member and that Al Qaeda was infiltrated and steered by members of “Edmund Burke”, “Three Eyes” and “White Eagle”. There was great concern in these Lodges over what “Hathor Pentalpha” might do if its candidate were elected to the Presidency – George W. Bush. He was the mediocre man best suited to disguise, and to further, the aims of “Hathor Pentalpha”. Frater Kronos and allies supported the candidacy of Al Gore. But Jeb Bush as governor of Florida was able to influence the counting of votes so that his brother George W. won the election. And after 9.11. “Hathor Pentalpha” had found its Pearl Harbour, thus inaugurating several years of aggression and brutality. Frater Amun now brings a list of 6 Saudi princes, the Sultan of Oman, the Emir of Bahrain, the Emir of Qatar, 6 leading Iranians, 4 leading Israelis who joined “Hathor Pentalpha” in 2000. This was a period where huge profits were made by a small circle of Masons gravitating around “Hathor Pentalpha”, “Geburah”, “Amun”, “Der Ring” and others. “FCI”: You mean the oil trade, drug trafficking in Afghanistan, and reconstruction of infrastructures, particularly in Iraq? Frater Kronos: Certainly! Frater Jahoel: Not to forget the very important profit accruing to members and sympathizers of “Hathor” and “Jeburah”, from the Patriot Act, proclaimed in Oct. 2001 and still in force in 2015, stifling civil liberties for the sake of a “war on terror”, and in flagrant contradiction of the U.S. Constitution. “FCI”: Frater Kronos, tell us more about Osama bin Laden and Al Qaeda. Frater Kronos: Osama bin Laden was first serving “Three Eyes” in the anti-Soviet conflict and in Islamist international terrorist acts. Then after 2000 he slipped from our control and worked for “Hathor” and “Geburah”, as “public enemy number one” – an example of the fictions sold to the world in order to create a new order in which internal security is placed before traditional civil liberties.

2007-2014: a New Global Order without Democracy, Liberty or Universal Rights

“FCI”: From the seventies and eighties until shortly after the turn of the millennium the oligarchs were scoring victory after victory and forcing the progressives into a passive role. Were these Lodges able to achieve anything in this period? Frater Tao: In the 1970’s they prevented oligarchs from attaining their most ambitious goal, which was to spread to the West, to Europe, to Italy in particular, the form of reactionary regime that prevailed in South America through the success of Operation Condor. Then from 1981, they accepted a truce with the oligarchs under the terms of United Freemasons for Globalization. Frater Kronos: While the possibility of outer action was limited, the progressives sponsored and promoted many books and films challenging the striving for domination on the part of the oligarchs. One could mention the Matrix Trilogy, the Lord of the Rings, the da Vinci Code, the Hobbit, Harry Potter. “FCI”:

Frater Kronos, can you tell us about the founding of the Ur-Lodge “Maat” and your connection to Brother Barack Obama? Frater Kronos: When the “Hathor Pentalpha” was at the height of its powers, with the Compass Star-Rose, slightly more moderate, on one side and the warlike extremists of “Geburah” on the other, we decided to create an Ur-Lodge of compromise, the “Maat”. And our work was to find a candidate for the White House who could embody this pact of Masonic unity in the spirit of moderation. We chose Barack Obama, who was initiated in the “Maat” in 2005. Ted Kennedy had been a leading member, and Bill Clinton joined in 2008. “FCI” now asks about the financial crisis of 2007-8. Frater Rosenkrantz admits to having participated in the process of deliberate failure to resolve the crisis, which was planned and orchestrated down to the last detail. Their aim was to use as guinea-pigs first Greece and then the rest of the so-called PIIGS nations (Portugal, Ireland, Italy, Greece, Spain), to undermine their economies, making huge profits for themselves in the process. Frater Rosenkrantz is ashamed of his part in this, and plans to join the progressive “Montesquieu” Lodge.

Frater Kronos: This is the kind of bloodless, non-violent war of which I heartily approve. From the beginning, European unity was designed so that – 1. The res publica would be governed in a technocratic postdemocratic, oligarchic manner, and – 2. In the event of a financial crisis in the Eurozone, the European Central Bank would have the power of life or death over the economy of the country concerned ; According to our Project for the New European Century, Europe is to become the prototype of a new post-modern feudalism, governed by a Masonic nobility, rich in initiatic-spiritual heraldry and alchemical-financial talent. The system, similar to the Communist Chinese oligarchic model, can be exported anywhere in the world. Obama’s somnolence and indecision have helped greatly to further our project of feudalization and Chinesification of the Old Continent of Europe.

[Here we will omit a detailed discussion of the situation in Italy, Germany and France, and move on to the final section:]

Isis and the Arab Spring

“FCI”: Would you tell us something about Isis, chaos in the Middle East and the awakening of “Hathor Pentalpha”. Frater Kronos – admits that the Arab Spring (2010-2011) took him completely by surprise. He and his friends could not understand what was going on, and did not know how to react. Things become clearer in 2013 when Al Qaeda in Iraq (Aqi) started to use the English name Isis (Islamic State of Iraq and Syria), and when it emerged that in 2009 the self-proclaimed Calif of a new Islamic State had been secretly initiated into the “Hathor Pentalpha”. After this he had been miraculously released from the prison camp where he had been held since 2004. In the same April 2013 when Al Qaeda Iraq changed its name to Isis, George Bush Jr. launched the campaign for his brother (also in Freemasonry) to enter the White House in 2016. Jeb Bush of “Hathor Pentalpha” is to lead the battle with Islamist extremism in the spirit of the ‘Clash of Civilizations’. Note also that the economist Stanley Fischer, ready to follow Janet Yellen (a progressive Mason) as chairman of the FED, is a “Hathor Pentalpha” member. Frater Jahoel is convinced that Obama, given the clarity, courage and determination, could wipe out the Isis troops with no difficulty. Frater Kronos: We are already trying to persuade him. Maybe the publication of “Massoni” in the U.S. will help to sway general opinion. 9.11. was an echo of Sept. 11th 1973, the date of the Chilean coup d’état, deposing socialist Freemason Salvador Allende and marking the launch of Operation Condor in South America. The two events are 28 years apart – the number of the lunar cycle. Frater Jahoel: In the future volumes of this series (due to appear by Oct. 2015?) we will explain how Tolkien’s symbols play into the events.

“FCI”: And we will explain from the Masonic standpoint all that has happened in the meantime in this “Land of Mordor”, from political-economic crises in the Eurozone and the West, political-military crises in the Ukraine, total crises in the Middle East, to sinister ambitions with regard to the White House. Frater Jahoel: Not only that. We also have to explain why Italy and France are the key to the future of democracy in the world.

Additional References to political leaders in ‘Massoni’ by Gioele Magaldi p.7: Why have the world’s powerful people – of whom we would mention Z. Brzezinski, David Rockefeller, Henry Kissinger, and Jimmy Carter, Ronald Reagan, George H.W.Bush and Bill Clinton, George W.Bush and Barack Obama (in his first term as President), Margaret Thatcher and Tony Blair, Gerhard Schroder, Angela Merkel, Boris Yeltsin and Vladimir Putin, Valéry Giscard d’Estaing and Francois Mitterand, Jacques Chirac, Nicolas Sarkozy and Francois Hollande, Alan Greenspan, Jean-Claude Trichet, Christine Lagarde, Mark Carney, Jamie Dimon and Lloyd Blankfein, Deng Xiaoping and Xi Jinping, Mario Monti, Mario Draghi – been making, and are still making, concerte efforts, albeit through a thousand different nuances, in favour of a form of globalization that is bringing billions of human beings to their knees?

p.47-48: It was as a statement of opposition to the Super-Lodge of The Bush family (Hathor Pentalpha) that the progressive and the neo-aristocratic Brothers, in 2004, joined forces to found a new Ur-Lodge, the “Maat”. In 2005 Barack Obama was initiated in the “Maat” and in 2009 Obama became President of the United States. The “Hathor Pentalpha” has been joined by a good number of presidents and prime ministers in Europe – e.g. José María Aznar (Spain), Nicolas Sarkozy (France), Recep Tayyip Erdogan (Turkey) …

p. 451: Tony Blair, David Cameron, Mark Carney (Governor of the Bank of England), George Osborne, all belong to the neo-aristocratic “Edmund Burke” Lodge, as well as to other Lodges.

p.449-50: Here is a list of eminent Freemasons involved in various ways in the political and economic crisis of the Old Continent. A crisis not merely with us still today but destined to worsen in the future. France: Jean Claude Trichet (“Pan-Europa”, “Babel Tower”, “Der Ring”), Christine Lagarde (“Three Eyes”, “Pan Europa”), Nicolas Sarkozy (“Edmund Burke”, “Geburah”, “Atlantis-Aletheia”, “Pan-Europa”, “Hathor Pentalpha”), Francois Hollande (“Ferdinand Lassalle”, “Fraternité Verte”), Manuel Valls (“Edmund Burke”, “Compass Star Rose/Rosa Stella Ventorum”, “Der Ring”), Pascal Lamy (“Atlantis – Aletheia”).

The Power in the (Masonic) Apron by Laura Maragnani

Who is Brother (and heretic) Gioele Magaldi? Gioele Magaldi – who was already Venerable Master of the prestigious Roman Masonic lodge “Monte Sion” in the obedience of the Grande Oriente d’Italia (GOI), and was to become Grand Master of the Masonic “opinion movement” Grande Oriente Democratico (GOD) – in May 2010, when he was a simple dissident of the GOI and opponent of the then Grand Master Gustavo Raffi. “Simple”, however, is a rather misleading term: nothing in Magaldi was simple, nor is it so today. Still under forty, he was not very tall but sturdily built and muscular, with a torrential flow of speech and a lively gaze, always immaculately dressed – sometimes to the point of flamboyance – and always late, invariably with the somewhat mysterious air of one who has just emerged from a meeting where decisions have been made on the destiny of the world. In those days, in actual fact, it was his destiny in the Grand Orient that was being decided. He had been initiated at the age of 26 at the insistence of two heavyweights of Palazzo Giustiniani, namely the future Grand Secretary Giuseppe Abramo and the ex-deputy Grand Master Ivan Mosca, a noteworthy esotericist. Young Magaldi, a graduate in philosophy and a student of alchemical mysteries, was already at the age of 34 Venerable Master of the “Monte Sion” Lodge and 30 degrees of the ancient and accepted Scottish rite.

A record: the youngest Venerable Master in Italy. Having become just as swiftly a protégé of G. Ruffi and given preferential treatment by the top officials of the GOI, he had ended up before long on a full collision course with the Palazzo Giustiniani establishment, challenging practically everything: the function of Grand Master, the shady business affairs, “the deficit of democracy, pluralism and inner freedom”. For this he was cautioned a number of times, then suspended and finally expelled. But he had not given in: and in order to be reintegrated into the major obedience of Italian Freemasonry he had resorted, before the dumbfounded gaze of his Brethren, to a civil tribunal of the Republic. Something unprecedented in the entire history of Freemasonry. Place the internal affairs of the initiates in the hands of the profane? And a female judge, at that! It seemed more like a joke, seeing that women are not even admitted into the GOI.

Still worse: it stank of provocation, smelt of heresy. For an admirer of Giordano Bruno, however, to be a heretic is a supreme virtue. “The true reasons for my expulsion lay in my being a “heretic”. I was expelled for “crimes of opinion”, for having dared to criticize the officiating Grand Master. It was just like the medieval Inquisition. Far removed from the free thinking of Masonry.” [Magaldi was reinstated by the Tribunal of Rome, but expelled again, repeatedly. But meanwhile he was able to acquaint himself with Freemasonry around the world, and no longer sought reinstatement in Rome. Instead, in 2010 he founded, within the Grande Oriente d’Italia, an official dissident movement called Grande Oriente Democratico (abbr. GOD), with a website revealing to the public all details of the legal battle. Something never before known in Freemasonry.]

Brother Silvio

Many things, in fact, were never seen before Magaldi came along. In July 2010 there appears on the GOD website “Open Letter No.1 to Brother Silvio Berlusconi”, followed shortly afterwards by “Open Letter No.2”. Berlusconi, our Prime Minister, a Freemason? Well I never! Known already was the initiation imparted to him directly by Grand Master Giordano Gamberini in Jan. 1978 in Rome, in the presence of Licio Gelli, Venerable Master of the “P2” Lodge – an initiation then renounced by Berlusconi himself as if it were a mere jest. But Masonic Initiation, as Brother Gioele reminds Brother Silvio, once conferred, is irrevocable: “Indelible as any ordination into priesthood and its mysteries.” Thus, the Berlusconi as described by GOD is a very different from the one we are used to: he is a keen practitioner of astrology, a student of Egyptian esotericism, a subtle employer of esoteric-Masonic symbology in his gardens in Sardinia and his mausoleum in Arcore, a frequenter of international Masonic circles, with close relations, dating from 1992-93, with the most conservative ranks of Anglo-American Masons. [To begin with, G. Magaldi’s campaign is ignored or ridiculed by the media. But, gradually, interest grows in the revelations made public on the GOD website, regarding the ‘back office’ activities of Freemasonry.] No denial of the allegations has been received from Berlusconi.

In the back office of Masonry Now we have reached the main point. The “back office”. Magaldi is the first to have revealed on the GOD website the existence of a “room behind the scenes” where “the real questions of power in our times” are discussed and deliberated. A back office that is clearly Masonic and whose chief protagonists are all Freemasons, just as are the heads of State and political leaders (or they are at least para-Masons), who put diligently into practice the decisions taken by the privileged ones in the privacy of their most exclusive cliques. … In July 2010 the project of the present publication by Magaldi is born. But why the subtitle? – “Because the Freemasons as a whole have been and still remain to an unlimited degree responsible for the principal events in recent history and in the present day.” The book was planned to come out in spring 2011. But it fails to appear by then. In January 2011 Magaldi disappears. He becomes uncharacteristically silent and uncommunicative.

