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IPPNW Congress Berlin. Feb 27th 2016.

PROGRAM: http://www.chernobylcongress.org/home/programme.html

SPEAKERS: http://www.chernobylcongress.org/home/speakers.html

After his speech about Effects of nuclear accidents on the biosphere , I asked Prof. Dr. Timothy Mousseau, Biological Sciences Department, University of South Carolina, USA, a few questions. In his speech he talked about low doses, and the zero adpative ability by birds / wild life to radiation. Which impressed me and reminded by of the Petkau Effect and works by Rosa Goncharova (both down below links). His official website: http://cricket.biol.sc.edu/Mousseau/Mousseau.html


His other studies:

There is no hormesis and no adaptive response by animals to radiation: http://www.cell.com/trends/ecology-evolution/abstract/S0169-5347%2816%2900019-7?_returnURL=http%3A%2F%2Flinkinghub.elsevier.com%2Fretrieve%2Fpii%2FS0169534716000197%3Fshowall%3Dtrue

Doses were enough to reduce 50% of all birds in Chernobyl region, same in Japan: http://www.nature.com/articles/srep16594

“Impaired brain development is linked to oxidative stress because of the high lipid content of brains. Large-brained individuals must be capable of continuously supplying the brain with high levels of oxygen for neuronal ion pumping, synthesis of neurotransmitters and protection from toxic compounds. This makes brain maintenance a highly oxidizing process that requires large amounts of antioxidants, in particular glutathione. Therefore, any environment with low antioxidant levels and/or high rates of use of antioxidants will provide a challenge to normal brain development.” http://journals.plos.org/plosone/article?id=10.1371/journal.pone.0016862

The Tree rings date back to Chernobyl. Same things are in Japan. But the trees are younger, but will look like that: http://link.springer.com/article/10.1007/s00468-013-0891-z

Also found in mice. They can no longer SEE their natural enemies: http://www.nature.com/articles/srep19974

The research of Rosa Goncharova: https://tekknorg.wordpress.com/2014/01/05/the-catastrophic-genetic-consequences-of-low-doses/

Petkau Effect – Radiation: Larger effect of small doses: https://tekknorg.wordpress.com/2012/09/02/radiation-larger-effect-of-small-doses/




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The wheel of the second Evolution

You see a wheel that rotates. It is the wheel of four billion years old evolution. The outer wheel. Of a circle.
The next wheel in the circle shows us the natural radiation. The second circle of the wheel shows the mutations.
These two circles rotate in unison. Although there are different circuits, but they rotate together.
The nearest, innermost circle shows the artificial radiation. This turns just since the nuclear age.

And this turns the mutation loop also.
The innermost circle is covered

And everyone thinks that the speed of the second has always been to match the outer circle.

A line is the development
A second parallel line is the radiation
Both show time: time of development (mutation), time of radiation.
If I now also give in radiation, from reactors, it seems the development needs to catch up.
If I give in additional radiation, there is an additional mutation.
Radiation apes. It leads to that nature reacts.
If I give in finely dosed radiation, which would be expected in 10 years (10 to 20 milli Sievert additional one per year), then there is correspondingly more deaths and mutations, namely the next ten years. Namely earlier. Not everything in the same year, and not in all infants (some are just not born). But maybe in the next decade, or generation – there is then also the regular cases that remain. The higher rate is interpreted by experts through falsification of history by means of statistics – they will fail and do strategic misinterpretation.

If some die, and not procreate – that is the end of their existance, of the DNA code. It’ll never comes back. As if it never existed.

