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German chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU) announced today that 7 reactors are going offline for three months. They will be tested for safety. For example, if they can resist against a plane crash. Every engineer tells you: They can’t. The only consequence can be the once and for all shutdown of all atomic reactors worldwide.

2009 a new book of rules was written, for higher standards in Germany’s atomic power plants. The rules we use today are 30 years old – also a reason why the seven plants are shut down at the moment

Atomic energy chief lobbyist Gerald Hennenhöfer (web) recommended Chancellor Angela Merkel NOT to use the new Rules for opterating atomic power plants in Germany, because then all german atomic power plants would have been shut down. SOURCE (speech SPD party Germany) And Gerald Hennenhöfer is now the man who supervises the testing on safety of the seven atomic power plants. Unbelievable.

So, the german government gives the people safety – for three months. After that, the danger continues – powered by the german government.

In the meantime the german government announced that they will stop and reduce support money for environmental energy projects and research.

German government bribed by atomic industry

Here is the list:

From 3/15/11 SOURCE

Biblis A (build 1974) [map] not enough emergency systems, quake area
Biblis B (build 1976) [map] not enough emergency systems, quake area

Unterweser (build 1978) [map] running with Plutonium MOX fuel, in 2007 the emergency cooling system went offline

Philippsburg (build 1984)  [map] not enough Bor solution in 2001, shutdown

Isar 1 (build 1977) [map] no protection against a plane – Operator E.ON shuts it nown down

Neckarwestheim 1 (build 1976) [map]

Brunsbüttel (build 1976, offline since 2007) [map] Scandal plant operated by VATTENFALL (web) caused dangerous accidents at their atomic power plant “Krümmel” (offline since 2009) [map]:

Incident is the normal case at VATTENFALL


# Fire in Vattenfalls atomic reactor “Krümmel” – June 28th 2007

# Vattenfall and the fire in a German atomic power plant – July 6th 2007

# New problems in the atomic power plant “Krümmel” – July 10th 2007

# Police search in atomic power plant “Krümmel” – July 13th 2007

# Vattenfall – 3rd shutdown of “Brunsbüttel” reactor in 4 weeks – July 18th 2007

From 3/14/11:

The leading CDU party under chacellor Angela Merkel is going to shut down three german atomic reactors:

Biblis A [map]

Neckarwestheim  [map]

Isar 1 [map]


Reason: The situation in Japan casts doubts in the government about the safety of atomic reactors.

Not a single german atomic reactor would get a running admission today. They’re all to old. Biblis is located in a quake area, but is not built for quakes, for example.

The German Government is bribed by the atomic industry

Here are Germany’s atomic scandals

Fire in german atomic power plant 2007 – operator: Vattenfall




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Japanese officals and WHO ignore irradiated Japanese Children

IMPORTANT INFORMATION for ALL JAPANESE: http://www.criirad.org/actualites/dossier2011/japon_bis/en_japonais/japonais.html

national meteorological and geophysical services in Austria LIVE MAP Cesium 137 release


Radiation Chart (might be unobjective and downplaying)

TEPCO radiation measurements – updated (might be unobjective and downplaying)

Radiation Effects Research Foundation Japan (Lists of Institutes related to health care for the radiation-exposes in Japan) (might be unobjective and downplaying)

Quake and Radiation graphs

Readings at Monitoring Post out of 20 Km Zone of Fukushima Dai-ichi NPP (might be unobjective and downplaying)


Technical Briefing of nuclear safety aspects of the situation in Japan

Quake tracker Map Japan


Six Fukushima liquidators were irradiated with 250 Millisievert on March 19th 2011 – after the radiation limit was increased to 250 Millisievert.  They got the radiation of 100 years! Thats the crone of irresponsibility. Atomic energy is a criminal energy against all kinds of life on the planet. And the IAEA got the peace noble prize in 2005.

older news:

Fuel rods are now exposed and ready for meltdown.
Workers are irradiated. New explosions heard.

Suppression pool may have been damaged at No. 2 reactor

SOURCE: http://english.kyodonews.jp/

An atomic cloud reached Tokyo in the morning of March 13th 2011.

NHK weather forecast doesn’t show radiation levels. You cannot rely on them.

Here are radiation measurements from March 13th 2011:

Block I Fukushima: 3/13/2011  more than 1 millisievert per hour.

