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From the Toys R Us at TEPCO HQ.

In the imagination of the people and in the graphics of so called experts the molten core exists as a whole. We should separate from this. And look again at reactor fuel assemblies.
These consist of SINGLE, very small fuel pellets, many of them.
The water level sank in March 2011, right? Individual pellets were affected one after the other, downwards. They began to change their aggregate state. They melted, yes,but they became even hotter, due to the nuclear reaction, and DISSOLVED, or in other words, easy to VENT.

TEPCO melted, vented, melted, vented. But the space is limited.

So the reactor housing /burst protection exploded. That’s when the particle version of the reactor finally became free, after days of venting tiny bits into the air.

A second important thing I would simply like to explain. Cooling. If you try to cool a cooking plate in your kitchen, which is at the highest level, with water, The water evaporates, leaves traces, and your whole kitchen will be full of steam.The cooking plate will continue to heat because it is operated electrically.The only chance is to switch it off.

Now, for the nuclear fuel: Once it exists, it makes reactions (well, this is some sort of analogy to the kitchen). Without cooling water, it becomes hotter and hotter. It reaches the melting temperature in 3 seconds. That’s when it is 2,800°C or 5,072°F hot. It is so hot, that any water immediately fizzles, not even coming anyway near it. This steam must also be vented out, in the pressure containment. You can’t switch it off, because it’s nuclear reaction depends on natural laws and not on electrics like your kitchen.

Fukushima Unit 3 Muon Scan Finds NO FUEL In Reactor Vessel: http://www.tepco.co.jp/en/nu/fukushima-np/handouts/2017/images/handouts_170727_01-e.pdf


There was no fuel found in Reactor 1
There was no fuel found in Reactor 2
There was no fuel found in Reactor 3

TEPCO about Reactor 1: “It is considered that there is no fuel debris or very little even if exist”: http://www.tepco.co.jp/en/nu/fukushima-np/handouts/2017/images/handouts_170727_02-e.pdf

TEPCO just downgraded (!) the radiation readings in Reactor 2 (they calculated estimates from visual “noise”!: http://www.tepco.co.jp/en/nu/fukushima-np/handouts/2017/images/handouts_170727_03-e.pdf




Why do japanese Children have in 2017 the same amount of radio-cesium in their urine, as they had during the bomb test era? Were any bombs tested in the last years?

Source 1962: https://www.jstage.jst.go.jp/article/jrr1960/3/2/3_2_120/_pdf

Source 2017: https://nuclear-news.net/2017/07/21/radioactive-cesium-detected-in-the-urine-of-100-children-after-the-catastrophic-accident-of-tepco-fukushima-daiichi-nuclear-power-plant/

So, again a fact that TEPCO vented reactors empty, and that the vented radioactivity is 3,000+ hiroshima bombs. Let me explain, step by step, ok? It will be interesting for you to read. That is what I mean with looking for clues: Japanese officials tested urine of children. So what acually do we see here? We are idiots if we think 0,3 bq cesium 137 per liter is “not much”.

from above PDF:


This radionuclide / element is perfectly water soluble. The first thing is, that if cs137 is in the urine – the body load is exceptionally high, because the kids live in an irradiated environment. Why do I think that? Since its detectable in the urine, which very “fast” contains what people drink, the supply of radio-cesium must happen regularly. That is, the children eat regularly, daily, perhaps irradiated food!

Second thing is, as far as I know, urine tests are inaccurate, such as bowel measurements and hair sample measurements. Of course the body mostly is water, but that’s not the point. Cesium accumulates. By the way, we are technically no longer in the 50s, Japan! Use Whole Body Counter Check ups! Urine tests are NOT equivalence of the total body burden.The burden in the body, in the cardiovascular system, in the intestines, in the heart muscle tissue can be immensely high, but in the urine is only “little”. It simply gives you no impression, except, that they EAT and DRINK Cesium. Fist rule: If cesium is present in the urine, then children are regularly fed with irradiated food.

Cesium does not come from the heart to the urine, or from anywhere else. Its from the intestine, from the food and drinks, but also remains there, It makes damage on its way, and in the heart area, because it’s on the same chemical level as potassium, there it causes arrhythmias, extrasystoles, and because it disintegrates into stable barium, it also blocks the receptors. It remains there, and the heart can become increasingly poorly adapted to stress, e.g. in sports in school, kids are suddenly “out of breath” and the like. Are you still reading? Good! I always bring this example to show how much “little” is: “Cesium 137: A 1,3 billionths of a gram of Cesium 137 (4,000 becquerel) creates a load of 100 Becquerel per Kg in the body of a 40 Kg heavy child.” Japan should also make “children radiation maps”.

Maps of INTERNAL radiation, not external soil radiation, which are totally faked in Japan, and based on theoretical assumptions, which are based on the one of the so called “meltdown”, saying only 2 to 5% of core inventory was vented out / lost during the acute technical phase of the catastrophe. Now, again: 3,000+ Hiroshima bomb radioactivity was vented out. 3 x full core inventory = 3 x 15something billion (!) curie. They masured 0,3 becquerel per Liter Urine, right? Let’s look back at the late 1950ies and early 1960ies. There exists data, urine tests done back then: 0,5 becquerel per Liter. here, μμCi data ( μμ = One-trillionth (10^12) = Pico Curie. 0.000000000001 Ci.

So 13,1 μμCi = around 0,5 becquerel. It was during the atomic above ground testing (2,000+ tests done worldwide), many of them much bigger than Hiroshima, same in the upper Megaton range. Releasing massive radionuclides into the world. And that’s the same situation today, this time without the atomic flash and big bang and what not, “just” by venting reactors empty, bleeding them out. Same results,

The peaceful murdering atom has created an environment as radioactive as it was during the Nuclear War we still call “testing era”.

No meltdown, no matter how many photos of molten material TEPCO shows. There will be no verification if they can not present 300 tons of molten reactor cores.

Cesium 137 becquerel per square meter Soil in the table below:
Elementary schools in and around Fukushima.
581,000 becquerel per m² = 15,7 Curie per km² – I know areas in Belarus and I’ve been there with that much.
The “top gun” is the one with 1,080,000 bq cs137 / m² which is 29,1 Curie per km² – this needs immediately EVACUATED: Highest Alert.
Thank you Kaye Nagamine who I quote:
“from the left: names of cities, names of elementary schools, amount detected on the surface of the soil, in the soil, categorized levels of risks equivalent to Chernobyl.”
What you see here is a catastrophe worse than any official or media ever told us. Spray liquid polymere weekly, evacuate the kids, abondon the areas, warning signs, walls, stop migration.


belarusian equivalent with 15 Ci / km²: https://tekknorg.wordpress.com/2012/04/21/good-will-is-irradiated/

Cesium 134 & 137 deteced in Tokyo Tapwater, local newspaper
thank you Kaye Nagamine (blank / no numbers means “not detected”) Dear readers please remind one thing: Cesium is pefectly water soluable BUT at the same time substance tend not to accumulate in water, but in the matter / life forms swimming in it, or in the life form drinking it:



The Age of the Symbol

There are two programmed possibilities: GO or NO GO. I want to explain it: In the age of symbol, everything is NO GO, as long as there is no symbol, which people introject into their inner world. So they get a “Mapfor the world.

“People then confuse MAP with WORLD” (quote Dr. Ronald Laing).

Especially if something is invisible as radioactive atoms, then people confuse symbols with things / beings. I think, in under 10 years, people will not be able to see and can not believe that a reactor has exploded, even though it happened before their eyes, as long as no GO symbol appears. in the form of CGI graphics, press releases and so on. Not only an exploded reactor – but ANY event.

People will perceive a certain symbol. And this symbol represents a certain standardized fact or data – not more. For example the nuclear catastrophe in Japan, caused by TEPCO, is perceived as “Meltdown” – there exists no photo, no video, nothing, which proves this assumption, this symbol, no molten fuel particle was shown ever to the world since 3/11. Nevertheless, this symbol is accepted as fact, as being, as thing.

What is a meltdown? What is this symbol? It means according to textbook risk analyses, that “only” 3 to 5 % of the reactor core escaped into the enviroment, or expressed into another symbol: INES 7. There exists data – many times shown on this blog – suggesting, that nearly all of the inventory was vented out. But there exists no symbol for it.

Why is that? Shocks like catastrophes are ignored, or simply “events“. An event is not as bad as a catastrophe. Now steps are taken, that people simply forget that catastrophes exist, that the word catastrophe exists. In 1984 “very good” was “double plus”.

Back to the radiation: As Chris Busby said I think also radiation is the main reason of “age” of becoming “old”. But it is the “most invisible” thing at the same time.

If the most impotant is invisible, then it does not exist for us. Only as symbol.

With the age of radiation and the age of genetics – both discovered at the same time, we entered automatically the “age of symbol“, where all damage and all risk is embedded into “natural” occuring risks – like Wolf Härtele, a german, suggested in the 70ies, while touring Japan, that ““The next logical step is to embed residual risks in a spectrum of natural risks such as earthquakes, lightning, and the like…”

Or: Where damage becomes “Risk”. So, if an university measures Cesium in the water, then there is only cesium in water. Nothing else.

The next step is: Not measuring at all, so there is NO radiation.

No data, no problem.

or, in other words:

No proof = Meltdown.

because a symbol appears.

Our memory, our mind is a product of DNA; but seperated from it. So I think we are a lifeform, which works biologically wrong. This is because we are not able to protect our DNA. I tried it to explain with the sentence, that radiation is invisible, and the damage is “made” invisible, again by symbols, we call statistics.

This biological not correct working phenomena does not stay there. with the invisible translated into symbols, but – thanks to how our mind and social conditioned being works – it will also include the visible (!) world. then absolutely everything is possible. absolutely everything. We see it today, when people say, they can’t believe this and that. it is further blurred of course by fake news, main fake news ironically provided by the biggest press agencies.

If the invisible is also made unthinkable, then the visible starts to vanish.

And only the symbol remains.

And then not even that.