Every so often he informs us that he is off to London, maybe also to New York. We are told that he must “see certain documents”, that he has to “speak to certain Brothers”, that he is “studying”, that he is “working very hard”. Then, silence. It goes on like this for nearly four years. We are glad to report that he is still alive. He had already told us, in half seriousness, that he was not “called to be a martyr or unarmed prophet” and that he had deposited documents and life-saving memoranda in the most reliable hands. Thanks to GOD (website), we know that Magaldi is organizing an association for “liberal socialism“ dedicated to one of his totem figures, the Freemason Eleanor Roosevelt, mother of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and wife of Franklin D Roosevelt who saved Europe from Nazi-Fascism and set it back on its feet with the help of the Marshall Plan. Roosevelt and his Secretary of State George Marshall were both Masons. As was also John Maynard Keynes, by whose economic principles the Marshall Plan was inspired. All this is information that we will find, in the end, in the interminable manuscript (1350 sheets of paper) with which Magaldi reappears in June 2014: the manuscript, still unfinished, which will become the Trilogy “Masons” of which this is the first volume. What does it tell us? – That behind the scenes there is a command centre or, rather, various command centres more or less allied with, or opposed to, one another according to historical circumstances.

Because Freemasonry is not a monolith, Brother Gioele explains: it is a universe populated by progressives and conservatives, libertarians and neo-aristocrats, oligarchs and democrats all engaged in an eternal process of confrontation/encounter from which emerge the great challenges of modern times, with their illuminist dreams of liberty, equality, fraternity, but also the nightmares of Nazi-Fascism in Europe and the dictatorships in Latin America and the Middle East. But what about the names? – you will ask – of course. It’s the first thing the reader looks for in this endless sea of pages … and there are lots of names – from Barack Obama to Francois Hollande, from Angela Merkel to Vladimir Putin, from Giorgio Napolitano to Mario Draghi. The reader’s inevitable reaction will be: But this is not possible. The people mentioned will deny it. This author is crazy. Where are the proofs.

The Secrets of the Ur-Lodges In 2010, the famous year in which Gioele Magaldi vanished from our radar, he became a member of the “Thomas Paine”, the oldest Ur-Lodge in the world (founded in 1849-50). And here we must explain what the Ur-Lodges are, whose existence, revealed for the first time in these pages, was for a century and a half one of the most closely-guarded secrets of modern Freemasonry. The super-Lodges, says Magaldi, are the “Masonic cliques actively guiding contemporary history”, that is, “groups and individuals with an orientation and a mission structured on a supra-national and cosmopolitan level”. And they have “outstripped by far the modest influence of ordinary Freemasonry”. How do they differ from ordinary Freemasonry? And what do the Ur-Lodges do? Magaldi gives the following answer: “Ordinary Freemasonry is that embodied in the circle of the Grand Lodges (federations of Lodges which, generally speaking, employ the same ritual) and of the Grand Orients (federation of Lodges which often choose to employ different rituals but are self-administering in a unitary and centralized manner) , organized on a national basis and standing in international diplomatic relations with other Masonic bodies. We have here a circle that has fostered, grappled with, overcome the great challenges of the modern world, but is now in a serious state of crisis and decline owing to its conservatism, the scleroticization of its structures, its pseudo-ecclesiastical dogmatism, its tendency to excommunicate any heretical and critical voice in its midst, its non-inclusive and unwelcoming attitude towards lesser Masonic communities, its blameworthy inclination to “divide what is a whole” instead of “reuniting what is scattered”– a typical phrase and typical initiatory duty of genuine Masons.

But the problem, above all, is the loss of an avant-garde mission on the ideological and cultural level, in view of the challenges of a hypercomplex and globalized world such as we have today”. While, as for the circle of Ur-Lodges – “it is a network of super-Lodges constituted on a cosmopolitan basis and with a supra-national mission with regard to their identity and their activity. These super-Lodges, from the beginning, have adopted invariably and exclusively the most eminent and important members of ordinary Masonry, who have thereby found themselves in the privileged situation of moving with ease in both spheres and having access to the best instruments of each circle for the pursuit of their goals. We should also mention the initiation ex novo of women and men from profane society, but of particular prestige in politics, economy and finance, the media, the churches, intellectual and artistic activity etc., on the sole condition that there are manifested in them unquestionable signs of a genuine desire for perfection in wisdom and esotericism … There are conservative Ur-Lodges – the “Edmund Burke”, the “Joseph de Maistre”, the “Compass Star-Rose” and the “Pan Europa”, the “Three Eyes”, the “White Eagle” just to name a few – and there are progressive ones, starting with the “Thomas Paine” and continuing with the “Montesquieu” the “Christopher Columbus”, the “Ioannes”, the “Hiram Rhodes Revels” and the “Ghedullah”. All with an international mission, just as their field of intervention in the world is international.

From the “Thomas Paine” have come Freemasons who made the history of Italy and of the planet, such as Giuseppe Mazzini, Giuseppe Garibaldi (who was also the first Grand Master of the Grande Oriente d’Italia), John Stuart Mill, Victor Hugo, Jules Michelet, Louis Blanc, Pierre-Joseph Proudhon. But also Charles Darwin, John Dewey, George Bernard Shaw, Alexander F. Kerensky, John Maynard Keynes, Mahatma Gandhi, George Orwell, Altiero Spinelli, Nelson Mandela, Arthur Schlesinger Jr., Eleanor and Franklin Delano Roosevelt, who was however, also closely connected to the Grand Lodge of New York State and was in fact initiated in 1911 within the “Holland Lodge” No.8 in the Orient of the Big Apple. These names are enough to convey an idea of the immensely rich history and the international significance of this super-clique of super-Brothers Well, in 2010 the ex-Maestro Venerabile of the “Monte Sion” had the opportunity to gain access to the documents conserved in the (highly secret) archive of the “Thomas Paine”, and in the four years that followed he was able to examine a mountain of papers definitely not meant for profane eyes: minutes of meetings, diplomas, texts, letters, architectonic tables, membership lists, documentation of work done by the Lodge. ^

And then? “Together with the other Brothers who collaborated on the preparation of this book (Massoni) we had access to the documents conserved in other Lodges, such as the “Ioannes”, the ”Montesquieu”, the “Edmund Burke”, the “Three Eyes”, the “Compass Star-Rose”, the “Leviathan”, the “White Eagle” and the “Hathor Pentalpha”. Then, cross-referencing enabled us to reconstruct given events with the maximum philological and hermeneutic rigour. But the documents? The proofs? The final validation? – “The originals remain with their natural custodians, that is, the secretaries and archivists of the various Ur-Lodges.” And there they must stay: in their hands. “But the undersigned (Magaldi) and the other Brothers working on the draft of ‘Massoni’ went to the trouble of photocopying all the material examined, plus the vast amount still to be examined, and of depositing it in duplicate with various solicitors and lawyers in Paris, London and New York”. … Magaldi hopes one day to get permission to publish an anthology that would make the material available also to students outside the Masonic Fraternity. “If open denials and challenges arise, the documents will be released, with the help and involvement of the media.” But not only this. Four eminent members of the world-wide Masonic establishment, Brothers who have contributed to Massoni “with their precise and fully substantiated revelations” and who, for the present, in the book, hide behind an initiatory pseudonym, have declared themselves ready to “step forward publicly in their true identity”. This is not just any kind of book. The publication of Massoni is a declaration of war against the oligarchic, technocratic and antidemocratic projects concocted by the most reactionary and neo-aristocratic members of the Ur-Lodges in our time. They are projects involving Italy, Europe and the West, and thus the planet as a whole.

The Pursuit of Power with Set-Square and Compasses

So, what is Freemasonry today, Magaldi? “Freemasonry always goes in the same direction, namely, towards knowledge and power, both material and spiritual.” And who are the personalities involved? – Angela Merkel, Gerhard Schroder, Nicolas Sarkozy, Francois Hollande, Jacques Chirac, Francois Mitterand, Tony Blair, Margaret Thatcher; almost all the U.S. Presidents except Jimmy Carter, Richard Nixon and Ronald Regan, who were not Masons but para-Masons; and Deng Xiaoping, Vladimir Putin and before him Michail Gorbachev, Boris Yeltsin, Josef Stalin, Vladimir I.U. Lenin. And the Shah of Persia Reza Pahlevi, Golda Meir and Moshe Dayan, the anti-apartheid leader Nelson Mandela, Mahatma Gandhi, even a Pope who has recently been canonized, John XXIII, Gianni Agnelli, Giorgio Napolitano, Francesco Cossiga, Massimo D’Alema. We could fill a telephone directory with this avalanche of names. All Masons – All belonging to an Ur-Lodge

… And if Magaldi says: “Mario Draghi belongs to five Ur-Lodges”, the profane reader can only believe – or not believe. Magaldi, today the power is Masonic. The real power. Is that so? “Without a shadow of a doubt. Real power is Masonic.” Does there exist any world leader at this moment who has not been supported by Freemasonry in his ascent to power? – “No there is no chance for anyone who is not himself a Freemason or supported by Freemasons to rise to a position of real importance. We are unaware of it, but the aproned Brothers are behind every important event of our history. And there is a tough dialectic, at times fratricidal, between the back offices of different orientations. There are democrats versus the neo-aristocrats; the progressives versus the conservatives. And it is not always easy for us to understand who and what, and on which side he stands and why. For example, the rise of a Mussolini or a Hitler also came about thanks to the unscrupulous support and still less scrupulous financing on the part of the conservative Anglo-American Masonic milieu, and their defeat was due to the efforts of two Freemasons of solid liberal or democratic conviction, namely Churchill (initially a conservative and pro-Fascist) and F. R. Roosevelt.

So far, everything is straightforward. Things get more complicated when we discover that Churchill and Roosevelt, before they could declare war on the Nazi/Fascists, had first to overcome a powerful anti-war movement among the Brothers. And those opposed to an intervention in Europe were conservative Masons (some of whom, paradoxically enough, were Jews) who were doing lucrative business with the Nazi-Fascists. Shall we complicate the picture still further? In those same years the conservative Brothers were also doing business with the U.S.S.R., another theoretical enemy, thanks to their Masonic connections with the Communist establishment born of the 1917 Revolutions.

These Revolutions were financed, so “Massoni” assures us, by the same array of Ur-Lodges which officially were engaging in the struggle against Communism during the Cold War that came later. The Masons have always been extremely good at playing at more than one table at the same time – whether on this side or the other side of the Iron Curtain. Though in fact the ordinary Lodges were strictly forbidden in the U.S.S.R. and the whole Eastern European bloc – as in all the totalitarian dictatorships, and in the Catholic Church (a coincidence?) – the Party chiefs always found it more profitable to follow a double track. Important figures like the General Secretary of the Soviet Communist Party and his successors Yuri Andropov and Kostantin Chernenko, Mikhail Gorbachev and Boris Yeltsin, but also heads of the KGB and future leaders such as Vladimir Putin, requested, and were quietly granted, membership of a number of the Ur-Lodges active between West and East, with firm roots in the Middle European region.

And is it not peculiar that the super-Lodge most courted by the Communist nomenclatura was fiercely reactionary and conservative in its orientation? The “Joseph de Maistre” is a very, nay extremely, élitist institution with an incredible history: created in Switzerland at the beginning of 1917, it actually had as one of its promoters Vladimir I.U. Lenin, who organized its refounding in March 1921 on the occasion of the 10th Congress of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union. This was the same Congress, as Magaldi reminds us, which “issued, amongst other things, a dictate forbidding the forming of movements within the Party”. One thing I don’t understand, Magaldi –

Why did the Communist leaders have to attend Masonic gatherings where they would have been rubbing shoulders with the German and Euro-Atlantic jet-set of conservative Freemasonry – with the enemy, in other words? – “Because these Ur-Lodges were in a position to link hidden Communist power circles with Western cliques that are just as secret.” But why choose, as Brezhnev did, a super-Lodge like the “De Maistre” which was firmly opposed to an easing of tension between the Western and Soviet blocs?” Precisely for that reason. So that the areas of tension between the two super-powers could be planned in such a way, that both sides could profit both politically and economically.” Very simple to understand! – And this, ladies and gentlemen, is how the back office works …

From the Trilateral to Bilderberg. Diabolical para-Masons?

The Trilateral Commission. There we have it. The obsession of legions of conspiracy theorists who, for years, have doggedly asserted the existence of a supreme authority steered by a handful of Illuminati who decide the fate of the world, together with the members of the Bilderberg Group – another diabolical entity which operates covertly – and a series of other clubs and associations more or less openly offshoots of Freemasonry. – Is all of this true, Magaldi? Brother Gioele bursts out laughing – “Of course not. The Bilderberg Group and the Trilateral Commission, just like the Bohemian Club, the Fabian Society, the Pilgrim’s Society, the Round Table, the Royal Institute for International Affairs, the Council of Foreign Relations, the Mont Paladin Society, the Group of Thirty, the Bruegel, the Gruppo Spinelli, and so on, all stand under the iron control of the Ur-Lodges.

