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Prof. Dr. Irina Grushevaya was invited among others to the SPD fraction event “Tschernobyl Mahnt”, among the guests was the belarusian ambassador in Berlin, and the former german ambassador in Minsk. Grushevaya helped more than 2000.000 belarusians with concrete aid and sent more than 360,000 Chernobyl children in countries all over the world. More about her here: Prof. Dr. Irina Grushevaya on German TV and here: Offical Website 

About the Fund: http://www.civilsoc.org/nisorgs/belarus/chornbel.htm and: http://www.europaeische-bewegung.de/aktivitaeten-projekte/preis-frauen-europas/2011-irina-gruschewaja/

Book by the Fund: http://www.life-upgrade.com/DATA/BelarusianFundForTheChildrenOfChernobyl1996.pdf



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12 persons were killed, and 149 injured due to a bomb explosion in Minsk, near the Government. SOURCE

July 2008: Bomb blast in Minsk injures 37 – Parliament campaign begins


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Today, on German Televison, Prof Dr Irina Grushevaya, Co Founder of the Belarusian Foundation to the Children of Chernobyl and a good friend of mine, said:
“It is not 25 Years after Chernobyl”

“It is 25 Years with Chernobyl”.

The Foundation, based in Minsk, has helped more than 2000,000 people so far. This is a book of them. This video shows the official but long time illegal radiation map Belarus. Additional information about the map / measurements at the end of the video:

Dedicated to all Chernobyl and Fukushima Children.

This is the Association for Chernobyl Liquidators:


and Photos




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The IAEA wants the people make believe, that the main effect of the atomic catastrophe is psychological. This is made in these steps:

– Make the people believe, that because of background radiation every additional radiation is natural, normal, not bad (known as the principle of “substantial equivalence”)

– Tell the people, that Fukushima is not as bad as Chernobyl, and, Chernobyl was a small accident (50 deaths acc. to WHO, 125,000 deaths acc. to Ukrainian health minisry 1993).

– Make the people believe, that any other statement is panic and unobjective (The IAEA uses the word “Radiophobia” for Chernobyl)

– The IAEA recognizes the disease in highly contaminated areas as not in connection with the contamination.

– Make sure that there are no independent measurements, only measurements by the atomic power plant operator, it is also important NOT to show radiation measurements during the TV weather forecasts.

– Make sure that there are no organized measurements at all, for each region, each plant, each city – especially not in the media. Or do reconstrucion on the basis of official data, which are often too low.

Advise the officals with authentic language

Advise the government to install a 30 km No Enter Zone – invented and used during the atomic weapon test in the U.S. – but 30 km is not enough for an atomic reactor accident.

Refuse cancer studies like the german KiKK study as unscientific

Raise radiation limits for different groups of people, so that different values ​​can be measured but each is normal, and below the limt

– Fake research, use faked research: Dr. Rosen (Vice director of the IAEA in 1996) said in 1996 that represent cases of cancer that occur, are a very small part of the millions of cancer cases that will occur anyway. The estimate of Dr. Rosen is a factor of 10 or more too low. Dr. Rosen replaces the number of children cancer illnesses  in the number of cancer illnesses in the elderly. (quote Prof. Michel Fernex, University of Basel, Switzerland)


If no result is to be found: False initially selected indicators are used for example, when looking for cancer, choose death rather than disease rates. Dying from cancer takes time, the study must be published before the death occurs. You can also choose the wrong Pathology, and search for diabetes rather than stress. In the end statistically significant differences are not found, so it is difficult to demonstrate phenomena that may be unusual. So it is concluded that there is no relationship between the event and the pathology which was investigated. This way you can advocate nuclear power plants. (quote Prof. Michel Fernex, University of Basel, Switzerland)

– The IAEA denies damage such as leukaemia, which is caused by Chernobyl, so they can continue to talk about  “nuclear safety” to increase their own kind. (quote Dr. Katsumi Furitsu, Osaka Japan)

– The IAEA makes sure the WHO says what the IAEA calls valid – by the gag contract WHA 12-40 (SOURCE), so that the WHO takes the “medical ruder”, by saying: “The accident is not a big one, no harmful radiation.”

This is achieved by:

The main point of the contract between WHO and IAEO: No public information on health problems when could influence the development of nuclear industry.

This commitment to keep secrecy is however totally against the WHO statutes which state that the public be informed. Consequently, it seems that the world is being kept in the dark concerning risks from the nuclear industry or, so to say, protected from the truth. It will still be worse when it comes to information and protective measures regarding the expected waste from the nuclear industry, as was in the case after Chernobyl, because first of all the promoters of nuclear power plants will be financially protected (Prof. Dr. M. Fernex, France).

The IAEA is responsible for reactor safety, but plays the role of the WHO. The WHO advises the the regional health departments and doctors. They are obliged to accept the official position of the Health Ministry and to act accordingly.

Physicists decide – not Medics

1996 said the Belarusian President Lukashenko at a meeting of the IAEA:

“We encourage people to come back, we will open the shops again and enable people to return to their evacuated towns and villages.”

This is a crime. The tragedy is that people want to come back because they were never cleared up. (quote Dr. Jrui Pankratz, Minsk)

More about the strategy HOW TO END CHERNOBYL

The reports of the IAEA’s claim that there is only psychological stress as a cause of the diseases of children, the “Chernobyl / Fukushima Children” are neither investigated nor treated. The Ukrainian, Belarusian and Russian delegates refused to accept the figures of the IAEA. The IAEA, the nuclear industry is desperate to keep alive. (quote Nuala Ahern, European parliament member).



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Wladimir Nekljajew – former belarusian presidential candidate and a poet, discusses culture, in Minsk, along with others. He was beaten by belarusian police in Dec. 2010, put in jail, and is now under house arrest.

Write a postcard – powered by Charter97.org – to political prisoners in Belarus HERE

Video copyright by


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The Robert Bosch foundation (web) and the University of  Baranovichi (web) are looking for students who want to take part at a Chernobyl workshop in Belarus.

Students can talk with belarusian and ukrainian students about new forms of energy and Chernobyl, in a workshop.

From: April 10th till April 18th 2011

Local Ukrainian partner: Baranovichi University

Age limit: Students

Costs: 80,- EUR

Closing date (because of VISA): February 28th 2011

More information: dorit.happ@googlemail.com

or agacz@gmx.de

Remember: Belarus is the most Chernobyl affected country in the world, and ROSATOM builds Belarus’ first atomic reactor there.


with kind regards,


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Photo above from demonstrations in Minsk, 2006. Photos below from my participation at the youth festival 2008, Minsk:

EU and the US impose entry bans against dictator Lukashenko and 157 of his representatives of Belarus. The opposition is still under pressure by the leadership there. How it looks like can be seen HERE (2009) and HERE (2006). Meanwhile Irina Chalip, belarusian journalist, has been released from prison. However presidental candidates Wladimir Neklijajew remains under house arrest and Andrej Sannikow remains still in prison. Source

More about the Dec. 2010 demonstrations on Charter97.org

with kind regards,


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