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First of all:
Herman J Mueller discovered in 1927 (!) the following: ARTIFICIAL TRANSMUTATION OF THE GENE by radiation.

SOURCE: http://www.esp.org/foundations/genetics/classical/holdings/m/hjm-1927a.pdf he got the The Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine in 1946: – he got the The Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine in 1946:


The W.H.O. has a gag agreement with IAEA since 1959: http://mondediplo.com/2008/04/14who

Full article in german newsmag “TAZ”:


and: “Nuclear Threat Draws WHO and Civil Society Closer” http://www.independentwho.info/Presse_ecrite/11_05_05_IPS_EN.pdf and: http://www.thehindu.com/opinion/lead/article1766914.ece?homepage=true and: http://www.independentwho.info/Presse_ecrite/11_04_27_IPS_EN.pdf in german: http://www.woz.ch/artikel/2011/nr15/international/20607.html 

and Info by the IPPNW (peace nobel price 1985): http://www.ippnw.de/commonFiles/pdfs/Atomenergie/who_letter_chan.pdf

IAEA-WHO 協定 (1959 年): http://www.crms-jpn.com/doc/IAEA-WHO1959.pdf

Русский / English / Deutsch / Castellano / Français:  http://www.independentwho.info

One of the most important News for the anti nuclear movement: http://independentwho.info/OMS-IW_2011-05-04_FR.php

Source WHO

I rushed the article through a google translator, sorry:

Radiation always dangerous

So far, the WHO took always the same heading as the IAEA: So-called internal radiation, “in the body is enriched, not dangerous. This is now over.

“There is no safe low levels of radiation, ” said WHO Director General Margaret Chan on Wednesday during a short meeting scheduled with members of the critical “initiative for an independent WHO “. By the former Ukrainian, Russian and Western European doctors and radiation biologists, and WHO staff based initiative has been demonstrating daily about four years before the WHO Office for cancellation of the agreement with the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA).

So far, the WHO had always taken the position specified by the IAEA, radioactive radiation below certain limits is NOT dangerous. Chan was referring in her testimony to the internal radiation from radioactive particles – such as Iodine 131, Cesium 137, Strontium 90, plutonium – they are being absorbed through food, water or air into the body and are deposited in the thyroid, bones or internal organs and continue radiation.

These particles are, after numerous studies by independent scientists who carried out since the nuclear disaster at Chernobyl in April 1986, responsible for up to 95 percent of all cancers caused by radiation and genetic changes. The WHO has denied the internal radiation up to today, and in all statements regarding potential health risks only to external radiation – based and related measurements with the atomic bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki in 1945 – for example by a passing by radioactive cloud.

Chan distanced himself from Chernobyl sayings of the WHO

Chan distanced itself from the recent statements made by the WHO on the consequences of Chernobyl. “I personally do not believe that the nuclear accident in Chernobyl has claimed only 50 lives,” WHO Director-General said, according to transcripts of the interview with the critic initiative. In accordance with the IAEA, the WHO official said today, as a result of the Chernobyl disaster were only 52 people died and irradiated up to 6,000 more infected with thyroid cancer. These figures also took over the UN Commission of Atomic Scientists, and finally published in February this year.

Notwithstanding the correction of previous positions Chan insisted on and got to look at the current nuclear disaster in Fukushima “fully recognized its responsibility,” the WHO. And this “without restriction by the bilateral agreements with the IAEA in 1959.” Chan defended against the critics, too, that the WHO has to date the results of measurement to Fukushima under wraps, she and the IAEA regularly receives from the international authority to monitor agreements on nuclear weapons test ban (CTBTO). The world’s 80 monitoring stations of the CTBTO to register around the clock, the radioactivity in the atmosphere.

WHO has, however, Fukushima-measurement results under wraps

The “Central Institute for Meteorology and Geodynamics (ZAMG) in Vienna, which also has access to the measurement results of the CTBT0, presented at the end of fixed March with a significantly higher leakage of radioactivity from Fukushima, when the Japanese authorities – based on their data, the WHO and the IAEA – publicly announced. Chan said the WHO would be the CTBTO measurement data “publish only if it’s dangerous values.” If that was the case, they decide “alone”.

At the same time admitted the Director-General, that “no expert on radiation,” and that the WHO “on this issue today almost at all has not within the jurisdiction more.” The Department of Radiobiology at the Geneva WHO headquarters was closed two years ago under pressure from private and public donors. Earlier, the deputy head of the department with the attempt to impose lower limits for WHO Iodine intake failed on objections by the IAEA and France: http://www.chernobylcongress.org/fileadmin/user_upload/pdfs/Baverstock_How_the_UN_works.pdf

WHO hushed Chernobyl Conference documents

Today in the WHO Geneva headquarters, only a single radiation biologist. Chan said the “Initiative for an independent WHO” to “investigate what happened to the documents of 2001, organized jointly with the IAEA Chernobyl conference in Kiev,” she wanted. So far, the WHO claims falsely that the documents had been published in full.

In fact, only a brief summary was published. Of the more than 700 documents of the first Chernobyl conference, conducted in 1995 jointly by WHO and IAEA in Geneva, have been published to date, only twelve. The IAEA had prevailed, citing the agreement with the WHO, the then WHO Director-General Nakashima been confirmed in a television interview.