They are para-Masonic associations with only secondary functions relative to the goals pursued by the Masonic élite in the strict sense.” – Does this mean they decide nothing whatever, despite the fact that at every meeting of the Trilateral or Bilderberg opinion leaders from everywhere imaginable are present? – “Yes, it is really so. … Societies like the Bilderberg or Trilateral, however they may differ in their style of communication … have the task of acting as lightning-conductors, distorting mirrors, smokescreens and distractions on behalf of the Masonic back office where the real questions of power today are discussed and deliberated. …”

The Empire Strikes Again? Isis. The Egyptian goddess. Patroness of magic and of spiritual and material power, feminine cosmic counterpart of the god Osiris. She who in esoteric myths and rituals is often made to coincide with another goddess: Hathor. – “Hathor Pentalpha”, the Lodge of vendetta and blood-thirst. The rabid Ur-Lodge, joined in 2009 by an obscure member of Al Qaeda in Iraq who had been imprisoned in 2004 as a dangerous terrorist and who, immediately after joining the Lodge, had been miraculously released – to the great consternation of the military in charge of him. – Abu Bakr el-Baghdadi. The leader of Al Qaeda in Iraq. The man who in April 2013 proclaims to the world the birth of Isis and the start of global war against the infidels, while in America (is there anyone left who still believes in miracles?!) – “the official launching takes place of the candidacy of “Hathor Pentalpha” Brother Jeb Bush for the White House presidential elections of 2016.”John Ellis Bush, Republican.

Governor of Florida until 2007. But, more imporantly, son of George Herbert Walker Bush, 41st President of the U.S.A., founder of “Hathor Pentalpha” and father of George W. Bush, President no. 43, also a member of “Hathor Pentalpha”. – Is the circle closing? From now to 2016, thanks to the advance of Isis, met without resolve by an Obama administration that was “taken by surprise”, and thanks to the daily horror of decapitations on TV, the fundamentalist proclamations against Western civilization, the massacre of the Yazidis buried alive by bulldozers, or that of the Kurds armed (of course) very little and poorly by the big powers, thanks to all this. … … a formidable global campaign will be conducted to install a new Bush in Washington. Yet another warlike Bush, again able to seduce American voters, and not only them, with the promise of a “global war” on the terrorism that threatens our civilization and our security.

This will bring us “new wars without end in the Middle East”, and new billion dollar trade deals for the military-industrial complex, and new freedom-destroying laws in the entire western world, imposed to guarantee the security of worthy citizens against the threat of the jihadist enemy. It will be in short, the triumph of that “Clash of Civilizations” anticipated back in 1996 by Samuel Huntington, friend of Bush and “Hathor Pentalpha” Brother, and author of what we can confidently regard today as the ideological manifesto of the new Masonic policy. … The most brutal, violent and bloodthirsty Freemasonry against which we must absolutely “show a common front”, if we are not to risk finding ourselves in “a still more tragic world scenario” than that of 9.11. So, now we begin to understand better what kind of war Brother Gioele is pointing to in the first pages of “Massoni”. We see what is the “fratricidal” conflict now taking place, we see what has prompted a section of Freemasonry to come out into the open with this book and what are the “involuted projects of oligarchy, technocracy, and anti-democracy” conceived by the “most reactionary and neo-aristocratic UrLodges of our time”, to which “Massoni” represents an open declaration of war. October 2014

[N.B. This is a heavily abridged translation of Laura Maragnani’s 32-page introduction to Gioele (pron. Joay-lay) Magaldi’s 600-page book ‘Massoni – Societá a Responsabilitá Illimitata’. The first Volume is entitled ‘Discovery of the Ur-Lodges’.]

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not until 2016, at the earliest, will we know the full number of those likely to develop serious medical conditions.” former Secretary-General Kofi Annan http://www.un.org/ha/chernobyl/docs/sgsm7778.htm

Yury Bandazhevsky said that Chernobyl began and is not over: http://www.king5.com/news/nation-now/exiled-scientist-chernobyl-is-not-finished-it-has-only-just-begun/138546166targe

this is the inside of central hall of Chernobyl reactor 4. Below is the 2,000 tons lid, which was blown aside. still there today. Below the lid is the (empty) reactor vault.vzryv_na_chetvertom_bloke



In this article you will learn things never heard before. They sound absurd, crazy. But these things have official sources. Partly even of the nuclear industry itself.

You, reader deserve the truth. I think you are someone who believes the following, as do 99 % of all people: Chernobyl 4 exploded 1986. It was a meltdown. It irradiated parts of Europe and the World. You probably know that a new sarcophagus is being built right now in Ukraine. A Shell as big as the statue of liberty above and around the ruin. Liquidators were there, connstructing the first sarcophagus in 1986. You probably believe people died, how many you don’t know. And now it’s 30 years since then.That’s what you know, what you believe.

Are you ready? For one of the biggest lies in human history, along with the lies of TEPCO Japan. And IAEA. And UNSCEAR.

All say: Meltdown. A meltdown is a theoretical assumption. It helps to keep evacuation and compensation small. Because Meltdown means: Only 2 – 5 percent of the radioactive inventory / the core, escaped the reactor. It is a theory. It helps the industry to survive.

Here are facts with Sources next to them / below.

  1. The core of almost all reactors worldwide consists of Uranium Oxide (UO²). Chernobyl was a double core, seperated hydrauligcally. Making this thing 190 tons heavy. This data is from NRC. It says, each Kg consisted of 2 % Unraium 235 enrichment – which can be used for bombs. Reactors use it to become critical, or to operate – in other words. Did you know that? For example each german reactor is a so called MOX reactor. The number of MOX reactors worldwide increase. Sometimes they are fed with weapons plutonium. But this is only wishy washy. They consume it to become critical. But each reactor produces 250 kg Plutonium per year and unit, worldwide. If plutonium enriched or Uranium 235 enriched. Ok, so there were 450 Kg Plutonium in Chernobyl – from the beginning there were 450 kg Uranium 235. Do you know how much Plutonium was used for Nagasaki and how much Uranium 235 was used for Hiroshima? Answer: 64 Kg Uranium 235 for Hiroshima and 6,2 Kg Plutonium for Nagasaki. Your average reactor contains a lot of bombs in its core, Chernobyl even 100% more. It contains the radioactivity of 1,000 Hiroshima bombs, or 15 billion curie (Source: NIRS). Its “only” enriched, but reactors are nothing else than decelerated nuclear bombs.

Sources: http://pbadupws.nrc.gov/docs/ML0716/ML071690245.pdf and: http://life-upgrade.com/DATA/Artikel%20zu%20Tschernobyl%20in%20Nuclear%20Technology%20Vol%2090.pdf



2. The plutonium isotopes in different reactor types (Chernobyl is RBMK):




3. Let’s make a shortcut: What happened at Cherobyl 4?

I quote in all points this study, published by Nuclear Technology paper, in 1990: http://life-upgrade.com/DATA/Artikel%20zu%20Tschernobyl%20in%20Nuclear%20Technology%20Vol%2090.pdf

The Chernobyl Core was 190 tons of Uranium Oxide UO².

Each Kg consisted of 2,4 g of Uranium 235. To make the reactor work. This is the situation in each reactor worldwide. To get it run, beginning of life fuel needs this. After a certain period there is Plutonium in the reactor. For Chernobyl it makes 450 Kg Pu239 all together in both halves of the Core.

Ca. 250 Kg Pu239 in normal reactors. With smaller cores. The core was split in two halves, together 10 m length. An electromechanical experiment was started.

Purpose: Could a tripped generator maintain the electrical feed to the main circulation pumps during generator coast down?

Reactivity was reduced.

Security System was blocked, so was the >automatic< scram.

Both turbo generators were shut down.

The behaviour of Chernobyl is similiar to Fast Breeder Reactors (Sodium / lead cooled), also in terms of void coefficient.

The loss of pumping power induced by the experiment caused a rapid fail in pressure, so the water began to boil, at the bottom of the reactor and even at the inlet of the water! The reactor was unstable.

The crew pushed the button of the Emergency Protection System:

The water lies between the moderator (graphite) and the fuel. It captures thermal neutrons. It is more like a neutron shield than an additional moderator. The energy once stored in the fuel was transferred to the coolant.

It continued to boil and saturate and steam and water met very hot surfaces:

So the first explosion occurred and set the reactor dry – this can be described as steam / hydrogen explosion, BUT that was not was the reactor destroyed. Not, what the reactor lid has thrown aside, not what destroyed the reactor hall.

The first explosion had an energy of 200 Gigajoules. All water was expelled from the reactor. All fuel channels became dry. And Water was pushed back into the inlet and the steam drum seperators.

A DRY reactor heats up 100°C (180°F) evey 0,1 seconds! At the same time nuclear reactions take place, NEUTRONS – just below the speed of light. No chance for Reactor Emergency Systems:



A dry reactor heats up 100°C every 0,1 seconds.

The Doppler Effect was saturated. Phase transition was faster than the heating. NO MELTDOWN.

You would need “only” 50 Gigajoules to boil all that water.

Xenon build up. The reactor poisoned itself. But that was not the main cause for the next events:

The Void Coefficient increased. More than 5 $. This is higher than the total antireactivity of the Doppler effect.

A final supercritical state was achieved – This is nothing else than a nuclear Explosion / reaction of the Reactor Type. This principle is known since the first graphite gas cooled reactors were build.



NRC official: http://pbadupws.nrc.gov/docs/ML0716/ML071690245.pdf 

Fuel Disaggregation requires very high energy: More than 250 Gigajoules.

The crew pushed the Scram Button AZ5. Control rods moved it. They needed 10 seconds, which took much too long. Only a small number of them reached the core.


2 seconds later the Nuclear Explosion / Reaction occurred. This one was 1,000 Gigajoules = 1 Terrajoule. This is the equivalent of 200 – 300 Tons of TNT, or just the yield of a U.S. nuclear W54 warhead.


This nuclear warhead existed and was actually tested. It`s yield: 250 Tons TNT, or, in other words: 1,12 Terrajoule. Exactly the amount of Energy Chernobyl`s two explosions had (one setting the core dry, the other destroying it):

LINK of the 250 tons (0,25 kilotons TNT) Warhead: http://www.designation-systems.net/dusrm/m-26.html

The U.S. NUREG-1250 report, the official U.S. analyses says in Figure 4.3: 1,400 calories energy were deposited into each gram of reactor fuel UO². That is exactly the 1 Terrajoule: http://pbadupws.nrc.gov/docs/ML0716/ML071690245.pdf

The fuel was damaged. Each explosion took 1 second.

It included Shock Waves, Cladding rupture, Fuel fragmentation, Phase transition, and as an eye witness said, a blue flash.

The fuel can become vaporized (official NRC data):





If 65 % of the fuel is smeared that means the reactor is prompt supercritical = Nuclear explosion / reaction. This is called bigger than 1 $.

The total power of the reactor at the time of its destruction was 47,000 % over normal.

This all happened in 1 second.

Fast neutron reactions happen 1,000 times faster than any chemical or physical reaction.

A steam explosion was not possible anymore. At high temperatures steam ionizes into hydrogen and oxygen. Both do not explode at temperatures above 2,000 / 2,100°C:

Reaching 4,000 – 5,000°C these temperatures were no longer chemical, they were nuclear. Officials tell us: “Chernobyl was a hydrogen / steam explosion” – maybe the first one. But with the heating up, it became too hot for these kind of explosions. Don Arnott (below) said: At these temperatures steam ionizes and dissociates into the gases oxygen and hydrogen. These detonating gases do not explode above 2,000 / 2,100 °C.



The phase transition Uranium Oxide core flew like a turbo jet engine into the air, ca. 20 – 30 m above the central hall and exploded in a nuclear explosion of the reactor type. The temperatures reached at this moment: 40,000°C.


But the Temperature of the Chernobyl nuclear explosion was 100,000 times lower (10,000,000%) than the nuclear explosion of the bomb type.


“Two different models of the nuclear explosions are known. According to, the core of the Chernobyl reactor transformed to a turbo-jet solid-phase engine after a very short initial overheating of fuel. It flied like a missile from the reactor vault to the central reactor hall by the hydrodynamic forces of gas-phase streams flushing down from the fuel channels. Then it exploded as an atomic bomb in the spaceof the central hall.” source: http://www.rri.kyoto-u.ac.jp/NSRG/reports/kr79/kr79pdf/Malko1.pdfchernobyl-nuclear-explosion34

No water has enough thermal conductivity for that.

This exceeds every safety system human can design and build.

The not welded lid has a weight of 2,000 tons. It was superheated during the explosion and neutron activity. It was seen from the helicopter crew and IAEA as well as soviet officials misinterpreted it as fuel in melting process. Steel glows cherry red at Temperatures 770°C to 800°C and yellow at Temperatures 1,150°C to 1,250°C.

The paint is also still there. It survive a max. Temp. of 300°C.

The thermal observation showed no melting process and no graphite fire.




IAEA says 96% of the fuel is still in the reactor. But it is not.

In September 1986 126 tons of graphite and 26 tons of fuel were removed from roofs at Chernobyl plant site.

If much Boron is used in western reactors, similar over moderated situations can happen.

Western reactors avoid explosions, via cooking and steaming the reactor cores and letting the aerolized inventory fly through the safety relief valves (SRVs). It`s like a pressure cooker.

NUREG 1250 also speaks of “aerolized” fuel particles after phase transition, on page 6-7.

The industry simply avoids the term “nuclear explosion in a reactor” and simply calls it: “prompt critical excursion.” That`s all.




“an average operating nuclear power reactor will have approximately 16 billion curies in its reactor core. This is the equivalent long-lived radioactivity of at least 1,000 Hiroshima bombs.” http://www.nirs.org/factsheets/routineradioactivereleases.htm


Vladimir M. Chernousenko, Scientific Director of the Ukrainian Academy of Sciences  Institute of Physics in Kiev’s Task Force for the  Rectification of the Consequences of the Chernobyl Accident- HE SAID:

“Radiation emission was no less that 80% of the core (with a total of 192 tons), which amounted to 6.4 x 10^9 Ci (Ci = Curie = 37,000,000,000 becquerel) If we divide the figure by the population of the whole earth (4.6 x 10^9 people) then we get 1 Ci per person.”


“15m³ of radioactive substances emitted from Block 4 at this time could be diluted in 15 x 5 x 10,000,000,000,000 km³ if water, In 100 years 15,000 km³ would be needed. In 1,000 years 15 km³ would be the required amount. For comparsion: the total outflow of the world`s rivers is 36,380 km³.” Dilution is just another word for retransmission. More radiation for everyone.


