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August 29th 2008 – This is one of the biggest atomic scandals in Europe EVER!

ONE WEEK after radioactive Iodine 131 was released into the environment from the Belgian factory in Fleurus [map] officals informed the people living in the City Fleurus about the accident. Source

This is the website of the scandal factory which released the radioactive Iodine 131 – view it HERE

The factory is part of the manufacturer IRE – world’s 2nd important producer of radio isotopes.

Iodine 131 has a half life of 28 days – then it becomes Xenon 131. Iodine 131 gets absorbed by the body and concentrates inside of the thyorid. It can cause thyroid cancer and a lifelong hormone therapy with additional removal of the parathyroid. Just like it happened to many children after the Chernobyl atomic reactor explosion in 1986. Thyroid cancer is the only illness the IAEA accepts as an illness caused by radiation. The IAEA denies any link between any other kinds of disease, death or mutation and radiation.

Belgian police warnes the people living in Fleurus of eating vegetables and fruits and not to drink water from wells or milk from cows. The warning takes effect for a 5 km radius around the IRE factory.

Belgian Nuclear Safety Agency (AFCN – web) categorises the accident as a 3 in the international index (maxiumum is 7). This is the worst Belgian accident of all times.

On Tuesday the production inside at the IRE factory was stopped. First reactions from IRE officals: No harm for the people or environment – that changed after examinations of the grass near the factory. The Safety Agency suddenly changed their mind and called for an emergency meeting in the main capital Brussels.

Result: For the 2nd time the European emergency system was activated (ECURIE). The first time was here:

Atomic Alert in the EU – Slovenia

The reaction of the civil major of Fleurus: “The people are concerned – this is normal”

Will the people in Fleurus file a suit against IRE or the officals? Maybe, but will they have success? Probably not, because after the Three Mile Island accident in the U.S. the victims also tried to go to law, but the IAEA protested. Did the WHO intervene? No, because the WHO does have a gag contract with the IAEA since 1959 – so, the WHO is under pressure by the IAEA, not to publish illness-caused-by-radiation-numbers, without the OK of the IAEA.

Until next time, have a look at all these European atomic scandals:

7th Atomic Scandal! Uranium in Germany’s drinking water!

Uranium solution leaked out from French atomic power plant! – Operator: AREVA

Again! – Uranium leaked out from French atomic power plant! Operator: AREVA

100 French workers contaminated!

French atomic power plant: Worker contaminated with radiation – Again

Switzerland: Two workers contaminated in Atomic Power plant!

Germany’s waste disposal ASSE II – a ticking time bomb




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Germany, July 6th 2008 – the 7th European atomic scandal in just one month is here! This time it’s an issue for all German people, not only atomic power plant workers, engineers or scientists. The whole German people! Source

The German drinking water is much more contaminated with Uranium then assumed. The Consmer Protection Organisation “FOODWATCH” (web) discorvered, that of 8000 examined data 950 have more than 2 microgram of Uranium in one liter – that’s breaking the tolerance limit. A tolerance limit for Uranium? That’s right! There is such a thing. It’s unbelievable, but it exists. There should be only one tolerance limit: ZERO. Uranium in drinking water is dangerous for babies.

Adding to this: 150 data values are above the limit of 10 (!) microgram per liter. Is this still drinking water?

In France it would be, see the latest French atomic / Uranium scandals:

Uranium solution leaked out from French atomic power plant! – Operator: AREVA

Again! – Uranium leaked out from French atomic power plant! Operator: AREVA

100 French workers contaminated!

French atomic power plant: Worker contaminated with radiation – Again

Uranium can cause nerve damage, brain damage / Cancer, kidney damage and mutation. The IAEA would deny every link between radiation and death / mutation / cancer (excpent tyhroid cancer) or disease. They are doing this propaganda since they were founded, with the support of the ICRP – both are are profiteers of the atomic industry. So, no one wonders, why people accept tolerance limits all over the globe. It’s pro-atomic-power propaganda. Have a close look at tolerance limits, ICRP and IAEA – HERE .