Sixty-fourth World Health Assembly being held from May 16th till 24th 2011: http://www.who.int/mediacentre/events/2011/wha64/en/index.html

Press Article of the Federal Working Agency “For the Children of Chernobyl” Germany / Belarus: http://life-upgrade.com/Genf-Minsk-2011.pdf

INTERNAL Radiation exposure to plant workers in Fukushima:

FOX NEWS and PSR say also NO SAFE RADIATION LIMITS: http://www.foxnews.com/health/2011/06/29/radiation-in-our-food/

The National Academies of Science says All Levels of Radiation Confirmed to Cause Cancer: http://www.nirs.org/press/06-30-2005/1


How nuclear apologists mislead the world over radiation, by Dr. Helen Caldicott: http://www.guardian.co.uk/environment/2011/apr/11/nuclear-apologists-radiation

Keith Baverstock, PhD, a graduate of London University, led the Radiation Protection Programme at the World Health Organisation’s Regional Office for Europe from 1991 to 2003. His critical views of the management and conduct of the Committee, particularly in its failure to make proper use of science and its lack of adherence to the Code of Conduct in Public Life, resulted in his dismissal – more information: http://www.chernobylcongress.org/speakers/artikel/2cc0de2cee21dc8506748b53a7d…

His presentation: How the UN / WHO / IAEA work: “How the UN works: “know thine enemy” or at least who it is.” http://www.chernobylcongress.org/fileadmin/user_upload/pdfs/Baverstock_How_the_UN_works.pdf

Mainichi newspaper has become the first newsaper in Japan which has reported about the IAEA-WHO gag order and that the WHO abolished the department of radiation health specialist. It mentioned the NGO “for the independence of WHO”: http://mainichi.jp/select/today/news/20110918k0000m030124000c.html?inb=tw info by Izumi Toshiosdóttir

WHO: abolish the department of radiation health specialist

September 18, 2011

World Health Organization United Nations specialized agencies (WHO), and abolished the department of radiation health specialist for two years ago, found that there are no plans to revive in the future due to financial difficulties. May, the WHO Director General Margaret Chan, the top sought after and investigating health hazards due to nuclear accident TEPCO Fukushima 1 WHO, European non-governmental organization (NGO) organization of 40 organizations contacted about “independence of the WHO For “approved by meeting with representatives.
Concurrently promoting the primary criticism of the leadership ◇ IAEA

Leadership of the investigation, such as health damage caused by nuclear Since 1959, International Atomic Energy Agency WHO (IAEA) has been been moved to the IAEA in the agreement entered into with, the NGO is “IAEA (after the accident, Fukushima) country While seeking to isolate and monitor promotion of nuclear power, which also serve both their own, there is a conflict, “such as criticism, have pointed out the limitations of the current international nuclear monitoring system.

According to WHO, were abolished, the Health Department’s headquarters was in charge of radiation and nuclear effects on the human body. In 2009, after the resignation of the director was suspected of collusion with industry, the organization itself has been dismantled. The current staff expertise in radiation damage is not only one, department from budget cuts planned resurrection, he said.

WHO is in agreement with the IAEA was established in 1959 to promote the peaceful use of nuclear energy. Without the consent of the IAEA is constrained such that their own work-related issues of primary health. Soviet nuclear accident in Chernobyl 88 years old after 1986, when a nuclear accident and the IAEA concluded that two new treaties, such as a state that corresponds to head the IAEA. Also in 2005, has led the IAEA additional issue of food imports and exports of radioactive material contaminated with the chemical.

The NGO is, has been criticized reason not been able global discovery is still health of the Chernobyl accident is weak authority survey of WHO, in the study health in Japan, the active involvement of UN agencies are expected to It is not reality.

In contrast, the WHO spokesman for the agreement with the IAEA “as well as WHO, UN specialized agencies are all similar as far as the nuclear relationship,” while indicating the recognition of de facto subordination in the “There is more radiation research group creating a healthy environment in the sector,” he said. “International Agency for Research on Cancer of the Chernobyl accident for subordinate agency (IARC, Lyon, France headquarters) are continuing to research and six regional offices,” said survey system was being maintained.

WHO in 2005 for the victims of Chernobyl 20 years after the accident investigation as a result “56 people dead and about 4,000 cancer deaths estimated in the future,” said. In contrast, such NGO is “too low compared to reality,” and criticized. The WHO has also admitted that plans for the re-survey of global discovery so far has not. This is the NGO “forced attention to the IAEA because of promoting nuclear power” has been pointed out.

<Whotoiaea>, WHO cooperation agreements with the United Nations’ specialized agency, “one. The IAEA 結Bazu a partnership agreement with the United Nations, the organization has independently and report to the General Assembly and Security Council “relevant agencies”. Hierarchical relationship of the two organizations have no authority in the organization.