The Temperature reached more than 2,000°C degrees – reaching 47,000 % POWER!


A steam explosion can not develop 1,2 Terrajoule. Steam explosion’s Maxium -> 50 Gigajoules. But the explosion lifted the 2,000 tons lid away, and then even destroyed the reactor hall! How powerful is that. Only a maximum of 10 to 50 Gigajoule of Energy are possible by a Steam explosion in Chernobyl – it was the water expelled from Reactor 4:


Source: http://books.google.de/books?id=vgwAAAAAMBAJ&pg=PA65#v=onepage&q&f=false

Other sources say: H. van Dam. says: “900 Gigajoules”: http://iopscience.iop.org/0034-4885/55/11/003



image from: http://www.rri.kyoto-u.ac.jp/NSRG/seminar/IS/Imanaka20120627.pdf



Yes: 1,400 Cal/gm (calories per gram) are 1,1 Terrajoules = equivalent of 0,2 – 0,3 Kilotons TNT.

There was not enough water, power in water, to create so a high energy explosion, for the 2nd one. This was nuclear.

W54 nuclear warhead is the energy yield equivalent of Chernobyl explosion (0,2 – 0,3 KT TNT):

NRC: http://pbadupws.nrc.gov/docs/ML0716/ML071690245.pdf 


Footage from the inside of Reactor 4:

There is this interview with a scientist who was with russian Checherov in reactor 4:

Source: http://www.taz.de/!82695/

Here they can be seen: Walking around the empty reactor:


AN Kiselev, Chernobyl, 1986, block 3: “Power of gamma radiation from a channel, lying on the roof of the third block measured by Zherdev was 2 Sievert per Hour (the limit of the measuring range of the instrument DP-5V ) at a distance of three meters” / “we had to work in an environment where radiation levels could exceed the 10 Sievert per Hour and even higher” / “As soon as the rotary drill bit to the fuel clusters, fuel chips along with the water got into the room , and immediately dramatically increased gamma-ray background” / “Biological protection of the camera has been redesigned in accordance with the requirements of radiation safety.” / “On the tube sites were about 15-20 tons of fuel. On the roof lay the whole fuel assemblies. Approximate weight of 300-350 kg each. The rate per person was calculated by removing 50 kg of graphite or 10-15 kg pieces of fuel rod.” / “the total amount of fuel in the lava-like clusters is within 20 % of the entire nuclear fuel that the reactor had at the time of the accident.”

“Checherov analyzed all the reports and minutes of the Integrated expedition with measurements and calculations. The analysis estimated the amount of fuel made on the basis of thermal measurements showed that this estimate was based on assumptions that do not reflect the real picture of the thermal situation in unit 4, and secondly, were based on experiments that are not based on reliable measurements, and voluntarist declarations of expenditure thermal parameters experimentally recorded variations of which varies in the range of up to two orders of magnitude.” / “The maximum thickness of the fuel accumulation , measured on the spot and recorded on the film is 0.5 meters , and if you increase the thickness of the layer 8 times, then this cluster should have a thickness of 4 meters.” / “At the time of the accident in the reactor core were 1,659 fuel channels withg 190,257 kilograms of uranium or its kg Uranium Oxide (UO2).”

“where, how much and in what state the nuclear fuel ?” / “Our reports of fuel found in the Unit 4 was several times smaller, but the debate as to why such differences exist and where the truth is – was not gebated in this symposium” / “regardless of the fact that the reactor vault is empty and you can not see this amount of fuel and the amount of such fuel just could not fit in the observed areas, those who were there and personally saw it with their own eyes the empty space – you can not convince the others that there are not huge amount of fuel as declared by those who have not been there ” / ” it turns out that the minimum found fuel is 53 % of the fuel, and if we accept the second version, you still have to find the 91%!http://www.souzchernobyl.org/?section=31&id=563

We are fooled by IAEA and soviet agencies since 1986!

b) What you see here in this video is NOT the fuel melting, because it was thrown completely out by a force of 1,2 terrajule (0,2 – 0,3 KT TNT)  and it is NOT graphite fire, there was none according to a heat photo scanner Checherov used shortly after the explosions. What you see  is the 2,000 tons reactor lid, that was thrown aside and is GLOWING because of HEAT, it was so hot, that it turned from Red (770 – 800°C) into Yellow (1150 – 1250°C). The helicopter crew did not survive. Interivew with above Infos: Constantine Checherov – Senior Researcher of the Kurchatov Institute – one of the first people who visited the reactor hall after the explosion. He does not believe that the explosion of Chernobyl in ’86 exploded was hydrogen. It was a nuclear
explosion scattered hundreds of tons of radioactive fuel around the station: http://www.novayagazeta.ru/society/6095.html

This is from an article of Mr. Kiselev, who was with Checherov INSIDE Chernobyl 4 where the fuel WAS, many many times. “The most significant work in its results was the work of the neutron research laboratory in the past year by VI Morozov. They compiled and analyzed its neutron measurements, which were carried out in the 4th block of Chernobyl nuclear power plant within a few years and determined the concentration of uranium dioxide in more than hundred samples of lava-like fuel-containing masses… After the publication of the work, where on the basis of direct measurements determined the amount of lava-like fuel-containing material (and the results of radiochemical and neutron research) determined the concentration of uranium dioxide in the samples of these masses: the number of detected nuclear fuel in the fourth block does not exceed 20% of all fuel… Research continued: 1991 results were: 23 +/- 7 tons of uranium dioxide – then 1992 research results reduced it to 11,6 +/- 1.9 tons, and direct measurements gave the result of 3,75 +/- 0.6 tons… All reports are published in separate editions, and the magazine “Atomic Energy” published several articles on the subject. The scientific community did not react to it.. the reactor pit is empty, and in under-reactor premises can not be seen such quantities of fuel, and such fuel volumes simply could not fit in the observed areas, and those who were there and personally saw with their own eyes the empty space are impossible to convince that there are huge amounts of fuel, which is proclaimed by those who have not been there… There is a total absence of an active zone in the reactor pit (!)… ”


Info from Interview with Checherov: http://www.novayagazeta.ru/society/6095.html

4. So, why a new sarcophagus? Chernobyl as you have read released so much radioactivity as a whole nuclear war. This is where it went down:



Chernobyl irradiated the whole European Continent – even pro nuclear UNSCEAR clearly admits that (although their numbers are from the textbook). http://www.unscear.org/docs/JfigXI.pdf

To understand the principle of the nuclear explosion of the reactor, and unmask probably the biggest lie in technological history of human history, just have a look at this:

– Chernobyl was a nuclear explosion

No containment can keep such a explosion

– The weight of the reactor lid was 2,000 tons (NOT 1,000!) – important for energy calculation later below

– A containment would increase the yield of the explosion (pressure!)

– This principle is as old as the principle of man made nuclear fission:

From the book “History of the British nuclear industry” by Margaret Gowing, “Britain and Atomic Energy”, on page 382 the former  U.S. water-cooled graphite reactor at Hanford is described: “To be built in view of the risks of an accident, the reactor is at an isolated location. Because water absorbs neutrons, and when the water flow is interrupted and the control rods do not occur immediately in action, the water evaporates in the cooling system and can no longer absorb the neutrons . These neutrons were therefore available to increase the fission rate in the reactor, which is super critical with power. The temperature rises, the fuel evaporated and the radioactivity is spreading widely. “

On page 385 we find the position:
“The gas cooling is to avoid the risk of severe supercritical state …”





What is supercritical?

The knowledge of the danger of an atomic explosion that can occur in a water-cooled graphite-gas reactor, is as old as the principle of the reactor itself.

Safety Assessment Principle 152 requires ‘The containment should adequately contain such radioactive matter as may be released into it as a result of any fault in the reactor.’ Clearly if nuclear explosions are possible a licence should not be granted. LAST PAGE: http://www.spokesmanbooks.com/Spokesman/PDF/91Gifford.pdf

The number of fissions and the energy released quickly escalate, and if the process is unchecked, the result is a violent explosion. Reactions that multiply in this fashion are called chain reactions.” Quote from: http://wps.prenhall.com/wps/media/objects/3313/3392670/blb2107.html

The critical mass in a reactor (even on a pro nucler site): “After pushing the AZ-5 button the emergency protection system added, according to calculations, about a ß of positive reactivity and created a local critical mass in the lower part of the core – resulting in a sharp increase of power there (see Figure 3) and the coming into play of the positive power coefficient of reactivity. The power in the lower part of the core rose to the level at which the fuel exploded and got dispersed.” quote Anatoly Dyatlov, former deputy engineer for operations at Chernobyl: http://www.neimagazine.com/features/featurehow-it-was-an-operator-s-perspective/

Chernobyl was build by ROSATOM – the ones who build a new reactor in Chernobyl irradiated Belarus, the ones who helped Iran with their nuclear reactors, and probably delievered Polonium 210 to kill Litvenenko in London.

The new sarcophagus is built to contain this dangerous truth. The truth that Chernobyl was emptied by a nuclear explosion (of the reactor type, not bomb type).

Who finances this new project? The “nuclear” bank:

Who supervises it? Former IAEA General Secretary Hans Blix. He said in 1986 in Le Monde: “A yearly Chernobyl is acceptable for the world…”

Chernobyl needs no sarcophagus, not today and not in 1986, because it was and is EMPTY. The establishment of a sarcophagus was crazy, senseless and deadly – But right now, they build the 2nd one. A new Containment for a dangerous truth.

The liquidators have not liquidated Chernobyl. The liquidators have liquidated themselves.

800,000 worked in the area. On site, as doctors, workers… but they worked in the Chernobyl Core – which was scattered everywhere. In microparticles. This means: Soviet officials evacuated 130,000 civilans, but sent 800,000 into the irradiated areas!

Valery Legasov probably knew. BUT:

“Valery A. Legasov” – who was the first russian official who spoke about Chernobyl to the IAEA in 1986, and committed suicide. Before his death he made an audiotape, with untold facts about the Chernobyl explosion. Here are the abstracts of his tapes: “About the accident at Chernobyl” by Academician VA Legasov (text from the 4 cassettes) – in russian: http://www.life-upgrade.com/DATA/Legasov_V._Ob_Avarii_Na_Chernobiylsk.pdf

His 5 hours long speech at the IAEA 1996 meeting about Chernobyl was ignored: http://books.google.de/books?id=S-SsDtZG5WgC&pg=PA51&dq=new+scientist+valery+legasov&hl=de&ei=Lx_MTuu-BMaEOqb9uKYP&sa=X&oi=book_result&ct=result&resnum=2&ved=0CDMQ6AEwAQ#v=onepage&q&f=false

He knew about the insanity of sending liquidators to Chernobyl – he could not convince the IAEA and soviet officials. And decades later, Checherov – also from the same institute, indrectly supported the Legasov.



Some say a quake caused the Chernobyl catastrophe. But is the quake maybe the result of the  explosion – expressed as seismic data? Here is the seismis data from 1986, by soviet sources: http://www.rri.kyoto-u.ac.jp/NSRG/reports/kr139/pdf/karpan.pdf





Again the summary, from 1996 IPPNW PSR papers, Vienna:






by peace researcher NZ:


This is the NECK SHOT for the nuclear industry. But we failed, because we were blinded by the Meltdown Lie. And we are again blinded by TEPCO and IAEA. They have three empty reactors in Fukushima. They have no evidence where the fuel is. But call it Meltdown.

30 years dear readers. One human generation. One irradiated earth.

Often officials as former soviet Agencies, IAEA, NRC, UNSCEAR, tell the lie of a “hydrogen” or “steam” explosion. That is a lie. It comes from the textbook. Because otherwise reactors would get no licence to be built. They have to keep their inventory inside at all cost. The nuclear textbook is a template and experts push reality through it. The Officials lie about the temperature, or the weight of the reactor lid, or any other data, at least one of them. To downplay the nature of the explosion. But the reactor hall is no more. A fact. Plus the 2,000 tons reactor lid.

50 million Chernobyl curies? IAEA? “The pro-nuclear Time magazine reported in 1989 that perhaps “one billion or more” curies were released, rather than the 50 to 80 million estimated by Russian authorities.” Source: http://www.ratical.org/radiation/Chernobyl/Chernobyl@10p2.html

All radiation maps, doses, emissions are from the text book – not from reality. 50 million curie are: 1,850,000,000,000,000,000 Becquerel (1.85e+18) released by CHERNOBYL. A lie!

There is nearly NOTHING left in the Chernobyl 4 reactor! This is proven! 

Argonne National Laboratory in Illinois: 9 Billion Curie

Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory in California: 4,5 Billion Curie

Source: http://findarticles.com/p/articles/mi_hb6393/is_n3_v12/ai_n28692892/

1,85 1,85 1,85 1,85 1,85 1,85… Just remember this number ONE point EIGHT FIVE and the 50

let’s look at the Boiling Water Manual from GE, also for Fukushima:

page 73:


and page 76:


Each reactor releases 50 micro curie of radioactive gases: which is 1,850,000 becquerel PER SECOND!

There is the 50 and the 1,85 again!

It’s all from the textbook!

It’s not the reality!

Can you control atoms?

>>>> A normal reactor releases 1,850,000 becquerel per second. Multiply it with x 10 = 18,500,000 becquerel – these are also the offical MAXIMUM LEVELS of radionuclide activity in the exclusion Chernobyl zone in Belarus (from the 1995 Belarus NATIONAL Report):

Again the 1,85 !

daily dose at a 1000 Curie per km² area, for example near Chernobyl reactor 4 with 37 mio becquerel per m² (map) is something like 10 mSv PER DAY – while normal is 1 – 2 mSv per year

They press reality into their simulation models. Especially Chernobyl. The 50 Mio Curie are used to conceal the fact, that ALL Inventory was thrown out in 1986, thats more than 5 billion curie, not 50 million. But they use the textbook to conceal it, in order to prove that even during an explosion a reactor safe. And now these madmen build a 2nd sarcophagus around and EMPTY reactor, to even underline the 30 years old lie!