New photos, new assumptions – from underwater robots at Reactor 1 and 3, and no samples, no analyses. By the TEPCO robot. It can be any material, especially since there exists material that has a lower melting temperature than reactor fuel (2,800°C). No proof, only symbols. Remember, 100 tons are missing for reach reactor. A simple photo of “something” is nothing.
If you look for a murder suspect, do you show any person and say “it might be the one”? No. You investigate, gather facts, data, double check. TEPCO just delivers a Toys R Us Circus Show.

A robot tells us what to think by symbols.


The Irradiated Justice


Right now a one billion USD lawsuit is opened by irradiated and damaged soldiers, who were on the USS Reagan during the Venting of TECPO’s reactors:


Also, Chris Busby is right now in San Francisco, developing a strategy to help these sailors infront of court. He is one of last remaining experts actually doing something for the human race. More on his profile:


Don Gabel died in the first proven case of radiation-caused cancer at Rocky Flats, in the 1970ies: https://books.google.de/books?id=YIAzHckpZswC&pg=PA3#v=onepage&q&f=false

What I want to add are examples from Chernobyl, the cancer categories, the model of when a cancer is radiation induced, a similar case from the U.S., and data linked to the USS Reagan and TEPCO’s VENTING.


Latest: NO FUEL FOUND! But Control Rods! HERE: https://tekknorg.wordpress.com/2017/07/25/tepco-found-the-control-rods-not-fuel/


“Dr. Mettler (IAEA) learned well that solid cancers without a ten year latency period did not “count” as radiation-related under ICRP latency models. Therefore the Chernobyl thyroid cancers were seen, but not reported as radiogenic, since they were within five years of a disaster! The nuclear industry has a monopoly on radiation and human health scientific information, and its dissemination through the Universities into nuclear reactor facilities, hospital radiology laboratories and UN organizations. This poses a further serious problem. Normally, one believes the evidence at hand, rather than the theory! If one has been taught theory as fact, the situation becomes more complicated. ICRP has created an artificial “consensus” on the health effects of radiation” from: https://ratical.org/radiation/Chernobyl/CaUFtH.html


Concering Three Mile Island, from: https://ratical.org/radiation/NAvictims.html

Restrictive Definitions

The main way in which the “radiation protection industry” has succeeded in hugely underrating the ill-health caused by nuclear power is by insisting on a group of extremely restrictive definitions as to what qualifies as a radiation-caused illness statistic. For example, under IAEA’s criteria:

  • If a radiation-caused cancer is not fatal, it is not counted in the IAEA’s figures
  • If a cancer is initiated by another carcenogen, but accelerated or promoted by exposure to radiation, it is not counted.
  • If an auto-immune disease or any non-cancer is caused by radiation, it is not counted.
  • Radiation-damaged embryos or foetuses which result in miscarriage or stillbirth do not count
  • A congenitally blind, deaf or malformed child whose illnesses are are radiation-related are not included in the figures because this is not genetic damage, but rather is teratogenic, and will not be passed on later to the child’s offspring.
  • Causing the genetic predisposition to breast cancer or heart disease does not count since it is not a “serious genetic disease” in the Mendelian sense.
  • Even if radiation causes a fatal cancer or serious genetic disease in a live born infant, it is discounted if the estimated radiation dose is below 100 mSv [mSv= millisievert, a measurement of radiation exposure. One hundred millsievert is the equivalent in radiation of about 100 X-Rays].
  • Even if radiation causes a lung cancer, it does not count if the person smokes — in fact whenever there is a possibility of another cause, radiation cannot be blamed.
  • If all else fails, it is possible to claim that radiation below some designated dose does not cause cancer, and then average over the whole body the radiation dose which has actually been received by one part of the body or even organ, as for instance when radio-iodine concentrates in the thyroid. This arbitrary dilution of the dose will ensure that the 100 mSv cut-off point is nowhere near reached. It is a technique used to dismiss the sickness of Gulf War veterans who inhaled small particles of ceramic uranium which stayed in their lungs for more than two years, and in their bodies for more than eight years, irradiating and damaging cells in a particular part of the body.

This is what they go against. But Sciences changes, as Busby said on facebook.

Another category, no one knows: The IAEA says only the first seven days of a nuclear catastrophe count as an accident. How is that possible, if you look at the decay times of radionuclides and the genetic long term effect? Well, it sure helps the government to re populate the areas, make compensation claims small and fake some radiation maps as public service, against the panic makers:




It all is also linked to the “Meltdown” term. I believe it was VENTING. And that there is no core, no molten core anywhere, not inside, not below. Show me a single pic of molten fuel. Anything, since 2011. There is nothing.

Here below are NRC trans script snapshots, the big one is about the USS Reagan.







Let me explain:

We must accept that the large amounts of nuclear material, or almost everything, has left the reactors. Not tiny amounts as TEPCO and IAEA Vienna / JAEC Japan say. We must concentrate the clues contradicting the meltdown. If one gets off here, one is not interested in the truth. There is data from SPEEDI, CTBTO, TEPCO, and JAEC data from Germany and Norway, which shows that enormous amounts have escaped. So much that not a meltdown could have been the source. BECAUSE it says in the text book, that a meltdown is equivalent to 2 – 5% of the total inventory that exists in a reactor. A number, a theory, not reality. From which all radiation maps and evac zones are calculated, including possible damage compensation, and also this case against TEPCO.







I think almost 100 % escaped. From all three reactors. There is solid confirmation for this claim: From Futaba to the USS Reagan, infront of Tokyo bay, to Takasaki 200 miles away – they were all irradiated with radionuclides, more than ever in human history (the CTBTO RN 38 station was shut down to be decontaminated).


“Two stations of the CTBTO network, Okinawa and Takasaki, are located in Japan, but 133Xe (XENON) measurements are made only at Takasaki. However, the Takasaki noble gas detections were, for an extended period of time, reaching the dynamic range of the system, meaning that measurements were so high that they became unreliable. Regarding the 137Cs (CESIUM) measurements at Takasaki, there was another problem:”

“During the first passage of the plume at this station, radioactivity entered the interior of the building. This resulted in a serious contamination, meaning that 137Cs shows up continuously in the measurements since the initial event, even when it is completely absent in the ambient air.”

“Both stations are part of the Comprehensive Nuclear-Test-Ban Treaty Organization (CTBTO) – The Comprehensive Nuclear-Test-Ban Treaty (CTBT) foresees a global ban of all nuclear explosions. To verify compliance with the CTBT, a global International Monitoring System (IMS) with four different measurement technologies is currently built up, namely for seismic (170 stations), hydroacoustic (11 stations), infrasound (80 stations) and radionuclide (80 stations) monitoring. 60 particulate monitoring stations are currently delivering data to the International Data Centre of the Preparatory Commission for the CTBTO in Vienna.”

Source: http://www.atmos-chem-phys.net/12/2313/2012/acp-12-2313-20

Did you know? Even world’s most advanced measurement system gives data about emissions only after 2 – 3 days. Here is a list of CTBTO stations which catched radioactive atoms from the TEPCO reactors, in chronological order (bottom of the page, german language) The following stations have actually been able to detect radionuclides. Translation: “The activity concentrations measured outside Japan with the extremely sensitive IMS systems are very small and are partly in the range of the detection threshold. The simulated time of arrival can not be evaluated precisely because the IMS radionuclide stations measure particles in a three-day crypt: The plants suck air through a filter for 24 hours, after which the sample decays for 24 hours to reduce the background by short-lived isotopes And the energy of decay is counted and counted for a further 24 hours in a gamma spectrometer. The results are therefore always available two to three days after the measurement. Within this accuracy, however, the modeled arrival times were mostly confirmed. Detections up to and including March 25th 2011″: https://www.bgr.bund.de/DE/Themen/Erdbeben-Gefaehrdungsanalysen/Seismologie/Kernwaffenteststopp/Verifikation/Atmosphaer-Transport/Besondere%20Ereignisse/atm_fukushima_inhalt.html

Not possible by a simple meltdown. Then the other confirmation: The plant site still exists. Why is this important? The reactors operated with pressure containments, BWR type. But TEPCO and JAEC confirmed that their fuel rods were 100% dry, on March 14th 6 pm. Much pressure was building up. In a pressurized system (!). But it was not blown to pieces. It should have been beacause of the pressure building up. Only the burst protection around the containment was. Why is that? Why is the plant site still there? A good question. It should have been exploded just like the pressure cooker bomb during the marathon in the U.S. The architecture of reactors consists of many valves and safety pressure relief systems. Some are spring designed, to give out a “Puff” from time to time, and with it radionuclides, despite the active coal filters.

This one comes from: https://de.scribd.com/document/93660119/Fukushima-Disaster-March-11th-March-21st-NRC-ET-Chronology-Descending-Pages-From-C142487-03X

A short summary:

~~ From MELT to VENT ~~
or: how to dissolve fuel pellets and make them ready for venting
heat capacity limit suppression pool (saturated!)
Reduced pressure by 50% = VENTING! (120 to 60 psi, means 50% of the pressure, steam, dissolved fuel pellets are OUT and AWAY)
Caldicott, Gundersen, Gunter, Naoto the coward & Co, where are you?
Remember, if you say “Meltdown”; you say “3 to 5 % fuel escaped

Opening Valve to inject seawater. By opening valve dissolved fuel pellets escape. Thus the dose around the reactor is increased. Naval base receives evacuation worth doses in their air an sepa filter. Tokio is between that base and the venting reactors. No evavuation. USS Reagan again mentioned. Also not evacuated. This all happaned with intent and lazyness and typical, “sane” and rational calculus behaviour those always show who are top trained and “responsible”. UO2 fuel escaped, parts of spent fuel escaped also, 38 milli Sievert per hour, 100 mili Sievert per hour, 400 milli Sievert per hour.







