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Chernobyl official open 2011 for tourists: Yahoo News

1000.000 children are irradiated and ill – they’re ignored by IAEO und WHO. More here: independentwho.info

Germany’s  environmental minister stopps atomic waste transport to Russia / Mayak – N-TV news

German federal state “Sachsen” pays Millions each year to outsource atomic waste in Russia.

Mayak is, with Chernobyl, the most contaminated place on earth. More about the Mayak desaster HERE and HERE

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After a two month long trail, 47 years old Aleh Surhan was busted on Feb 19th 2010 in Belarus. He got 6 months in jail, after an beyond belief process. He also has to pay a fine. More HERE (lphr.org). Libereco –
partnership for human rights consideres Aleh Surhan as political detainee in Belarus and demands his immediate and unconditional release from jail. Please join also and SIGN this petition. Send it to (limit till April 15th 2010):

Libereco – Partnership for Human Rights

Postfach / PO Box 74 88  City: 53074 Bonn
Country: Germany / Deutschland

Please send Aleh Surhan also a greeting card, to:

211791 Glubokoe, Vitebsk Region
PK 13, Areshtny Dom,
Otryad 13, Aleh Surhan

More on Facebook HERE

and Twitter HERE

Send questions to: info@lphr.org



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The U.S. and Southkorea are going to make a yearly joint military maneuver. Part of it are computer based simulations and communication exercises. 10,000 U.S. troops are taking part, as well as SK troops. It’s a yearly maneuver, called “Ulchi Freedom Guardian”.

A North Korean military spokesman told NK’s KCNA web that if this maneuver takes place, NK military will launch an atomic strike against the U.S, if the U.S. is threatening NK with atomic weapons. Source

What happenes if atomic weapons are used can be read HERE.

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The latest about the continuing Violation of Human Rights in Belarus – Europe’s last dictatorship (click on the links left):

Reporters Without Borders: Belarus – World Report 2009

Stop executions in Belarus – HERE

Facebook action: Time for a Free Belarus!

Call for end to unofficial ban on foreign journalists

More Reports HERE

Source & copyright of all articles:  www.belarus-actions.org

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