More than a million people died because of Chernobyl:

n contrast (by Alexey Jablokov, co-author of the 1000,000 Chernobyl Deaths-Study: http://www.strahlentelex.de/Yablokov%20Chernobyl%20book.pdf ):

The UNSCEAR Committee for the Scientific Investigation of the effects of radiation United Nations has declared:

The UNCEAR committee has decided not to extrapolate the effects of Low-level radiation from the Chernobyl accident on the population on the basis of models extrapolate absolute terms, because these predictions are afflicted with unacceptable unreliability (UNSCEAR, 2011; 98, p.18).

This “unreliability” depends on both the methodological errors of the officially recognized system for the determination of radiation risk (eg: ECRR, 2003, 2010), as well as with the underestimation of the extent of the effects of the atomic bombings in Hiroshima and Nagasaki combined (eg: Bertell, 1985, Stewart, 1989)

One of the methodological error of traditional approaches to determining the scope of Radiation risk is the exclusive use of data on cancer mortality, although it is not the most important cause of mortality after the Chernobyl accident, in radioactively contaminated territories. Another methodological error of UNSСEAR approach is a complete disregard of the Increase in perinatal mortality rate after the disaster that after the Chernobyl Accident in the many highly radioactively contaminated areas in Belarus (Petrova et al. 1997, Korblein, 2002, 2006), Ukraine (Dzykovich et al., 2004), Russia (Balewa, et al., 2001), Germany (Schreb, Incited, 2000, Korblein, Kuchenkoff, 1997, Schreb et al., 2000), Poland (Korblein, 2003, 2006) and UK (Bentham, 1999, Busby, 1995) showed. Since the time of the nuclear weapons tests in the atmosphere is known that the radioactive Contamination, an increase of prenatal mortality rate (stillbirths and Miscarriages) and infant mortality rate (Sternglass, 1972; White, 1992;. Playford et al, 1992; Overview here Busby, 1995; Yablokov, 2002, Durakovic, 2003) causes.

My part: Infant Mortality Changes Following the Three Mile Island Accident,” from 1980: http://atomichistory.files.wordpress.com/2009/09/sternglass_infantmortalitytmi.pdf quote “The discrepancy in infant deaths between the two sources for the period of April 1 through June 30, 1979, had been two; from October 1 through December 31 it had also been two. For eighty-eight to surface between July 1 and September 30, precisely in the controversial summer months after the TMI accident, seemed unlikely.”

My part: Quote: “The victims of Hiroshima and Nagasaki and patients treated with X-rays because of such dubious indications as thymus hyperplasia demonstrate the exceptionally high sensitivity of children. However, the important discovery of Stewart and coworkers in 1958 , an enhancement of childhood leukaemia following diagnostic X-ray pictures during pregnancy, listed as historic milestone by Mossman also, has provoked a deep controversy. Their findings were an impressive support of the postulated linear non-threshold relationship for leukaemia” SOURCE Page 2: http://www.staff.uni-marburg.de/~kunih/all-doc/doserele.pdf

In the period 1987-88 is a well-documented increase in infant mortality in the leaves radioactive contaminated areas of Ukraine (Grodzinsky, 1999; Omelianetz, Klementjew, 2001, Dubowaja, 2010), Russia (Fetisow, 1999; Hworostenko, 1999; Komogortseva, 2001, Utka et al. 2005, ZYB et al., 2006) and Germany (Korblein, 2006 notice) was found. After the Chernobyl Accident increased infant mortality affects even the entire demographic Statistics of a number of countries. In the more contaminated areas of Ukraine and Russia an increased Overall mortality observed. (The most recent 1995;. Omelianets et al, 2001; Оmelianets, Klement’ev, 2001, Grodzinsky, 1999;. Golubchikov et al, 2002, Kaschirina, 2005; Sergeeva et al. 2005; Dubowaja, 2010, Kaschirina, 2005; Sergeewa et al, 2005;. Fetisow, 1999; Sukalska et al.
2004 and many others).

The methodological error of the epidemiological approach to determining the number of victims is based on the accounts of the radiation risk is that the estimation of the number of victims on the comparison of relatively well-documented mortality and morbidity rates (the number the sick and the dead carried out), while levels of radioactive Load can not be accurately determined. Moreover, this approach to determine the Number of victims is not capable of the effects of low radiation dose precisely to record (which have added even the inventor of this approach): “The currently available Epidemiological data provide no basis for reasonable assurance to the radioactive contamination attributable morbidity and mortality in test groups from the To predict the population of the three republics and other European countries, with a average dose of less than 30 mSv were charged in the past 20 years. Any rise in [the morbidity and mortality among these groups] would be lower than the Emerging scientific measurability. “(UNSCEAR, 2011, (97), p. 18).

The methodological Defectiveness of the epidemiological approach leads to the large deviation of forecasts the numbers of victims. (Table 1):


4,000 deaths (in 90 years. Belarus, Ukraine, European part Russia) according to IAEA / WHO – press paper Chernobyl forum 2005

8,930 deaths (in 90 years. Belarus, Ukraine, European part Russia) according to Chernobyl forum 2005

7,400 deaths (Whole world for 50 years) according to Anspaugh et al., 1988

30,000 deaths (Whole world for 50 years) according to Goldman, 1987

18,000 (8,000 – 32,000) deaths (Europe, 1986 – 2065 without Thyroid cancer) according to Cardis et al., 2006

30,000 – 60,000 deaths (Whole world. About the entire period) according to Fairley, Sumner,2006

117,000 (37,000 – 181,000) deaths (Whole world. in the period 1986 – 2056) according to Malko, 2010

317,000 – 475,000 (495,000 with Leukemia) deaths (Whole world. About the whole period. only radiocesium) according to Hofman,1994

899,000 – 1,786 000 deaths (Whole world. About the entire period. only radionuclides) according to Bertell,2006

Some estimates of the additional through by the ‘Chernobyl’ caused mortality Cancer, which made the epidemiological approach (“dose” method) were Based on the spread of the “dose” method estimates, which are set out in the table are more than 400 times higher than the usual scientific disagreement. You can with the Opinion of UNSCEAR agree that not a forecast of the number of victims work but with one caveat: This does not work only if the traditional “dose” – Method is applied.

For the estimation of the total number of victims is another method (the so-called “Balance” method) reliable. It consists of the data of the health status of Population of the radioactively contaminated areas with high data. To compare health status of the population from the “clean” areas. The basic source data consist of physical instrumental measurements of radioactive Contamination of an area and the incidence rate and mortality (morbidity and mortality) in this area.

The best example of this method is the Additional calculations on the “Chernobyl” accident declining mortality, Hudolej W. et al. (2006) in the six regions of Russia was performed. In these
Areas that were affected by the fallout from Chernobyl were the worst, 7.5 million People.

I leave the details of the bills and put aside just before the results: Total number of excess deaths in these six radioactively contaminated areas was 60 400. This corresponds to 3.75% of total mortality of the population during the examined 15 years (from 1990 to 2004.) or 37 of every 1,000 people. Conversion to at all levels of ≥ 1 Ci / km ² contaminated areas within the former Soviet Union (and taking into account the mortality of liquidators and evacuees from these areas after 1986) could all of the additional mortality rate in Ukraine, Belarus and in the European part of Russia in the period 1990-2004 by the Chernobyl accident was caused, amounted to around 240 000 cases.

In Europe, outside the areas affected by radioactive releases from the Ukraine, Belarus and the European part of Russia could be the additional “Chernobyl” – Mortality in areas with a level of contamination Cesium137> 1.08 Ci / km ² (> 40 kBq / m) in the period 1990 to 2004 a number of 185 000 cases, represent, and in the areas with a higher population density and a contamination level of

To this figure should be even mortality within the first 3.5 years after the Disaster (May 1986 – 1989) and add the period 2006-2011. If it is suspected that the annual death rate for the first 3.5 years of the 1990-2004 period at about corresponded to (the infant mortality rate is higher, while the mortality of adults lower), adds even further 240 000 cases. If one assumes that the Mortality rate during 2005-2010 was about half (on the one hand, the population older and “collected” diseases are clear and the latent period of several Cancer is over, on the other hand, the level of chronic radiation decreases due to the decay of cesium-137 and strontium-90), there are again additional 170 000 cases.

In this way, the overall level of additional “Chernobyl” in the mortality rate Period of the first 25 years are estimated by the disaster: 1 034 000 + 240 000 + 170 000 = 1.444 million victims. But this figure also shows the entire “Chernobyl” mortality is not complete. It is known that the disaster to a sudden increase in prenatal mortality has done. The increase in the number of still-births and miscarriages can be divided into a number highly radioactively contaminated areas in Ukraine, Belarus and Russia to determine (Kulakov et al, 1993;. Buzhievskaya et al, 1995; Buldakov et al, 1996;. Golovko, Ishewski, 1996; Medvedeva et al, 2001; Lypik, 2004;. Serdjulk et al, 2004; Timchenko et al, 2006;. ZYB et al. 2006) (. Scherb et al, 2000; Scherb, Wiegel, 2010) as well as the phenomenon is in Bavaria, Croatia (Korblein, 2008), UK (Bentham, 1991, Busby 1995), Finland (Auvinen et al, 2001.) Italy (Semisa, 1988) and Norway (Ulstain et al., 1990) measurable. The calculation of the total Number of such cases is not entirely accurate, but might, according to the experts’ assessments about 170 000 cases estimated for whole Europe.

If we agree with the opinion of the nuclear society, in the UNSCEAR (2001) is expressed, and thus give up the tests, the exact number of victims of To predict the Chernobyl disaster, because we seem to inaccurate estimates, then comes the one thought prohibition. The other approach is to consider all arguments and vague estimates to clarify gradually. With regard to the scale of the disaster, the whole territory of
northern hemisphere and thus affected more than one billion people and has concerns, it clear that it is impossible to exactly the number of victims up to thousands or tens of thousands of people determine. But it seems important to determine the magnitude of the numbers: Some thousands (Which is unnoticeable in the overall mortality rate) or a few million (which is a Forcing a rethink in terms of nuclear technology would).

The “balance” – method for determining the number of victims of the Chernobyl accident, which during the last years has developed rapidly and is still evolving, it looks advantageous- Especially in comparison with that used with the calculation of the radiation risk “Dose” method, which is based on unreliable estimates of radiation dose. The “Balance” – method is not ideal because it is the formation of average values of
demographic characteristics and an assessment of the radiation rate in the observed Areas needed. The undoubted advantage of the “Balance” method when compared with the “dose” Method, however, is that it makes no less verifiable assumptions. In the analysis of the mortality situation in the Chernobyl radionuclides on by one level of ≥ 1 Ci / km ² (40 kBq / m) contaminated areas in Russia, Belarus and Ukraine has been found that the overall mortality rate here is around 4% higher than in the relatively “clean” neighboring areas. In the other, huge sections of the northern Hemisphere, which were affected by the Chernobyl fallout is weaker, the number of additional Low mortality, no doubt, but given the large amount of people affected they certainly still essential. The rough estimation of the total possible number of Chernobyl victims in the period of the last 25 years is about 1.44 million cases (under Consideration of prenatal deaths – 1.6 million cases). This confirms the known Statement: The Chernobyl accident is the biggest technological catastrophe in Human history.


Dr. Rosalie Bertell, “People died at Three Mile Island / Killing Our Own”: http://www.ratical.org/radiation/KillingOurOwn/KOO14.htm

written by Dr. Bertell also: http://www.ratical.org/radiation/Chernobyl/CaUFtH.html

and: http://exacteditions.theecologist.org/read/ecologist/vol-29-no-7-november-1999-5368/29/2/

Chernobyl: The Accident and it’s implications for other Nuclear Reactors

Speakers are:

> Dr. Sergij Mirnyi, Engineer, Physico-Chemist, Liquidator (http://www.mirnyi.arwis.com/)

> Prof. Vesily Nesterenko, Physicist, founder BELRAD institute, liquidator (http://www.belrad-institute.org/)

> Commander Robert Green, former Royal navy (http://hildamurrell.org/)

> Prof. Yuli Andreev, Physicist, liquidator (http://www.reuters.com/article/2011/03/15/us-japan-nuclear-chernobyl-idUSTRE72E5MV20110315)

> Dr. Wolfgang Kromp, Physicist, Nuclear advisor to Austrian Federal Chancellor (http://www10.antenna.nl/wise/index.html?http://www10.antenna.nl/wise/459/4556.html)


Chernobyl and the Human Rights of the Victims (ALARA, ICRP, IAEA):

Reactors – build by nuclear military-industrial complex
Dose Limits – invented by nuclear military-industrial complex
Compensation rules – designed by nuclear military-industrial complex


Speakers are:

Dr. Irina Grushevaya, Foundation for The Children of Chernobyl, Minsk (https://tekknorg.wordpress.com/2011/11/11/belarusian-fund-for-the-children-of-chernobyl-gets-european-award/)

Dr. Yuri Pankratz, Foundation for The Children of Chernobyl, Minsk (http://www.c-spanvideo.org/program/17737-1)

Prof. Galina Drozdova, Russian People’s Friendship University, Moscow (http://www.friends-partners.org/oldfriends/welling/drozdova.html)

Prof. Larisa Skuratovskaya, Institute of General Pathology and Pathopsychology, Russian Academy of Medical Sciences, Moscow (http://www.imow.org/community/directory/user/index?id=18306)

Prof. Peter Welsh, Member of the Austrian Academy of Sciences, Vienna (http://chernobyl.iatp.by/n1/Koerb_en.htm)