They were originally founded in 1954. While their foundation was going on, an atmosphere of secrecy because of the atomic weapons and the secrecy of reasons of national safety were around them. 1954 ICRP was an organisation of 13 male members.  Till 1990 the first woman came to them…

They made the recommendations for radiation protection norms, which were accepted by all countries, and which (very important!) justified the set of regulations of the IAEA. Interesting isn’t it? Here is one:
ICRP said, the tritium emission (from atomic power plants) in water should be 40.000 Bq. And now the crazy progress of the ICRP: In 1990 they said: Lets make 7000 Bq/ litre. This was proved by ACES (Comitee for environmental standards). They said: Wrong housenumber, change the 7000 (Because of cancer danger). They also said: Lower it to 100 Bq in five years until you get 20 Bq / Litre. I think its a big difference between 40.000 and 20, don’t you?

Thats why we should never tolerate a number for low radiation emission from atomic power plants.

But the IAEA uses them in a very cruel way, since the Chernobyl reactor explosion in 1986. If you read through a paper from 1990, written by the ICRP you find the description “temporary radiation effect”. Effects which they did not find heavy enough in order that the effected people can be compensated. And today? Have a look at his HERE

Worst of all: The German Authorities did not inform the German people about the Uranium in German drinking water – never did.

Only Foodwatch did it.

Now, their website is overrun by concerned people, so it will impossible to visi t their website for a while. You can try it if you want and you should do it, because German authorities still do NOT react. See here: BfS website

Foodwatch’s Chief Bode said, it would be no problem to filter the Uranium out of the drkinig water. But the authorities do not react. He also added, it would be a good idea to show the concentration of Uranium in driking water along with the water bill.

Funny and crazy thing: Germany has NO Uranium limits for drinking water. Nothing. Again: ZERO would be the limit.

Guess what, exactly at the same time, when Foodwatch uncovered the Uranium scandal in German drinking water, the CDU party (50% of Germany’s Government and pro-atomic-power) said, that German atomic power plants should run longer than the 8 years, to be exactly: 40 years. Who said this? Well, it was Glos (member of the German Bundestag Government), have a look at him HERE. And his message HERE. Is he paid by the industry or what? No, but other Government politicians: Listed HERE.

Germany plans total pull-out from atomic energy – no wonder some people are concerned. About the money, not the health of the German people. Here is the KiKK study about rising children cancer near German atomic power plants.

This year is a total catastrophe for pro atomic power extremism. Like every year, like every week.


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Share & Download! “Childhood Leukemia and Cancers Near German Nuclear Reactors” – World’s biggest 20 years Study FINALLY online for free: http://doris.bfs.de/jspui/bitstream/urn:nbn:de:0221-20100317939/4/BfS_2007_KiKK-Studie.pdf English consumption and background: http://www.nirs.org/radiation/radhealth/kikkcommentary0709ijoeh.pdf

This is my reaction on the Dec. 11th 2007 released German KiKK study: HERE [1] and HERE [2]

And three days later, the IPPNW.org also wrote an article about the study: HERE [1] and HERE [2]

IPPNW also shows the efforts that were necessary. It’s sad, that the German Federal Agency for Radiation Protection (makers of the KiKK study) has not released an English version yet – 8 months later! HERE is their website.

It would be so necessary, because of the atomic reactor operators who throw around with their high and low radiation.

We should never forget, what former IAEA director Hans Blix said 22 years ago:

The world could handle a yearly atomic reactor explosion like the one in Chernobyl.


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German Government plans total pull-out from atomic power.

Remember: Total pull-out from atomic power is in the making by the following countries: Austria, Sweden, Italy, Belgium and Germany (2000). Poland stopped it’s construction of an atomic reactor (although they plan a new one in 2020), Ireland stopped the atomic program in their country.

17 of the E.U. countries do have plans for total pull-out.

Uranium is needed for atomic power plants. Uranium has a range of 60 years. If you renew Uranium for re-use in atomic power plants you get radioactive waste materials. The quarrying of 1 ton of Uranium causes 2000 tons of radiative material.

Atomic power is not environmental friendly and it cannot stop climate change.

It’s just another money printer for the industry.

Prepare yourself with easy-reads and contra-atomic information (Made in Germany):

German Federal Construction Minister wants 30 new Wind Energy Parks of 25,000 Megawatt

German politician: Atomic energy is NOT green

German KiKK study proves higher risc of children cancer near atomic power plants

German chronological plan for setting atomic power plants offline

German radioactive waste disposal to be closed till 2014

German atomic power plants operated by Vattenfall – the 2007 accidents

More scientific information:

Into the Future without Atomic energy. Pullout in 10 years – Win for Environment and Working places. CAN (Anti-Atomic coalition, Sihlquai 67, 8005 – Zurich), December 1995.

