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The belarusian government tries to “end” Chernobyl. As the japanese government tries to “end” Fukushima. With the support of the World Health Organisation, UNSCEAR, U.N. and the IAEA. In Belarus radiation signs are suspended. Villages reinterpreted as clean (since 2007 1000). Tolerance limits for nuclear contamination to be raised, as in Fukushima, as in the EU, March 2011. Standards for food, water, land can be reduced. While Fukushima exploded, the contract for the construction of the first Belarusian nuclear power plant was signed, although 72% of the Chernobyl fallout went down on Belarus. ROSATOM builds this reactor, just like in Iran. With the full support of fake humanitarian programs such as CORE (link) or international fake help programs: which only have one aim: To “end” Chernobyl – although it’s full effects are just starting to grow.

ICRP, WHO and IAEA say: External and internal radiation is the same – this is downplaying, neither is it ethic nor is it scientific valid.

World Health Organisation ignores all Fukushima and Chernobyl children – come to Geneva April 26th 2011









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The World Health Organisation is gagged by the Atomic Energy Association IAEA with the contract WHA 12-40 from 1959.This is the reason why WHO and IAEA ignore all Fukushima and Chernobyl victims. End this scandal! Come to Geneva, on April 26th to protest – along with scientists, politicians, doctors and victims and liquidators: http://www.independentwho.info or http://www.tekknorg.wordpress.com or http://www.bag-tschernobyl.net

Video made by me




Keith Baverstock, PhD, a graduate of London University, led the Radiation Protection Programme at the World Health Organisation’s Regional Office for Europe from 1991 to 2003. His critical views of the management and conduct of the Committee, particularly in its failure to make proper use of science and its lack of adherence to the Code of Conduct in Public Life, resulted in his dismissal – more information: http://www.chernobylcongress.org/speakers/artikel/2cc0de2cee21dc8506748b53a7d…


“Helen Caldicott has been my inspiration to speak out.” quotation Meryl Streep




Dr. Helen Caldicott from http://www.beyondnuclear.org speaks about the fight against atomic bombs and atomic power, about her fight against atomic bomb tests. She has 19 honorary degrees, and got the Gandhi Prize. This is her speech during the IPPNW Chernobyl / Fukushima congress, from April 8th till 10th 2011. After the speech, I gave her a copy of my movie “The Time blurs the Truth” – about Chernobyl and Belarus.

More: http://www.tschernobylkongress.de/fileadmin/user_upload/pdfs/Baverstock_How_the_UN_works.pdf

Angelina Nyagu on Chernobyl Children part1 – April 9th, 2011, Berlin:

HERE IS HERE STUDY http://www.chernobylcongress.org/fileadmin/user_upload/pdfs/nyagu.pdf

Keith Baverstock said, that U.N. / IAEA / WHO ignore all russian studies, or all in russian language written studies. Such as the one by Prof. Jablokov, he shows in his study, that 1000,000 people died, the IAEA and WHO say for 25 years: 32 people died.

Chernobyl: Consequences of the Catastrophe for People and the Environment

More about this scandal:

World Health Organisation ignores all Fukushima and Chernobyl children – Geneva April 26th 2011


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On March 19th 2011, Gregory Härtl of the WHO told the world, that danger to human health around the 30 km zone is low. But the WHO has to do what the IAEA tells them. And the IAEA is a profiteer and left arm of the atomic industry. SOURCE

Send protests to him. Here is his adress:

Gregory Härtl
Team Leader, Communications for Global Alert and Response (GAR)
World Health Organization

Gregory Härtl was asked the following questions by a german Member of Parliament:

World Health Organization
Japan Nuclear Concerns

14 March 2011

Q: What is WHO’s role in nuclear emergencies?
Gregory Härtl: Within the United Nations system, the IAEA is the lead agency for coordination of international response to radiation events.
In accordance with its Constitution and the International Health Regulations, WHO is mandated to assess public health risks and Provide technical consultation and assistance in association with public health events, including those associated with radiation events.

Q: What is the Radiation Emergency Medical Preparedness and Assistance Network (REMPAN)?
Gregory Härtl: REMPAN WHO is a global network comprising more than 40 specialized institutions in radiation emergency medicine. It provides technical assistance for radiation emergency preparedness and response.