At the Gate of Fukushima I: 3/12/2011 forenoon till explosion of building I: 1 milli-sievert per hour, then they dropped to 0,07 milli-sievert per hour


9:35 pm 760 micro sv/h, 9:37 pm 3130 micro sv/h, 10:15 pm 431 micro sv/h and 10:35 pm 326 micro sv/h

03/14/11: 2 am: 3100 micro sievert

Normal exposure is: 2 milli-sievert per YEAR and there you have 1 milli-sievert per HOUR

GET AWAY! The radiation is 60.000 times higher than normal!

Normal radiation: 0,05 micro sievert per hour * 24 * 365 makes 438 micro sievert. Per Year.

The 2 milli sievert are made out of external radiation and other radiation sources, like Radon for example.

Divide 3000 micro sievert per hour through 0,05 micro sievert per hour – you get 60.000

The officials are down playing this crisis. GET AWAY

Low doses can lead to cancer. Especially Leukaemia after radiation exposes children are born. It damages the embryo. KiKK Study



Discovered by Abraham Petkau, 1972, Whitshell at the Atomic Energy of Canada Limited (web).

He discovered:

that 26 RAD per Minute (fast radiation rate) need a total dose of 3500 RAD to harm a cell membrane.

with 0,001 RAD per Minute (slow dose) only 0,7 RAD are needed to harm a cell membrane.

The Mechanism behind it:

The production of free radicals of Oxygen (O² with a negative electric charge) caused by ionising effect of the radiation.

The free radicals caused by the slow dose (0,001) are sparsely distributed radicals do have a higher chance to reach the cell membranes.


The free radicals of the fast radiation rate (26) are tight together and so they react faster with each other.

The low electric charge of the cell membranes attract the free radicals in the early state of the reaction (minor total dose).

If the harmed cells are monocytes this will cause:

Anemia, because the monocytes recycle 37 – 40 % of the iron of dying red blood cells.

Weakened immune system in the cells, because the monocytes generate the substance which activates the immune system of the lymphocytes.

This is the so called “Bura Bura” – of Hiroshima and Nagasaki survivors.




This is the  NEW  Livestream of NHK japanese Televison. and the english translation

More Japan Information

More Chernobyl Information

Wind: Japan – USA map

IEA wants 1,300 new atomic power plants (32 each year)



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Germany, July 9th 2009:

Vattenfall – swedish atomic reactor operator – also active in Germany, is in the headlines again. Again because of bad information policy and again because of an atomic scandal. The 2nd atomic scandal in one week, in one Vattenfall atomic power plant.

On July 6th 2009 there was the fire in a general transformator – which caused the reactor to shut down. After he was online again, after 2 years, because of this:

# Fire in Vattenfalls atomic reactor “Krümmel” – June 28th 2007

# Vattenfall and the fire in a German atomic power plant – July 6th 2007

# New problems in the atomic power plant “Krümmel” – July 10th 2007

# Police search in atomic power plant “Krümmel” – July 13th 2007

# Vattenfall – 3rd shutdown of “Brunsbüttel” reactor in 4 weeks – July 18th 2007

Then, on July 9th 2009 Vattenfall recognized damaged fuel rods in the reactor itself. All 80.000 fuel rods will be inspected – as Vattenfall said. The scandal reactor is “Krümmel” view MAP

Here is Vattenfall’s press information

According to the German newsmag BILD 72 % of all Germans want old atomic power plants to be shut down. Even 68% of all members of both Government parties CDU and CSU want old atomic power plant to be shut down.

Germany’s environment minister Sigmar Gabriel said during his stay at Chernobyl on July 10th 2009, that he also wants to take old reactors offline.

Source 1

Source 2

More information about Chernobyl, atomic power, radiation and Belarus:


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Again, a fire broke out in a generator transformer SOURCE – just like in 2007. Watch Vattenfall’s press conference online HERE

Emergency shut-down was and is the consequence. The reactor is now provided by external power grid. Federal environment minister Sigmar Gabriel now wants to put all atomic power plants under federal supervision. German chancelor Angela Merkel believes in Vattenfall. This is part of Angela Merkel’s history:

Angela Merkel was environment minister in the mid 90ies. Back in the days she allowed atomic waste to be dumped into Morsleben (Source) – which was a bad idea. The public was not good enough informed about that – according to sources of german television ZDF and the Federal Agency for Radiation Protection (web).

