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“24 years after Tschernobyl – Does atomic energy have a future?”

from March 7th till 13th 2010

Who is going to come to the seminar: Experts such as Sergii Mirnyi – employee at Chernobyl-Tours, Oleksandr Syrota – chief of the NGO Pripjat.com (web), Serhiy Usenko – medic professor who investigates the consequences of Chernobyl. The seminar is about a look at Chernobyl and the time since then and on the latest about atomic energy in the European Union.

Costs: 50,00 EUR

Location: Poland

Miedzynarodowe Center Spotkan Mlodziezy

“Rodowo”, Rodowo 2, 11-731 Sorkwity

More about it HERE

If you want to go there by bus, have a look at THIS




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Since the U.S. and Poland signed the contract to install an Amercian build missle defense system in Poland, Russia reacts: Russia wants to build an own air defense system in cooperation with Belarus. This was confirmed during talks between Belarussian dictator Lukashenko and Russia’s President Medwedjew in the southrussian City Sotschi. The whole thing is going to be signed in autumn 2008, along with the transfer of Russian bombers to Cuba. History repeats itself.  Source


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