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IAEA, WHO, UN (UNDP), Studies, Institutes, Politicians and Science today try to sell the Philosophy of

The Principle of Substantial Equivalent

Basically THEY say: Radiation and Radioactivity were before Atomic Age, atomic reactors and atomic bombs.

So it is natural and therefor atomic explosions and emissions of atomic reactors and radiation from reactor accidents cannot be linked to illness, mutations, handicaps and deaths.

But they want to forget one thing: Radioactive Iocine, Strontium and other Radionucleides didn’t exist before atomic age.

Since 1929 genetic and cancer creating effects of radioactivity are known.
In 1946 Hermann J. Mueller got for his experiments the nobelprice:

…and don’t you forget this. So, even Science itself is backing the real truth not the ideological truth today.

IAEA, WHO, UN (UNDO), Studies, Institutes, Politicians and Science try tell us the following:

People suffer from Radiophobia and there lifestyle.

This is absolutely crazy. Ever wanted to see your own child to grow in these areas? Yes? No? Which truth?

No problem with 2 million people still living in contamined areas in Belarus (from Chernobyl fallout, reactor explosion 1986), no problem with people becoming and still ill after atom bomb explosions in Japan (1945), or people in Rahjestan / India.

This is all a LIE.


Truth about Radiation – Movie

KiKK Study – Higher Risk of Children Cancer near German atomic reactors

Belarus Radiaton – Movie

Radiation – background and manmade

If you want to show the link between radiation and possible illness – you get not subsidies – as a reporter and as a (independent) scientist. 80 % of research in the EU is paid by the industry. There is hardly independent science. One of the biggest money givers is also one of the biggest money takers (37,000,000,000 EUROs) – atomic industry. Along with the Genetic engineering industry. They also use the Principle of Substantial Equivalent to sell their ideology and products.




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In 1958 the United States planned to drop an atomic bomb (yield: 10.000 – 15.000 tons) above Amoy (Xiamen) airport, if China would have blocked the way to Islands near Taiwan. When told former President Eisenhower ordered the USAF to create a plan on how to use conventional bombs against the Chinese Army. Source: Independent National Security Archive USA at the George-Washington-University / U.S. main capital.


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22 years ago a real atomic reactor exploded. The whole thing.

Belarus got more than 70% of the Chernobyl fallout. More than 2 million people are still living in contaminated areas. More than 125,000 died and more will die. Unofficially this number rises up to 800,000. IAEA and WHO say: 30 something died. IAEA and WHO do have a gag contract since 1959, which does not allow the WHO to publish other results about illness from radiation – unless the OK from the IAEA. Dont’t forget.

Read it here:


368,000,000 EUROs for Chernobyl (more than 20 years after explosion)

Atomic power and Children cancer

I’m in Berlin right now (Germany), let’s see what the Government and Greenpeace do, 22 years after.


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Medium-range ballistic missles (IRBMs) have been deployed to Belarus, as the BAG Tschernobyl Germany informed. Is this the answer to the anti-missle shield in Czechia and Poland? Let’s wait for more details to come.

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On July 24th 2006 Lybia claimed to build an atomic bomb soon.

On July 27th 2007 Lybia and France announced cooperation on the atomic sector (Info).

Today Gaddafi (lybian ruler) arrived in Paris. Both countries signed a contract with a volume about 10,000,000,000 EUROs. France is going to help Lybia to use atomic power. France also delivers military equipment and a few atomic reactors.

With kind regards to Électricité de France. Don’t forget:

French atomic power plant: Worker contamined with radiation – again – Oct. 29th 2007 and

Électricité de France and the rising suicide rate in Chinon atomic power plant – July 8th 2007

Where ever you look you’ll find bad news. Bad atomic news.

More information about Chernobyl, atomic power, radiation and Belarus:


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Pre-election time is always the time for big and sometimes silly words.

This time: sabre-rattling from the “flawless democrat” Putin. Putin wants a massive arms build-up of russian atomic weapons, such as the Topol-M (info) or new nuclear systems for “his” armed forces.Big words, but what’s behind the curtain:Have a look at all the rusty ships of the russian naval, have a look at the freedom of the press, the situation of the russian and belarussian people or just remember the Polonium assissination this year.

It’s a mess.

And now, welcome to the old cold war times including hugging Irans` President, who wants to wipe Israel of the map.

Putin knows how to misbehave and seed fear. But the ruble is not endless, also Uranium.

More information about Chernobyl, atomic power, radiation and Belarus:


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New tensions on the way:

Irans president Ahmadinedschad denied reproaches in an interview with a british sender (Channel 4) that his country wants to build an atomic bomb. Source
“We don’t need it” he said.
But he wants to continue Uranium enrichment.

Senator and presidental race contender Obama said during a stay in Iowa, that President Bush und the Vice-President do not have the support and the authorization from the American people and the Congress, to launch another war. Source

It would be a terrible mistake to attack Iran – have a look here:
Preventing nuclear war in Iran

But, atomic power plants and atomic weapons are siamese twins.
What now?

Is this some kind of a 21st century challenge to say goodbye to technology?
Let’s say, like… atomic power?

More information about Chernobyl, atomic power, radiation and Belarus:


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