“To justify venting or purging, there must be an established need to improve working conditions” JUSTIFICATION: Avoiding explosion of the containment: https://www.nrc.gov/reading-rm/doc-collections/gen-comm/gen-letters/1979/gl79054.html













But when the reactors became dry – all three (!) – TEPCO melted, vented, melted, vented, controlled, over days. To the outside. There is no molten core anywhere, “falling” into the sea, as some dreamers say. TEPCO even drilled holes from outside into the burst protection, to relief the system. But when hundreds of tons of MOX / UO2 fuel melt, no space is enough to catch it. A dry reactor heats up with 212°F per 0,1 seconds. Means it reaches its melting temperature 5,072°F in 2,8 seconds. Then its in the molten form. But is does not stop there. But that is the limit of most people’s imagination power. TEPCO knows this. It vaporizes, aerolizes. And at the bottom of a molten core a critical mass is possible, because the neutrons are no longer catched by water. The splitting rate races. And the pressure rises with the temperature. What did TEPCO do? VENTING. Until the system could not hold any longer, the system was overrun by it, and the space went out in the torus / dry well and even the chimney wasnt enough. Cracks and vessel breached, as photos and gamma cams have shown. Pipes were sucked flat, instead of blown to pieces. There are photos.

Then we can read about the 400 mSv per hour measuerd near the plant (“There was a media report of a 40-rem dose measured somewhere near the plant.”) quote from NRC on PAGE 15: http://pbadupws.nrc.gov/docs/ML1205/ML12052A106.pdf

Gregory Jaczko was informed about the venting of TEPCO reactors in the NRC document ML12052A099.pdf. What did he know, what did he do? Venting reactor containment means letting it fly – to the people. THIS is NOT a meltdown. The reactors are empty. Scanner pics of TEPCO show this. How can this be a meltdown? http://pbadupws.nrc.gov/docs/ML1205/ML12052A099.pdf

What I mean with Reactor Fuel Enthalpy (TEPCO never shows anything like this, to avoid questions about the so called meltdown): “Prompt fuel dispersion was observed at radial average peak fuel enthalpies above 275 cal/g UO2- Tests at greater than 400 cal/g UO2 produced more severe consequences, with resultant coolant pressure increases to 12 MPa, energy conversions to nearly 3%, and metal-water reaction to nearly 100%of the cladding.” There is also data about melting and fragmentation. Remember: Chernobyl 1,400 cal/g (!!!) There was nothing melting anymore, it became gaseaous. SOURCE PDF: http://www.iaea.org/inis/collection/NCLCollectionStore/_Public/12/581/12581572.pdf

SOARCA / MACCS2: “Accident Consequence Analysis Code: The computer code used to calculate dispersion of radioactive material to the environment and the population.” http://www.nrc.gov/about-nrc/regulatory/research/safetycodes.html


This is a video from Chernobyl 4 for comparsion, to understand the TEPCO air dose date below. According to Alexandr Kupnyi, who made the footage, near the elephant foot is an air dose of 2 – 3 röntgen per hour. so 0,01 – 0,02 Sievert per hour. 10 – 20 milli SIevert per hour. And the dose rate at Fukushima coast, during venting was 60 – 110 milli Sievert per hour.











eds of sievert per hour were measured, causing 100 mill Sievert per hour air dose infront of Fukushima coast line. I think 3 x 16 billion curie escaped. The radioactivity of 3,000 Hiroshima bombs. We are not dead, because it left the building as tiniest pieces of itself, available everywhere to everyone, showing up NOT in the immediate offspring, because the effects are not dominant enough in DNA. That makes it impossible to track down, but will be the death for millions over the next generations. Many simple can not propagate, for example, because the cells / glands responsible are among the most vunerable in the human body. What I add is this: Since this industry was born and is fed by the military, no price is too high. TEPCO scales readings down when people enter. But scale it up, when robots enter. They switch off their Toys R Us Robots, and call it “killed” by radiation, to support their meltdown theory. In order the industry survives and people never know that a full and complete fuel loss is possible by VENTING, and that this emergency system is everywhere, in each reactor worldwide. This is also the reason why we have NEVER SEEN and will never see any fuel sample grabbed by a camera or robot, from TEPCO’s reactors, Because if we could see it we could estimate the fuel enthalpy, the energy deposited into the fuel and from then on we could explain the nature of the catastophe and fuel loss. TEPCO would risk their meltdown theory. I repeat: NO evidence was ever shown to the world, supporting the meltdown. And this is why we should find the regulations for operating reactors in Japan. For example in the UK Safety Assessment Principle 152 requires ‘The containment should adequately contain such radioactive matter as may be released into it as a result of any fault in the reactor.’ If a reactor VENTS its core almost completely to the outside, licence can not be granted and operation of reactors become instant ILLEGAL. But since this step is not done by clinging to the meltdown, Japan will switch on their reactors, one by one. And we watch. And this lawsuit will fail then, because it was only a meltdown and so the radiation can’t and couldn’t be so high, in TEPCO’s eyes.

“The licensing basis calculations for a control rod drop accident predict a peak fuel rod enthalpy of about 220 calories/gram when the inserted reactivity is 1.3% K. (…) When the core is reflooded, about half the core will undergo a cold water reactivity transient. (…) every fuel rod in the core would be perforated. I(…) the effect of the transient on the fuel matrix itself. (-..) Reflooding the reactor will insert about 8% K, when filled with cold water (with xenon present). However, it takes about 30 seconds to refill the vessel from the bottom to the top of the core (…) it is likely that there will be at least some severe fuel damage in the region where the control rods do not insert. As a shutdown core is reflooded, individual fuel rods, now at a high surface temperature, will first experience film boiling and then “quench” as the cladding temperature drops and the rod transitions into nucleate boiling (…) Source: https://www.nrc.gov/sr0933/Section%203.%20New%20Generic%20Issues/080r4.html

Again, Facts are Facts:

no AC power, lost all injection capability, trouble controlling their SRV. I asked ‘ what was the vessel pressure? The guy told me it was 4 megapascals, and all they got are fire pumps. And there’s no way a fire pump is going to push against 4 megapascals.”
Tony: ‘we’re concerned they’ve been in the situation on and off really from the beginning and they’ve been having trouble getting injection all along… very likely, also drawing, you know, it’s also leading us to this conclusion.”
pg 276
“… when you said ‘a loud sound’ ….would be it was probably when the core went x-up.”
Tony: “and landing in the water under the vessel, it would have caused a little steam explosion.”
Jack Grobb: “ But what you think is that that was a steam explosion from the fuel going x-vessel, and we heard that containment at that point in time went from 3 atmospheres to 1 atmosphere.”
Jim: “That makes sense.”
Tony: “Yep. It would.”
ET Transcripts #4 of 10 –14 March 2011


“From this side, we may consider that Masonry emerges in European culture as a powerful driver of change, even if very often it represent itself as a force deeply melted with the same roots of aristocracy… The reactionary turnaround happened with a famous document, The crisis of democracy. Promoting this reactionary manifesto, the commitment given by the establishment to the authors was to give support to the idea that democracy is not efficient, causing waste of money and ungovernability…”SOURCE PDF: http://www.academicus.edu.al/nr16/Academicus-MMXVII-16-122-132.pdf

“the danger of too much democracy and the need to have what was called more “moderation” in democracy, for people to become more passive and apathetic and not to disturb things too much, and that’s what the neoliberal programs do. So put it all together and what do you have? A perfect storm.” Who controls it? Who limits it? https://www.thenation.com/article/noam-chomsky-neoliberalism-destroying-democracy/

They are bankers, experts and what not, among them many high-freemasons who _dress up_ themselves as politicians. This is the true nature of most of the the politicians and politics. The leaders are not brothers or sisters in “profane” masonic temples, which exist in every city. But in supranational “Ur Lodges” as high grade mason and grandmaster Gioele Magaldi pointed out in his book “MASSONI”, in 2014. Macron is in the Ur Lodges “Atlantis Aletheia” and “Fraternite Verté”.
“We would know that!” Shout those who just see and look. But the true being is occult -> invisible. It’s the same everywhere. Erdogan, Merkel, Putin… ttp://www.valeursactuelles.com/politique/emmanuel-macron-et-les-francs-macons-86024

The occult and masonic background of terror:

13 November 2015 in Paris -> 13 is the masonic number for death. 130 were killed (zero is nothing) -> 13 = death. five days later french und russian airstrikes killed 33 Isis terrorists. there were 33 wounded in Paris, around 10:44 pm (22:44 pm european time). hollande and valls (both super lodge brothers) were at bataclan between 13th and 14th november. 13 = death. Federal Criminal Police Office (Germany) said one month later there are 427 dangerous islamic criminals in germany. the cross sum = 13 = death. Strange and seriously disturbing.


Source: https://www.movimentoroosevelt.com/news/per-dipartimento/movimento-roosevelt/free-masonry-shocking-book-of-the-italian-grand-master-gioele-magaldi-the-discovery-of-the-ur-lodges.html

007 is a colleague of terror these days (quote Magaldi)

Anyone can rent any car at any time, and drive anywhere into a crowd. Anytime and Anywhere. This “anytime and anywhere” is the symbolically strong image that is to be imprinted into us. This picture is intended to bring us complete monitoring and external control of our entire life as I write here. Who says, “That has not yet happened” is wrong. The daily “reasonable” standards, targets, regulars – these are the precursors of this development. These attacks are repeated and intensified for a long time, and increased until we are in full agreement for “more safety on the streets”. We can not shake the rulers as long as we believe politicians are politicians. They are lodge brothers and sisters. And they have a plan. Accoring to Gioele Magaldi, italian grand master, In the 1980s, it was “United Freemasons for Globalization” – this last word “Globalisation” was an invention of them, brought to us, by their media, and today it is the “Clash of Civilisations” (the religion of the terrorists, migrants, refugees, etc…) that will bring the One World Government, which the pseudo pope also likes to talk about. In any case, tense and anxiety increase so much that people talk about the weather, as if it is something important. They are already controlled so that they are afraid of their own thoughts, and thereby find peace only when controlled. Look at your fellow women and men, how they behave, how they pack their goods at the checkout of the supermarket, and as they leave the bus or train. Their anxious looks in each direction. The pseudo psychotic explosion. But something else happens. A swarm behavior. True to the social engineering of which Eric Trist and William Sargant spoke, Before I quote them, here is another quote found in the german book “Nein! Die Welt der Angeklagten” written by Walter Jens: “Sun and moon looked at a not very big planet. Figures lived on him. Previously, they were called: Humans.”


