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A fundamental human train it is, at first to hide something. Every little child who breaks something expensive, is trying to hide the pieces, to avoid being scolded. This principle can be found at every level. At every level, everyone wants to hold back information and downplay the whole thing, it’s a human principle funamentales. Currently the rights of victims in Japan are injured every hour, since March 14th 2011.

The necessary measures to protect the rights and health are not taken. It is about extremely simple things. One would need to keep children at home, have to ban them to go outside, keep the windows closed, as long as radiation is coming form Fukushima. Or an evacuation of children and pregnant women to southern Japan. As a result there would be fewer victims among the children and later-born. Latency of Cesium: Children 4 years, mature: 20 – 25 years. Belarusian people are saying today, 25 years after Chernobyl: “My bones hurt.”

Direct responsibility for downplaying and not taking effective steps goes to:

– The IAEA and WHO for ignoring sickness, disability, deaths, which occur after months, years or decades among children, new-born, women, men. They recognize only direct deaths and injuries to radiation, during the accident (which was 7 days, during the Three Mile Island accident in the U.S.)

– The chief of the NHK Weather Service, for inadequate or nonexistent information on radiation

TEPCO CEO Masataka Shimizu for downplaying, inadequate or nonexistent information, for crimes against life and evironment, endangering and / or pressurizing workers

Ritsuo Hosakay Minisry of Health, Labour and Welfare – for downplaying, inadequate or nonexistent information

Past, present and future radiation damage could have been avoided.

The aim of the persons and organisations above is:

– To keep claims for compensation small and / or unjustified (long time effects of radiation are not accepted by IAEA and WHO, and so by the Health Ministry)

Limitation of the policy of Decontamination

– To force the Japanese population to accept on behalf of the economic efficiency unhealthy living conditions and contaminated food and contaminated water

– To relieve TEPCO: The burden of proof is imposed on the victims rather than on the polluter of the contamination: This is the mechanism behind it / ALARP

Victims must therefore justify Decontamination

The UNSCEAR (web) informs the UN General Assembly about the latest on policy and research of the IAEA. The members of the UNSCEAR serve the interests of their national governments, most of which have nuclear programs. These must be protected, not the victims of Chernobyl or Fukushima.

This small group of scientists have full control over politics, and on the recognition that research is paid off, which could perhaps be a threatto  their results and decisions.

All submissions that are not consistent with the recommendations and the policy of the Board are stamped as ignorant, emotional, not scientific.


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