Q: What is the current risk in Japan to those near the reactor at the time, and those in other parts of Japan?
Gregory Härtl: Given that the amount of radiation released so far appears to be quite small, WHO believes that the public health risk is small.
In areas farther than 20km away from the Fukushima Daiichi and Daiini reactors, there is not assumed to be any Increased health risk to those who were there at the time of the explosion or to those who plan to be in those areas now.
The above assessment can change if there are further incidents at these plants, and the health consequences will depend on exposure. Exposure is in turn the amount of radiation released Dependant, weather conditions at the time of the explosion, the distance one is from the plans and the amount of time one is in irradiated areas.

CESIUM and STRONTIUM (HalfLife: 400 years) – released into the environment by TEPCO / FUKUSHIMA

Half-life is only so that half of the radiation is gone. You have every half-life multiplied by ten in order to have an idea when this radioisotope is gone from the biological environment. That would be in strontium and cesium 400 years.

national meteorological and geophysical services in Austria LIVE MAP Cesium 137 release

Latency: 20 – 25 years mature people / 1 – 4 years children (Chernobyl happens grows today, illness, death, cancer increase and not decrease, as WHO and IAEA say)

This is the upturned pyramid.

by Dr Dörte Siedentopf (IPPNW), Germany – i know her. This is an excerpt (SOURCE / IPPNW / PSR):

ENGLISH: http://fukushima-diary.com/2011/11/slow-death/#comment-41550
JAPANESE: http://vogelgarten.blogspot.com/2011/10/das-leise-sterben.html

Effect: The cesium is biological similar to the potassium and the human body can not distinguish between the good potassium and cesium.

The body takes it on the breath and the food. You can not protect yourself.

After intake, the cesium builds self into the body cells and destroys the energy balance of cells. It does not matter whether it consists of the liver, kidney or brain cells involved.

These infected cell dies, after she pulls even before their neighbors suffer.

June 4th 2011 – NEWS: Cesium in Tokio’s ground water: http://www.bloomberg.com/news/2011-07-04/radioactive-cesium-is-found-in-tokyo-water.html

Thus begins a weird cycle:

How life begins with a cell starts in this case the death. Children are more vulnerable because their cells divide constantly.

As they grow, they need constant energy and constant need to cope with the damage to their cells.

LOW Radiation harms and kills – Evidence here: PETKAU EFFECT

25 years with Chernobyl:

The adults at that time have survived 25 years and are now ill. In about 4 years we’re going to see the same with japanese children.

Quiet Death.

The then children are already suffering much earlier – often with fatal consequences.

The cesium is present in the inheritance cells.

Precarious, is that the cesium implants in the ovaries and the eggs of women. Because renew their loans, they are damaged for life.

Although renewed in sperm, they also give more information to the injury during fertilization. Either, it can no longer be fathered children, or they get through father and mother misinformation in the future. The result you can not even imagine.

The authorities in Japan had long ago have put women and children in the south of the country. Why they did not is, in my view, totally incomprehensible. There will be massive leukemia. This cesium cloud is a disaster for the Japanese, and from all other radionuclides, we know nothing.

The body can not distinguish between Calcium and Strontium. If it is taken in through the food chain. It is built into the bones and teeth, shines there and hits the bone marrow, where sit the blood-forming organs: The stem cells that give rise to the red and white blood cells and platelets.

These cells are damaged by Strontium, and indeed a lifetime, because the strontium remains where it is: irradiating with short and beta radiation.


Six Fukushima liquidators were irradiated with 250 Millisievert on March 19th 2011 – after the radiation limit was increased to 250 Millisievert.  They got the radiation of 100 years! Thats the crone of irresponsibility. Atomic energy is a criminal energy against all kinds of life on the planet. And the IAEA got the peace noble prize in 2005.

Who decided to increase the limits? The health ministy of Japan? Or came the advise by the IAEA? The ICRP? Were medics actually involved? TEPCO by themself? Is this democratic? Or is it criminal?

THE IAEA and the WHO ignore this http://www.independentwho.info

Guideline by PSR

JAPAN INCREASED CHILDREN RADIATION LIMITS BY 2000 PERCENT: https://tekknorg.wordpress.com/2011/05/24/warning-japan-has-increased-radiation-limits-for-children-20-times-quiet-death/

20 milli sievert per hour (2000 percent increase for children) are 50 mammograms

Japanese Government -> Den Haag!

Fukushima: The IAEA strategy

Japan: Additional 252,500 Cancer Cases and Risk for pregnant women


Atomic Industry – Licence to Kill


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If the people of Tokio would be exposed a radiation dose of 0.1 Sv (100 mSv): In the coming years 235,000 cancer cases would be created. 400 mSv could create over a million cases.

During organ formation in the womb – organogenesis – can already 10 mSv (0.01 Sv) damage the embryo.


