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Cancer, George Monbiot and Nuclear Weapons Test Fallout: Article by Chris Busby: https://www.counterpunch.org/2018/03/20/cancer-george-monbiot-and-nuclear-weapons-test-fallout/

background: http://www.ianfairlie.org/news/guardian-articles-by-mr-monbiot-on-dr-busby/


1,3 micro sv / hr = 11,4 mSv per year. only external. internal not included. 3,96 micro sv / hr = 34,7 mSv per year. the same. dangerous to stay there, for glands, for pregnant, for kids



FUEL was vented out from TEPCO’s reactors:









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Dear readers,

What is an evidence? What is a symbol?

Where is the molten fuel everyone parrots?
Have you seen it? Has TEPCO seen it?
Was there ANY fuel sample taken IN FULL SIX YEARS?

TEPCO says “Meltdown”

EVERYONE says “Meltdown”

TEPCO shows empty reactors, muon scanner pics

EVERYONE says “Meltdown”

TEPCO switches off robots, says it was caused by radiation

EVERYONE says “Meltdown”

TEPCO shows a hole

EVERYONE says “Meltdown”

What does “Meltdown” mean?

They switch the robots off, becaue they can not find any fuel (3 full cores! = radioactivity of 3,000 Hiroshima bombs). They know that, so they design this little robot circus show for us, until the public gets bored and TEPCO can entomb the units, so no one asks: HEY! Where is the FUEL you call MOLTEN?! Seems we have this point already. No one asks, only parrots what TEPCO says. Six years of winter sleep. This public awarness is a 2nd catastrophe.

Do you know, that if you say “Meltdown” you agree automaticall, that only 2 – 5 % of the radioactive inventories / cores left the reactors.

What if more was emitted? Not with you, since you parrot the “Meltdown”

That is what Meltdown means, that is what INES 7 is. A certain amount of radio iodine becquerel emitted by a nuclear power plant.

Here, it was more- background: https://tekknorg.wordpress.com/2015/04/07/ventilating-or-exploding-each-reactor-architecture-must-lose-radioactive-inventory/

There you have it: NRC document ML12052A105. The vented gas (fragmented / vaporized particle fuel / core) was causing the explosions! The reactor house is the burst protection. The containment was vented empty into it, until it could hold no longer -> EXPLOSION, the core was gone, in a big brown cloud and invisible particles, during venting before that,hours, days. It happened before our eyes. No meltdown in none of the reactors. TEPCO drilled even a hole into burst protection of Reactor 2, manually, done by human hands. I feel very sorry for the guys who did it.

“To justify venting or purging, there must be an established need to improve working conditions” JUSTIFICATION: Avoiding explosion of the containment: https://www.nrc.gov/reading-rm/doc-collections/gen-comm/gen-letters/1979/gl79054.html

The Meltdown was also used as paper tiger and brainwashing in the Chernobyl aftermath, and it works for 31 years now.

But Chernobyl was not a meltdown:

Enough with the Chernobyl Meltdown Myth:
Here, the crew walks next to the reactor lid, at the reactor vault. Not much impact on camera, no fuel left. Empty. IAEA says there should be 26 Sievert per Hour, eveyone dies. Nope. Chernobyl developed a nuclear explosion. It’s out. It’s time to ask questions: Why a new sarcophagus? Why still believing it’s in there?
If a reactor can empty itself, it’s illegal to operate and to build!
All reactors! That’s why! 800,000 liquidators wasted, a useless new sarcophagus!
I suggest you watch the 3:00 minute mark.

You can see the Chernobyl 4 central hall. Graphite block from reactor, no burnt graphite. A fuel assembly lying around – NOT molten. Video: Alexander Kupny.

It was an in air explosion in and above central hall, by a upward flying core jet, which lifted the 2,000 tons lid aside. This non welded lid played a similar role like a safety valve:

Backround: https://tekknorg.wordpress.com/2016/04/21/nuclear-explosion-emptied-chernobyl-concealed-by-the-nuclear-industry/

That is the technical aspect.

Now the health damage:

What happened with Chernobyl,

happens now with Japan:

This is the reason for such “empty white coats” are speaking pro nuclear in public and media: https://www.japantoday.com/smartphone/view/national/doctors-radiation-not-biggest-impact-on-fukushima-residents-health?utm_campaign=jt_newsletter&utm_medium=email&utm_source=jt_newsletter_2017-03-10_AM


Congratulations TEPCO and IAEA

and SHAME on you anti nuclear activists.

36 years! Sleep well.

background: https://tekknorg.wordpress.com/2016/05/31/denying-damage-by-historicizing-and-resettlement/

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This is the japanese article about our NGO from Rottweil, Germany. We invited japanese youths from Fukushima, to a trip with german youths, visiting belarusian youths: From March 23rd to 31st 2013: http://kodomofukushima.net/index.php?key=jona4re2q-591#_591 Name of our NGO: “Bürgerintiative für eine Welt ohne Atomare Bedrohung” / “Civil Initiative for a World without an Atomic Threat”

EDIT from March 11th 2013_ Report in german language: http://www.schwarzwaelder-bote.de/inhalt.rottweil-initiative-erinnert-an-fukushima.c76a8c08-dadc-4e4f-82f4-14e80659311d.html

The Rottweiler “citizens’ initiative for a world without nuclear threat” has established contacts with affected people in Fukushima prefecture.

The partners report that the consequences are far from over, according to a press release. 380,000 people were evacuated, and many can not return to their homes, large areas are contaminated with radiation.Now it is about to protect children, to avoid diseases, compensation for victims and for evacuations from the contaminated areas. The Japanese partners are committed to the nuclear phase and seek energy alternatives. The Rottweiler citizen initiative therefore looked for ways to support collaboration. Since the Chernobyl disaster in 1986, there are already close contacts with Belarus, which was by the then hit hardest by nuclear disaster .

For the first time tri-national cooperation

With donations, children recreations and an intensive youth work and a network of transnational cooperation has emerged. Now there will be this year for the first time a tri-national cooperation between Japan, Belarus and Rottweil.

During the Easter holidays there will be a trip to Belarus, in which the projects of the Belarusian Foundation are “Children of Chernobyl” are visited and held discussions with stakeholders.

From 5th to 15 July there will be  a youth project in Rottweil, which will have the energy transition and the possibilities of civil engagement as topic. Six young people from Japan, Belarus and Rottweil learn using examples to know how the energy transition in the region Rottweil is implemented in various ways by citizens and associations, industry and politics.

In the final workshop of the future, the 18 participants will take on the possibilities of further development of the energy transition and cooperation across national borders.

For more information: Youths who are 18 years old and interested in the youth project should register by calling +0049 741/4 46 52

Stay: For free. In City of Rottweil @ guest families: http://www.rottweil.de/en/Tourism

We have 20 years of civil society and Chernobyl experience.

Founder Mrs. Angela Gessler, Contact: http://www.rottweil.de/269?&key=rottweil&placeId=2&todo=entry&id=272

English Presentation of our NGO: http://www.ecnchernobyl.eu/index.php?ctlPage=

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