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If Atomic Energy is Green Energy – that would be the first Green Energy which can emit radioactive Caesium 137 into Drinking Water.

citation Jürgen Trittin (party whip of the German Greens) – June 26th 2008

(Half-Life of Caesium 137: 30 years)

See what 1 ton of Uranium causes




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Swedish police arrested two craftsmen in the Swedish atomic power plant Oskarshamn [map], because of arranging a sabotage. During a samples controll the explosive Triaceton Triperoxide was found. The men stayed inside the compound for several days, without custody, as a spokesman said. The atomic power plant Oskarshamn is run by the German E.ON concern and the Finnish Company Fortum. Triaceton Triperoxid was also used in the 2005 London terror attacks. The safety systems are working well, as the this case has shown. The safety of all three reactors was not endangered, said the Swedish press spokesman of Fortum. Soures: Here

Not a single word on the official website of Fortum

nor on E.ON

I want to ask: Are the safety systems working well? What about the two men, wo stayed there, without custody?

Remember the bomb found inside of an American atomic power plant on Dec. 3rd 2007: Link


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