◇ WHO and IAEA conventions list

<1959 agreement>

Article 1 Section 2 · “WHO, for use in research and development for peaceful use of nuclear energy around the world acknowledge that you do basically the IAEA”

Article 7 · “WHO and the IAEA, to avoid unnecessary duplication of their activities”

Article 12 Section 1 – “The two institutions could raise their agreement to fix”

<1986 “Convention on Early Notification Assistance nuclear accident 2” (WHO was ratified in 1988)>

• The nuclear accident occurred when, standing at the top of the international response IAEA, other international organizations, to support this assertion only when there is demand and acceptance of relevant government

<2005 “International Health Regulations,” revised>

• The crisis management rules originally intended for infectious disease control. Apply to issues such as import and export of products contaminated with chemical substances such as radioactive

Article 6 – “When was the problem areas related to the IAEA report had not, immediately report to the IAEA”

This is a result of our peace tour, which also took place with Chernobyl childern in Geneva, at the United Nations Office, with members of the W.H.O. (Dr. Neira), on April 26th 2011:

 Chernobyl Peace tour through Europe April 2011

More background:

Website Independent WHO

BREAKING NEWS from May 21st 2011: U.N. launches study of Japan nuclear crisis


New problems in Japan:

More radioactive water leaks into sea near stricken plant: http://www.asahi.com/english/TKY201105120188.html

Masks, sleeves in at Fukushima schools as radiation looms: http://search.japantimes.co.jp/cgi-bin/nn20110512n1.html



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The belarusian government tries to “end” Chernobyl. As the japanese government tries to “end” Fukushima. With the support of the World Health Organisation, UNSCEAR, U.N. and the IAEA. In Belarus radiation signs are suspended. Villages reinterpreted as clean (since 2007 1000). Tolerance limits for nuclear contamination to be raised, as in Fukushima, as in the EU, March 2011. Standards for food, water, land can be reduced. While Fukushima exploded, the contract for the construction of the first Belarusian nuclear power plant was signed, although 72% of the Chernobyl fallout went down on Belarus. ROSATOM builds this reactor, just like in Iran. With the full support of fake humanitarian programs such as CORE (link) or international fake help programs: which only have one aim: To “end” Chernobyl – although it’s full effects are just starting to grow.

ICRP, WHO and IAEA say: External and internal radiation is the same – this is downplaying, neither is it ethic nor is it scientific valid.

World Health Organisation ignores all Fukushima and Chernobyl children – come to Geneva April 26th 2011









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The gag contract in action, between IAEA and WHO

quote from independentwho.info

The UN is divided into 7 organisations, of which two are of interest to us, the Economic and Social Council and the Security Council.The “Economic and Social Council” oversees ALL the United Nations agencies with the exception of the “IAEA”.

In fact, the IAEA is the only agency that reports directly to the “Security Council” which is made up of representatives of 15 countries, of which 5 are permanent members of the Council : the United States, the Untied Kingdom, the Russian Federation, China and France.

These 5 nations are all nuclear powers, both civil and military, and almost all are exporters of nuclear technology.
The 10 remaining members (or countries) have a mandate which lasts for 2 years.

The influence of these 5 permanent members of the Security Council on policy making within the IAEA is enormous and ongoing. With no counterbalancing power, it is almost impossible to claim that the IAEA has an objective view of the nuclear industry and the consequences of its use.

On 28th May 1959, the IAEA (not yet two years old !) and WHO signed an agreement referred to as “WHA 12-40” which, though it might, on paper, appear balanced and reciprocal, in practice, puts WHO in a subordinate position to the IAEA.

From this day on all information policy by the media, the ministeries, the universites and commissions is directly affected by that. We’ve seen it happening with Chernobyl and now during Fukushima.

The UNSCEAR (web) informs the UN General Assembly about the latest on policy and research of the IAEA. The members of the UNSCEAR serve the interests of their national governments, most of which have nuclear programs. These must be protected, not the victims of Chernobyl or Fukushima.

This small group of scientists have full control over politics, and on the recognition that research is paid off, which could perhaps be a threatto  their results and decisions.

All submissions that are not consistent with the recommendations and the policy of the Board are stamped as ignorant, emotional, not scientific.

All international U.N. organisation will ignore the fate of the Fukushima children, as they did with the Chernobyl children.

From: “Le Monde diplomatique, March 14th 2008, by Alison Katz):

– The Protocols of the UN Chernobyl Conference in 1995 were never made ​​public.

Until 2008, By 2008, W.H.O. spokesman Gregory Haertl claimed the opposite – this is his contact data:

Gregory Härtl
Team Leader, Communications for Global Alert and Response (GAR)
World Health Organization

Only summaries of the protocols have been published, 12 of a few hundreds.

Every study, every statement or action by the WHO, if in connection with radioactivity and health, must be authorized by the IAEA

– The IAEA has no mandate for this. The IAEA has no mandate for reactor safety or human health.

– The IAEA is not contracted by the UN to organize relief efforts for nuclear accidents.

– 1991: Rather than examine genetic defects due to Chernobyl, the WHO examined Caries in the Chernobyl affected countries

– Behind the IAEA is the military-industrial complex

The IAEA is the spokesman of the five permanent members of the U.N.: China, USA, France, England, Russia – all atomic weapons countries. All with VETOs infront of the U.N. Vetos against all Chernobyl studies.


It’s up to us!

Press, media, scientitsts, journalists, students from all over Europe will be there, in Geneva, on April 26th 2011!

Why keeps the W.H.O. it’s mouth shut and let’s the IAEA say: “Chernobyl is not a big problem, Fukushima is soon over (?).”