Prof. Hari Sharma, Nuclear Chemistry, University of Waterloo, Canada, International Medical Commission on Chernobyl (http://iicph.org/du_update_1_3)


Chernobyl: Evidence of Genetic or Teratogenic Damage to Environment and Humans:

Speakers are:

Ms. Cornelia Hesse-Hornegger, scientific illustrator specialising in Zoology (http://www.wissenskunst.ch/uk/aktuelles/contemporary/)

Ms. Solange Fernex, former Member of the European Parliament (http://www.nuclear-free.com/english/fernex.htm)

Dr. Sanghamitra Gadekar, International Medical Commission on Chernobyl (http://www.ptne.org/depositions/Surendra%20Gadekar.pdf)


Chernobyl “compressed several thousand years of evolution into a decade” – New York Times 1996 http://www.nytimes.com/1996/05/07/science/chernobyl-s-voles-live-but-mutations-surge.html

Fukushima’s Butterflies – known since 1927: https://tekknorg.wordpress.com/2012/08/17/fukushimas-butterflies-known-since-1927/

Insects and their fast mutagenic “reaction” on low radiation are some kind of early warning system for us humans: Irradiated Insects in Japan: http://www.freeml.com/bl/8694840/25149/

normal insects soon only in the laboratory: http://www.wissenskunst.ch/en/tschernobyl.htm

Great book about mutagentic impact on insects worldwide: http://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/3908247314/ref=as_li_qf_sp_asin_tl?ie=UTF8&tag=thtefi-21&linkCode=as2&camp=1634&creative=6738&creativeASIN=3908247314

Reduced abundance of insects and spiders linked to radiation at Chernobyl: http://cricket.biol.sc.edu/chernobyl/papers/moller-mousseau-biol-letters-09.pdf please have a look at this beautiful book

in english: http://radionucleide.free.fr/Stresseurs/fulltext_punaise.pdf

and in german: http://www.sensigns.ch/db/daten/dokumente/Heteroptera_Deutsch.pdf

MOVIE: Chernobyl Children: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lvNR8VtVJpU

MOVIE: Adi Roche, Chernobyl Children: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7YUA4Bvfu9w

Chernobyl Data: Dr. A.Okeanov: https://tekknorg.wordpress.com/2011/09/25/chernobyl-data-dr-a-okeanov-ministery-of-health-belarus-morbidity-rate-among-children-and-teens/

Chernobyl: Development failures in the NEWBORN: http://www.life-upgrade.com/DATA/Lazyuk-ChernobylBelarus.pdf  According to Michel Fernex (former WHO, Switzerland) The IAEA said in 1996: “Because there was no register in Belarus for malformations BEFORE Chernobyl, there are no abnormalities.” A LIE, not logic, unethic and unsicentific.

Results of Long-term Genetic Monitoring of Animal Populations Chronically
Irradiated in the Radiocontaminated Areas http://www.rri.kyoto-u.ac.jp/NSRG/reports/kr21/kr21pdf/Goncharova.pdf

Health State of Belarusian Children Suffering from the Chernobyl Accident: Sixteen Years after the Catastrophe: http://www.rri.kyoto-u.ac.jp/NSRG/reports/kr79/kr79pdf/Arynchyn.pdf

Incidence of Obligatory Registered Malformations in Belarus for 1982 to 1995 (per 1000 neonates) PAGE 3: http://www.rri.kyoto-u.ac.jp/NSRG/reports/kr21/kr21pdf/Lazjuk.pdf


The UN is divided into 7 organisations, of which two are of interest to us, the Economic and Social Council and the Security Council.The “Economic and Social Council” oversees ALL the United Nations agencies with the exception of the “IAEA”.

In fact, the IAEA is the only agency that reports directly to the “Security Council” which is made up of representatives of 15 countries, of which 5 are permanent members of the Council : the United States, the Untied Kingdom, the Russian Federation, China and France.

These 5 nations are all nuclear powers, both civil and military, and almost all are exporters of nuclear technology.
The 10 remaining members (or countries) have a mandate which lasts for 2 years.

The influence of these 5 permanent members of the Security Council on policy making within the IAEA is enormous and ongoing. With no counterbalancing power, it is almost impossible to claim that the IAEA has an objective view of the nuclear industry and the consequences of its use.

On 28th May 1959, the IAEA (not yet two years old !) and WHO signed an agreement referred to as “WHA 12-40” which, though it might, on paper, appear balanced and reciprocal, in practice, puts WHO in a subordinate position to the IAEA.

From this day on all information policy by the media, the ministeries, the universites and commissions is directly affected by that. We’ve seen it happening with Chernobyl and in Japan.

“…the IAEA will endeavour to organize conferences, seminars and workshops, in cooperation with the University, with the aim of enhancing public awareness of radiological effects on human health and addressing the issue of “radiation fear” and post-traumatic stress disorders in the Fukushima population…”


Direct Damage To People attributable to Chernobyl

Speakers are:

Prof. Elena Burlakova, Semenov Institute of Chemical Physics, Russian Academy of Sciences, Moscow (http://archive.nbuv.gov.ua/portal/chem_biol/chemistry/2010_2/14.pdf)

Prof. Yvetta Kogarko, Semenov Institute of Chemical Physics, Russian Academy of Sciences, Moscow (http://books.google.de/books?id=9aVUTgKDNYEC&pg=PA323&lpg=PA323)

Prof. Irina Pelevina, Semenov Institute of Chemical Physics, Russian Academy of Sciences, Moscow

Prof. Ludmilla Kryzhanovskaya, Chief of the Department, Kiev Institute of Social and Forensic Psychiatry (http://medical-diss.com/medicina/mediko-sotsialnye-osnovy-zabolevaemosti-invalidnosti-i-sovershenstvovanie-sistemy-sotsialnoy-zaschity-invalidov-vsledstvi)

Prof. Leonid Titov, Director of the Belarusian Research Institute for Epidemiology, Immunology and Microbiology, Minsk (http://nasb.gov.by/eng/members/correspondents/titov.php)

Prof. Nika Gres, Research Institute of Radiation Medicine, Minsk (http://www.rri.kyoto-u.ac.jp/NSRG/reports/kr79/kr79pdf/Arynchyn.pdf)

Prof. Jay Gould, President of the Radiation and Public Health Project, New York (USA) (http://www.radiation.org/reading/ and http://www.nytimes.com/2005/09/19/nyregion/19gould.html?_r=0)

Prof. Inge Schmitz-Feuerhake, Institute for Medical Physics, University of Bremen, Germany (http://www.chernobylcongress.org/speakers/artikel/228ec3fb555cefc5a28d030951e8f385/prof-dr-rer-nat-inge-schmitz-feu-1.html)

Dr. Andreas Nidecker, Medical Radiologist, Past-President of IPPNW Switzerland, International Medical Commission on Chernobyl, Basel (https://www.facebook.com/andreas.nidecker)

Prof. Sushima Acquilla, Epidemiological Department, University of Newscastle-on-Tyne, UK (http://www.fph.org.uk/working_abroad)

Click to Enlarge:

The BIMODAL effect of low radiation on health – proven by Burlakova 1996, ignored by science and IAEA, today’s science ONLY looks for LINEAR dose effects. They use the model of HIGH radiation (acute syndrome) on LOW radiation effects (cancer, diseases, mutation – …) – result: ALL radiation victims are and latency in general ignored! Please share: http://www.life-upgrade.com/DATA/BurlakovaChernobyl-Belarus.pdf

The IAEA is unscientific and unethic. They ignore the bimodal effect of low radiation.

“Presently the international organizations (WHO, IAEA) recognize as the main cause of increase of thyroid cancer in liquidators and children population after the accident their irradiation with radioactive iodine, I-131. The rest of diseases, they suppose, are provoked by psycho-emotional reactions..” (!!!…RADIOPHOBIA…!!!) There is no linear dose effect correlation, but “The bimodal dependence of effects on dose was revealed for all studied parameters. Namely, effects increased at low doses, reached maximum (for low doses), then decreased (in some cases the effect sign reversed) and thereafter increased with the increase of dosage”: http://www.rri.kyoto-u.ac.jp/NSRG/reports/kr21/kr21pdf/Burlakova.pdf IGNORED BY IAEA, UNSCEAR, ICRP, WHO

NUCLEAR WITNESSES, INSIDERS SPEAK OUT: DR. ERNEST J. STERNGLASS, PHYSICIST  http://www.ratical.org/radiation/inetSeries/nwEJS.html

Prof. Gould explains How Radiation Kills Infants

Click to Enlarge:

In the late 70s, there were in Wisconsin / USA seven nuclear power plants without incident. The mortality of infants of lower weight (less than 2500 grams) was examined: If the officially published emission rates of the nuclear power plants increased from year to year (Source: Government of the United States), also the mortality of underweight babies was increased. http://books.google.de/books?id=Rdgo5cXrO94C&printsec=frontcover&source=gbs_ge_summary_r&cad=0#v=onepage&q=Small%20babies%20die%20near%20nuclear%20plants&f=false

“According to the ICRP in 1991, just 5 mSv to the testes could cause damage to offspring – yet this dose was permitted yearly to members of the public, and ten times more was permitted to nuclear workers, in all countries prior to 1990. It continues today to be permitted yearly for nuclear workers in most countries.” http://iicph.org/victims_of_the_nuclear_age

“Possible scale of lost or impaired children after Chernobyl in all of Europe and the part of Asia coveredMissing Children: 2,5 Million.” PAGE 34 http://www.ratical.org/radiation/Chernobyl/RIGEinEuroandCNPPc.pdf

“Children receive the highest doses, because the dose coefficients, in a 3 year old child, are 5 times higher than in adults.“ Vassily Nesterenko: https://tekknorg.wordpress.com/2012/04/14/children-radiation-maps-2/

“the human infant while nursing may attain higher body bur dens of radiocesium than would be the case for somewhat older children.”: http://radionucleide.free.fr/Stresseurs/419.pdf

“By mid 1998 first draft of the Guidelines was circulating between IAEA and WHO at the management level.

“Although there had been a clear agreement between the two organisations at
the management level and the work had taken place openly the IAEA withdrew
at that stage strongly advising that the whole issue should either be dropped or
revised. The issue was the proposal to lower the action level for implementation
from 100mGy to 10mGy dose to the thyroid’s of children.”

“Managerial level of IAEA refuses to endorse the report and refuses to endorse the report but WHO publishes Guidelines in 1999 but IAEA describes them as “DRAFT” and WHO Geneva agrees”

SOURCE: http://www.chernobylcongress.org/fileadmin/user_upload/pdfs/Baverstock_How_the_UN_works.pdf

Congenital Malformation and Stillbirth in Germany and Europe Before and

After the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant Accident: http://www.helmholtz-muenchen.de/ibb/homepage/hagen.scherb/CongenMalfStillb_0.pdf

European stillbirth proportions before

“After Chernobyl, infant mortality rates in Sweden, Finland and Norway increased by a significant 15.8 percent compared to the trend for the period 1976 to 2006. Alfred Körblein calculated that for the period 1987 to 1992 an additional 1,209 (95% confidence interval: 875 to 1,556) infants had died.”

“From the period of atmospheric nuclear weapons testing it is known that the infant mortality parameter is sensitive to radioactivity. It therefore comes as no surprise that there are now numerous studies showing that infant mortality is not only higher in the vicinity of Chernobyl, but also further away – in Europe. In the textbooks there is nothing to be found on this yet, but it is to be found in a number of different journals.”

“n 1986 in Berlin, an unusual increase of infant mortality was observed. Compared to 1985, infant mortality in Berlin rose in 1986 from 10.6 to12.5 per 1,000 live births in the first year of life. The mortality rate of non-German infants increased over-proportionally from 9.6 auf 14.3 per thousand. The mortality rate even increased between the end of the first week and the end of the first year of life by 26 percent. There had previously been a decrease in infant mortality”

“Ever since discovering the mutagenicity of ionising radiation in animal experiments, damaging radiation genetic effects in humans have also been repeatedly considered and examined. The ICRP, however, is of the opinion that teratogenic damage (stillbirths, infant mortality, severe malformation) does not occur below a dose of 100 mSV. Since the mean dose for Germany in 1986-7 was only 0.2 mSV, according to ICRP opinion there can’t have been an increase in teratogenic damage. On the other hand, there are numerous studies from Germany, Europe and the three countries in the Chernobyl region that show that there was indeed an increase in teratogenic damage, contrary to expectations on the part of these scientists.”

Source: http://www.ratical.org/radiation/Chernobyl/HEofC25yrsAC.html

“Energy mix and a weapon strategy inseparably involve human consequences in terms of increased incidence of leukaemia, other cancers, neonatal and infant mortality, mental retardation, congenital malformations, genetic diseases and general health problems.” Source: http://www.ratical.org/radiation/inetSeries/RB89.html

Alfred Koerblein: Fukushima & Chernobyl: http://www.alfred-koerblein.de/indexengl.htm

SOURCE: http://www.chernobylcongress.org/fileadmin/user_upload/pdfs/nyagu.pdf

Stochastic effects and children:
There is statistical health damage caused by the so-called low-level radiation (above ZERO up to 500mSv.) That is not assigned to any particular people, but occur in a defined population. This issue is the subject of thousands of studies all over the world since the Chernobyl nuclear disaster, and I will discuss in detail below with reference to examples. Factors such as age, gender, health, immune system, nutrition, social situation and the duration of exposure of the radioactivity influence the onset of cancer and other diseases. Until the Chernobyl disaster, the biological effects in the body of the
radioactive isotopes have been undervalued.

It is now clear: Any radiation poses a risk especially for children who are extremely radiosensitive.