Radiation protection expert Bernd Ramm of http://www.goruma.de/

IODINE 131 – released by FUKUSHIMA / TEPCO:

Iodine 131 has a half life of 28 days – then it becomes Xenon 131. Iodine 131 gets absorbed by the body and concentrates inside of the thyorid. It can cause thyroid cancer and a lifelong hormone therapy with additional removal of the parathyroid. Just like it happened to many children after the Chernobyl atomic reactor explosion in 1986. Thyroid cancer is the only illness the IAEA accepts as an illness caused by radiation. The IAEA denies any link between any other kinds of disease, death or mutation and radiation.

August 29th 2008 – Iodine 131 released by IRE

PDF / Downloadable Review of Risks from Tritium. Report of the independent Advisory Group on Ionising Radiation HERE

and HERE <- How Tritium makes children sick (in German)

List of downloadable documents by Prof. Pflugbeil, Germany HERE

And this is why IAEA, WHO and ICRP close their eyes: HERE and HERE

More here and here









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According to sources in Minsk, a delegation of the IAEA – the profiteer of the atomic industry (web) is now at that very moment in Minsk, obtruding an early realization of the atomic plans: The contruction of the first belarusian atomic power plant in Hrodna [map]- build by ROSATOM (web) since  (the makers of the iranian atomic reactors). Here are the plans – from 2008.

The IAEA delegation arrived on March 3rd, during the Atomexpo Belarus 2011. SOURCE

Belarus is the most Chernobyl affected country in the world. 72% of the Fallout went down there, contaminating 25% of the country. 

Belarusian dictator Lukashenko said on Belarusian state TV in 2008, that everyone who is against atomic power is an enemy of the state.

Costs: 4 – 5,000,000,000 EUROs of money. COSTS for Uranium: HERE

Type: Pressurized water reactor with an output of 20 MW.

Belarus cannot afford the costs. Neither financially nor economically. They would have to import Uranium, Russia gets Uranium from Australia: Source HERE (APEC Summit 2007).


and here:

PDF Links HERE: http://2006.tschernobylkongress.de/ReferentInnen/Powerpoint_Okeanov.pdf

PDF Links HERE: http://2006.tschernobylkongress.de/ReferentInnen/Powerpoint_Nyagu.pdf

PDF Links HERE: http://2006.tschernobylkongress.de/ReferentInnen/Powerpoint_Fasy.pdf

PDF Links HERE: http://www.atomkongress.de/z_vortrag_mccoy.pdf

And Low Radiation Effects on Embryos and Humans – by Dr Ian Fairlie:



Pregngant Women: Stay away from atomic power!



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Remember the KiKK study of Germany’s federal agency for radiation protection? KiKK is about the scientific proven higher cancer risc for kids – when living near atomic power plants. Read all about it HERE.

Share & Download! “Childhood Leukemia and Cancers Near German Nuclear Reactors” – World’s biggest 20 years Study FINALLY online for free: http://doris.bfs.de/jspui/bitstream/urn:nbn:de:0221-20100317939/4/BfS_2007_KiKK-Studie.pdf English consumption and background: http://www.nirs.org/radiation/radhealth/kikkcommentary0709ijoeh.pdf

I’ve sent them an E-Mail on August 5th, 2008. This is my mail:

Here are their responses:

They say, it can be found here: http://www.bfs.de/de/bfs/druck/Ufoplan/4334_KIKK.html

And also in the European Journal of Cancer (Volume 44, Issue 2, Pages 275 – 284, Authors Spix C., Schmiedel S., Kaatsch P., Schulze-Rath R. and Blettner N.)

For all English speaking persons out there, here are the translated KiKK study docs (by ejcancer – the European Cancer Journal):






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Remember the scandal news of high Uranium levels in Germany’s drinking water HERE

The Consmer Protection Organisation “FOODWATCH” (web) discorvered, that of 8000 examined data 950 have more than 2 microgram of Uranium in one liter – that’s breaking the tolerance limit. Uranium in drinking water is dangerous for babies.

Adding to this: 150 data values are above the limit of 10 (!) microgram per liter. Is this still drinking water?

Worst of all: The German Authorities did not inform the German people about the Uranium in German drinking water – never did.

Only Foodwatch did it.

So, I sent them an E-Mail on August 7th 2008 regarding the shocking news of Uranium in drinking water. This was my Mail:

And this is their answer:

There are companies which are specialized in filtering Uranium out of the drinking water, for example Krueger Wabag – web

They use Uranex devices.


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