W.H.O. is gagged by the contract WHA 12-40 from 1959, made with the IAEA. W.H.O. is not allowed to makes statements about radation sickness, cancer, mutation, death, leukemia. They simply deny it, because of this gag contract!

Here is an excellent clip from the Association for the Liquidators of Chernobyl:

WHO gagged by IAEA !!! – Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zkaafpOM2_k
I was in Geneva last year, wore the sign, Nesterenko (Atomic physicist and liquidator) has worn, 4 months before he died.

W.H.O. gagged by IAEA

Therefore: COME TO GENEVA, on April 26th 2011:



The World Health Organisation is gagged by the Atomic Energy Association IAEA

Take immediate action against this scandal, go on http://bag-tschernobyl.net/projekte/263-26-april-2011-25-years-chernobyl.html come to Geneva on April 26th 2011!

The actions of the responsible Secretaries and Directors General of International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), the World Health Organization (WHO), the responsible operating company TEPCO and regulators after the reactor accident of Fukushima is a case for such a International Criminal Court: The IAEA, WHO and TEPCO should be a case for the International Criminal Courts

The definition of an accident is similar to what is known in Harvard as “strategic misinterpretation“. Quote of IAEA and OCDE: ““In consequence, the Chernobyl accident will be not considered as a significant accident.SOURCE Read here: Fukushima and Three Mile Island USA: strategic misinterpretation by the IAEA

Latency of Cesium 137: 20 – 25 years mature people / 4 years children (Chernobyl happens grows today, illness, death, cancer increase and not decrease, as WHO and IAEA say): Japanese officals and WHO ignore irradiated Japanese Children

By the ALARA principle you have to prove that the money you are going to spent to lower the radiation exposure does advance peoples health. This was told the IAEA by the ICRP and so the IAEA told this all atomic agencies in the world.: IAEA and ICRP – Licence to Kill – ALARA principle

Tell the people, that Fukushima is not as bad as Chernobyl, and, Chernobyl was a small accident: Fukushima: The IAEA strategy

If the people of Tokio would be exposed a radiation dose of 0.1 Sv (100 mSv): In the coming years 235,000 cancer cases would be created. 400 mSv could create over a million cases: Japan: Additional 252,500 Cancer Cases and Risk for pregnant women

After the accident has technically ended begins the social accident, begins the humanitarian accident, begins the health accident – like in Chernobyl: 25 Years with FUKUSHIMA

Le Monde, August 28th 1986: “Because of the importance of this energy, the world could endure each year an accident in the order of Chernobyl…” – Hans Blix – former IAEA director: Atomic Industry – Licence to Kill

In May 2008,  the belarusian Government struck off 1000 villages and communities from the list of contaminated areas: CORE – a Chernobyl aid program that kills

Why keeps the W.H.O. it’s mouth shut and let’s the IAEA say: “Chernobyl is not a big problem, Fukushima is soon over (?).”

W.H.O. is gagged by the contract WHA 12-40 from 1959, made with the IAEA. W.H.O. is not allowed to makes statements about radation sickness, cancer, mutation, death, leukemia. They simply deny it, because of this gag contract!

Here is an excellent clip from the Association for the Liquidators of Chernobyl:

WHO gagged by IAEA !!! – Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zkaafpOM2_k
I was in Geneva last year, wore the sign, Nesterenko (Atomic physicist and liquidator) has worn, 4 months before he died.

Therefore: COME TO GENEVA, on April 26th 2011:



Here are my clips of the IPPNW Chernonyl / Fukushima congress, April 8th – 10th, 2011 – mostly in english but partly also in german language:

Dr. Helen Caldicott on Atomic bombs and Atomic reactors – April 9th 2011, Berlin:
PART 1: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NpHrBawqQtQ
PART 2: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FW1W3ZnaSyE
PART 3: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Zj2tkeESUeQ
Helen Caldicott has received many awards for her work, including 19 honourary doctrates, the Gandhi Prize and she was nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize by Nobel Peace Laureate Linus Pauling. In the last 30 years, Helen Caldicott – a paediatrician from Australia – has dedicated her life to international campaigns against the medical dangers and health effects of the nuclear age.

PART 1: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FUxnnCmpOgw
PART 2: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SyjpzkwmAM4
Prof. Dr. Angelina Nyagu directed the national research programme on reducing health effects of the Chernobyl catastrophe in Ukraine and the former Soviet Union as a specialist on neuropsychology, neurophysiology and radiation medicine.
Here is the truth of rising deaths and cancer among Children because of Chernobyl:

The Time blurs the Truth:
PART 1: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Kf2uaSfmYzo
PART 2: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sxBzYCUPytM
PART 3:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ShAb7kH9FqA
4 other parts are coming…

Keith Baverstock — World Health Organisation and IAEA — April 9th 2011, Berlin:
PART 1: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MQZr8jbiGH0
PART 2: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YesWK0gKCdM
PART 3: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R9JWgs1Dq9E

Keith Baverstock, PhD, a graduate of London University, led the Radiation Protection Programme at the World Health Organisation’s Regional Office for Europe from 1991 to 2003. His critical views of the management and conduct of the Committee, particularly in its failure to make proper use of science and its lack of adherence to the Code of Conduct in Public Life, resulted in his dismissal.
More additional information:
and here:

Dr. Katsumi Furitsu on Fukushima / Radiation – April 9th 2011, Berlin:
Katsumi Furitsu, born 1959, holds a PhD on medical genetics and radiation biology of the Osaka University, Japan and at present works in the department of genetics at the Hyogo College of Medicine.