1) A child is constantly increasing in weight and size, it grows from the intrauterine embryo to adult, the younger, the faster. Therefore, the cells divide much more frequently than an adult. Cells in the division phase (mitosis) are more vulnerable to radiation than cells in the resting phase.

2) The ability of the body to recognize “defective” cells and to  eliminate them develops during childhood. An embryo has not yet this ability. Therefore  “defective” cells can multiply unimpeded and later lead to cancer or heritable diseases.

3) A child that grows must hold more substances than emiting them, more than an adult. The body of a child takes in more radioactive substances in food, drink and air we breathe than adults. Especially dangerous are 137 and Cs-134 and 137 and Sr-90 – deposited in the muscles or in the bone (see below).

4) Children have their whole lives ahead of them. Some diseases caused by radiation take a long time to occur (latency): 20 or even 30 years. Children are more likely than older adults to reach the dubious chance to see the end of this latency. In the human body there are about 200 different cell types, each has a different function.

Basically, each cell can respond to injury with four responses:

1) The damage is so severe that the cell dies.

2) The cell can repair the damage (in children see above).

3) The cell loses its ability to produce certain substances, such as in the pancreas gland which can not produce insulin anymore (increase of diabetes in Belarus among children and adults) or other digestive juices during the growth, of the thyroid hormones.

4) The malignant cells degenerate and there is cancer.

It is now clear: Any radiation poses a risk especially for children who are extremely radiosensitive.

The effect of 4 isotopes of iodine -131, Strontium-90, Tritium (H-3) and cesium – 134 / 137 on the human body I will now show more detail, not without pointing out the most toxic isotope, plutonium (Pu-239), that triggers in micrograms cancer. It is produced in each reactor in the fission of uranium, about 250kg per year and reactor. 

“In some areas where congenital diabetes had not been seen at all before the catastrophe, there were occurrences afterward and the number of cases has increased since 1986 (Marples, 1996).” PAGE 99: http://stopnuclearpoweruk.net/sites/default/files/Yablokov%20Chernobyl%20book.pdf

“Children are more endangered than adults, because their cells divide themselves constantly. Because they grow, they need permanent energy and have to deal with the impairment of their cells. With children, ailments will start earlier, one to four years afterwards, such as in the case of Chernobyl. Adults have a latency period for Cesium of 20-25 years. It is a slow death, adults who survived 25 years become ill now. The children got sick much earlier and often died.” http://fukushima-diary.com/2011/11/slow-death/ 

translation of “slow death” by Hohlie Hohltaube: http://vogelgarten.blogspot.com/2011/10/das-leise-sterben.html

Endocrinologists from the Heinrich-Heine-University in Düsseldorf and the Belarussian endocrine advice centre in Minsk cooperated on an investigation into the development of diabetes amongst children and young adults in Belarus. Over a lengthy period, 1980 to 2002, the incidence rate (new illness accumulation per annum) of diabetes mellitus Type1 – diabetes with insulin deficiency, mainly amongst young adults – was observed in two areas of Belarus that had been contaminated to very different degrees. Data from the highly contaminated Gomel area was compared with that of the comparatively slightly contaminated area of Minsk, during the periods 1980-1986 and 1987-2002. A total of 643 patients from the Gomel area and 302 patients from the Minsk area were involved in the analysis. In the years 1980-1986 (before Chernobyl) there was no significant difference between the incidence rates in Gomel and Minsk. In contrast to this, for the years following Chernobyl (1987-2002), there was evidence of a significant difference (p<0.001) in the incidence rates of both areas. The authors also discovered that the incidence rate in the Minsk area before and after Chernobyl was not significantly different, but it was in the highly contaminated Gomel area (p<0.05), where annually about twice as many children and young adults developed diabetes mellitus Type 1 after Chernobyl, as compared to the years before Chernobyl. The highest mean incidence rate was registered in the Gomel area in 1998″ http://www.ratical.org/radiation/Chernobyl/HEofC25yrsAC.html

Radiation is not life-friendly. It is a hostile factor. Life has prevailed against this hostile factor. The natural radiation. The beta radiation of strontium has a range of 1 millimeter. No matter where it is installed, it reaches the stem cells with its beta radiation. From the stem cells, everything is made. So the stem cells are bombarded constantly. What are the symptoms? We received the following reports by the children of Chernobyl: Chernobyl AIDS. Symptoms of anemia with decreased number of red blood cells. A therapy resitant anemia.

Vitamins and iron will not help. The ongoing hemorrhage, the bleeding e.g. from the nose. Decreased number of platelets, which are indeed involved in blood clotting. The immune system of children. They are always sick, every little infection “throws them around”. They constantly have colds, infections. And low white blood cells in the blood. This is easily explained: With a Bone marrow suppression: The bone marrow – due to the constant bombardment – and especially because of the accumulation of strontium – lost the ability to compensate.

Radioactivity means selective delivery of energy. On the molecules in our body. They are tiny pinholes in the shortest possible time. But with full force. We are constantly exposed to such radiation damage each second. Every second. Permanenent.And life could not exist and the information of Life could not be passed on, if we have not developed effective repair mechanisms. But the repair mechanisms are very complex and it takes time. The shorter the life cycle of a cell, the less time remains for the repair. This explains why children with rapidly growing tissue, with rapidly dividing cells – are particularly sensitive to radiation. Mitosis.

Here I present with the permission of vice director Mr. Babenko of BELRAD, the Children radiation maps of Belarus (below). First, some background on the data: We see here 17 regions of Belarus:

Irradiated areas and relatively “CLEAN” areas. Children have Cesium in their bodies, no matter if they live in “clean” or irradiated areas. This is one important fact these maps show. Why is that? The average irradiated soil in Belarus is: 1 – 40 Curie per square kilometer (= 37,000 – 1,480,000 becquerel per m²) of radionuclides, such as Cesium 137, Strontium 90, Americium 241 and other radionuclides. It reaches also 160 Curie per km², although it is 40 on official maps, but reaches 18,500,000 becquerel per m² in some places. Here is more info: https://tekknorg.wordpress.com/2012/03/04/japanese-children-cancer-outlook-children-need-absolutely-clean-food/ Here is a list of the radionuclides: http://life-upgrade.com/DATA/Primary%20Radionuclides.gif

A brief introduction:

The Chernobyl Radiation Monitoring System in Belarus today: direct PDF link http://www.ec-sage.net/members/paper2%20V.Nesterenko.ppt (on a pro nuclear website)

BELRAD ベラルーシ 市民の放射線計測協会 – May 12th 2012

The circles on the region graphic mostly show GREEN and YELLOW. Green means: Children have 0 – 20 Becquerel of Cesium 137 per body kilogram (2,20 pounds or 35,20 ounzes). Yellow means: Children have 20 – 100 Becquerel of Cesium 137 per body kilogram.
Whole Body Counters: They give you an average of the WHOLE burden in your body of radioactive atoms (Cesium 137 for example) in Speed (Becquerel) per body Kilogram (bq/kg). BUT: It is a WHOLE and NOT a PARTIAL BODY or PARTIAL ORGAN SCANNER. There is a tiny flash each time energy is given out by the radioactive atoms in your children (in the crystals of the device). It appears below a chair in which your child sits. This flash is “translated” into / via a program / computer into Becquerel per Kg. The device is shielded with lead against background radiation. And it is NOT invasive, not dangerous for you and your child. This means: a) If you have 20 Bq / Kg Cesium 137, you can have 10 or 100 times more Cesium 137 in your heart and / or cardio vascular system, because Cesium mimics potassium. And b) a child takes in even 3 to 5 times more substances, among them of course radioactive atoms. The fast metabolism does not help, and the mitosis even accelerates the damage.

Lessons from Belarus to Japan: 555 kBq per m² (15 Curie per km²) to 1,480 kBq per m² (40 Curie per km²) cause 50 – 60 milli Sievert per year for the people living there – according to Belaraus National Report 1995 [the year when Belarus stopped aid for irradiated areas with 1 – 5 Curie km² (37 kBq per m² – 185 kBq per m²)]. Exclusion Zones start at 18,500 kBq (18,500,000!!!) per m² of Cs-137, 455 kBq per m² of Sr-90 and 150 kBq per m² of Pu-239. Very very high tolerance levels, if we take into account, that Bandashevsy proved, that 20 Bq – 50 Bq of Cs-137 per Kg of the body (not kilo Bq! normal Bq!) are already letal for children! 1995: the level of air contamination exceeded by 10 and more times the pre-accident data even for “clean” places, like Minsk.

The river sediments of Dneeper, Sozh and Pripjat, Neman, Zapadnay and Divina increased Cs-137 by 80%. This is only official state data. It reached also backwaters: The Sr-90 activity varies from 2,2 – 66,0 up to 407 – 4,215 Bq/Kg). Alpha-radionuclides density in riverbed sediments is higher than in river waters: Pu238 from 0,005 – 9,10 Bg/Kg; Pu-239-240 from 0,13 – 28,13 Bq/Kg; Am-241 from 0,07 – 16,2 Bq/Kg. In the 90ies the levels fro Cs-137 and Sr-90 exceed pre-accidental levels in ground water 20 – 30 times and in underground waters 10 times and more. Chernobyl turned the soil into a collector where accumulation and prolonged retention of long-living radionculides occur.

Today contaminated soil functions as the main source, which delivers various components of radionuclides into the biosphere. At at distance of 150 – 200 km to Chernobyl: Gomel in Belarus: 2,271 kBq/m² (61 Curie per km²) and Mogilev (146 Curie per km²) can be found. In Bragin (Gomel) Cs-137 contamination is 174 kBq per m² up to 2,523 kBq per m². Radionuclides are distributed into forest photosynthesis: this is the growth line for Cs-137: wood < branches < needles < forest litter. For the living soil cover the line is as follows: herbaceous plants < lichens 555 kBq per m² / > 15 Curie per km²): 16159,70. Thyroid cancer morbidity of the children of Gomel area in 1994 (i.p. 100,000 children): Total in Belarus: 3,20 – Total in Gomel area: 12,00 – Contaminated area (> 555 kBq per m² / > 15 Curie per km²): 77,50. Tumour morbidity of the children in Gomel area in 1994 (i.p. 100,000 chidren): Total in Belarus: 101,10 – Total in Gomel area: 154,90 – Contaminated area (> 555 kBq per m² / > 15 Curie per km²): 245,40. Malignant tumour morbidity of the Children of Gomel area in 1994: Total in Belarus: 13,80 – Total in Gomel area: 27,10 – Contaminated area (> 555 kBq per m² / > 15 Curie per km²): 103,30.

Impact on human health in Belarus: http://tschernobyl-initiative.welcomes-you.com/dokumente/belarus/pdf/band3_s8_23.pdf

Official radiation maps of Belarus (too low): http://www.rbic.by/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=256&Itemid=86

How Belarus makes Chernobyl zones attractive, which are irradiated with 40 Curie per km² (1,480,000 Becquerel per m² – gives 50 – 60 mSv/year only by living there): http://www.kostukovichi.mogilev-region.by/en/news/region

“Schoolchildren in contaminated areas received radiologically clean food free of charge in school canteens and spent a month in a sanatorium, in a clean environment, each year. For reasons of economy the annual sanatorium stay has been shortened, and communities in some contaminated areas have been classified as “clean”, thus ending the supply of clean food from the state. ” PDF: http://www.ratical.org/radiation/radioactivity/ChronicCs137iico.pdf Radio-Cesium helps dying. Masked by “ordinary” causes of death.

Cesium 137 and Children
Cardiac insufficiency in 18% of children with less than 5 becquerel per kg
65% in children with 11 to 26 becquerels per kg
87% in children with 74 becquerels per kg

MORE of the CHILDREN RADIATION MAPS: https://tekknorg.wordpress.com/2012/04/14/children-radiation-maps-2/

Chernobyl no longer allowed in Belarus: http://spring96.org/en/news/76869

1,000 villages suddenly clean – no longer irradiated – by official decree: http://www.nbcnews.com/id/6492342/ns/us_news-environment/t/chernobyl-neighbors-ignoring-long-term-risk#.VTfJzOHy0uc


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Photos showing radioactive steam release via SRV (Safety / Steam Relief Valves March 15th 2011): Original TEPCO PDF: http://www.tepco.co.jp/cc/press/betu15_j/images/151217j0102.pdf


Fukushima-Diary.com: http://fukushima-diary.com/2015/12/phototepco-admitted-reactor2-3-directly-released-radioactive-material-to-the-air-by-3-15-11100svh-in-pcv/

My Analyses (100 % Core loss): https://tekknorg.wordpress.com/2015/04/07/ventilating-or-exploding-each-reactor-architecture-must-lose-radioactive-inventory/

December 2015 – similiar photos from the Leningrad RBMK Reactor near St. Petersburg: http://www.express.co.uk/news/world/628592/Chaos-Russians-flee-Chernobyl-style-plant-radioactive-leak

The History of Accidents:

– On 7 January 1974, an accident happened at the Unit 1 of the Leningrad NPP. In case of this accident, a ferroconcrete gasholder of the system to retain radioactive gases was destroyed. There were no victims
by this accident.

– On 6 February 1974, a rupture of the intermediate circuit of the Unit 1 of the Leningrad NPP occurred because of water boiling in it. Three persons were killed by this accident. High radioactive water together with radioactive sludge of the filter powder was discharged into the environment.

– In October 1975, a partial destruction of the core of the Unit 1 of the Leningrad NPP occurred. The reactor was shut down and the core was cleaned on the next day after the shutdown by pumping of an emergency reserve of nitrogen through the core to the ventilation chimney. Consequently, approximately 1.5 million Curie of radioactive substances was discharged into the environment: http://www.greenworld.org.ru/?q=ang_lnpp1_main

NO Reaction from CTBTO in Vienna then and now.