What is reality? That’s what I wonder.
What we are. So the answer is.
What are we? Change.
How do we measure it? With time, with various kinds of states within the time.
So and so many sick people, so and so much healthy ones.
This figure, this ratio is valid for a period.
Within the period. That’s reality.
Within a period of one year, there are, let’s say, 1,000 lightning strikes. 100 reach the ground, a person dies. Because not all people are, where lightning strikes. So 1,000 flashes are normally in one year. The default value, death is real, is normal. Now I will again produce 1,000 flashes, the same year. Thus, there are 8 deaths. So 8 times as much, or 800% more. There are supposed to be only 2, so 1 more. But these flashes have a special feature: tehy penetrate the body, and remain as a energy there. Making further damage. But I only observe one year. And I only compare flash with flash, no matter if man made or natural. Inner effects in the body, I don’t care. But the 8 deaths in the same year remain. Next year 16 suddenly die even if no additional lightning were sent in. Henceforth 16 become normally. The accumulation is attributed to betterlightning death diagnostics”.
Is this the Reality?
In short: If I give in more radiation that is as if I turn the wheel of time faster, only slightly, and thus accelerating the development.
And this development is called: Selection. Or: Nuclear Darwinism.

Pour 200 milli Siever into humanity, and you give them in the next generations the degeneration of 200 years, at once.


What is milli Sievert, what are doeses?

Depends on who gets it, and where- in the glands, the lungs, the DNA. Who can say? It is a mess.
Who gets it? Children, pregnant women, fetuses?
Where is the nuclear atom, for who knows how long and gives it’s energy, causes the damage, and how and where to in the body is the damage passed on to.
All this Rem, Sievert or Roentgen – the designations do not consider it,

What is cancer? A disease? Only? Or is it a MUTATION.

Only after these 200 years, the generations born – who is then there too see the connection with an old crime? An invisible crime it is. People are only concerned with somatic factors, triggering genetically programmed malignancy. The first one we can see. A deadly mistake that we have started since the beginning of the nuclear age. Splitting of the atom means altering the DNA.

If a severely disabled child is born this can be the result of genes – over many many generations, OR, for example from the last generation genes, altered by radiation. Our DNA is oxygen, hydrogen, nitrogen, carbon. Reactors emit ionizing radioactive atoms, Emit tritium mimicing hydrogen, emitting carbon 14. It is our DNA. And the loss a single reactor inventory means the emissions of 1,000 uranium atomic bombs an 40 plutonium atomic bombs.

And so throbs a heart in each of the reactors. In slow motion, invisible to the viewer, and yet emitting radioativity just below the speed of light. Camouflaged effects by the slowness of the generations. Only in comparison it is visible, but who compares? This knowledge includes no wisdom, is always being updated. Better diagnosis conceals the change.

Controlled chain reaction. This is meant with “decelerated atomic bombs”, so called reactors. The ray shocks were the  2000 bomb blasts in the last decades, by above ground testing. Here the genetic material of the human race has been changed. Many new diseases saw the light of the day. At the same time better diagnostics. Which is partly only obfuscation.

We misunderstand everything. The diseases and mutations are only sypmtoms of the variation in the DNA by artificial radiation. The natural radiation background radiation is external, mostly. The artificial emitters are in the food, get to body cells and DNA forming genomic changes, which are triggered somatically. The four billion perpetual evolution does not know these “substances”, and builds them in as benign.

That is reality. And not the dream world we live in. The knowledge burns the imagination


Who gives in radiation, turns the wheel of time faster, and multiplies and accelerates the development. This is the “rapid aging” phenomena we have in our people, in children also. Why are there cancers in children, which were found in older times only in old people? Because Four-year-old children are older than Four-year-old children.

The changes begin insidiously. Who comes today severely disabled to the world, whose DNA was altered through generations or was teratogenic changed by substances or radiation, or whose parents...
The many disorders of the mind and mood, are sign of a boiling point in the future where there will be a mass extinction within the human race. It starts only slightly, just by this interference. Mental disorders only symptoms of Development.

Such a degenerated humanity must be controlled externally (by controlling, Quality Management, company and civil processes, key performance indicators for everyone and everything) and internal control (psychotropics, drugs, when do I feel what / what do I think) be controlled towards a moldable material to a million / billion-strong army of addicts who only will provide slave labor. Only work at all to get drugs (symptoms blocking)  and other means (euthanasia) to alleviate their suffering.

Symbol and Simulation become reality.

This is thrilled applauded by a crowd who doesn’t want to know a thing about the backgrounds, and is trained by medication anyway. The words are killed by controlling and imagination power is killed by education and care. In addition, they lack the opportunities of comparison, because there is always only one present, generated by constant updates (strategic Misintepretation by experts and students).

