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All recommendations for radiation emssion out of atomic power plants are based on a healthy mature 34 / 35 year old human.

This is called REFERENCE MAN

But what happens if you do not take a mature human as a default for limit values.

What if you choose a HUMAN EMBRYO as a default for radiation limits from the atomic industry?

The answer is ZERO. This is called REFERENCE EMBRYO.

This was sent to the Comission on Radiological Protection Germany (web) by the IPPNW (web) two weeks before xmas 2009. No decision yet.

What comes out of cooling towers at atomic power plants?

Steam PLUS Tritium (heavy water, Beta emitter)

In a radius of 5 – 10 km around every atomic power plant PREGNANT women’s embryos are exposed to that.

Around / before/ after the 10th pregnancy week Tritium / beta radiation harms the cell information, when inhaled and transported to the embryo itself. It does not cause a pregnancy abortion, mind you. But after the child is born, and let’s say 2, 3 years are gone, this child is likely to get blood cancer.You should ask your gynecologist about this and leave the area if you want to have a child.

The atomic power plant operators publish only averages of Tritium emissions. This convincing, with those numbers it is possible the camouflage high emissions or even accidents. You can not rely on that.

Read all about it HERE and HERE, in the German KiKK Study – released by the Federal Radation Agency (web HERE) in 2007. Children living in a 5 km radius around German atomic power plants do have a higher cancer risc. It is scientific and confirmed in professional circles. The IPPNW (International Physicians for the Prevention of Nuclear War, with 40.000 members worldwide, even gynecologists) also wrote about it HERE and HERE. Also, Dr. Ian Fairlie (uk) made researches about Tritium emissions. He is going to take part at the IPPNW world congress in Switzerland, in August 2010, in Basel. More HERE or here:

“Now is the time to give Obama a strong push toward nuclear abolition, the direction he wants to go. So come to Basel next August and make it happen!”

B. Lown, August 2009

AUGUST 25 – 30, 2010

University of Basel , Switzerland

Everyone is invited.

PDF / Downloadable Review of Risks from Tritium. Report of the independent Advisory Group on Ionising Radiation HERE

and HERE <- How Tritium makes children sick (in German)

List of downloadable documents by Prof. Pflugbeil, Germany HERE

And this is why IAEA, WHO and ICRP close their eyes: HERE and HERE

More here and here

Children are our future, and not atomic energy!

more details added to this post soon.



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It’s not 23 years after Chernobyl,

It’s “23 Chernobyl years.”


Chernobyl is continuing to harm people and environment (scientific proven by Dr. Gennadi Milinevsky, Kiev, Anders Pape Moller CNRS and Prof. Timothy A. Mousseau, South Carolina ):

US Chernobyl Research Initiative: Consequences for People, insects and birds

Chernobyl was the explosion of a former russian atomic reactor in 1986.

72 % of it’s fallout went down on Belarus – the most Chernobyl affected country in the world. More than 2 million people are still living there in contaminated areas. Here are Belarusian Radiation maps

More: Belarusian independent Chernobyl information

The Government has build an own city around the main capital Minsk, it is called “Malinowka” – it’s like a circle around Minsk. Only for Chernobyl evacuees. The IAEA gags the WHO not to publish any other numbers about death or illness caused by Chernobyl. It’s because of a gag contract between the IAEA and the WHO – since 1959:

Learn about this global scandal here: Independent WHO

That’s why both say only 30 – 50 people died of Chernobyl and 5000 could die. Sources like the IPPNW (web) or the Ukrainian health minstry say: 125,000 people have died (1993) and 800,000 (according to German Federal Working Agency Chernobyl) are affected by Chernobyl. The IAEA denies every other cancer caused by radiation except thyroid cancer. This is because the IAEA is a profiteer of atomic energy: Read more about it here – IAEA and ICRP and ICRP and ALARA


Chernobyl kills invisible and continues. Chernobyl shows that atomic energy is not peaceful. Chernobyl exploded with a yield of 0,2 – 0,3 kilotons. There are atomic weapons which have a lower yield. Source: Robert Green (former British navy member) and Prof. Robert Hesketh (former physicist and atomic operant – CEGB) & Don Arnott – Hinkley Point Hearing 1988 – mentioned in the IPPNW book “Tschernobyl 1996”.

The Belarusian Government denies Chernobyl: 1000 villages struck off from being contaminated

This is also international supported via CORE Program – or “How to end Chernobyl”

The Belarusian Government denies every link between illness and Chernobyl – medics can lose their jobs if they make a connection. Next to Radio Belarus in Minsk is a house where the state records thyroid illnes among belarusian people. Here are photos from April 2009:

And near this house I’ve spotted a white bus. It was from the “Chernobyl Children’s Project International” – view their great website here and watch their interesting and well made movies. Regards to Mrs. Ryan.

