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From German issue of Le Monde diplomatique from April 2010 (web)

In this issue of Le Monde, Obama’s strategy is described as not to make the planet atomic weapons free, but the strategy of his B-61’s is mentioned (web). The US military wants to abandon it’s longe range bombers such as the B-52 and B-2 and the atomic Tomahawk missles. At the same time the military sympathizes with the use of the B-61 earth penetrating weapons. The US military claims due to the earth penetrating nature of these bombs, there would be less fallout and less collataral damage (paper from Brookings think thank here). The IPPNW (web) says, the B-61’s only digs 7 metres into the ground, then it detonates and causes more fallout than a surface explosion. The ideology seems to be clear: Creating a clean image of the atomic version of the B-61 is a goal of the hardliners in the Pentagon. Obama has failed to replace them with people who support other strategies.

Even Obama’s Stratcom-commander General Chilton said on Dec. 15th 2009, that “We will need atomic weapons as long as the United States exist”.

More: http://www.reachingcriticalwill.org/resources/books/BAC/chapter1.pdf

The atomic B-61 is needed for destroying / damaging Iran’s underground atomic facilities. You cannot compare them with the atomic reactor in Iraq – destroyed by conventional weapons of Israel in 1981, or the Syrian reactor – also destroyed the conventional way in 2007. They were all build on the surface. Obama doesn’t risk another ground invason.

Efficiency is one thing, the other one is Dollars. From 2007 till 2008 the U.S. spent more than 140 million Dollars daily for it’s atomic arsenal.

But we must resist against the downplaying of even an “limited” atomic war. The results would be: In 48 hours -> 2,6 million deaths, fallout on India, Pakistan, Afghanistan,  10,5 million people injured – according ot the IPPNW. This is the worst case scenario. This must never happen.

More about the medical consequences: http://www.ippnw-students.org/iran/iran_attack.pdf

Here is the Non-Governmental Organizations’ Statements to the States Party to the Seventh Review Conference of the Treaty on the Non-Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons, May 11th, 2005

And here is my older blog entry about the possible scenarion of an evacutation of troops from Iraq and Afghanistan

Here is the NPT Treaty of the U.N.




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Since the U.S. and Poland signed the contract to install an Amercian build missle defense system in Poland, Russia reacts: Russia wants to build an own air defense system in cooperation with Belarus. This was confirmed during talks between Belarussian dictator Lukashenko and Russia’s President Medwedjew in the southrussian City Sotschi. The whole thing is going to be signed in autumn 2008, along with the transfer of Russian bombers to Cuba. History repeats itself.  Source


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According to an internal study of the U.S. Air Force most of the U.S. atomic weapons storage places in Europe are not conform with the minimal security standards of the Pentagon. Source: Federation of American Scientists [FAS]

The FAS estimates that 200 – 350 atomic weapons are stored in Europe. For example in Germany: Bundeswehr-Fliegerhorst Büchel / Eifel [map] On top of this there are other storage places Great Britain, Italy, Turkey and the Netherlands. The U.S. Military plans to reduces these places but not the atomc weapons.

The problems are: The security systems, fences, and that 9 month conscripts were used to ensure that the places are safe against thievery.

The study was only made public (due FAS), because the U.S. Air Force itself has big security problems:

U.S. Air Force Chiefs fired because letting fly six atomic weapons over the U.S.



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Denver USA. On Tuesday, Republican Presidental Candidate McCain spoke out for worldwide cut of atomic weapons, also in the U.S. Also with China negotiations should be made. He hopes that U.S. atomic weapons can be cut as soon as possible.  He also pleads for an offensive to stop circulation of atomic weapons. Source

How about cutting the atomic weapons in Germany first


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In 1958 the United States planned to drop an atomic bomb (yield: 10.000 – 15.000 tons) above Amoy (Xiamen) airport, if China would have blocked the way to Islands near Taiwan. When told former President Eisenhower ordered the USAF to create a plan on how to use conventional bombs against the Chinese Army. Source: Independent National Security Archive USA at the George-Washington-University / U.S. main capital.


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Medium-range ballistic missles (IRBMs) have been deployed to Belarus, as the BAG Tschernobyl Germany informed. Is this the answer to the anti-missle shield in Czechia and Poland? Let’s wait for more details to come.

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