Prof. Alexey V. Jablokov on Chernobyl / 1000.000 deaths – April 9th 2011, Berlin:
Prof. Alexey Jablokov and V. Nesterenko (liquidator and atomic physicist) released a 327 pages long study about Chernobyl (100 USD on amazon), which clearly shows, that 1000.000 people died of Chernobyl. Alexei V. Yablokov — Prof. Dr. Biol., councillor, Russian Academy of Science (1997-); corresponding member of Russian Academy of Sci. (1974- ); Deputy Chair, Comm. of Ecology of the USSR’ Parliament (1989-1991); councillor on ecology and public health, the President of the Russian Federation (1991-1993); chair., state comm. on dumping of radioactive wastes in seas surrounding the Russian Federation (1992 — 1993) His study:

Dr. Ian Fairlie “Fukushima worse than Chernobyl” – April 9th 2011, Berlin:
Dr. Ian Fairlie is a radiobiologist from Great Britain. He works as an independent consultant in the field of radioactivity in the environment and advises environmental organisations, the European Parliament as well as local and national authorities in several countries. His study:

Prof. Dr. Irina Grushevaya on Chernobyl, Fukushima, Belarus – April 13th 2011, Berlin:
PART 1: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x8GaNvkKhBk
PART 2: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TA-7y-iCnfE
Prof. Dr. Irina Grushevaya was invited among others to the SPD fraction event “Tschernobyl Mahnt”, among the guests was the belarusian ambassador in Berlin, and the former german ambassador in Minsk. Grushevaya helped more than 2000.000 belarusians with concrete aid and sent more than 200,000 Chernobyl children in countries all over the world.

VIDEO: Chernobyl Liquidator Vladimir Anatolevich Gudov, Berlin April 9th 2011:
PART 1: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mnpP4lbmnAo
PART 2: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AhpvTsrUrjA
Vladimir Anatolevich Gudov, Liquidator of Chernobyl, Special Battalion 731, author of the book “W.A. Gudow, Specbatal’on 731” – during the Fukushima / Chernobyl IPPNW congress, in Berlin, from April 8th – 10th 2011.

FLASH MOB infront of CDU HQ in Berlin (pro atomic energy fraction and Government): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AkkGbEoO1fc

Chernobyl 24: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZPIx433cGgI

with kindest regards to the all Fukushima & Chernobyl children, women and Liquidators, and to Mr. Jablokov and Mr. Bandachevski (I mentioned your name on April 13th 2011 infront of the SPD fracton in the German “Bundestag”) “We were all fullof energy” – *quote Nesterenko
Here is a rare speech of Wladimir Nekljajew in Minsk:



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not only rain and waves, fish also. A 2nd catastrophe for Japan.

national meteorological and geophysical services in Austria LIVE MAP Cesium 137 release

Radiation Chart (probably down played and manipulated)

TEPCO radiation measurements – updated (probably down played and manipulated)

Quake and Radiation graphs

Readings at Monitoring Post out of 20 Km Zone of Fukushima Dai-ichi NPP (probably down played and manipulated)


Technical Briefing of nuclear safety aspects of the situation in Japan

Quake tracker Map Japan

Casualties (probably down played and manipulated)



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If a reactor next to you crashes, what will happen? Who is going to compensate you? No reactor is insured.

There is something, it is called ALARA

In the beginning the ALARA (As Low As Reasonably Achievable) principle was turned against the atomic industry. It said, that radiation exposure has to be held as low as possible, that means as low as rasonably achievable. But hydrogen bombs cause much radiation.

The ICRP Info HERE turned around this principle (after the first hydrogen bomb explosion in 1952) – so that the ALARA principle is now working FOR the atomic industry, even if a reactor crashes next to you. ICRP said, that ALARA does not refer to accidents. Basically this means:

When an accident happens (an atomic reactor crash, for example) the whole point of Status Quo is that the people are contaminated with radiation.

It was also renamed, it’s new name is “ALARP” (Source)

It simply doesn’t help the victims anymore, it helps the atomic industry and it’s profiteers: IAEA and ICRP

So, the atomic industry is spoken free, even during atomic accidents.

By the ALARA principle you have to prove that the money you are going to spent to lower the radiation exposure does advance peoples health. This was told the IAEA by the ICRP and so the IAEA told this all atomic agencies in the world. Funny thing, IAEA is not responsible for peoples health. And the IAEA does have a gag contract with the WHO since the 1950ies which does the WHO not allow to publish other numbers concerning radiation desease and death numbers, than those validated by the IAEA. And the IAEA ignores the link between desease / death and high / low radiation. Although it is proven.

Evidence HERE

Since 1929 genetic and cancer creating effects of radioactivity are known.
In 1946 Hermann J. Mueller got for his experiments the nobelprice:

So, more atomic power plants means: Less sorrow for the operators and the industry – if something happens. Now it’s understandable why money-printers / atomic power plants are not assured.