That’s why people also believe that there are more cases only through better diagnostics – ergo that never anything changes anything, that things are always harmonious. And the rest just is just fear mongering and panic makers and a lot of “could”, which – must be overcome – as prescribed. By positive thinking and “changing life style”

This form of fascism engages directly into the DNA, and forms the basic thinking, and makes absolutely every exit and opposition impossible, because there are simply no alternatives.

Acting now, is too early to act later, is impossible.
During this 200 to 300 years of operation, the numbers are rising of all mutations, such as autism, dementia, diabetes, cancer, infertility, sterility, and thin the ranks among us to destroy and opposition, and to generate fear (just don’t say anything, so I can get my drug – later I can’t even imagine a thing) ,

That’s the reality.

That is the Nuclear Darwinism.

Better medical care does not mean a bright future, the evolutions phases out each disturbance: ““H.J. Muller estimated that the genetic load accumulated in 8 human generations (∼ 240 years) living under constantly improving medical services with zero mortality rate due to natural selective forces is equivalent to that acquired in a single exposure to 200roentgen (1,8 Sievert) of gamma radiation 2 kilometers from Ground Zero in Hiroshima.”  https://tekknorg.wordpress.com/2015/09/22/the-radiation-generation/

1) NATURE ELIMINATES MUTATIONS. The Nuclear Industry uses this LATENCY Weapon against us, to create Dependence in Future.

2) Accordingly, the great majority of mutations, certainly well over 99%, are harmful .” Herman J Mueller – father of modern genetics. Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine in 1946

3) The Increase in diseases and genetic defects is the new normal. And the accelerated evolution means we are NOT advanced, We will get older faster, and NOT be older. Each genetic benefit is an accident, NOT an adaptive response.

We each carry a load  of about four serious faults  in our DNA. We are saved from fourfold incapacitation by covering most of these faults with a normal gene from our parents.”

Radiation exposure is an inevitable side-effect of our atomic energy programs, as well as of medical X-rays and of our natural environment. The Atomic Energy Commission (AEC = NRC) standards of permissible exposure (about 30 times larger than the level we experience now from atomic energy activities) would increase the natural rate of mutation about 10 percent. Over a period of generations the health costs of these additional mutations would be about $10 billion a year. This estimate and its probable uncertainty by a factor of 10 either way, needs to be factored into the economics of energy production and, more immediately, into the cost-effectiveness of the genetic research needed to plan on a basis of scientific certainty. Most of the atomic-energy related costs might even be canceled if we made sufficient efforts now to develop the countermeasures.” Government Is Most Dangerous of Genetic Engineers , Washington Post 1970 – by Joshua Lederberg – 1958 Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine. http://profiles.nlm.nih.gov/ps/access/BBABXZ.pdf

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It was Muller, who brought the Atomic Darwinism indirectly into the light of awarness:

“H.J. Muller estimated that the genetic load accumulated in 8 human generations (∼ 240 years) living under constantly improving medical services with zero mortality rate due to natural selective forces is equivalent to that acquired in a single exposure to 200roentgen (1,8 Sievert) of gamma radiation 2 kilometers from Ground Zero in Hiroshima.” http://arxiv.org/pdf/1301.4299.pdf

chernobyl-clock Safe-Murder

All quotes are from:

Our load of mutations by H.J. Muller: http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC1716299/

And since the death rate is a kind of index of the total damage which the gene occasions, it also follows that, paradoxically, the grade of detriment caused by a gene in the average individual in which it manifests itself is not correlated with the total amount of damage it does in the entire population.

