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Germany, federal State “Niedersachsen”, radioactive waste disposal Asse II, Sept. 4th 2008. Source

130,000 barrels of middle and low radiative waste, kilograms of Plutonium and Caesium 147 – 750 meters below.  Asse 2 was and is the world’s first underground disposal for radioactive waste. And then this scandal:

Long lasting leak in Asse II

Now, Germany’s environmental minister Sigmar Gabriel takes over the Asse II disposal – the federal environmental agency “Bundesumweltministerium” is now responsible for Asse II. The new operator is the federal agency for radiation protection Germany – web – known from their KiKK study.

The former operators State Office for mining, energy and geology in the German federal state Niedersachsen (Landesamt für Bergbau, Energie und Geologie / LBEG) – HERE is their website and the “Helmholtz Zentrum München” / Munich – HERE is their website failed to operate the disposal properly.

Both did not react on their website.

Asse II is full of holes, as Gabriel said. He added, the cause of fault is not clear.

Let this be a learning experience for all pro atomic power activists.




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August 29th 2008 – This is one of the biggest atomic scandals in Europe EVER!

ONE WEEK after radioactive Iodine 131 was released into the environment from the Belgian factory in Fleurus [map] officals informed the people living in the City Fleurus about the accident. Source

This is the website of the scandal factory which released the radioactive Iodine 131 – view it HERE

The factory is part of the manufacturer IRE – world’s 2nd important producer of radio isotopes.

Iodine 131 has a half life of 28 days – then it becomes Xenon 131. Iodine 131 gets absorbed by the body and concentrates inside of the thyorid. It can cause thyroid cancer and a lifelong hormone therapy with additional removal of the parathyroid. Just like it happened to many children after the Chernobyl atomic reactor explosion in 1986. Thyroid cancer is the only illness the IAEA accepts as an illness caused by radiation. The IAEA denies any link between any other kinds of disease, death or mutation and radiation.

Belgian police warnes the people living in Fleurus of eating vegetables and fruits and not to drink water from wells or milk from cows. The warning takes effect for a 5 km radius around the IRE factory.

Belgian Nuclear Safety Agency (AFCN – web) categorises the accident as a 3 in the international index (maxiumum is 7). This is the worst Belgian accident of all times.

On Tuesday the production inside at the IRE factory was stopped. First reactions from IRE officals: No harm for the people or environment – that changed after examinations of the grass near the factory. The Safety Agency suddenly changed their mind and called for an emergency meeting in the main capital Brussels.

Result: For the 2nd time the European emergency system was activated (ECURIE). The first time was here:

Atomic Alert in the EU – Slovenia

The reaction of the civil major of Fleurus: “The people are concerned – this is normal”

Will the people in Fleurus file a suit against IRE or the officals? Maybe, but will they have success? Probably not, because after the Three Mile Island accident in the U.S. the victims also tried to go to law, but the IAEA protested. Did the WHO intervene? No, because the WHO does have a gag contract with the IAEA since 1959 – so, the WHO is under pressure by the IAEA, not to publish illness-caused-by-radiation-numbers, without the OK of the IAEA.

Until next time, have a look at all these European atomic scandals:

7th Atomic Scandal! Uranium in Germany’s drinking water!

Uranium solution leaked out from French atomic power plant! – Operator: AREVA

Again! – Uranium leaked out from French atomic power plant! Operator: AREVA

100 French workers contaminated!

French atomic power plant: Worker contaminated with radiation – Again

Switzerland: Two workers contaminated in Atomic Power plant!

Germany’s waste disposal ASSE II – a ticking time bomb



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Since the U.S. and Poland signed the contract to install an Amercian build missle defense system in Poland, Russia reacts: Russia wants to build an own air defense system in cooperation with Belarus. This was confirmed during talks between Belarussian dictator Lukashenko and Russia’s President Medwedjew in the southrussian City Sotschi. The whole thing is going to be signed in autumn 2008, along with the transfer of Russian bombers to Cuba. History repeats itself.  Source


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As long as atomic reactors exist, Atomic bombs will be a reality.


So, watch these countries, people and concers closely:

France wants new atomic reactors

Toshiba wants to build new atomic reactors

IEA wants 1,300 new atomic reactors

McCain wants to build new atomic reactors

Atomic power is NOT green


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The German Government makes a bow for the industry.

