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2009 – a year of pro atomic power propaganda:

The European Union supports the Restart of the Bulgarian Junk Reactor “Kosloduj” (in service since 1974) – one of Europes most dangerous reactors (SOURCE here and here. Both blocks of  Kosloduj were offline since 2007. The history of Kosloduj is a scandal: It’s a time bomb since 1990, when the IAEA inspected it. Results: NO seperated emergency coolant circle, NO containment, contaminated ground water, inoperable fire doors, and control room 2 only had a wooden door! One of Europes TOP 5 of the most dangerous atomic power plants.

Resaon: Energy shortage.

As if atomic power could supply the needed energy.

Citation from: http://www.facts-on-nuclear-energy.info

Nuclear Power is a Con Trick
Nuclear energy is dispensable for power supply

“In order to claim more importance for nuclear power, the nuclear industry repeatedly overstates nuclear energy’s share of electricity generation. If one examines closely what contribution nuclear energy makes to total worldwide energy consumption, it becomes evident that nuclear power is of practically no significance for mankind’s energy needs. In 2001, nuclear electricity supplied only 2.3 percent of worldwide energy needs. Renewable energy’s contribution to world energy supply is already significantly greater. The human race can easily do without nuclear power’s marginal contribution. The risks of nuclear accidents, production of highly radioactive waste and the costs necessary for its disposal, bear no rational relationship to the slight short-term gain in energy that nuclear power provides. Nuclear power is both hazardous and superfluous.”

German energy producer RWE (web) wants to build a new atomic power plant, in Britain SOURCE HERE

RWE bought land on the Island of Anglesey near the reactor Wylfa (map) according to the RWE daughter RWE NPower. They want to produce as much power as 5 million households need (3,6000,000,000 Watts).

Southkorea wants to expand it’s atomic power SOURCE. They want to spend 20,000,000,000 EUROs of money betwenn 2009 and 2022 for atomic power, 12 new atomic power plants to be exactly. 22 old plants will be closed.

Reason: Climate.

As if atomic power could save the climate.

Citation from: http://www.facts-on-nuclear-energy.info

Nuclear Power Cannot Save the Climate
Climate change can only be prevented by using renewables

“The nuclear industry concedes that coal, oil and gas cannot be replaced by nuclear power. In order to replace a mere 10 percent of fossil energy in the year 2050 by means of nuclear power, up to 1000 new nuclear power stations would have to be built (at the moment there are about 440 nuclear power stations worldwide). Construction of these plants would – if ever realised – take several decades. Existing uranium reserves would then be rapidly exhausted. Even the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) admits that nuclear energy could not be expanded swiftly enough to stop climate change. The solution is quite different: various world energy scenarios show that the climate problem can only be solved by the use of renewable forms of energy in conjunction with efficient and economical energy technologies.”

German scandal waste disposal ASSE II for atomic waste is not going to be flooded. The federal agency for radiation protection Germany (BfS web) now develops other plans. SOURCE here.


Reason: Safety for atomic waste

As if atomic waste could be safely stored.

Citation from: http://www.facts-on-nuclear-energy.info

Nuclear Power is a Waste
No one wants such a legacy

“Every nuclear power station converts uranium fuel rods through nuclear fission into highly radioactive nuclear waste. Nuclear waste constitutes a life-threatening hazard because of its radioactive emissions. People, animals and plants need to therefore be shielded from it for several hundreds of thousands of years. Nuclear power stations have been in operation for some 50 years but to date no one knows how nuclear waste can ultimately be stored. Worldwide there is not one safe and secure disposal option for the highly radioactive waste produced by nuclear power stations In the short period of time that nuclear power has been used, it is leaving behind – in the shape of the resultant nuclear waste – a dead hand of historical dimensions for the Earth. If prehistoric man had already had nuclear power stations we would even today still be having to maintain a watch over his waste.”

Sweden – due pressure by big energy concerns, Sweden plans to build a new atomic power plant. According to Premier Fredrik Reinfeldt. The ban has been lifted, which was installed in 1980. 10 atomic reactors in Oskarshamn, Forsmark and Ringhals cover nearly 50 % of energy consumption in Sweden. SOURCE

Reason: Economy crisis

As if atomic power could aid the economy.

Do you know a Swedish energy concern which operates atomic power plants? I know one: VATTENFALL.

Vattenfall loses 100,000 customers in only FOUR MONTHS

In Germany 50% of the Government (the CDU fraction) wants a comeback of atomic power, although 100 % of the Government (CDU & SPD fraction) signed a total pullout from atomic power – contract. Now, people are demonstrating against this come back. SOURCE here and here (CAMPACT CIVL e.V. action), more than 2000 people were surrounding the building in which the CDU meeting was held (Berlin).

See here how energy economy works in Germany

And don’t remember the scandals of the present & the past:

WHO – gagged by IAEA

Uranium solution leaked out from French atomic power plant! – Operator: AREVA

Again! – Uranium leaked out from French atomic power plant! Operator: AREVA

100 French workers contaminated!

French atomic power plant: Worker contaminated with radiation – Again




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