On May 27th the 89 years old FRATER KRONOS died. The masonic name of Zbigniew Brzezinksi.

Bloodthirsty and visionary, one of the most powerful men.
He was the (co)founder of masonic super lodges. Among them the THREE EYES, and the MAAT. He put Pope II into into power. And also made Obama president and introduced him into the Maat. Zbig’s lodge was involved in the successfull assassinations of Robert Kennedy, Martin Luther King, and the failed attempt on Reagan. He was the shadow president of the United States, “under” many presidents. He set up the P2 lodge in Italy, and then let it fall. He was involved in Operation Condor in South America, with tens of thousands of tortured and killed victims. He was a masonic brother of mason Osama Bin Laden. Zbig stood above the law, above each rule on earth, listening only to his own vision, and the one of his brothers and sisters. His recent project is the attempt to stop the out of control super lodge HATHOR PENTALPHA, currently spreading terror all over the world. With his death, there could be now a shift into more of this. To warn, inform and prepare us.


Bruno Bettelheim said in his book “The informed Heart”, that Children want a beginning, a middle part, an end, and someone who afterwards explaines everything.  THat is the trick with the made up story, when Special Squads kill people and it is afterwards attributed to some made up “lone wolf”.

6 months ago Giulio Occhionero, Nuclear Engineer, freemason and Francesca Maria, chemist, also freemason, have hacked the computer of Ur lodge brother Mario Draghi (European Central Bank, brother of five Super lodges), Matteo Renzi (former Prime Minister of Italy). The program was called “Eye Pyramide”.The dark secrets they found, will we ever see them? http://www.businessinsider.com/italian-siblings-arresting-arrested-for-hacking-into-thousands-of-email-accounts-2017-1?IR=T

2012: Ur Lodge brother Draghi wants to eliminate the social model in Europe: https://www.wsj.com/articles/SB10001424052970203960804577241221244896782

Further below I try to explain the current terror events / false flags around the globe, and the masonic meaning / background (according to people like Gioele Magaldi, italian grandmaster)

Here is the FULL LIST of all the brothers and sisters and additional lodge info (source: MASSONI, book written by Grand Master Gioele Magaldi, Frater Jahoel):



– Josef Ackermann (banker and ex-boss Deutsche Bank) – also brother of the lodges “White Eagle” and “Pan Europa” and “The Ring”
– Giovanni Agnelli (chef of Fiat), brother of other lodges
– Madeleine Albright (on Warnlist) – also sister of “Leviathan” lodge
– Edmund Alphandéry (on Warnlist) – also brother of “Pan Europa” lodge
– James Jesus Angleton (US CIA) – also brother of lodges “Geburah” and “Compass Star-Rose”
– Bernard Arnault (on Warnlist, rich business man) – also brother “Edmund Burke” lodge
– Raymond Barre (Politician and economist)
– Dominic Barton (on Warnlist, manager, consultant on highest levels) also “Tao Lodge”
– Stephen Bechtel jr.(rich business man)
– Antoine Bernheim (banker and manager)
– Georges Berhoin (high bureaucrat)
– Lloyd Blankfein (on Warnlist) – also “Edmund Burke” and “The Ring”
– Robert Richardson Bowie (jurist, established Center for International Affairs at Harvard with Kissinger and member of CIA).
– Enrico Braggiotti (on Warnlist, banker)
– Peter J. Brenneke (politician)
– Karl Brunner (swiss economist)
– Zbigniew Brzezkinski (founder of “Lux Ad Orientem” and “Three Eyes”) – Consultant and shadow president
– Warren Buffet (on Warnlist, businessmen) – also “Atlantis Aletheia” and “Maat”
– George Herbert Walker Bush (President, businessman) also “Hathor Pentalpha” (founder)
– Dungxiao Chen (on Warnlist, political scientist) also “Tao Lodge”
– Fujio Cho (on Warnlist, japanese manager) also “Tao Lodge”
– Pedro Passos Coelho (on Warnlist, PM Portugal) – also “Edmund Burke” and “White Eagle”
– William Egan Colby (secret agent, CIA director)
– John Connally (Politician and businessman)
– Michael Corbat (on Warnlist, banker)
– James Cornford (university Edinburgh)
– Enrico Tommaso Cucchiani (banker and manager)
– Samuel Cummings (legendary businessman, international weapons trade) – also “Geburah” and “Leviathan”
– Federico Umberto D’Amato (secret services E.U.) also “Compass Star-Rose / Rose-Stella Ventorum”
– Michel David-Weill (on Warnlist, banker)
– Étienne Davignon (on Warnlist, politician, manager, businessmann) also Politician” and “Edmund Burke” and “Babel Tower” and “Valhalla” and “The Ring” and “Parsifal”
– Jacques De Larosière (on Warnlist, state servant, banker, Ex IWF) also “White Eagle” and “Pan Europa”
– Edmond Adolphe De Rothschild (on Warnlist, banker)
– Hsiaoping Deng (leader chinese communist party)
– Paul Desmarais senior (businessman)
political scientistpolitical scientist
– Vladimir Dloughý (on Warnlist, economist and politician) also “Compass Star-Rose / Rose-Stella Ventorum”
– Andreas Dombret (on Warnlist, banker, Bundesbank board) also “Compass Star-Rose / Rose-Stella Ventorum” and “Der Ring”
– Mohamed A. El Krian (on Warnlist, manager) also “Amun” and “Maat”
– Edwin Feulner (political scientist, Heritage Foundation)
– Gerald Ford (politician and U.S. President)
– Henry II Ford (Trilateral Comission)
– Jacob A Frenkel (on Warnlist, economist and banker) also “Geburah” and “Compass Star-Rose / Rose-Stella Ventorum”
– Milton Friedman (on Warnlist, economist) also “Edmund Burke” and “White Eagle”
– Timothy Geithner (on Warnlist, economist and banker) also “Leviathan”
– Carlos Ghosn (on Warnlist, businessman and manager)
– Frank Gigliotti (pastor, P2 Lodge supporter)
– Valéry Giscard d’Estaing (french president)
– Allan Gottlieb (on Warnlist, lawyer, politician) also “Edmund Burke” and “White Eagle”
– Alan Greenspan (Economic Council, FED Chairman) also “White Eagle”
– Philip Guarino (priest, businessman)
– Federica Guidi (businesswoman)
– José Angel Gurria (on Warnlist, diplomat) also “Geburah”
– Alexander Meigs Haig (national security USA, chief of staff White House, Chief US commander of Europe, foreign minister)
– Armand Hammer (on Warnlist, businessman, Questionable connections) also “Joseph de Maistre” and “Golden Eurasia” and “Lux Ad Orientem”
– Edward Heath (politician, PM UK)
– Richard Holms (director CIA, ambassador IranI)
– Renwei Huang (on Warnlist, chinese University Lecturer) also “Tao Lodge”
– Samuel P. Huntington (political scientist) also “Hathor Pentalpha”
– Masaru Ibuka (japanese Industry, with lodge brother Akio Morita of SONY)
– Antony Peter Jenkins (on Warnlist, manager and banker) also “Edmund Burke”
– Karl Kaiser (science director of german Council of Foreign Relations)
– David Matthew Kennedy (politician and businessman, financial minster)
– John Olav Kerr of Kinlochard (politician and manager) also Compass Star-Rose / Rose-Stella Ventorum”
– Henry Kissinger (on Warnlist, Advisor, political scientist and businessman) also “Amun”
– Yotaro Kobayashi (on Warnlist, manager Japan)
– Max Kohnstamm (on Warnlist, diplomat and historian)