More recently, without at the time being aware of Haldane’s approach to this particular point, the present writer gave a statement of it in terms of the individual mutation, noting that each detrimental mutant gene, no matter how slight its phenotypic effect, produces, on the average, one eventual half-death of a zygote, or what may be termed one genome-death, when it acts as a recessive in causing elimination, and one complete zygote death, i.e. two genome deaths, when acting as a dominant

The use of ionizing radiation and of radioactive materials is increasing and promises to continue increasing to such an extent, both in medical treatment and diagnosis, and in commerce and industry, even without considering military affairs in this connection, that unless more caution is exercised than at present the majority of the population may in each successive generation have its gonads exposed to enough radiation to raise. the mutation rate by a significant amount, such as 25% or 50%

Yet despite the fact that the evidence of a short-term rise in mutation rate is so hidden, the total amount of damage caused to all. later generations by even a moderate rise, confined to one parental generation, would if gathered together be seen to be enormous. Thus only a 25% rise in mutation rate for one generation would, in a population of 100,000,000 per generation whose usual spontaneous rate was only 1 mutant gene in 10 germ cells, cause the eventual “genetic death” of 5,000,000 individuals, scattered throughout scores of generations. It would probably cause, in addition, hundreds of millions to be slightly more afflicted than they would otherwise have been, i.e. to have their viability lowered by an average of some 2 or 3%. These effects are hidden only because distributed over so many generations and because so intermingled with those of other factors. Moreover, once the mutations have been produced, they will take their eventual toll despite all counteracting measures that may hereafter be instituted, short of a consciously directed selection.


Thus, in a population of 100,000,000, a rise of mutation rate of only 0.025, confined to just one generation, would in the course of centuries result in 5,000,000 genetically caused extinctions, and in a vastly greater number of individuals who were detrimentally affected to a slight extent.

Thus, if an average of 100 r were applied to the germ cells of the whole population for an indefinitely long period and finally lowered the equilibrium fitness by 10%, then the application of 100 r to just one generation would have a total genetic effect equivalent to the lowering of the average fitness of exactly one whole generation by, 10% (implying with this an increment of 10% in its genetic deaths). Actually, however, these 10%0 of deaths and these forty (i) times as numerous slight shortcomings would be diluted by being spread out over scores of generations. If then we knew this relationship we should have to put the further question: would the benefits of applying just these particular practices, rather than such substitutes or modifications of them as would nothave thisgenetic effect, be worth so large a price?

We see then that although there is some possibility that the studies in Japan may obtain evidence of the induction of mutations, it is certainly premature to say, as some persons have done, that they will afford a definitive test of the genetic effectiveness of radiation in man. Assertions have in fact been made that if positive results are not found there, this will have a salutary influence in quieting public fears concerning the genetic dangers of radiation. It should therefore be reiterated that existing knowledge is not only enough now to make it more likely that no definitely positive effects will be found than that they will, but also enough to make it quite sure that such failure to obtain positive results would not give valid support for the view, thus far based only on wishful thinking, that the amount of effect is insignificant.


It might be imagined however that the average person would be very unlikely to receive a dose of radiation great enough to raise the mutation rate by 0.025. But it takes a total dose of only about 50 r, when applied to the immature germ cells of Drosophila, to cause this much rise, and only 25 r when applied to mature germ cells. Moreover, the data from mice, although entirely too scanty, do indicate so far as they go that the induced mutation rate in mammals is of the same order of magnitude as in Drosophila. Now 50 r is an amount of radiation that a person’s gonads are not at all unlikely to receive under modern conditions. And the use of radiation is increasing in so many ways that, within a few decades, people whose gonads have not been exposed to this much total radiation, in the entire period from their conception to the time they reproduce, may be comparatively rare. A single fluoroscopic “screening” has been estimated to deliver to the skin about 75′ r, on the average (Martin, 1947), and’although but a fraction of this reaches the gonads it would not take very many such examinations to deliver 50 r to them. Again, an increasing number of women are having their ovaries deliberately treated with 300 r for the purpose of rupturing refractory Graafian follicles, i.e. to induce’ovulation (see for instance Haman, 1947), and the practice of having the testes treated with 500 r for the purpose of delaying the possibility of conception for several years is said to be increasing in popularity among men.

As yet,-there is much resistance to such measures when they are proposed. Indeed, even the “permissible level” of 0.3 r per week which has recently become commonly recognized (but not so commonly followed), and which repre-‘ sents a considerably more cautious standard than the long-accepted “tolerance’ dose” of 0.1 r per day that preceded it, would allow 15 r a year. Hence it would allow delivery of 50 r in the course of only three’ and a third years.

