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step 1: call atomic power “peaceful”

step 2: promote atomic power

step 3: so atomic power is overall on the planet

step 4: to have a “peaceful” atomic power program – means: the development of atomic bombs is possible

step 5: proliferation is inevitable

step 6: start war

Here are the medical consequences of a nuclear attack against Iran

By the students of the IPPNW – International Physicians for the Prevention of Nuclear War (peace nobelprize 1985)



– two attacks – each with three B61-11 earth penetrating nuclear weapons set to explode with a yield of 340kt

– within 48 hours, fallout would cover much of Iran, most of Afghanistan and spread on into Pakistan and India

– Over 1,000,000 people would suffer immediate injuries including thermal and flash burns, radiation sickness, broken limbs, lacerations, blindness, crush injuries, burst eardrums and other traumas. In the wider region, over 10.5 million people would be exposed to significant radiation from fallout

– The software used by PSR for the calculations and chart on this page is the Hazard Prediction and Assessment Capability (HPAC v3.2) developed by DoD. This software is
licensed to the Harvard Medical School, and PSR is a licensed agent of HMS for purposes of HPAC use

I wrote about that:

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