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This year G8 is in Japan

Strong quake damages Japanese atomic power plant
Fire in Japanese atomic power plant

G8 countries want new atomic power plants.
Shame on Germany they don’t want atomic power. The swines.
Why not atomic power.

It’s cheap. It’s safe. It’s even renewable, it’s clever,
reactors are running with pure oxygen and bubble gum.
And, that’s what all say: It’s damn good money.

They become lobbists and advise / pay the Governments.
Then the Governments meet and say: Let’s build new atomic reactors.
say: Atomic energy is dangerous.
say: No, IAEA and ICRP say it’s NOT.

This is IAEA
This is ICRP

The operators are ready to invest in their atomic power plants.
That’s nice of them, isn’t it.

Who one wonders, they get 37,000,000,000 EUROs of money
(our money) as subsidies for their atomic money maker plants.

And they don’t have to assure them – that’s up to 2 – 5,000,000,000,000 EUROs
of money for each reactor. Which other energy is so clever? Tell me!

Even better: The subsidies will rise because
the needed Uranium will be more expensive if countries still
want to use their atomic reactors and even build new ones,
as McCain wants, the IEA wants, Toshiba wants and other countries
want. More dependence on atomic energy. More money.

McCains 45 atomic reactos
IEAs 1,300 atomic reactors
Toshibas 65 atomic reactors
France atomic reactors
Switzerland atomic reactors

To get 1 ton of Uranium you cause 2,000 tons of radiative material.
But there is no lobby for the Uranium workers in such countries like… well
which countries? No matter.

And even if one reactor crashes – the atomic industry is
building on the ALARA (made by the ICRP / IAEA) principle –
this allows them not to pay if people are affected by radiation exposure
– when something happens in / with their reactors.

IAEA and ALARA – we don’t help you

This so clever.
Make your own rules (Atomic Industry, IAEA) and it even is accepted!
More money, money, money!

Atomic power plants have turbines – they are running with steam.
It’s the oldest principle. But hey! It’s atomic power, it’s modern.
But why do we have to use Uranium to make steam at the end?
I don’t know, who asks. More money, that’s why.

Atomic power is a centralized energy – destroy the center – no energy.
That’s the same with the Fusion reactor in ITER / France (Funded with
10,000,000,000 EUROs of money – 100,000,000,000 EUROs of money till
2050 in the E.U.). But credit the money, if you are clever you also
have your hands in Fusion not only atomic power.

The atomic industrys servant IEA / IAEA says atomic power will go
back in the year 2030. Who wonders? My money wonders.
Uranium will end in 60 years and be more expensive. More money.
Renew Uranium? That’s even more expensive and causes huge
amounts of radiative waste. But it’s more money.

Remember – there is no radioactive waste disposal on the world,
even for the 1st Generation waste directly from atomic power plants.
That costs too much money.

In the past money was worth much more, now money loses it’s value.
Attention, it’s clever! With less valuable money it’s harder to
build new energy like environmental friendly / renewable energy.

So, let’s wait and wait and wait – it will become nearly impossible.
People think: Renewable energy is too expensive and ineffective.
But wait, instead we have atomic power from the past with the good
old frameworks – as the subsidies. Let’s bet on this, let’s sell
it during G8.

Who cares for the future, when your country has hundreds of atomic power
plants – which need to be demolished – this costs more than the construction and takes
a longer time (10 years).

And with all these massive problems – who cares about a missing radioactive waste disposal.
or problems after all. Or the German KiKK Study about higher cancer risc near atomic power plants.
Guess what, let’s build more atomic power plants – so everyone lives next to one. The study will
be out of date then.

Goodnight G8



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German Government plans total pull-out from atomic power.

Remember: Total pull-out from atomic power is in the making by the following countries: Austria, Sweden, Italy, Belgium and Germany (2000). Poland stopped it’s construction of an atomic reactor (although they plan a new one in 2020), Ireland stopped the atomic program in their country.

17 of the E.U. countries do have plans for total pull-out.

Uranium is needed for atomic power plants. Uranium has a range of 60 years. If you renew Uranium for re-use in atomic power plants you get radioactive waste materials. The quarrying of 1 ton of Uranium causes 2000 tons of radiative material.

Atomic power is not environmental friendly and it cannot stop climate change.

It’s just another money printer for the industry.

Prepare yourself with easy-reads and contra-atomic information (Made in Germany):

German Federal Construction Minister wants 30 new Wind Energy Parks of 25,000 Megawatt

German politician: Atomic energy is NOT green

German KiKK study proves higher risc of children cancer near atomic power plants

German chronological plan for setting atomic power plants offline

German radioactive waste disposal to be closed till 2014

German atomic power plants operated by Vattenfall – the 2007 accidents

More scientific information:

Into the Future without Atomic energy. Pullout in 10 years – Win for Environment and Working places. CAN (Anti-Atomic coalition, Sihlquai 67, 8005 – Zurich), December 1995.

Burlakova E.B.: Low intensity radiation: radiological aspects. Radiation Protection Dosimetry Vol. 62, No 1/2 pp. 13 – 18 1995, Nuclear Technology Publishing.

Gadekar S.: Conclusion of the health survey of villages near Rawatbhata. CANE 767, 36 Cross, 4th Block Jayanager Bangalore 560 041. April / May 1993 Anumkti Vol. 6 No 5, pp. 1 – 32.

Muller, H.J.: Genetics, Medicine and Man (1947). (Memo wordpress.tekknorg: HERE)

Nussbaum R.H. & Köhnlein W.: Health consequences of exposures to ionizing from external and internal sources: Challenges to radiation protection standards and biomedical research. Medicine and Global Survive De. 1995 Vol. 2, No. 4, pp. 198 – 213.

Viel J.-F.: Consequences des essais nucléaires sur la santé: quelles enquêtes épidémiologiques? Médicine et Guerre Nucléaire, janv. – mars 1996 Vol. 11, p 41 – 44. British Medical Journal, January 1997, vol. 314, pp. 101 – 106.

Wolff Et.: Thesis on Teratology and X Rays, Arch. Anat. Hist. Embr. 1936, Vol. 22, pp. 1 – 382

More HERE [1] and HERE [2]


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On June 29th 2008 Toshiba announced their plan to build 65 new atomic reactors. The CEO of Toshiba web told the press to build at least 33 new atomic reactors till 2015 and 65 till 2020. In 2006 Toshiba bought the U.S. company Westinghouse web –  U.S. atomic reactor builder. Now, Toshiba is No. #1 atomic reactor builder, before Areva web

Here are the other global plans:

McCain wants to build 45 new atomic power plants

IEA wants 1,300 new atomic power plants (32 each year)

Basically they want to build atomic power plants to do something against climate change (which already happened and happens). But atomic energy is NOT green energy

see HERE why (atomic energy is not green)

or HERE – 1 ton of Uranium causes 2000 tons of radiative waste

Then, have a look at the problems in the timebombs, pardon, I meant radioactive waste disposals:

Problems in Germany

Problems in the U.S. – 1st part

Where is Toshiba from? Right, Japan.

Have a look at Japanese atomic reactors:

Strong quake damages Japanese atomic power plant

Fire in Japanese atomic power plant
Every new atomic power plant is a money printer for the industry – paid by us

Every new atomic power plant is a Plutonium factory

Every new atomic power plant is a step back and makes the world an unsafer place

Every new atomic power plant reduces the range and makes Uranium more expensive


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