Moreover, since, as previously explained, the human mutation rate is probably not far from its critical level, even mild influences may turn out to be of more significance than has been suspected, in relation to the mutational load of mankind.

For example, if 100 r, applied as an average to a whole populations indefinitely, causes a 10%o lowering of average fitness and a corresponding 10% increment of genetic deaths, then this 100 r applied to the germ cells of just one individual who will later reproduce by an average amount will cause, again on the average, a total lowering of fitness of his descendants equal to the lowering of fitness of one descendant by 010%, and will, correspondingly, give a 10% risk of one genetic extinction, occurring at some unknown point in his line of succession. Nevertheless, if we have thereby raised the level of life of the exposed individual himself to such a degree that the effect, when averaged out over his own lifetime, would amount to more than 10%o, then we were in fact justified-provided we could not have attained this benefit by means that were safer for his descendants. And the same kind of considerations must be the guide in decisions concerning whether or not a given individual should undertake reproduction, when he is known to have certain genetic shortcomings.

Nevertheless, they are numerous enough to be collectively important, in the great majority of individuals, and, untreated, they must lead to the “genetic death,” or extinction, of a sizeable proportion-at least some 20%, to be conservative, of the population. On the other hand, if these weaknesses are mitigated or “cured” and in consequence proceed to perpetuate themselves to a greater degree than before, they must eventually, after very many generations, result in a new equilibrium, in which the population harbors and is being treated for correspondingly more of them than before, and in which there is again, despite all these treatments, just as large a proportion meeting genetic extinction as there was originally. At the same time, the amount of genetically caused suffering short of extinction will also have become comparable with what it had been originally

On the basis of existing data in man, supported by evidence from Drosophila, the total human mutation rate is judged to be probably not less than one newly arisen mutant gene in 10 germ cells, on the average, and not more than one in 2 germ cells.

My thoughts: https://tekknorg.wordpress.com/2014/04/14/nuclear-energy-programs-the-genetic-wipeout-in-10-generations/

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Because our life is not worth anything!

If you wage war, it’s about the attitude, the thinking away. In order to destroy the enemy, you take into account collataral damage  (Murder of civilians).So this kind of thinking and acting is possible. Exactly this behavior is used on the OWN population. Secret service murder in their own country, to blame others  (e.g. Moscow apartment buildings were blown up by the KGB). Atomic Power kills and wounds over 1,3 billion people since it’s creation.For certain forces on this planet the war against the external enemies and their own people is alike. This substantial equivalence and the mechanization of our lives makes the unthinkable possible. So the obvious (reverence for life) becomes impossible. Even the victims speak their own death sentence while they find protection from the truth as a sedative.

Councilor of radiation is led by a pharmaceutical company and ICRP http://fukushima-diary.com/2012/02/councilor-of-radiation-is-led-by-a-pharmaceutical-company-and-icrp/

nuclear-food KofiAnnan childrenkill-IAEA WHOIAEA01

There is the power to physically and psychologically harming someone.

And there is the nuclear energy, which does both.

In fact in the CORE of life, the Atom. To make the innermost the enemy.

There is no more powerful force.

It doesn’t make sense from a rational, life affirming point of view. So does Collateral Damage. Cancer Cures probably do exist. Before the disease, cure is already invented. A common strategy in science. Nano particles are eaten as sugar by cancer cells and are heated up / detonated from the outside. Such cures are in the making. We are not the ones to profit from it, you can be sure.

this is the ICRP (pro nuclear commission) risk assessment (http://www.icrp.org/publication.asp?id=ICRP+Publication+22) on page 14/15 they say The commission discussed the application of risk assessments to estimate the actual cases of disease that can result from a given radiation exposure of individuals or populations (…) One way to improve the usefulness of risk estimates, is to express them as damage measurement in monetary terms… Several authors have already performed such calculations and indicate the cost per person, and “rem” (1 rem = 10 mSv) to 10 to 250 US dollars. (ICRP publication 22 1973)

