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Plutonium (Pu-239), that triggers in micrograms cancer, is produced in each reactor in the fission of uranium, about 250kg per year and reactor.
Radiogases which reactors emit do not disappear.
Instead they become more deadly.
Krypton 89 stays 18,4 seconds (full decay time) and becomes Strontium 89, which stays 500 days.
Krypton 90 stays 323 seconds and delievers Strontium 90 (288 years) via Rubidium 90 (1,580 seconds).
Xenon 137 stays 384 minutes and decays into Cesium 137 (300 years) which becomes stable Barium 137.
Plutonium 241 stays 147 years, becomes Americium 241 which stays 4,000 years and then becomes Neptunium 237, which stays 22 million years.

HALF-LIFE – an euphemistic term, used by the nuclear industry, to downplay and conceal.

European Continent is COMPLETELY irradiated: http://www.unscear.org/docs/JfigXI.pdf Cesium 137: Full Decay Time is 10 human generatons = 300 years.

Radionuclides decay more slowly with time.

Half life time means that only half of the radiation has disappeared. You have to multiply the half life time by ten in order to know approximately, when it disappeared from the environment. In the case of Strontium and Cesium that would be 300 years. http://www.n-tv.de/Spezial/Horrorszenario-wartet-auf-Japan-article2887296.html


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Good Will is the name of a village in Belarus, irradiated by Chernobyl. Videos from April 4th 2012:

15 Curie per km² (555,000 becquerel per m²) Chernobyl irradiated area “Dobra Wolya”  – this is the map (Strontium 90 & Cesium 137 & Americium 241): http://www.rbic.by/images/stories/articles/files/Luninetsky-Map.pdf (middle, the large spot)

Russian written information about irradiated village “Dobra Wolya”:


Official BELARUSIAN radiation maps (from the textbook, and not real measurements): http://www.rbic.by/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=256&Itemid=86

555,000 to 1,48 million becquerel per m² mean 50 – 60 mSv a year! EXTERNAL! Internal not even counted in: https://tekknorg.files.wordpress.com/2012/03/16.jpg

“For children of the Stolinsk District, Brest Province, who were radiated in utero from ambient Cs-137 levels up to 15 Ci/km2, morbidity was significantly higher for the primary classes of illnesses 10 years later. Disease diagnoses were manifest at ages 6 to 7 years” Page 63: http://www.strahlentelex.de/Yablokov%20Chernobyl%20book.pdf -> http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/10576018

5 Curie per km² (185,000 becquerel per m²) Chernobyl irradiated area: “Kudritchi” – this is the map (Strontium 90 & Cesium 137): http://www.rbic.by/images/stories/articles/files/Pinsky-Map.pdf (the spot, middle right)

I gave BELRAD institute () on April 6th in Minsk samples to test. They measured Cesium 137 in all samples:

1. Fish (5 Curie area = 185,000 bq / m²) 72 Bq/kg, belarusian limit is 370 bq/kg

2. Eggs (15 Curie area 555,000 bq / m²) 87 Bq/kg, belarusian limit is 370 bq/kg

3. Potatoes (15 Curie area = = 555,000 bq / m²) 72 Bq/kg, ZGU = belarusian limit is 80 Bq/kg

4. Honey comb (5 Curie area = 185,000 bq / m²) 45 Bq/kg, belarusian limit is 370 bq/kg

5. Soil (15 Curie area 555,000 bq / m²) 524 Bq/kg, no limits for soil in Belarus

Here is the belarusian state guideline for food and agriculture: http://www.rbic.by/images/stories/articles/files/for_people.pdf / for milk: http://www.rbic.by/images/stories/articles/files/milk.pdf

Belarusian state started declaring 5 Curie areas CLEAN, from 1995 on: https://tekknorg.wordpress.com/2011/06/24/nuclear-crimes-belarus-says-chernobyl-irradiated-areas-are-clean/

HERE ARE BELARUSIAN CHILDREN RADIATION MAPS from BELRAD: https://tekknorg.wordpress.com/2012/04/14/children-radiation-maps-2/

Dying on irradiated soil and murdering with irradiated food is state supported: http://charter97.org/en/news/2009/4/26/17680/

This is our group from 2012: http://www.bag-tschernobyl.net/component/content/article/21-initiativen/287-generationenuebergreifende-gruppe-reist-an-ostern-nach-weissrussland.html

I was there three times. Last year our group were offered many strawberries – which we took but didn’t ate. Our driver sold them near a market for some rubels. They are going to be exported to European Union countries and / or former soviet states and also Moscow. This reminded me of the guideline for “Eating in Chernobyl”: http://iguide.travel/Chernobyl#/Eating – by the way an June 26th 2011 Ukraine stopped traveling to Chernobyl: http://www.n-tv.de/reise/Ukraine-stoppt-Tschernobyl-Reisen-article3668101.html

Rough and inaccurate radiation maps of BELARUS (Am241, Cs137, Sr90, Pu239 & 240), in Curie per km²: http://chornobyl.in.ua/karta-belorussii.html

and RUSSIAhttp://chornobyl.in.ua/karty-zagriaznenia-rossii.html and UKRAINE: http://chornobyl.in.ua/karta-radionulid-ukraine.html

Chernobyl is in the supermarkets all around Russia and the E.U.: https://tekknorg.wordpress.com/2011/09/04/chernobyl-chanterelles-for-sale/

Food Safety means: Sacrificing infants and children and fetuses: https://tekknorg.wordpress.com/2012/02/19/stop-sacrificing-infants-new-nutrition-facts-with-becquerel/

Speak out the truth, do the self-evident!

In the name of the Children.

Jan Hemmer

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