Do you know the ICRP? See HERE

They were originally founded in 1954. While their foundation was going on, an atmosphere of secrecy because of the atomic weapons and the secrecy of reasons of national safety were around them.

1954 ICRP was an organisation of 13 male members.  Till 1990 the first woman came to them…

They made the recommendations for radiation protection norms, which were accepted by all countries, and which (very important!) justified the set of regulations of the IAEA. Interesting isn’t it? Here is one:
ICRP said, the tritium emission (from atomic power plants) in water should be 40.000 Bq. And now the crazy progress of the ICRP: In 1990 they said: Lets make 7000 Bq/ litre. This was proved by ACES (Comitee for environmental standards). They said: Wrong housenumber, change the 7000 (Because of cancer danger). They also said: Lower it to 100 Bq in five years until you get 20 Bq / Litre.

I think its a big difference between 40.000 and 20, don’t you?

That’s why we should never tolerate a number for low radiation emission from atomic power plants.

But the IAEA uses them in a very cruel way, since the Chernobyl reactor explosion in 1986. If you read through a paper from 1990 (called “Document Nr. 60 1990), written by the ICRP you find the description

“temporary radiation effect”.

Effects which they did not find heavy enough in order that the effected people can be compensated. And today? Have a look at his HERE

ICRP totally gave up tp IAEA. IAEA is doing ICRP work today. And more: IAEA is selling the “peacefull atomic energy theory” worldwide. Although peaceful atomic reactos do develop low radiation (whose effects IAEA does try to deny) and weapon-ready Plutonium. It’s a BIG money game they are playing for decades and which will end hopefully soon (Uranium range: 60 years and below).

ICRP is NOT the organisation (in my opinion) which is in charge to protect the workers of the atomic industry. The ICRP does make down-the-lines and brings economic “imperative” into account. ICRP is not the advocator for radiation protection. Are there ICRP members who do have an apprenticeship in public health or industrial medicine?

ICRP members are profiteers of the atomic industry, just like the IAEA. Don’t expect to them to make radiation safety for YOU. This is an evidence that our modern society seems to have big problems.

There is also an other link, it’s called Principle of Subtantial Equivalentread about it HERE

IAEA is responsible for everything nuclear. It’s as if we choose the MAFIA as our Police to control the crimes.

Feeling safer – anyone?



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Japanese officals and WHO ignore irradiated Japanese Children

IMPORTANT INFORMATION for ALL JAPANESE: http://www.criirad.org/actualites/dossier2011/japon_bis/en_japonais/japonais.html

national meteorological and geophysical services in Austria LIVE MAP Cesium 137 release


Radiation Chart (might be unobjective and downplaying)

TEPCO radiation measurements – updated (might be unobjective and downplaying)

Radiation Effects Research Foundation Japan (Lists of Institutes related to health care for the radiation-exposes in Japan) (might be unobjective and downplaying)

Quake and Radiation graphs

Readings at Monitoring Post out of 20 Km Zone of Fukushima Dai-ichi NPP (might be unobjective and downplaying)


Technical Briefing of nuclear safety aspects of the situation in Japan

Quake tracker Map Japan


Six Fukushima liquidators were irradiated with 250 Millisievert on March 19th 2011 – after the radiation limit was increased to 250 Millisievert.  They got the radiation of 100 years! Thats the crone of irresponsibility. Atomic energy is a criminal energy against all kinds of life on the planet. And the IAEA got the peace noble prize in 2005.

older news:

Fuel rods are now exposed and ready for meltdown.
Workers are irradiated. New explosions heard.

Suppression pool may have been damaged at No. 2 reactor

SOURCE: http://english.kyodonews.jp/

An atomic cloud reached Tokyo in the morning of March 13th 2011.

NHK weather forecast doesn’t show radiation levels. You cannot rely on them.

Here are radiation measurements from March 13th 2011:

Block I Fukushima: 3/13/2011  more than 1 millisievert per hour.

At the Gate of Fukushima I: 3/12/2011 forenoon till explosion of building I: 1 milli-sievert per hour, then they dropped to 0,07 milli-sievert per hour


9:35 pm 760 micro sv/h, 9:37 pm 3130 micro sv/h, 10:15 pm 431 micro sv/h and 10:35 pm 326 micro sv/h

03/14/11: 2 am: 3100 micro sievert

Normal exposure is: 2 milli-sievert per YEAR and there you have 1 milli-sievert per HOUR

GET AWAY! The radiation is 60.000 times higher than normal!

Normal radiation: 0,05 micro sievert per hour * 24 * 365 makes 438 micro sievert. Per Year.

The 2 milli sievert are made out of external radiation and other radiation sources, like Radon for example.

Divide 3000 micro sievert per hour through 0,05 micro sievert per hour – you get 60.000

The officials are down playing this crisis. GET AWAY

Low doses can lead to cancer. Especially Leukaemia after radiation exposes children are born. It damages the embryo. KiKK Study



Discovered by Abraham Petkau, 1972, Whitshell at the Atomic Energy of Canada Limited (web).

He discovered:

that 26 RAD per Minute (fast radiation rate) need a total dose of 3500 RAD to harm a cell membrane.

with 0,001 RAD per Minute (slow dose) only 0,7 RAD are needed to harm a cell membrane.