– Stanley Kubrick (director)
– Lee Kun-hee (on Warnlist, businessman)
– Christine Legarde (on Warnlist, IWF) also “Pan Europa” lodge
– Melvin Laird (political scientist, US Secretary of Defense)
– Otto Graf Lambsdorff (German politician, finance minister)
– Alexandre Lamfalussy (on Warnlist, IWF, banker) also “Pan Europa” and “Compass Star-Rose / Rose-Stella Ventorum” and “Der Ring”
– Cheng Li (on Warnlist, political scientist) also “Tao Lodge”
– Seymour Martin (on Warnlist, Harvard University)
– Winston Lord (assistent to Kissinger during masonic trips to China, ambassador to China) also “Compass Star-Rose / Rose-Stella Ventorum” and “Pan Europa”
– Henry III Luce (owner of TIME)
– Paul Casimir Marcinkus (archbishop, Papal commission of the Vatican)
– John J. McClay (Wall Street Advocate, businessman, president world bank, president Council of Foreign Relations, Chase Manhattan Bank)
– John Meise (on Warnlist, Queen’s University)
– Roberto Memmo (businessman)
– André Meyer (on Warnlist)
– Kiichi Miyazawa (political scientist Japan, foreign minister, PM)
– Walter Mondale (vice president U.S.A. during Carter, ambassador to Japan)
– Henry Sturgis Morgan (banker, son of JP Morgan)
– Akin Morita (japanese industry, together with mason Masaru Ibuka, founder of SONY)
– Moisés Naim (on Warnlist, journalist Venezuela) also “Janus” and “Atlantis-Alethia”
– Yasuhiro Nakasone (japanese politician, PM)
– Giorgio Napolitano (italian politician, state president)
– Robert Nozick (american political scientist) also “Edmund Burke”
– Joseph Samuel Nye (on Warnlist, political scientist) also “Janus” and “Maat”
– Lawrence D. Finck (on Warnlist, boss of BlackRock, which finances Isis) also “Compass Star-Rose / Rose-Stella Ventorum” and “Pan-Europa” and “Der Ring” and “Amun” and “Hathor Pentalpha”
– Maurice Oldfield (director UK MI6)
– Jorma Ollila (on Warnlist, manager Finnland) also “Geburah” and “Hathor Pentalpha”
– Richard L. Over (on Warnlist, UK manager) also “Geburah” and “Hathor Pentalpha”
– Henry David Owen (political scientist, “gray eminence”, friend of Zbigniew Brzezinski)
– Lucas Papademos (on Warnlist, greek economist) also “Pan-Europa” and “Babel Tower”
– Karl Otto Pöhl (banker, bundesbank) also “Pan-Europa” and “Compass Star-Rose / Rose-Stella Ventorum”
– Georges Pompidou (french PM)
– Lewis Franklin Powell junior (judge of the highest U.S. court)
– Henri Proglio (on Warnlist, french manager) also “Pan-Europa”
– Jaime Serra Puche (on Warnlist, mexican economist and manager)
– Giuseppe Recchi (on Warnlist, italian manager)
– Edmin O. Reischauer (Harvard, expert for culture and history Japan, US ambassador to Japan, founder of Institute of Japanese studies Harvard)
– John Rennie (director UK MI6)
– Condoleezza Rice (on Warnlist, US politician) also “Hathor Pentalpha”
– Nisbet Robert (american philosopher, sociologist) also “Edmung Burker”
– Gianfelice Recca (on Warnlist, italian businessman, president of Techint and Assolmbardo)
– David Rockefeller (banker, founder Bilderberger and Trilateral Commission), dead since 2017.
– Nelson Rockefeller (US Vice president)
– Kenneth Rogoff (on Warnlist, US economist) also “Leviathan”
– M. Jacobs Kenneth (US manager) also “Compass Star-Rose / Rose-Stella Ventorum” and “Edmung Burke”
– Philipp Rösler (on Warnlist, german politician) also “Parsifal”
– Jacek Rostowski (on Warnlist, polish economist and politician) also “Pan-Europa” and “Edmund Burke”
– Nathaniel Charles Jacob Rothschild (on Warnlist, financier) also “Edmund Burke”
– Nathaniel Philip Rothschild (on Warnlist, financier) also “Edmund Burke” and “Der Ring” and “Jospeh De Maistre”
– David M. Rubenstein (on Warnlist, US businessman, financier and manager) also “Geburah”
– Antonis Samaras (on Warnlist, greek politician)
– Erwin Scheuch (University of Cologne)
– Jamnes Rodney Schlesinger (on Warnlist, president US NRC, CIA director, Secretary of Defense, minister of Energy)
– Carlo Secchi (on Warnlist, italian economist and politician) also “Pan-Europa” and “Babel Tower”
– Hong Seok-hyun (on Warnlist, south korean manager and media)
– George Pratt Shultz (economy scientist, US political scientist, businessman)
– Gerard Coad Smith (lawyer, political scientist, atomic expert, US secret service)
– Edgardo Sogno (italian political scientist)
– Peter Dennis Sutherland (on Warnlist, lawyer, politician, manager and businessman) also “Compass Star-Rose / Rose-Stella Ventorum” and “Pan-Europa” and “Tao Lodge”
– Eugene Sydnor junior (president US Chamber of Commerce)
– Yasumasa Tanaka (Gakushuin University)
– John Thain (on Warnlist, US manager, businessman) also “White Eagle”
– Enlai Tschu (Chief of the Chinese Communist Party)
– Anatlij Tschubais (on Warnlist, russian politician and businessman) also “Compass Star-Rose / Rose-Stella Ventorum” and “Leviathan”
– Stansfield M. Turner (Admiral, CIA director)
– Paul Volcker (president FED, business consultant Obama)
– Friedrich Von Hajek (philosopher and economist) also “Edmund Burke” and “White Eagle”
– David Alan Walker (on Warnlist, UK banker)
– Joji Watanuki (japanese sociologist)
– William Hedgcock Webster (judge, FBI director, CIA director, Chairman of the Advisory Committee on Internal Security USA)
– Martin Winterkorn (on Warnlist, german manager VW) also “Valhalla”
– Tadashi Yamamoto (japanese businessman, supporter of Industry USA – Japan)
– Jiemian Yang (on Warnlist, chinese expert for international studies) also “Geburah”
– Lee Kuan Yew (PM Singapur)
– Yunling Zhang (on Warnlist, chinese academic, expert for social sciences)

terror, pressure, uncertainity and anxiety are designed and then caused in a population, for example via terror and / or shortage of goods (simulation parent – child – food – chain), this then creates infantility in a population and in the end the animal behavior. This altered population, thinking and mind then reacts to easy explanations: photos, symbols, press agency papers / media. something happens – voilà: Perpetrators, found names, but only one photo. Symbols. No causality. It is also a way to build a fascism again / Clash of Civilizations.

The Tavistock Institute is a para masonic think tank / organisation / research facility.

“Eric Trist, in 1963 the chairman of Tavistock’s governing council, was perfecting a theory of brainwashing on a societal scale, known as “social turbulence,” based on the work of Lewin and William Sargant. Trist, who later became the editor of Human Relations, was then based at the Wharton School of Business at the University of Pennsylvania. He stated in his 1963 paper, presented with his co-thinker Fred Emery to a select audience at Tavistock, and later published in a short book, A Choice of Futures, that a series of sharp and universal, cathartic shocks would destabilize a targetted population, plunging a whole society into a form of managed psychosis. If the shocks were repeated over a period of years, there would be a shift in mental capacity to more infantile forms of reasoning. Under such conditions, the psychotic adaptations of values would become “normative” or accept­ed; what was once thought to be abnormal would become normal. Trist boldly “predicted” in late 1963 that society had entered into a period of permanent social turbulence, which would usher society into a new paradigm. In Futures We Are In, a book published in 1975, by Trist’s associate Fred Emery, the three stages of societal disintegration of Trist’ s paradigm shift are laid out. The first stage is called superficiality, in which people start to break the bonds with the societal values of the past, the values of Judeo-Christian civilization. Superficiality results in the collapse of moral judgment, says Emery. The next, lower stage of societal disintegration is called segmentation, in which the larger institutions of society start to disintegrate, and the focus moves from the nation-state to the local com­munity, then to the block and even to the family; people, says Emery, retreat into small and increasingly more paranoid groups, whose interests are pitted against each other. Seg­mentation gives rise to potential fascism of the Nazi type, writes Emery, which, he said, was built on the ability to control “paranoid rage.” SOURCE PDF: http://www.larouchepub.com/eiw/public/1996/eirv23n03-19960112/eirv23n03-19960112_023-the_tavistock_roots_of_the_aquar.pdf

What are terror and social turbulence doing with us?
replace “dogs” with “people” and “keepers” with “leaders / politicians” and “flooding” or “stressor” with “terror” – read below:

Equivalent stage
In the first breakdown stage, the dogs would react in the same way to stimuli of different strength. It is as if they were so mentally and physically exhausted, they did not have the inclination or were no longer able to distinguish between the levels of stressors.

Paradoxical stage
In the next stage, the dogs ceased to respond to strong stimuli, whilst they still responded to weak stimuli. It is as if their brains had acted to protectively shut down against stressors that could not be handled. Thus there would be no response to a strong electric shock, whilst a response was still seen for mild shocks.

Ultra-paradoxical stage
In this stage, behaviors started to reverse, for example dogs behaving in a friendly way towards keepers who they had previously disliked, and vice versa. It is as if, in desperation, they are creatively trying things that they had not previously tried, in order to seek ways to escape the stress: https://archive.org/details/BattleForTheMind-Sargant

A further stage that Pavlov discovered was when the laboratory flooded and the dogs were rescued just before they drowned. In their terror, they forgot everything they had learned up until that point and it took months to restore the conditioning.

“Many people fear computers, because they seem to impersonate human beings. But they are wrong. What they should fear is the opposite: human beings who impersonate computers.”
This is what we call “normality”, which means “being normal”.
1995: http://www.independent.co.uk/news/people/obituary-christopher-hodder-williams-1620609.html

Normal people can be programmed to become killers:

Brussels, Paris, Berlin, Nizza, Mossul – the human technology behind it:
1971:Science Direct
“Captain Smith had undergone months of training. He was an excellent subject but did not realize it. I had removed from him, by post-hypnotic suggestion, all recollection of ever having been hypnotized.”
“Under the watchful eye of Marine Intelligence I spilt his personality into Jones A and Jones B. Jones A, once a “normal” working Marine, became entirely different. He talked communist doctrine and meant it”: http://www.mindspring.com/~txporter/scidig.htm


But it is no longer necessary to do so. Just tell people there was a “lone wolf”, although agents did the job.

More about the technique, from the 1950ies – 1960ies, an excerpt from MK Ultra (Mind KONTROL – with an K – in honor for it’s german roots…) and Artichoke:


The Terror Psy Opera across Europe: https://theburningbloggerofbedlam.wordpress.com/2017/03/29/mass-psychological-warfare-from-orlando-to-london-the-terror-psy-opera-continues/?relatedposts_hit=1&relatedposts_origin=28620&relatedposts_position=1

The same as in Belarus, China, Japanhttp://www.independent.co.uk/news/uk/politics/theresa-may-internet-regulated-london-bridge-terror-attack-google-facebook-whatsapp-borough-security-a7771896.html

The occult dimension:
Bush > Hathor Pentalpha > Osama Bin Laden > Al Quaida > Al Baghdadi > ISIS > Terror: http://www.libreidee.org/2017/05/bin-laden-e-isis-agli-ordini-dei-bush-entro-2-anni-le-prove/

Chaos ab Ordine et Ordo ab Chao (Scottish Rite, quoted from MASSONI by Gioele Magaldi) All three killers were shot in London tonight. All three. Again. Now its (again) not possible to track the traces back. Some peeple know of course whats there. Some of our leaders, belonging to Ur Lodges. As predicted. the nearer
the elections the more so called “terror”. The masonic hand writing of a car used as weapon (“code white” van like Oslo and Nizza / Berlin). Ågain. All we get will be some names and some photos, circulated by the controlled press agencies. And of course they were known to secret service. Not only the so called terror / false flag and masonic acts became normality, also our thinking has become more infantile relying only on symbols and what authorities tell us (like parents to kids). Not being able to understand this the public retreats back into ignorance, fear and inmobility. And then with a new system, a new leader, suddenly, in the masonic sense, order will be created from chaos.
Frater Kronos aka Zbigniew Brzezinski said, you have to scare the people like little children, to control them: https://tekknorg.wordpress.com/2016/10/17/last-warning/

Important Repost to understand the background of the european terror attacks GOD stands for Grand Orient Democratic (masonic): http://www.grandeoriente-democratico.com/GOD_and_EUR_REU_Grand_Orient_Democratic_and_European_Universal_Rite_against_Reactionary_and_Conservative_Freemasonry_and_about_Global_Terrorism_and_Isis.html

Manchester. Again done by the elitist oligarchic and bloodthirsty brothers of certain Super Lodges. Handwriting sounds like mind controlled “living ammo”, non surprisingly passing security check and then triggered by a signal to push the button. Possible involvement of “Hathor Pentalpha”, with knowledge of “Geburah”, “Compas Star Rose” and “Der Ring”. Trump indirectly adressed in SA that he is going to cut some financial flows between the money givers and Isis / terror. And now the reaction. In my replies below I try to explain the human technology behind it and the masonic background. Remember if it is a so called “islamic” terror, then it is clash of civilisations. To create tension between cultures and religions. If it is also a “suicide”, a car, a truck, etc… it is mind control.