Have a look at these headlines here:

Atomic power – electricity prices selfmade!

Atomic power and lobbyism – who is the winner?

The German Government (which consits of the two major parties CDU – pro atomic power and SPD – contra atomic power) donates contamination rights to the industry for free.

The value of these contaminations rights (emission rights) is added on the electricity prices by the energy concerns. Although the energy concerns haven’t paid for them.

For all Wiki people out there, here is the English link

This is how our economy works.

So, the electricity price is (by an average) 4 – 5,00,000,000 EUROs higher than the funding for Renewable Energies! as Herman Scheer President of EUROSOLAR said – web.

So, RWE for example can afford to build a new brown coal power plant – which is especial climate damaging. Therefor they get even more contamination rights.

And so, 45 new coal plants are planned in Germany.

Who wonders?

And these are the people who are responsible for this development:

Former Federal Minister Margareta Wolf of the German Greens – now making PR for longer atomic power plant milages – see HERE

Former Federal Minister Wolfgang Clement of the German SPD party – now in the board of directors of RWE – an atomic power plant operator – see HERE

Department chief for reactor safety, radiation protection, and nuclear dumping, Walter Hohlefelder became general agent of E.ONsee HERE – he was no longer Supervisior of it – no! Instead he became the Leader of it!

Atomic convern VIAGs top civil servant Gerhard Hennenhöfer also became a “E.ON member”. – see HERE

Energy referent Wolfgang Dirschauer (long time nodal point of energy in German Government) – went into the climate safety department of Vattenfall – remember them as the big loser of 2007 HERE

Former Energy servant of the SPD party Gerd von der Gröben now is attorny in fact of E.ONsee HERE

Former state secretary and politician of the German Greens Rezzo Schlauch now is an advisor of the concern and atomic power plant operator EnBWsee HERE

SWR Broadcaster director Willi Steul became also an EnBW advisor.

These German politicans were actually PAID by the Atomic Industry:

CDU Economy politician Laurenz Mayer regularly “granted benefits” from atomic concern RWE. He still is in Government (!) – web

FDP Technology politician Ulrike Flach was paid by atomic power plants constructor and concern SIEMENS. – also still in Government (!) – web

The energy concerns are allowed to earn up to 8,000,000,000 EUROs of money – which WE PAY!

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Here are some official Radiation maps I bought in Minsk / Belarus.

The first one was made by the Belarussian Health Ministry – but forbidden by Belarussian Government 3 years ago. It is now available again, on the website about Chernobyl by the belarusian Government (thanks to a comment below): http://www.chernobyl.gov.by/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=155&Itemid=164 – please remember: Offical measurements are often too low (acc. to Prof. Michel Fernex – Switzerland) and don’t reflect the true contamination by Chernobyl. Sometimes it’s fictitious.

Here are the measurements per Region: http://rbic.ibrae.ru/rbict/region.php?STRANA=%C1%C5%CB%C0%D0%D3%D1%DC

Why? Because Radiation exposure can be expensive and so they try to “end Chernobyl” – with international help of the CORE program (Électricité de France) and the IAEA (who likes to downplay the Chernobyl catastrophe as a small accident).

Here we go (the selfmade ones are done by children under supervision of local scientists and teachers with measurements by italians, the other ones – printed – are made by the Belarussian Health ministery):

More Radation maps can be seen in my movie, watch it HERE:


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Share & Download! “Childhood Leukemia and Cancers Near German Nuclear Reactors” – World’s biggest 20 years Study FINALLY online for free: http://doris.bfs.de/jspui/bitstream/urn:nbn:de:0221-20100317939/4/BfS_2007_KiKK-Studie.pdf English consumption and background: http://www.nirs.org/radiation/radhealth/kikkcommentary0709ijoeh.pdf

This is my reaction on the Dec. 11th 2007 released German KiKK study: HERE [1] and HERE [2]

And three days later, the IPPNW.org also wrote an article about the study: HERE [1] and HERE [2]

IPPNW also shows the efforts that were necessary. It’s sad, that the German Federal Agency for Radiation Protection (makers of the KiKK study) has not released an English version yet – 8 months later! HERE is their website.

It would be so necessary, because of the atomic reactor operators who throw around with their high and low radiation.

We should never forget, what former IAEA director Hans Blix said 22 years ago:

The world could handle a yearly atomic reactor explosion like the one in Chernobyl.


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