The Mechanism behind it:

The production of free radicals of Oxygen (O² with a negative electric charge) caused by ionising effect of the radiation.

The free radicals caused by the slow dose (0,001) are sparsely distributed radicals do have a higher chance to reach the cell membranes.


The free radicals of the fast radiation rate (26) are tight together and so they react faster with each other.

The low electric charge of the cell membranes attract the free radicals in the early state of the reaction (minor total dose).

If the harmed cells are monocytes this will cause:

Anemia, because the monocytes recycle 37 – 40 % of the iron of dying red blood cells.

Weakened immune system in the cells, because the monocytes generate the substance which activates the immune system of the lymphocytes.

This is the so called “Bura Bura” – of Hiroshima and Nagasaki survivors.




This is the  NEW  Livestream of NHK japanese Televison. and the english translation

More Japan Information

More Chernobyl Information

Wind: Japan – USA map

IEA wants 1,300 new atomic power plants (32 each year)




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It’s 25 Chernobyl years.

25 Years of lies by the IAEA and the WHO.

25 years of suffering.With still more than 2 million people living in contaminated areas in Belarus. 1000.000 Children are ill.

Therefore, the Federal Working Agency Chernobyl (web) of Germany organizes a bus tour through Europe:


The trip will consist of three stages:

  1. Minsk Garden of Hope: The peace tour starts and ends in Minsk in the “Garden of Hope” where vigils (sit-ins) and candle burning actions will take place on the commemoration day. Byelorussian participants as well as organizers will assemble in Minsk and international participants can join at this point. The Foundation “The Children of Chernobyl” is responsible for the organization and program of the trip and will decide on the itinerary. If possible, a group of animators should be included.
  2. Intermediate stops: bus of the foundation will transport us. En route, people can join, for example, in Poland, Germany, Benelux countries, Switzerland, among others. If there are not enough places, there will be an additional bus. Stops will be made where initiatives have taken to invite the group. The organizers in these places are responsible for lodging – in families, youth hostels and other places – and for a program – possibly with guests (where donations can be requested), for ex.: memorial services, vigils (sit-ins), laying of wreaths, memorial unveilings, etc.
    Reports from “witnesses” – this does not only include guests from Byelorussia but also local people, parents, teachers, doctors, local authorities who were responsible at that time, on how they witnessed the shock of Chernobyl, in towns, schools, etc.
    Reading literature on Chernobyl, possibly by authors, people who are known in the area, in churches, schools etc., at a “reading night” with Chernobyl cultural events with guests – theater, music, exhibitions, etc. Special actions: Theatre in pedestrian zones, paintings, and a display of the ‘Chernobyl candle’, catastrophe exercise, stock of milk powder for infants distributed in little bags, ‘mushroom’ soups, nuclear chain reactions, etc.
    In any case, the reason and aim of the “Peace Journey through Europe” in April 2011, should be made clear through reports, media, etc.
    The return trip could be similar.
  3. Meeting place Geneva: Aim and meeting place is Geneva, with a participation in the (memorial) vigil (sit-in) on 26 April 2011 in front of the WHO – also for those who arrive by private car, bicycle, on foot, tractor, etc. Accommodation: Youth hostel in Geneva and surroundings, hotels, or private homes, etc. The Federal Association of ‘ For the Children of Chernobyl’ in Germany) will be responsible for preparation and organization.
    An international group should already join the participants in Minsk.
  4. Invitation to the federal government / German Greens in the federal state “Niedersachsen”:

Candle actions everywhere
with the symbol of the Chernobyl candle

The “Chernobyl candle” is the center of all candle actions. It reminds and warns everyone in a peaceful way and cannot be overlooked. Everybody
can take part in such an action by placing a candle in the window to remember together with host families the Chernobyl disaster:

  • for all who have become victims of this ‘invisible war’, who suffer from it and have to carry the consequences for the children of Chernobyl as well as
  • for all children whose lives have been and will be destroyed through atomic action
  • for our friends and partners in Byelorussia
  • for all courageous and engaged people who oppose the atomic threat and who stand up for life
  • for the participants of the ‘peace journey’
  • for a world without atomic threat – each nuclear power plant is a potential atomic bomb
  • for free access to medical data and information without any hesitation, imposed silence, according to the statutes of the WHO
  • for people who do not withdraw from their responsibility
  • for bridges of humanitarian cooperation
  • for..
  • for..

Where there is church involvement, Western Easter (24./25.04.2011) could be a focal point with the use of the Easter candle.


The WHO constitution describes 22 actions which are to enable it to obtain its medical goals. One can read that it is mandatory to give the widest possible information on health problems to the population so that it can come to its own conclusions.


The main goal of the IAEO is ”to accelerate and promote the nuclear industry for peace, health and well-being of the whole world”. Almost
by way of parenthesis it is underlined that the IAEA is also accountable for health in the field of nuclear industry.

The contract of 1959

The main point of the contract between WHO and IAEO: No public information on health problems when could influence the development of nuclear industry.

This commitment to keep secrecy is however totally against the WHO statutes which state that the public be informed. Consequently, it seems that the world is being kept in the dark concerning risks from the nuclear industry or, so to say, protected from the truth. It will still be worse when it comes to information and protective measures regarding the expected waste from the nuclear industry, as was in the case after Chernobyl, because first of all the promoters of nuclear power plants will be financially protected (Prof. Dr. M. Fernex, France).