Just a rare example, how events are staged and How to evade evidences:

“No crews arrived at the scene until 90 minutes”

“Large numbers of highly-trained professionals were on site within minutes ”

Las Vegas: “ISIS” is the other name for “HATHOR” -> HATHOR PENTALPHA Super Lodge (Gioele Magaldi). Trump calls it an act of evil. Evil are his Masonic brothers.That is what he means. 58 = 5 + 8 = 13 = masonic number of death. In Las Vegas is Trump’s international Tower, also a warning to him and his progressive masonic brothers. They never hit each other directly, they only sacrifice profane chess figures on the masonic chess floor. As in all of the so called terror attacks there are no proofs, no evidence. Only footage and shots and screams. There are cams all over the place but not one spotted the perpretator carrying the heavy rifles with him. Agents of the Super Lodge shot him in the head and did the job. Of course the media sells it as “lone wolf story”. How quickly information is available is unbelievable and badly cast. Any simple burglar is more elaborate to research. The data were already in the drawers of those who send them to the news agencies. Isis plus millionaire, an invented story.

The same forces responsible for the Barcelona terror were cracking down the catalan votes. Isis is just a tool. And sometimes only a word to camouflage intent and act. Independence must never be allowed under a Draghi Merkel Pan European technocratic elitist controlled Orwellian state and a drug dependent brain washed army of slaves called the E.U. The situation in spain is similar to Belarus now.

Chaos ab Ordine et Ordo ab Chao (Scottish Rite, quoted from MASSONI by Gioele Magaldi)
All three killers were shot in London. All three. Again. Now its (again) not possible to track the traces back. Some peeple know of course whats there. Some of our leaders, belonging to Ur Lodges. As predicted. the nearer
the elections the more so called “terror”. The masonic hand writing of a car used as weapon (“code white” van like Oslo and Nizza / Berlin). Ågain. All we get will be some names and some photos, circulated by the controlled press agencies. And of course they were known to secret service. Not only the so called terror / false flag and masonic acts became normality, also our thinking has become more infantile relying only on symbols and what authorities tell us (like parents to kids). Not being able to understand this the public retreats back into ignorance, fear and inmobility. And then with a new system, a new leader, suddenly, in the masonic sense, order will be created from chaos.
Frater Kronos aka Zbigniew Brzezinski said, you have to scare the people like little children, to control them.

Operation Temperer: http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/2017/05/23/operation-temperer-theresa-may-becomes-first-pm-deploy-5000/

The debt crisis in Greece was orchestrated by: Wolfgang Schäuble (master mason of the super lodge DER RING associated with GEBURAH and HATHOR PENTALPHA / ISIS)
Mario Draghi (wizard of the alchemy of money and mason of THREE EYES and other super lodges). http://www.libreidee.org/2015/02/der-ring-il-tempio-occulto-da-cui-fare-a-pezzi-leuropa/

Draghi‘s rescue plan is a hostage-taking. The Federal Reserve is doing the same in the U.S. The Brexit is a typical Masonic”back and forth” course because it originated from the two dialectically separate camps. Quote from the book MASSONI by Gioele Magaldi: “Note also that the economist Stanley Fischer, ready to follow Janet Yellen (a progressive Mason) as chairman of the FED, is a “Hathor Pentalpha” member.” HATHOR PENTALPHA!


THE MASONIC BACKGROUND (from MASSONI): In 1993, the first year of Clinton’s presidency, Dick Cheney and Don Rumsfeld commissioned Samuel Huntington to write ‘The Clash of Civilizations’, which then appeared and was disseminated widely in the critical year 1996 when Bush Sr. was seething with anger at the thwarting of his ambitions. Huntington’s book was the ideological manifesto of Freemasonry for the 21st Century. It was the focus for the informal founding of the new Ur-Lodge “Hathor Pentalpha” under the auspices of Bush Sr., Jeb Bush, S. Huntington, D. and R. Kagan, D. Feith, Dick Cheney, D. Rumsfeld, I. and W. Kristol, Dan Quayle, P. Wolfowitz, R. Perle, Karl Rove etc. new wars without end in the Middle East”, and new billion dollar trade deals for the military-industrial complex, and new freedom-destroying laws in the entire western world, imposed to guarantee the security of worthy citizens against the threat of the jihadist enemy. It will be in short, the triumph of that “Clash of Civilizations” anticipated back in 1996 by Samuel Huntington, friend of Bush and “Hathor Pentalpha” Brother, and author of what we can confidently regard today as the ideological manifesto of the new Masonic policy. … The most brutal, violent and bloodthirsty Freemasonry against which we must absolutely “show a common front”, if we are not to risk finding ourselves in “a still more tragic world scenario” than that of 9.11. https://www.amazon.com/Clash-Civilizations-Remaking-World-Order/dp/1451628978

Gioele Magaldi about 911: http://www.libreidee.org/2017/09/magaldi-una-rivoluzione-contro-i-falsari-degli-11-settembre/

The controlled demolition of the Twin Towers and the sacrifice brought by the assassination of thousands of people had two occult and masonic reasons: Source: MASSONI by Gioele Magaldi, grandmaster and high grade free mason.
– First it was the founding event of the 21st century
– Second it was the “sequel” of another September 11, in 1973, when Allende was killed in Pinochet’s coup in Chile.
Samuel Huntington, a brother of the supra national masonic lodge “Hathor Pentalpha” published in 1975 the masonic manifesto about the end of democracy and that too much of it is dangerous. Huntington also wrote the masonic “Clash of Civilisations” manifesto published in 1996, before the demolition of the Twin Towers. This event was planned a long time, as a catalytic event like Pearl Harbour. The Three Eyes lodge brothers Henry Kissinger, David Rockefeller, Jacob Rothschild, Zbigniew Brzezinski were taken by surprise by their Hathor Pentalpha brothers in 2001. Two famous Hathor Pentalpha brothers are Tony Blair – the inventor of Saddam’s “weapons of mass destruction”, and Nicolas Sarkozy, Gaddafi’s liquidator (without forgetting the Turkish Erdogan, the “godfather” of Islam in bloody conquest of Syria). The terror attacks in Europe are a product of Hathor Pentalpha. After each planned attack the anxiety is increased and special laws suddenly pass. The two Twin Towers resemble the two masonic columns near the symbol of time. Magaldi says “it is up to us to get out of lethargy: it needs a real revolution, civil and political,” https://blog.movimentoroosevelt.com/home/825-il-disastro-delle-twin-towers-e-sequel-di-un-altro-11-settembre-quello-del-1973-quando-in-cile-fu-abbattuto-allende-dal-golpe-di-pinochet-obiettivo-strategico-piegare-quel-che-restava-del-socialismo-e-avvelenare-il-mondo-con-l-ideologia-neoliberista.html

English Summary: https://tekknorg.wordpress.com/2016/10/17/last-warning/

What I now witness, is an almost withdrawing, accepting, denying the daily terror. An everyday occurrence. From incident to normal, by accumulation of incidents. It seems to me as the “We did not know” of the Germans, who deny the existence of the concentration camps, a phenomena described in “The Informed Heart” by Bettelheim. The terrorist attacks are, however, in the subconscious of the population, and form them without being able to prevent it. Because they want leadership. Even (especially!) if it is tyrannical. Also these Future Shocks will put the people into catatone stereotypes. Unable to act. https://www.amazon.com/Future-Shock-Alvin-Toffler/dp/0553277375

I want to add one interesting fact: Zbigniew Brzezinski’s (masonic name “Frater Kronos”) funeral was held at Cathedral of Saint Matthew the Apostle, in Washington D.C. There are also the mortal remains of John Fitzgerald Kenney since his funeral was also held there. Italian mason Gioele Magaldi confirmed in 2014 that it was from within the neo-aristocratic Ur-Lodges “Geburah”, “Joseph de Maistre”, “Edmund Burke”, and “Compass Star-Rose” that the assassination plan originated.

Magic Tricks.
Perceiving, elaborating and assimilating information.
Conditioning the mainstream culture, models of mass psychology during the metabolism of myth imposed by state engineers
The reality-fiction of 9/11 represents the beginning of a new spiritual paradigm before it was political and warlike, because at that moment there was a vivid mass programming to accept a clear logical short-circuit. The FATHER / FIRM warned the people / SON that the social and sexual roles imposed from above were ACCEPTED and sublimated through an essentially fake narrative, even in the eyes of their own children, a process capable of causing trauma and a split as happens for the victims raped by a family member or an adult.
The mass was spiritually raped and then, with the leader’s consent, asked to accept this brutality and to defend it from those who wanted to denounce it.
After September 11th there are 111 days left to the end of the year: https://maestrodidietrologia.blogspot.de/2017/09/119-tutti-li-vedono-ma-non-ci-sono.html

Excerpt from the book MASSONI by Gioele Magaldi:

September 11th 2001 – The Founding Event of the 21st Century.