And now, ROSATOM – the builder of the Iranian atomic reactors builds an atomic reactor in Belarus: Atomic power crisis

ROSATOM also started a joint venture with SIEMENS (Source) – which recently left AREVA (Areva scandals here)


Olga, a young journalist from Kiev, remembers her childhood as a wonderful time: she used to live in Pripyat, a young town, full of children, mushrooms and flowers. The only problem: Pripyat is located next to the reactor of Chernobyl. At the age of eight years Olga was evacuated with her family. 22 years later she returns with her Brazilian husband to the place of her childhood, which is now a ghost town. A film about the loss of home, the second generation after Chernobyl and the question if it is still dangerous to eat daisies?

Length: 61 minutes, 2008

More information and TRAILER here: lostparadise-themovie.com

Additional coverage in German news mags about LOST PARADISE:

Sueddeutsche NewsMag

DerFreitag web


old movie and blog entry HERE


And now more of my works:

Here are the latest photos I’ve made in Belarus

And here is the latest movie I’ve made

Never forget:

This is me, in April 2009, in Minsk:

The Chernobyl doctor’s name is Dr. Kalinskaya, watch her here

with kind regards,


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Pro-atomic-power and it’s propaganda: “atomic transmutation”

Two things:

1.) Transmutation is a bad excuse for NOT finding an atomic waste disposal.

2.) Transmutation may transform some material into short-living emitters.

But some into long living emitters.

And don’t forget what atomic reprocessing facilities cause:

Here is

The Real Costs of Cleaning Up Nuclear Waste: A Full Cost Accounting of Cleanup Options for the West Valley Nuclear Waste Site

on the webiste of http://www.synapse-energy.com/

Transmutation is dirty, expensive and dangerous. And, of course, a bad excuse.


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Against all genteel euphemism of IAEA and WHO, Radiation from Chernobyl fallout is still a major problem in Belarus. The IAEA is the servant and profiteer of the atomic industry with it’s heavy subsidies – just like the ICRP. But why doesn’t the WHO protest?

The IAEA denies every illness, disease, death and mutation caused by radiation, excpet thyroid cancer. And the WHO keeps it’s mouth shut.

But what exactly is the Gag Contract all about? Read all about this scandal here: http://www.independentwho.info

Medics – gagged by Physicists.

The Belarussian government has no other choice then denying the problem and tells the people to come back and live in contaminated areas (25 % of Belarus).

Photos I’ve shot in Belarus in 2006:



Forbidden Belarussian children cancer data

Radiation maps from Belarus

For an independent WHO and against the IAEA, because a dead musician plays only silent songs.


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Nov. 1st 2008. Germany, at the end of a German expert meeting of the Bavarian Government experts say, that the search for a new waste disposal not not fulfill inernational standards. Source

After scandals in the world’s first underground disposal for radioactive waste (see here: ASSE II Scandal News) Germany searches for a new disposal for atomic waste.

There are still NO defined safety regulations for atomic waste disposals in Germany, as Germany’s Environment minister Sigmar Gabriel said. AND there is not a single atomic waste disposal in the world. But we’re using atomic power for decades.

Germany needs a safe atomic waste disposal till 2035.

Some say “Gorleben” might be a good choice.

Although (You already know it) it doesn’s fulfill safety regulations (an international standard) – which do not exist in Germany.


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Remember the KiKK study of Germany’s federal agency for radiation protection? KiKK is about the scientific proven higher cancer risc for kids – when living near atomic power plants. Read all about it HERE.

Share & Download! “Childhood Leukemia and Cancers Near German Nuclear Reactors” – World’s biggest 20 years Study FINALLY online for free: http://doris.bfs.de/jspui/bitstream/urn:nbn:de:0221-20100317939/4/BfS_2007_KiKK-Studie.pdf English consumption and background: http://www.nirs.org/radiation/radhealth/kikkcommentary0709ijoeh.pdf

I’ve sent them an E-Mail on August 5th, 2008. This is my mail:

Here are their responses:

They say, it can be found here: http://www.bfs.de/de/bfs/druck/Ufoplan/4334_KIKK.html

And also in the European Journal of Cancer (Volume 44, Issue 2, Pages 275 – 284, Authors Spix C., Schmiedel S., Kaatsch P., Schulze-Rath R. and Blettner N.)

For all English speaking persons out there, here are the translated KiKK study docs (by ejcancer – the European Cancer Journal):






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Remember the scandal news of high Uranium levels in Germany’s drinking water HERE

The Consmer Protection Organisation “FOODWATCH” (web) discorvered, that of 8000 examined data 950 have more than 2 microgram of Uranium in one liter – that’s breaking the tolerance limit. Uranium in drinking water is dangerous for babies.

Adding to this: 150 data values are above the limit of 10 (!) microgram per liter. Is this still drinking water?

Worst of all: The German Authorities did not inform the German people about the Uranium in German drinking water – never did.

Only Foodwatch did it.

So, I sent them an E-Mail on August 7th 2008 regarding the shocking news of Uranium in drinking water. This was my Mail:

And this is their answer:

There are companies which are specialized in filtering Uranium out of the drinking water, for example Krueger Wabag – web

They use Uranex devices.


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