BEIR 1972 page 69 / 70: Created by the National Academy of Sciences: suffering is “converted” in dollars. In the 1970ies the annual health care costs per capita in the U.S. estimated at $ 400 lump sum for medical expenses, based on $ 80 billion for medical expenses in 1970 (200 million citizens). Mr. Lederberg (BEIR) said that when allowed 1.7 mSv per year (mSv for nuclear workers 50 / a) is increased in 30 years, the total level of disease in the U.S.increases by 0.5 to 5%. 10 mSv increase 0.1 to 1%. In 30 years (one generation) causes $ 12,000 per head (30 x $ 400). 10 mSv per generation would result in 10-120 dollars costs (0.1 to 1% of 12,000 dollars).

How much does a cancer drug? 10.000, $ 20.000? Genetic defects are not considered.

BEIR 1972 still assumed it will come to more than 6.2 deaths per 100 people when irradiated with 1 sievert, the same panel twenty years later, already figured at 12.4 cancer deaths. ICRP has confirmed in 1966 that natural radiation is harmful! ICRP Publication Number 8 from 1966 on page 60. in relation to the health damage caused by natural radiation for the bulk of the world’s population is a risk of sixth order (1 to 10 dead per million per rad / gray) in a few areas with high natural background radiation the risk fifth order. 10 to 100 dead per million and rad (gray). and in 1977 the ICRP publication number 26 said, that, in this sense, regional differences of the natural radiation are so regarded, that the corresponding differences include the damage. and in the ’80s the natural radiation was simply doubled. and in 2011 it became the twentyfold in japan: 20 mSv/a. Natural radiation is used as an excuse to increase artificial radiation with radionuclide-antagonists. http://www.ratical.org/radiation/inetSeries/ejs1192.html

They call that radiation-protection!

1) Councilor of radiation is led by a pharmaceutical company and ICRP | Fukushima Diary

2) Nano Cancer Alliance

3) World Health Organisation: Fukushima data still under lock and key

The experts talk about radiation.

Where it is, how much is irradiated…

What is radiation?


Atoms are everywhere.

There are no clear boundaries, there are no limits at all.

Imagination is required, not arrogant expertise.

This war takes everywhere, but invisible, in the inner of Matter.

UN-cancer Industrial-Destruction_of-L NuclearBanks




Stochastic effects and children:
There is statistical health damage caused by the so-called low-level radiation (above ZERO up to 500mSv.) That is not assigned to any particular people, but occur in a defined population. This issue is the subject of thousands of studies all over the world since the Chernobyl nuclear disaster, and I will discuss in detail below with reference to examples. Factors such as age, gender, health, immune system, nutrition, social situation and the duration of exposure of the radioactivity influence the onset of cancer and other diseases. Until the Chernobyl disaster, the biological effects in the body of the
radioactive isotopes have been undervalued.

It is now clear: Any radiation poses a risk especially for children who are extremely radiosensitive.

1) A child is constantly increasing in weight and size, it grows from the intrauterine embryo to adult, the younger, the faster. Therefore, the cells divide much more frequently than an adult. Cells in the division phase (mitosis) are more vulnerable to radiation than cells in the resting phase.

2) The ability of the body to recognize “defective” cells and to  eliminate them develops during childhood. An embryo has not yet this ability. Therefore  “defective” cells can multiply unimpeded and later lead to cancer or heritable diseases.

3) A child that grows must hold more substances than emiting them, more than an adult. The body of a child takes in more radioactive substances in food, drink and air we breathe than adults. Especially dangerous are 137 and Cs-134 and 137 and Sr-90 – deposited in the muscles or in the bone (see below).

4) Children have their whole lives ahead of them. Some diseases caused by radiation take a long time to occur (latency): 20 or even 30 years. Children are more likely than older adults to reach the dubious chance to see the end of this latency. In the human body there are about 200 different cell types, each has a different function.

Basically, each cell can respond to injury with four responses:

1) The damage is so severe that the cell dies.

2) The cell can repair the damage (in children see above).