According to Vattenfalls CEO Hans-Jürgen Cramer the company lost 100,000 customers in 4 months to competitors in 2007. Source

These may be some reasons:

# Fire in Vattenfalls atomic reactor “Krümmel” – June 28th 2007

# Vattenfall and the fire in a German atomic power plant – July 6th 2007

# New problems in the atomic power plant “Krümmel” – July 10th 2007

# Police search in atomic power plant “Krümmel” – July 13th 2007

# Vattenfall – 3rd shutdown of “Brunsbüttel” reactor in 4 weeks – July 18th 2007

More information about Chernobyl, atomic power, radiation and Belarus:


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According to the Handelsblattview website – concerns like E.ON web and RWE web will make a fast buck with atomic power plants:

E.ON – 12,000,000,000 EUROs of money

RWE – 8,000,000,000 EUROs of money

Source: Investment Oppenheim Germany

Costs of an atomic reactor accident like the one in Chernobyl (1986): up to 5,000,000,000,000 EUROs – that’s 3 nulls more. The German CDU Government party supports this with their aim to build new ones. However their partner SPD Government party does not want more atomic power. Why?

Both signed a contract – content: Total pull-out from atomic power.

And now, with the help of G8 and higher oil prices they try to start an pro-atomic-power-war. The atomic lobby / industry consists of two interesting species:

Polticians sitting in the Government who came from the atomic industry. Lobbyists sitting in concerns and board of directors who came from Government parties.


Former Federal Minister Margareta Wolf of the German Greens – now making PR for longer atomic power plant milages – see HERE

Former Federal Minister Wolfgang Clement of the German SPD party – now in the board of directors of RWE – an atomic power plant operator – see HERE

Department chief for reactor safety, radiation protection, and nuclear dumping, Walter Hohlefelder became general agent of E.ONsee HERE – he was no longer Supervisior of it – no! Instead he became the Leader of it!

Atomic convern VIAGs top civil servant Gerhard Hennenhöfer also became a “E.ON member”. – see HERE

Energy referent Wolfgang Dirschauer (long time nodal point of energy in German Government) – went into the climate safety department of Vattenfall – remember them as the big loser of 2007 HERE

Former Energy servant of the SPD party Gerd von der Gröben now is attorny in fact of E.ONsee HERE

Former state secretary and politician of the German Greens Rezzo Schlauch now is an advisor of the concern and atomic power plant operator EnBWsee HERE

SWR Broadcaster director Willi Steul became also an EnBW advisor.

These German politicans were actually PAID by the Atomic Industry:

CDU Economy politician Laurenz Mayer regularly “granted benefits” from atomic concern RWE. He still is in Government (!) – web

FDP Technology politician Ulrike Flach was paid by atomic power plants constructor and concern SIEMENS. – also still in Government (!) – web

more to come (…)

One suitcase of money, one suitcase of studies. Both by the atomic industry. And then it’s written: “Studies have shown…” etc… Lobbyism in Germany nearly adjoins curroption.

Examples on how to make money:

This is how concerns make THEIR electricity prices

This shows the potential of saving money when using atomic power

G8 and atomic power plants



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It’s possible to save 50 Cent per monthSource

This scenario comes from Germany – where the Government Party CDU is fighting for longer atomic power plant milages. The other part of the Government, the SPD, wants the opposite. Both parties signed a contract in which they plan the total pull-out from atomic energy in Germany. 47 % of the Germans want that. 46 % want atomic power. Germany is divided.

You can save 10 Cent more, if you use energy conservation lamps instead of 60 Watt lamps. That’s 60 Cent per month. Only 50 with longer atomic power plant milages.

Not everything you can do technically is politically possible.

Anyhow, politicians are still doing PR for atomic power – it’s the pro-atomic-power-war:

part 1 part 2part 3 – (…)

They even try to call atomic power green energy. But atomic power is NOT green.

At the moment, atomic industry and the CDU try to divide the German people. Very clever, during high oil prices and G8. Germany seems to be isolated. Isolated by seven other countries.

That’s what it is called: G “8” – not G “all countries”.

Interesting thing, German Chancelor Angela Merkel (Dr. Merkel, a physicist by the way) said herself, that atomic energy is not the solution for the problems of climate change. She is a CDU politican by the way.

And this is one of Germans atomic power problem:


Asse II

In an atomic reactor or waste disposal next to you soon!

More about G8, atomic power and Germany – HERE


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