“The peak of the number of concerned persons will only be visible by 2016. The heritage of Chernobyl will accompany us and our children,
for generations” (Kofi Annan, former U.N. general secretary). He surely has the information from WHO. We want to know this, too

To tell the truth

1. Unforgettable is the date of 26 April 1986. It was with horror that all of Europe observed what happened in the former Soviet Union: The unimaginable, the ‘GAU’ of a nuclear power plant, a super-GAU – bigger than the greatest imaginable accident. This horror was called Chernobyl. Europe was scared, fear over the children, helplessness, what shall we do, what are we allowed to eat, how can we protect ourselves? Europe was lucky. Immediately affected however were the regions around the nuclear reactor in the Ukraine, Russia and in large parts of White Russia/Belarus. However, nothing of all this was known in the beginning. There was nothing but silence, repression, bluff. The then politbureau of the USSR had ordered silence. Silence was maintained by all means.

Europe, however, should remember and hear the warning.

2. Only the civil movement could and would not be silent. On its very own it wanted to find out. It informed its own population and the world at large. It tried to make known this disaster by involving the media, by ways of scientific congresses, with civil rights’ engagement, to bring Glasnost and Perestroika into the disaster. It organized immediate aid for children and for the people in the heavily affected regions. A world-wide network of self-help and humanitarian cooperation developed – marked by international solidarity with the courageous people who took their fate into their own hands, who broke through the silence, who brought light into the darkness. It is the civil rights movement who up to this date carries out international humanitarian programs and who, in deep solidarity, stands on the side of the afflicted and engaged people. It is the international citizens movement who over and over again calls for the truth – particularly today, 25 years after the ‘Chernobyl’ disaster. This memory moves between the two poles: solidarity and truth. We need free information and medical data over ‘Chernobyl’. The real situation at that time and today must be transparent and made known.

3. After a short democratic opening in Belarus, silence has again been installed. The silence has an international dimension. The silence which had once been ordered by the politbureau of the Communist party of the Soviet Union is today being steered by the IAEO. The IAEO is subordinate to the U.N. Security Council where the five leading nuclear powers have the word. The whole military-industrial nuclear complex wants ‘Chernobyl’ forgotten. The nuclear lie is, not the least, the result of the agreement of 1959 between two U.N. organizations: the IAEO and the WHO. As to nuclear issues, the WHO is only allowed to publish what is agreed to with the IAEO. There have already been publications that had to be destroyed, and congresses had to be cancelled. This is how in the end physicists and politicians decide over what medical doctors have to say.

Remembering and Reminding

WHO has an enormous amount of medical documentation, data and information with regard to ‘Chernobyl’ and to the whole nuclear program. However, silence is the order. Facts and data cannot be obtained anymore. The IAEO declares today as it did in 1986 “Chernobyl is not that bad” – only 31 dead and – in the meantime they admitted that there are some cases of thyroid cancer in children. IAEO even starts a counter attack: What is really bad is how one speaks about Chernobyl. Many negative initiatives create insecurity among people and make them depend on outside support, plunging them into apathy and poverty.

The ‘atomic lie’ then leads to a direct battle against civil society – not only in Belarus. Much has in the meantime been destroyed. Humanitarian cooperation is constantly being threatened and hindered. The more necessary is the call for truth.

4. One should remember that ‘Chernobyl’ does not belong in a museum but remains a constant challenge today and tomorrow: To stand for the cause of free access to all necessary information, for an “independent WHO”, that the agreement of 1959, which leaves people to suffer, be suppressed, that silence be broken, that the truth about the consequences of Chernobyl for life and health be put on the table, that the whole dimension for man and environment become visible. Because the medical records will show that for a long time to come ‘Chernobyl’ is not over, it continues to threaten the people in Belarus, Russia, the Ukraine, Europe. Genetic consequences cannot yet be estimated. The atomic lie is like an octopus that spreads its deadly arms over humanity, like cancer which starts to grow and forms metastases. The whole Chernobyl work depends on medical data and facts. For its humanitarian programs, it depends essentially on up-to-date information on radioactive emissions, on the consequences of nuclear contaminaon and the health situation. Whoever accepts the “atomic lie” makes civil movements and humanitarian cooperation loses ground, and leaves children and the weakest to their fate.

5. At the same time, ‘Chernobyl’ is a symbol for taking the wrong path and for the disaster of the whole military-industrial nuclear program. Silence, bluff, repression, is worldwide. The consequences are incalculable.

6. For many years, vigils (sit-ins) for an independent WHO on a local and international level, take place in Geneva in front of WHO. Chernobyl is constantly being remembered and the truth about the ‘nuclear lie’ is being remembered. They need support, especially also from Germany. German initiatives are missing here. The 26th of April 2011 therefore offers the possibility to participate in Geneva in these vigils (sit-ins) to protest against the ‘nuclear lie’ and to make visible these events and actions. The “peace journey through Europe” and candle action will serve this aim.

For further information: www.independentwho.info

An additional Chernobyl Congress will be held in Berlin, Germany by the IPPNW (PSR in the U.S.) more information HERE




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