Given the fact that there are 18 intelligence agencies in U.S.A., it is inconceivable that none of them should have known anything about the complex and far-reaching plans to destroy the Twin Towers. What lay behind this “terrorist act” which, technically speaking, had more the character of a controlled demolition than a guided plane crash? Frater Kronos undertakes to tell us something of the hidden background to 9.11. We are taken back to the U.S. Presidential elections of 1992, where the 14 Masons responsible as a group for such decisions chose W. J. Clinton (Bill), whereby Bush Senior was intended to withdraw from the campaign. But he did stand for reelection and, together with his cronies of “Three Eyes”, Cheney, Rumsfeld etc., was infuriated at being made to step aside in favour of Clinton.

This situation worsened in 1996 when Clinton was admitted to “Three Eyes”, Bush Sr.’s own Lodge. (Frater Kronos confesses to having, himself, played a part in these manipulations.) In 1993, the first year of Clinton’s presidency, Dick Cheney and Don Rumsfeld commissioned Samuel Huntington to write ‘The Clash of Civilizations’, which then appeared and was disseminated widely in the critical year 1996 when Bush Sr. was seething with anger at the thwarting of his ambitions. Huntington’s book was the ideological manifesto of Freemasonry for the 21st Century. It was the focus for the informal founding of the new Ur-Lodge “Hathor Pentalpha” under the auspices of Bush Sr., Jeb Bush, S. Huntington, D. and R. Kagan, D. Feith, Dick Cheney, D. Rumsfeld, I. and W. Kristol, Dan Quayle, P. Wolfowitz, R. Perle, Karl Rove etc. The next step was the forming of the para-Masonic think-tank “Project for the New American Century” in early 1997. “FCI” then reads out the Statement of Principles of the PNAC, which has ostensibly to do with the expansion of American Interests. Frater Kronos reminds us however, that the interests served having nothing to do with the American people as such. He then describes how he helped to bring about the financial collapse in Asia in 1997-98.

A next important initiative of his, with Larry Summers etc., was the repeal of the Glass-Steagall Act of 1933, so that banking activity was now completely free of legal restraint. Frater Kronos made full use of the new powers of financial manipulation in S.E. Asia, Japan and finally Washington itself. But by 2000 it became evident that a huge new threat was emerging. In 1997 Tony Blair had become P.M. in Britain and was inducted into the informal nucleus of the projected “Hathor Pentalpha” Lodge which, after a 4-year secret existence, became official in summer 2000. Its Grand Master was Dick Cheney, First Overseer Don Rumsfeld, Second overseer Bill Kristol, Orator Sam Huntington, Treasurer Paul Wolfowitz, Secretary Richard Perle, Deputy First Overseer Tony Blair, Deputy Orator Karl Rove, plus many others in the centres in Europe and the Middle East. The first really alarming act of the “Hathor Pentalpha” was the publication in Sept. 2000 of “Rebuilding America’s Defences: Strategies, Forces and Resources for a New Century”. One year after 9.11. Scottish journalist Neil Mackay wrote a perceptive article on U.S. ambitions, which “FCI” now reads out. Also an Italian article quoting from ‘Rebuilding America’s Defences’ which states that the rebuilding process would be very slow “unless a catastrophic and catalytic event occurs, like a new Pearl Harbor”.

Frater Kronos continues by informing us that Osama bin Laden was originally a “Three Eyes” member and that Al Qaeda was infiltrated and steered by members of “Edmund Burke”, “Three Eyes” and “White Eagle”. There was great concern in these Lodges over what “Hathor Pentalpha” might do if its candidate were elected to the Presidency – George W. Bush. He was the mediocre man best suited to disguise, and to further, the aims of “Hathor Pentalpha”. Frater Kronos and allies supported the candidacy of Al Gore. But Jeb Bush as governor of Florida was able to influence the counting of votes so that his brother George W. won the election. And after 9.11. “Hathor Pentalpha” had found its Pearl Harbour, thus inaugurating several years of aggression and brutality. Frater Amun now brings a list of 6 Saudi princes, the Sultan of Oman, the Emir of Bahrain, the Emir of Qatar, 6 leading Iranians, 4 leading Israelis who joined “Hathor Pentalpha” in 2000. This was a period where huge profits were made by a small circle of Masons gravitating around “Hathor Pentalpha”, “Geburah”, “Amun”, “Der Ring” and others. “FCI”: You mean the oil trade, drug trafficking in Afghanistan, and reconstruction of infrastructures, particularly in Iraq? Frater Kronos: Certainly! Frater Jahoel: Not to forget the very important profit accruing to members and sympathizers of “Hathor” and “Jeburah”, from the Patriot Act, proclaimed in Oct. 2001 and still in force in 2015, stifling civil liberties for the sake of a “war on terror”, and in flagrant contradiction of the U.S. Constitution. “FCI”: Frater Kronos, tell us more about Osama bin Laden and Al Qaeda. Frater Kronos: Osama bin Laden was first serving “Three Eyes” in the anti-Soviet conflict and in Islamist international terrorist acts. Then after 2000 he slipped from our control and worked for “Hathor” and “Geburah”, as “public enemy number one” – an example of the fictions sold to the world in order to create a new order in which internal security is placed before traditional civil liberties.

2007-2014: a New Global Order without Democracy, Liberty or Universal Rights

“FCI”: From the seventies and eighties until shortly after the turn of the millennium the oligarchs were scoring victory after victory and forcing the progressives into a passive role. Were these Lodges able to achieve anything in this period? Frater Tao: In the 1970’s they prevented oligarchs from attaining their most ambitious goal, which was to spread to the West, to Europe, to Italy in particular, the form of reactionary regime that prevailed in South America through the success of Operation Condor. Then from 1981, they accepted a truce with the oligarchs under the terms of United Freemasons for Globalization. Frater Kronos: While the possibility of outer action was limited, the progressives sponsored and promoted many books and films challenging the striving for domination on the part of the oligarchs. One could mention the Matrix Trilogy, the Lord of the Rings, the da Vinci Code, the Hobbit, Harry Potter. “FCI”:

Frater Kronos, can you tell us about the founding of the Ur-Lodge “Maat” and your connection to Brother Barack Obama? Frater Kronos: When the “Hathor Pentalpha” was at the height of its powers, with the Compass Star-Rose, slightly more moderate, on one side and the warlike extremists of “Geburah” on the other, we decided to create an Ur-Lodge of compromise, the “Maat”. And our work was to find a candidate for the White House who could embody this pact of Masonic unity in the spirit of moderation. We chose Barack Obama, who was initiated in the “Maat” in 2005. Ted Kennedy had been a leading member, and Bill Clinton joined in 2008. “FCI” now asks about the financial crisis of 2007-8. Frater Rosenkrantz admits to having participated in the process of deliberate failure to resolve the crisis, which was planned and orchestrated down to the last detail. Their aim was to use as guinea-pigs first Greece and then the rest of the so-called PIIGS nations (Portugal, Ireland, Italy, Greece, Spain), to undermine their economies, making huge profits for themselves in the process. Frater Rosenkrantz is ashamed of his part in this, and plans to join the progressive “Montesquieu” Lodge.

Frater Kronos: This is the kind of bloodless, non-violent war of which I heartily approve. From the beginning, European unity was designed so that – 1. The res publica would be governed in a technocratic postdemocratic, oligarchic manner, and – 2. In the event of a financial crisis in the Eurozone, the European Central Bank would have the power of life or death over the economy of the country concerned ; According to our Project for the New European Century, Europe is to become the prototype of a new post-modern feudalism, governed by a Masonic nobility, rich in initiatic-spiritual heraldry and alchemical-financial talent. The system, similar to the Communist Chinese oligarchic model, can be exported anywhere in the world. Obama’s somnolence and indecision have helped greatly to further our project of feudalization and Chinesification of the Old Continent of Europe.

[Here we will omit a detailed discussion of the situation in Italy, Germany and France, and move on to the final section:]

Isis and the Arab Spring

“FCI”: Would you tell us something about Isis, chaos in the Middle East and the awakening of “Hathor Pentalpha”. Frater Kronos – admits that the Arab Spring (2010-2011) took him completely by surprise. He and his friends could not understand what was going on, and did not know how to react. Things become clearer in 2013 when Al Qaeda in Iraq (Aqi) started to use the English name Isis (Islamic State of Iraq and Syria), and when it emerged that in 2009 the self-proclaimed Calif of a new Islamic State had been secretly initiated into the “Hathor Pentalpha”. After this he had been miraculously released from the prison camp where he had been held since 2004. In the same April 2013 when Al Qaeda Iraq changed its name to Isis, George Bush Jr. launched the campaign for his brother (also in Freemasonry) to enter the White House in 2016. Jeb Bush of “Hathor Pentalpha” is to lead the battle with Islamist extremism in the spirit of the ‘Clash of Civilizations’. Note also that the economist Stanley Fischer, ready to follow Janet Yellen (a progressive Mason) as chairman of the FED, is a “Hathor Pentalpha” member. Frater Jahoel is convinced that Obama, given the clarity, courage and determination, could wipe out the Isis troops with no difficulty. Frater Kronos: We are already trying to persuade him. Maybe the publication of “Massoni” in the U.S. will help to sway general opinion. 9.11. was an echo of Sept. 11th 1973, the date of the Chilean coup d’état, deposing socialist Freemason Salvador Allende and marking the launch of Operation Condor in South America. The two events are 28 years apart – the number of the lunar cycle. Frater Jahoel: In the future volumes of this series (due to appear by Oct. 2015?) we will explain how Tolkien’s symbols play into the events.

“FCI”: And we will explain from the Masonic standpoint all that has happened in the meantime in this “Land of Mordor”, from political-economic crises in the Eurozone and the West, political-military crises in the Ukraine, total crises in the Middle East, to sinister ambitions with regard to the White House. Frater Jahoel: Not only that. We also have to explain why Italy and France are the key to the future of democracy in the world.