Burlakova E.B.: Low intensity radiation: radiological aspects. Radiation Protection Dosimetry Vol. 62, No 1/2 pp. 13 – 18 1995, Nuclear Technology Publishing.

Gadekar S.: Conclusion of the health survey of villages near Rawatbhata. CANE 767, 36 Cross, 4th Block Jayanager Bangalore 560 041. April / May 1993 Anumkti Vol. 6 No 5, pp. 1 – 32.

Muller, H.J.: Genetics, Medicine and Man (1947). (Memo wordpress.tekknorg: HERE)

Nussbaum R.H. & Köhnlein W.: Health consequences of exposures to ionizing from external and internal sources: Challenges to radiation protection standards and biomedical research. Medicine and Global Survive De. 1995 Vol. 2, No. 4, pp. 198 – 213.

Viel J.-F.: Consequences des essais nucléaires sur la santé: quelles enquêtes épidémiologiques? Médicine et Guerre Nucléaire, janv. – mars 1996 Vol. 11, p 41 – 44. British Medical Journal, January 1997, vol. 314, pp. 101 – 106.

Wolff Et.: Thesis on Teratology and X Rays, Arch. Anat. Hist. Embr. 1936, Vol. 22, pp. 1 – 382

More HERE [1] and HERE [2]


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Contingent on the Heat which occures during Summer, atomic power plants worldwide will have problems. The temperature in rivers is going to rise. So, less cooling water can be used from these rivers. And the other way: To avoid breaking the limit for minimum quantitiy, less warm water from the atomic power plants can be preluded into the rivers, because this would harm fish and the ecosystem.

Several atomic power plants will have their performance lowered. Take an example from 2006 / Germany: Operator and concern E.ON Energie web reduced the output from their atomic power plants by 50 % (!). The cause was the high temperature of the river “Weser”, whose water is directly used for cooling.

Atomic power plants do not guarantee security of supply.

The electricity price will rise.

More solar power is needed.



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Idaho National Engineering and Environmental Laboratory – 11,9 tons of steel cylinders full of spent U.S. atomic reactor fuel – kills in minutes. No permanent repository. map

Yucca Mountain, NV – the choice for U.S. high-level atomic waste – has been studied for over 20 years by the Department of Energy [web] – map – at a cost of US $ 4,000,000,000. Going to business in 2010, maybe. Could hold 77,000 tons of waste. Will be safe for 10,000 years according to DOE.gov. But the high-level waste is dangerous for a million years. Problem 1

Rocky Flats, CO – map – former U.S. weapons plant / closed 1989. Plutonium was slated elsewhere. Being transported with trucks over Interstate 25 to the waste isolation pilot plant near Carlsbad map – can be filled with 850,000 drums – full of transuranic waste by 2035. Pilot project – Problem 2

Officials from eight U.S. atomic power plants have signed a lease with Goshute Indians to store spent fuel in Skull Valley, Utah – map – it is planned to store there 44,000 tons of spent fuel. Is this a good deal regarding Problem 1 & 2? Problem 3

Paducah, KY – map – a gaesous diffusion plant for atomic-fuel processing. Groundwater is tainted because of 38,000 cylinders being stored there. Problem 4

Los Alamos National Laboratory, NM – map – haphazard disposal. Problem 5

Nevada Test site – map craters by atomic bomb explosions – waste disposals for radioactive waste. More than 800 craters. Are these good disposals? Problem 6

Do you know the first underground disposal for radioactive waste? It’s the Asse II in Germany – lately in the news with some serious scandal – click HERE for more – Asse II is called a ticking timebomb – with Plutonium measured 8 times above the limit. Oh, ehm, Problem 7 by the way. What does that mean for the U.S.?

Part 2 coming soon.


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According to a poll under Austrians Source politicians estimate the share of atomic energy on worldwide energy consumption on 35 %, the youth on 54 %.

The true share of atomic power on world energy consumption is

6 %.

6 % with 439 atomic power plants worldwide!

6 % with 439 times 2,000,000,000 EUROs!

North-Korea – a pioneer?

Source: IPPNW

Don’t even try shouting “atomic renaissance – over here!”


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