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This is the cancerous structure & influence of the NUCLEAR INDUSTRY inside of the UNITED NATIONS:


2012 IAEA annual budget:  € 331 million – enough to buy the United Nations.

How the UN works: “know thine enemy” or at least who it is: http://www.chernobylcongress.org/fileadmin/user_upload/pdfs/Baverstock_How_the_UN_works.pdf

it is recognized by the World Health Organization that the International Atomic Energy Agency has the primary responsibility for encouraging, assisting and coordinating research and development and practical application of atomic energy for peaceful uses throughout the world without prejudice to the right of the World Health Organization to concern itself with promoting, developing, assisting and coordinating international health work, including research, in all its aspects.http://www.iaea.org/Publications/Documents/Infcircs/Others/inf20.shtml#note_c

This is the reason why UN sees no rise in cancer due to Fukushima: http://www.reuters.com/article/2013/05/31/us-japan-fukushima-un-idUSBRE94U0KR20130531


Radiation Is Always Dangerous, Says World Health Organization Director-General:  http://concernforhealth.org/radiation-is-always-dangerous-says-world-health-organization-director-general/

No immediate Danger: http://www.ratical.org/radiation/inetSeries/NID.html

Basically, each cell can respond to injury with four responses:

1) The damage is so severe that the cell dies.

2) The cell can repair the damage (in children see above).

3) The cell loses its ability to produce certain substances, such as in the pancreas gland which can not produce insulin anymore (increase of diabetes in Belarus among children and adults) or other digestive juices during the growth, of the thyroid hormones.

4) The malignant cells degenerate and there is cancer.

It is now clear: Any radiation poses a risk especially for children who are extremely radiosensitive: https://tekknorg.wordpress.com/2013/04/22/atoms-for-peaceful-murder/

These BANKS support the NUCLEAR HOLOCAUST: http://www.nuclearbanks.org

And they cover up the fact, that Chernobyl lost it’s whole Core, by paying for the new USELESS sarcophagus: Nearly no fuel left in Chernobyl 4 reactor – footage, interviews, starting at 07:55: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CgCydo5Y2sA&feature=related IAEA lies to us since 1986.

MORE: https://tekknorg.wordpress.com/2011/11/12/the-atomic-reactor-explosions-of-fukushima-and-chernobyl/

IAEA, UNCESCO, IRSN, ICRP: Playing down radiation in Fukushima and Chernobyl is scientifically valid: https://tekknorg.wordpress.com/2011/03/22/iaea-uncesco-icrp-playing-down-radiation-in-fukushima-and-chernobyl-is-scientifically-valid/

VERSUS: Natural Radiation already damaging:

“The renowned British biologist, J.B.S. Haldane, suggested in 1948 that perpetual exposure to natural background radiation might account for most of humanity’s accumulated burden of inherited afflictions”: http://www.ratical.org/radiation/CNR/Asleep@Wheel.html#Part2 

“Natural background radiation is the mutagen which accounts for 25% or more of those cases of Irregularly Inherited Afflictions which occur because of inherited predisposition.” http://www.ratical.org/radiation/CNR/Asleep@Wheel.html#Part2

different areas in New York State , 1956: Increased natural radioactivity of the soil by uranium, thorium. Increased mortality of newborns and developmental defects. 20 to 40 percent higher. One percent per mrad (0.00001 Gray): http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC1372765/?tool=pmcentrez

More: https://tekknorg.wordpress.com/2012/09/02/radiation-larger-effect-of-small-doses/

ICRP has confirmed in 1966 that natural radiation is harmful! ICRP Publication Number 8 from 1966 on page 60. in relation to the health damage caused by natural radiation for the bulk of the world’s population is a risk of sixth order (1 to 10 dead per million per rad / gray) in a few areas with high natural background radiation the risk fifth order. 10 to 100 dead per million and rad (gray). and in 1977 the ICRP publication number 26 said, that, in this sense, regional differences of the natural radiation are so regarded, that the corresponding differences include the damage. and in the ’80s the natural radiation was simply doubled. and in 2011 it became the twentyfold in japan: 20 mSv/a: http://www.heraldsun.com.au/news/breaking-news/japanese-ire-over-radiation-limit-for-kids/story-e6frf7jx-1226061484710

UN Special Rapporteur on the right of everyone to the enjoyment of the highest attainable standard of physical and mental health, Mr. Anand Grover: Country Visit to Japan, 15 to 26 November 2012


Until 1990 ICRP said it is not necessary to evacuate people, as long as the radiation does not exceed 500 mSv.: http://books.google.de/books?id=Ber3ENERfGwC&pg=PA343&lpg=PA343&dq=ICRP+40++500mSv&source=bl&ots=IaOqT2MqK2&sig=l3l0MYGe_nKkaXxvFZxkkG8hP5M&hl=de&ei=gc81TpqyI4PfsgajxLG5Ag&sa=X&oi=book_result&ct=result&resnum=8&ved=0CE0Q6AEwBw#v=onepage&q=ot%20exceed%20500%20mSv.%20The%20ICRP&f=false

WHO: Covering Up Chernobyl: http://mondediplo.com/2008/04/14who

German IPPNW (PSR) Doctors: “40,000 to 80,000 new cancers”: http://www.focus.de/gesundheit/ratgeber/krebs/news/schreckliche-folgen-von-fukushima-aerzte-befuerchten-zehntausende-krebsfaelle-mehr_aid_937053.html

“Thyroid Abnormalities are Precancerous Condition”

“Tens of thousands of cases of cancer” 

“Expect more than 100,000 cancer cases”

4,300 missing children

“Thyroid cysts and nodes with in more than 55,000 children alone in Fukushima prefecture (only one of the 47 islands)”

“42 percent of children in the prefecture have thyroid abnormalities”

“infant mortality increased by about 4 percent.”

The German IPPNW (nobel peace price 1985) attacks the World Health Organisation (complicity with IAEA since 1959): https://tekknorg.wordpress.com/2012/05/27/margaret-chan-versus-world-health-organisation/

Three German Sources:

1) http://www.taz.de/Atomkatastrophe-Fukushima/!112316/

2) http://www.n-tv.de/politik/Zehntausende-Krebsfaelle-zu-erwarten-article10248721.html

3) http://www.ippnw.de/startseite/artikel/5c295cd947/gesundheitliche-folgen-von-fukushima-2.html

WHO downplayed health effects of nuclear crisis on Fukushima residents : German physician: http://www.japantimes.co.jp/news/2012/12/16/national/who-downplayed-health-effects-of-nuclear-crisis-on-fukushima-residents-german-physician/#.UToaJGeJ07o


The main way in which the “radiation protection industry” has succeeded in hugely underrating the ill-health caused by nuclear power is by insisting on a group of extremely restrictive definitions as to what qualifies as a radiation-caused illness statistic. For example, under IAEA’s criteria:

>    If a radiation-caused cancer is not fatal, it is not counted in the IAEA’s figures

>    If a cancer is initiated by another carcenogen, but accelerated or promoted by exposure to radiation, it is not counted.

>    If an auto-immune disease or any non-cancer is caused by radiation, it is not counted.

>    Radiation-damaged embryos or foetuses which result in miscarriage or stillbirth do not count

>    A congenitally blind, deaf or malformed child whose illnesses are are radiation-related are not included in the figures because this is not genetic damage, but rather is teratogenic, and will not be passed on later to the child’s offspring.

>    Causing the genetic predisposition to breast cancer or heart disease does not count since it is not a “serious genetic disease” in the Mendelian sense.

>    Even if radiation causes a fatal cancer or serious genetic disease in a live born infant, it is discounted if the estimated radiation dose is below 100 mSv [mSv= millisievert, a measurement of radiation exposure. One hundred millsievert is the equivalent in radiation of about 100 X-Rays].

>    Even if radiation causes a lung cancer, it does not count if the person smokes — in fact whenever there is a possibility of another cause, radiation cannot be blamed.

>    If all else fails, it is possible to claim that radiation below some designated dose does not cause cancer, and then average over the whole body the radiation dose which has actually been received by one part of the body or even organ, as for instance when radio-iodine concentrates in the thyroid. This arbitrary dilution of the dose will ensure that the 100 mSv cut-off point is nowhere near reached. It is a technique used to dismiss the sickness of Gulf War veterans who inhaled small particles of ceramic uranium which stayed in their lungs for more than two years, and in their bodies for more than eight years, irradiating and damaging cells in a particular part of the body.

quote by Dr. Rosalia Bertell, November 1999 issue of The Ecologist, pp. 408-411: http://ratical.org/radiation/NAvictims.html

IPPNW Fukushima Info ENGLISH: http://www.fukushima-disaster.de/deutsche-information/super-gau.html

IPPNW Fukushima Info JAPANESE: http://www.fukushima-disaster.de/information-in-english/maximum-credible-accident.html

IPPNW Fukushima Info GERMAM: http://www.fukushima-disaster.de/deutsche-information/super-gau.html

At the Chernobyl IAEA forum the term “Radiophobia” was invented and used: “What’s worse, the IAEA is going public these days with statements ridiculing the so called “radiophobia” of the population and calling for an end of aid programs, which, according to the IAEA report of 2005, only serve to instil a victim mentality in a totally healthy population – a claim not only cynical, but potentially dangerous for the health of the affected population.” Source: http://www.ippnw-students.org/chernobyl/coverup.html

“Presently the international organizations (WHO, IAEA) recognize as the main cause of increase of thyroid cancer in liquidators and children population after the accident their irradiation with radioactive iodine, I-131. The rest of diseases, they suppose, are provoked by psycho-emotional reactions..” (!!!…RADIOPHOBIA…!!!) There is no linear dose effect correlation, but “The bimodal dependence of effects on dose was revealed for all studied parameters. Namely, effects increased at low doses, reached maximum (for low doses), then decreased (in some cases the effect sign reversed) and thereafter increased with the increase of dosage”: http://www.rri.kyoto-u.ac.jp/NSRG/reports/kr21/kr21pdf/Burlakova.pdf IGNORED BY IAEA, UNSCEAR, ICRP, WHO

Margaret Chan VERSUS World Health Organisation: https://tekknorg.wordpress.com/2012/05/27/margaret-chan-versus-world-health-organisation/

by former independentwho.org website:

NEW VERSION: http://independentwho.org/en/who-and-aiea-aggreement/

History and Structure of the UN

The Treaty of Versailles signed in 1919 set up the League of Nations, an international organisation whose aim was to keep the peace in Europe after the First World War. The objectives of the LoN included: disarmament; the prevention of war through the principle of collective security; the resolution of conflicts by negotiation and by an improvement in the quality of life world wide. Benito Mussolini said : “The League of Nations is very effective when the sparrows cry, but not at all when the eagles attack.
After some considerable successes and a few failures in the 1920’s, the League of Nations proved unequal to the task of preventing the aggression of the Axis powers in the 1930’s. The start of the Second World War showed that the LoN had failed in its primary objective which had been to avoid a new world war. The United Nations Organisation replaced it at the end of the War and inherited from it a number of agencies and organisations.

21st August 1944 The opening of the Dumbarton Oaks Conference, bringing together the United States, China, The United Kingdom and the USSR.
25th April 1945 Conference in San Francisco bringing together 51 nations with the aim of establishing a charter for the United Nations.
26th June 1945 The United Nations Charter is signed by 51 nations.
24th October 1945 The United Nations Charter is ratified by 51 nations.      OFFICIAL BIRTH OF THE UN
22nd July 1946 Creation of WHO.
10th December 1948 The UN adopts the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.
July 1957 Creation of the IAEA.
28th May 1959 Signing of the Agreement WHA 12-40 between WHO and IAEA.

The UN is divided into 7 organisations, of which two are of interest to us, the Economic and Social Council and the Security Council. The “Economic and Social Council” oversees ALL the United Nations agencies with the exception of the “IAEA”. In fact, the IAEA is the only agency that reports directly to the “Security Council” which is made up of representatives of 15 countries, of which 5 are permanent members of the Council : the United States, the Untied Kingdom, the Russian Federation, China and France. These 5 nations are all nuclear powers, both civil and military, and almost all are exporters of nuclear technology.
The 10 remaining members (or countries) have a mandate which lasts for 2 years.
The influence of these 5 permanent members of the Security Council on policy making within the IAEA is enormous and ongoing. With no counterbalancing power, it is almost impossible to claim that the IAEA has an objective view of the nuclear industry and the consequences of its use.

On 28th May 1959, the IAEA (not yet two years old !) and WHO signed an agreement referred to as “WHA 12-40” which, though it might, on paper, appear balanced and reciprocal, in practice, puts WHO in a subordinate position to the IAEA.

The IAEA wants the people make believe, that the main effect of the atomic catastrophe is psychological. This is made in these steps:

– Make the people believe, that because of background radiation every additional radiation is natural, normal, not bad (known as the principle of “substantial equivalence”)

– Tell the people, that Fukushima is not as bad as Chernobyl, and, Chernobyl was a small accident (50 deaths acc. to WHO, 125,000 deaths acc. to Ukrainian health minisry 1993).

– Make the people believe, that any other statement is panic and unobjective (The IAEA uses the word “Radiophobia” for Chernobyl)

– The IAEA recognizes the disease in highly contaminated areas as not in connection with the contamination.

– Make sure that there are no independent measurements, only measurements by the atomic power plant operator, it is also important NOT to show radiation measurements during the TV weather forecasts.

– Make sure that there are no organized measurements at all, for each region, each plant, each city – especially not in the media. Or do reconstrucion on the basis of official data, which are often too low.

Advise the officals with authentic language

Advise the government to install a 30 km No Enter Zone – invented and used during the atomic weapon test in the U.S. – but 30 km is not enough for an atomic reactor accident.

Refuse cancer studies like the german KiKK study as unscientific

Raise radiation limits for different groups of people, so that different values ​​can be measured but each is normal, and below the limt

with kind regards,

Jan Hemmer

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