~END of excerpt~

2014. Camp Bucca was taking orders for new marionettes and “suicide”attacks (all these daily attacks, remember?) which became later the Psy Opera with terror in Brussels, Nizza, Berlin, Paris, London, Manchester, Mossul, – all this originated at this former Mind Control Headquarter. Supervised by US Navy NPDB – ordered by the Hathor Pentalpha Super Lodge. And supported and financed by the lodges Amun, Der Ring, and Geburah. Also Al Baghdadi and others were trained there, and then released to spread terror. Al Baghdadi, the leader of Isis (Hathor) became also a masonic brother of Hathor Pentalpha, and lives a healthy life. First contractors / special forces from the U.S. (not really America, but these Ur Lodges) work along with Isis terrorists on the ground. Probably the “orange” suits and the Toyota cars for Isis were also sent to this place. It is a really a masonic, psychological and disgusting game these brothers play, and all the smiling politicians know it and talk about “democracy” when shown on media. Meanwhile they are working to abolish us, and our rights as well. https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/morning-mix/wp/2014/11/04/how-an-american-prison-helped-ignite-the-islamic-state/?utm_term=.e19a9be3a703

also: Lost data was found. The CMC was also a project of CIA.
The P2 lodge was a project of the Three Eyes super lodge, whose blood thirsty brothers also killed Robert Kennedy and MLK, and fired at Reagan to make way for Bush:


the evolution of the mobilphone
then this chip will be installed from birth
Cash will disappear. Fortune will disappear. Only standardized amounts, standardized food, and terility in public life, and – most importantly for control and dependence – a certain degree of euthanasia and drugs to relieve pain.
all installed in this chip.
without it you are nothing. and when nothing “disappears” nothing has happened.

First microchips in U.S. employees: http://kstp.com/news/wisconsin-company-to-implant-microchips-in-employees-three-square-market/4549459/


Monitoring Internet: http://www.independent.co.uk/news/uk/politics/theresa-may-internet-regulated-london-bridge-terror-attack-google-facebook-whatsapp-borough-security-a7771896.html

Every Step YOU make is tracked: https://www.google.com/maps/timeline

Chernobyl, TEPCO’s catastrophe and the World Trade Center are not dissimilar. They are technologically generated trauma, which affect the entire human race indefinitely. The offenders have made official statements. the victims have accepted these statements and the actual damage done to them. Children also excuse the crimes inflicted on them, or they do not notice them, think it’s normal, or seek for themselves the mistakes. Because they can not believe that it is the caring parents who do them bad. Because they are dependent on them. The nuclear explosion of the reactor type in Chernobyl, the complete venting of the fuel to the outside by TEPCO, the controlled blast of the World Trade Center.You decide all by yourself if you remain a child. You are 100% responsible.

Politicians are lightning conductors.To vote or not to vote is a Punch and Judy. A ritual done every 4 years. For kids. The Marionette appears on the stage and the children call: Hurray or Go away. Nothing else. No matter how much media hype, performances or agendas.Politics are words. No more. _Acts_ are committed by others.
Most of the leading positions in politics, economics, industry, banking and education, are disguises for masonic brothers and sisters.They dress up as a “role”. Because we need rituals and ceremonies, otherwise we don’t understand a thing, running around like broken toys. We believe they are only “politicians”, or “managers”.Never can humanity awaken, for it is condemned to to “fight” a symbolic “struggle.” It is not a fight, although real deaths are created. It is only great shouting and suffering. The only result are old symbols – replaced by new ones.
In truth, nothing is replaced. The symbols stay the way they are. Not even the paint is attacked, not even the air is gripped by wind. Caused by the flagpoles waved by millions. Or billions. For example it took mankind to “fight” (aka pay with deaths) decades to battle communism with capitalism and vice versa. Although both do not differ by the smallest bit. This experiment was ended only by magical words during ceremonies and rituals (fall of the wall, contracts, replacement of marionettes). The powerful have only pulled on a small lever, already mankind ran in the appropriate direction. Let’s look at the USA: There are statues removed daily. The children are not able to do more. That’s all they can do: Shouting and harming each other. Masonic forces worldwide guide us, because we can not govern ourselves. Look at Trump: He plays his role formidable. A single sentence spoken (ritual, ceremony): billions of children believe in the Third World War. According to Gioele Magaldi, the Greeks had a word for these creatures, which call themselves humans: Hylic. Only the obvious counts, only the material. They will send themselves and their children to ruin, because of just some word. Kafka said: Humanity is a growth of dying power.This is how leading, occult brethren and sister see the human race.
Are they right?

who is right? who is wrong?

“From an ideal vantage point on the ground, a formation of planes may be observed in the air. One plane may be out of formation. But the whole formation may be off course. The plane that is ‘out of formation’ may be abnormal, bad or ‘mad,’ from the point of view of the formation. But the formation itself may be bad or mad from the point of view of the ideal observer. The plane that is out of formation may also be more or less off course than the formation itself is.
The ‘out of formation’ criterion is the clinical positivist criterion.
The ‘off course’ criterion is the ontological. One needs to make two judgements along these different parameters. In particular, it is of fundamental importance not to confuse the person who may be ‘out of formation’ by telling him he is ‘off course’ if he is not. It is of fundamental importance not to make the positivist mistake of assuming that, because a group are ‘in formation,’ this means they are necessarily ‘on course.’


Link: http://www.mk.ru/social/2017/04/25/kak-ubivali-akademika-legasova-kotoryy-provel-sobstvennoe-rassledovanie-chernobylskoy-katastrofy.html

I do not believe Valery Legasov killed himself. He just knew too much.
From the article: “And on April 27, 1988, on the second anniversary of the Chernobyl accident, Valery Legasov was found hanging in his home office…”
“On April 28, Legasov was to disclose to the government the data of his own investigation into the causes of the Chernobyl disaster. According to some reports, some of the records that he had prepared were erased from the recorder.” (!)
His wife does not believe in suicide either, it seems. Although he was going to die, because of the radiation effects. He received 100 rem, liquidator’s official (!) max. dose was 25r.

his recordings: http://www.life-upgrade.com/DATA/Legasov_V._Ob_Avarii_Na_Chernobiylsk.pdf

Also there was no graphite fire, as the article claims. It is disproven by Checherov, here is my summary: https://tekknorg.wordpress.com/2016/04/21/nuclear-explosion-emptied-chernobyl-concealed-by-the-nuclear-industry/
From the article: Legasov “understood the scale of the tragedy and could think of nothing else but the Chernobyl disaster.” / “Valery Legasov struck a veil of lies and silence about Chernobyl. Disclosing the true nature of the disaster…” / “He left his dosimeter in the closet…” / “A whole group of specialists worked on the report. It was prepared before our very eyes. My father used to take documents home. For several days scientists and specialists stayed at our house. Father repeatedly checked all the numbers. He personally had to make sure that they were all absolutely truthful. The report was very detailed and very honest.” / At the IAEA meeting: “The report lasted 5 hours, and another hour the father answered questions. Without any interruption. He saw his main task not justify the Soviet Union, not hide some information, but, on the contrary, explain to the world community how in such situations it is necessary to behave.” / “But the truth about Chernobyl was not liked by everyone. For example, in the leadership of the Ministry of Medium Engineering were extremely dissatisfied with the independence of academician Legasov…” / “At Chernobyl he was 7 times. He was unwell: constantly sick, exhausted by a dry cough and headaches. His immunity was weakened. At the same time, he continued to work for 12 hours a day.” / He said: “Everything is burned inside of me” / ”

Here is what he also had to say, before his “death”: https://tekknorg.wordpress.com/2013/03/27/valery-legasov-about-chernobyl/

15 billion for a new reactor.
take one thousandth.
= 15 million.
5 mio for the MEDIA (Spokesman of the industry, Ideologization of the masses, mind control)
5 mio for the POLITICIANS and EXPERTS (focus on thyroid cancer, excluding all other cancers, hormesis revival, pseudoscience, strategic misinterpretation, fraud statistics, no long-term maladies, equalization of internal and external radiation, equalization of high and low radiation, gag contracts, news laws, dose limits, soft dictatorship, technocratic tyranny)
5 mio for ASSASSINS (sudden death, cardiac insufficiency, “complications”, drowned, disappeared and so on…)
its not a simple industry or complex.
it is the evolution control committee.
a few million deaths are nothing to them.
but they are AFRAID. of each new sick child and the awarness. so they blame the parents of unhealthy living conditions, the people for creating fear and the rest of unscientific approach.

200 documents in english, french:


Among them many about internal radionuclides and Bandazhevsky and Nesterenko (Belarus).


“Radiation Protection, as advertised by the ICRP, since 1973 – is used today worldwide: If the normal dose limits are exceeded, new dose limits are invented (Japan 20 mSv/a), the economist tells the doctors what to do. costs versus health” https://enfants-tchernobyl-belarus.org/doku.php?id=base_documentaire%3Aarticles-2017%3Aetb-199

Ivankov District – Ukraine
Cesium 137 and Strontium 90 radiation maps
from 2014 / Bandazhevsky PDF: https://enfants-tchernobyl-belarus.org/extra/pdf-divers/telecharge.php?pdf=etb-184.pdf

“Our results suggest that the radioactive material emitted by the accidents at the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant negatively affected the reproductive performance of the goshawk… It is not clear whether the bioaccumulation of radioactive material would occur in these forested ecosystems, but at least the transfer of radioactive material to higher trophic levels appears to have occurred. In the case of the Chernobyl, the accumulation of Cesium 137 or Strontium 90 was recognised, and a decrease in the nest success of swallows (Hirundo rustica) was also reported5. Further, it was well investigated that animals at higher trophic levels generally had higher levels of radionuclide concentrations than animals at lower levels…” https://enfants-tchernobyl-belarus.org/doku.php?id=base_documentaire%3Aarticles-2015%3Aetb-186