3) The cell loses its ability to produce certain substances, such as in the pancreas gland which can not produce insulin anymore (increase of diabetes in Belarus among children and adults) or other digestive juices during the growth, of the thyroid hormones.

4) The malignant cells degenerate and there is cancer.

It is now clear: Any radiation poses a risk especially for children who are extremely radiosensitive.

The effect of 4 isotopes of iodine -131, Strontium-90, Tritium (H-3) and cesium – 134 / 137 on the human body I will now show more detail, not without pointing out the most toxic isotope, plutonium (Pu-239), that triggers in micrograms cancer. It is produced in each reactor in the fission of uranium, about 250kg per year and reactor.

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First there is the Life, the Soil, Plants, the Body. They are programmed by Evolution to gather substances and to store them.

This is what Radionuclides use.

Plus: Many Radionuclides mimic vital substances: Cesium = Potassium / Strontium = Calcium / Radio-Iodine = Iodine.

They are gathered, stored.

Automatically Becquerel after Becquerel.

By Food (70 – 90 %).
People talking about Radionuclides in mushrooms remember: we EAT more bread than mushrooms, wheat stores radionuclides intense.

Irradiated parents: The following generations:  Malignant Cancer & expotential increase  with each generation
PLUS: always lower dose limit  tolerance  of each generation.
The SAME Dose Limits


We were able to defy natural radiation by Reproduction and Innovation.

Were able.

Jan Hemmer

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Plutonium 241 (147 years decay time) decays into Americium 241 (4,000 years decay time) decays into Neptunium 237 (22,000,000 years decay time)…

Nuclear reactors are more effective than nuclear bombs. They hide their nature through the production of steam. 26 years ago, when Chernobyl released it’s inventory (95% or more), the meaning of nuclear war was changed, at least for us. Some groups knew it all the time, probably the ones who worked out eugenics. But we thought in conventional terms. A single reactor explosion is a nuclear war in terms of radionuclides.

This is Chernobyl compared to the 2,000 atomic bomb tests – according to CTBTO:

CTBTO Chernobyl

2013 EDIT: Strontioum 90 3km offshore Fukushima: http://fukushima-diary.com/2013/08/strontium-90-detected-in-seawater-3km-offshore-fukushima/

The bomb is gone. The reactor stays. And it is designed, “to walk into it’s doom”:

This is only the radiation shock. But it is stretched in time. Programmed into DNA. Ignored by IAEA, WHO, UNSCEAR, BEIR, ICRP: http://independentwho.org/fr/

And there are no crater.

Only holes.

In Children’s hearts.


Fukushima’s focus is on soil AND sea.

The place where we came from.

Turritopsis nutricula is a immortal jellyfish http://www.sciencepub.net/nature/ns0802/03_1279_hongbao_turritopsis_ns0802_15_20.pdf

Total release of Fukushima reactor One: 40,000 trilltion becquerel – 70% went into sea: http://ajw.asahi.com/article/0311disaster/fukushima/AJ201202290025


EDIT 2013: 47 quadrillion becquerels of cesium-137 released into Pacific from Fukushima — Nearly 50 times original Tepco estimate: http://www.biogeosciences-discuss.net/10/4127/2013/bgd-10-4127-2013.html

Plankton takes in 200,000th of a radioactive substance: http://life-upgrade.com/DATA/FUKUSHIMA-SEA-BECQUEREL.jpg

“If the cesium in the fresh water happens to be radioactive cesium-137, from a nuclear reactor or other source, then the fish will contain 1000 times more cesium-137 than the fresh water itself, on a weight-for-weight basis.” Source: http://www.ratical.org/radiation/CNR/PP/chp2.html

Cesium 137 activity is 200,000 times higher back waters (!) than before Chernobyl:

Marine Plankton as an Indicator of Low-Level Radionuclide Contamination in the Southern Ocean: http://www.osti.gov/bridge/servlets/purl/6802363-hfGOhq/6802363.pdf

Radioecological Studies on the Plankton of the Cooling Water Reservoir of the Beloyarsk Nuclear Power Plant: http://www.springerlink.com/content/q220n14kl169g207/

POLIKARPOV, G. G. 1966. RADIOECOLOGY of AQUATIC organisms. 281 (PDF page) or respectively on “printed” 292: http://www.osti.gov/bridge/purl.cover.jsp?purl=/5557734-tlwxvK/

Acantharia (Plankton) has a Strontium Skeleton: http://tolweb.org/Acantharia/2385 takes in Radio-Strontium – just as us.

Strontium 90 remains in surface and remobilisation of adsorbed Strontium: http://leeds.academia.edu/IBurke/Papers/1664859/Effect_of_groundwater_pH_and_ionic_strength_on_strontium_sorption_in_aquifer_sediments_Implications_for_90Sr_mobility_at_contaminated_nuclear_sites

Isotopes in Sea Life: http://books.google.de/books?id=4n3wAAAAMAAJ&pg=PA165#v=onepage&q&f=false

Radiation influenced the evolution. 1 mSv per year. If we only increase it by 0.1 mSv, it influences the evolution. The nuclear reactor holocaust is leading the Atomic Darwinismhttps://tekknorg.wordpress.com/2011/10/01/the-atomic-darwinism/

Background radiation is also the primary reason why women aged over ~40 are advised not to have children. This is because their stocks of ova have been exposed since birth to 40 or so years’ background radiation and have thereby been damaged to such an extent that an unacceptable proportion, when fertilised, results in congenital malformations, spontaneous abortions or stillbirths. Many scientists also consider that background radiation is the prime factor in the ageing process, and is ultimately the reason why we are not immortal.” PAGE 5 http://www.odwac.gov.on.ca/standards_review/tritium/Tritium_Radiation_Risks_Additional_Note_for_ODWAC_Fairlie.pdf

One natural radionuclide and man made radionclide, for example,  is Tritium, which mimics a substance of life: Hydrogen. It replaces Hydrogen in the body and causes Cancer – after 25 Generations: http://books.google.de/books?hl=de&id=3gUAAAAAMBAJ&q=mice#v=snippet&q=mice&f=false One generation of humans: 25 – 30 years. It takes 30 years for Chernobyl to reach it’s full impact: Kofi Annan: “Not until 2016, at the earliest, will be known the full number of those likely to develop serious medical conditions” because of delayed reactions to radiation exposure, he said: http://www.ratical.org/radiation/Chernobyl/042500.html

Until now, the average  life expectancy was on the rise. But this will be sought from Accelerated Aging. It comes from the increased annual dose.

We get in a year from as much as in 10 years. 10 milli Sievert, for example, 20 in Japan and Belarus. Radiation through food is not included. Food makes 70 – 90% of the radiation – ignored by IAEA, WHO, ICRP, BEIR, UNSCEAR.

Accelerated Aging as a Consequence of the Chernobyl Catastrophe – page 76: http://www.strahlentelex.de/Yablokov%20Chernobyl%20book.pdf

The hope is now: Measurement of food, clean food, measurement of children with Whole Body Counters: https://tekknorg.wordpress.com/2012/03/02/mother-how-much-radiation-%e3%81%8a%e6%af%8d%e3%81%95%e3%82%93%ef%bc%81%e3%81%a9%e3%81%ae%e3%81%8f%e3%82%89%e3%81%84%e3%81%ae%e6%94%be%e5%b0%84%e7%b7%9a%ef%bc%9f-2/

“The dangerous thing about the water contamination is that the food chains are much longer there than on land. Among the many steps in the water to accumulate more and more radioactive substances in the organisms. This means that contamination in fish at the end of the food chain is much higher than the water in which they swim” / Radiophobia: “government calls the fears of the people “radiation phobia” = unfounded anxiety before radioactivity. Everyone should just be pretty happy, then they would not get sick. Only sad people would get radiation sickness.” / “The special radiation sensitivity of children is yet not considered.” / “the snow melt began in the mountains. “In the forested mountains the radioactive clouds are stuck, which now come in small streams running down again and causes the rivers to be charged more radioactive” … http://www.n-tv.de/politik/Fukushima-ist-nicht-ueberstanden-article5731966.html

For a clean future! For the Children!

Jan Hemmer

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