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After a long waiting period, here are new News from Germany. An interesting and negative development is under way. Video here

The CDU und FDP party has made a step: The pull out from the atomic pull out, to end atomic energy in Germany. So, old reactors can run additional 14 – 18 years. Old reactors need to be renewed. According to Greenpeace the costs of German atomic energy from 1950 till 2010 are: 204 billions EUROs (204,000,000,000) SOURCE.

But the atomic energy concern RWE saves 208 million EUROs at the same time SOURCE.

How can that be?

The longer running times for atomic reactors are made by a vote, as said, by the FDP and CDU party. They did the vote in the German Government / BundesTAG. But not in the german BundesRAT / Federal Council – which is the place for laws and legal changes. They avoided a democratic decision –  a democratic law by that.


You can see, that Atomic Power is a dictatorial WAY of ENERGY and STATE RULE.

The german government wants to skim 30 billion out of the profit from the atomic energy concerns. SOURCE The truth is, that this is bribing.

Now, that the ASSE II underground waste disposal happend READ HERE and HERE – german government has found a new / old one, which isn’t reliable also.

It’s called Gorleben (map / Info). Tens of thousands of people are now demonstrating against a high radioactive waste transport to this point. Impresions here. Tear gas is fired into the crowds as I write this text SOURCE. Important decisions are marked by being not made in a democratic way these days.

The government even did not decide public to make this a final depot, they simply do it.

Another example for atomic energy, which isn’t democratic. It is developed behind secret doors. More examples HERE.




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Germany’s scandal atomic waste disposal ASSE II is in the news again:

More and more salt solution enters the disposal. Experts say: No problem. (Source)

Here are the numbers of the salt solution rise:

11,4 ccm in 24 hrs – that’s 10 % of all salt solution (Source)

No problem.

126,000 barrels of radioactive waste are stored here.

More ASSE II and Gorleben news HERE

But, there is a new scandal, which is creepy:

The ash of two burned corpses – former atomic power plant workers in Gundremmingen (Bavaria) are is stored in ASSE II.  The corpses were burnt in the atomic research plant in Karlsruhe. More info about Karlsruhe’s scandal HERE



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The major of Hiroshima (Japan) today claimed that all atomic weapons gotta be destroyed. 140,000 people were killed due to the atomic bomb explosion in 1945, by the U.S. military. Source Many people still suffer, Miscarriages, illness, cancer and the Bura Bura illness are the consequences – similar to the 2000,000 bealrusian, ukrainian and russian million people still suffering due to the soviet reactor explosion of Chernobyl in 1986. The 2nd USAF atomic bomb killed 70,000 people, 9 days later, in the Japanese town Nagasaki. See here, why the IAEO, the ICRO and even the WHO denies illness, mutation and deaths, caused by atombombs and accidents:

WHO gagged by IAEO


Fire in Japanese atomic power plant

Earthquakes and Japanese atomic power plants

Also today, in Germany, the investigation commitee begins it’s work due to the ASSE II radioactive waste disposal scandal. The first witnesses are a works doctor and a former expert of ASSE II.

What happend (quote of my post from Nov. 1st 2008):

130,000 barrels of middle and low radiative waste, kilograms of Plutonium and Caesium 147 – 750 meters below.  Asse 2 was and is the world’s first underground disposal for radioactive waste. And then this scandal:

Long lasting leak in Asse II

Now, Germany’s environmental minister Sigmar Gabriel takes over the Asse II disposal – the federal environmental agency “Bundesumweltministerium” is now responsible for Asse II. The new operator is the federal agency for radiation protection Germany – web – known from their KiKK study.

The former operators State Office for mining, energy and geology in the German federal state Niedersachsen (Landesamt für Bergbau, Energie und Geologie / LBEG) – HERE is their website and the “Helmholtz Zentrum München” / Munich – HERE is their website failed to operate the disposal properly.

Both did not react on their website.

Asse II is full of holes, as Gabriel said. He added, the cause of fault is not clear.

Let this be a learning experience for all pro atomic power activists.



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Every single atomic reactor on the whole planet is inadequately insured.

Who bears the risc?


The explosion of an atomic reactor means:

contamination and lost of all belongings

lost of houses and flats

fall of factories and business

condemned areas

In Germany the lawgiver arrogates 2,500,000,000 EUROs of money from the operator, when an atomic reactor explodes. But that covers only 0,1 % of possible damage. The operators are unassured against big accidents.

So, 4 former federal ministers, 300 professors and hotelier signed a signature list for Full liability for all atomic reactors, carried out by the IPPNW (web) New Judges Association (web) and the BUND (web)

Source and Link http://www.atomhaftpflicht.de/

maximum amounts of loss nuclear power plant operators are adhere:

Germany: 2.5 billion € for 17 nuclear power plants

France: 91 million € for 59 reactors

Belgium: € 297 million for seven reactors

Sweden: € 327 million for eleven reactors

Czech Republic: € 306 million for six reactors

Slovakia: 50 million € for four reactors

United Kingdom: 147 million € (33 reactors) – German Study: nuclear power unaffordable: http://www.nachrichten.at/nachrichten/politik/landespolitik/art383,729015



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Nov. 1st 2008. Germany, at the end of a German expert meeting of the Bavarian Government experts say, that the search for a new waste disposal not not fulfill inernational standards. Source

After scandals in the world’s first underground disposal for radioactive waste (see here: ASSE II Scandal News) Germany searches for a new disposal for atomic waste.

There are still NO defined safety regulations for atomic waste disposals in Germany, as Germany’s Environment minister Sigmar Gabriel said. AND there is not a single atomic waste disposal in the world. But we’re using atomic power for decades.

Germany needs a safe atomic waste disposal till 2035.

Some say “Gorleben” might be a good choice.

Although (You already know it) it doesn’s fulfill safety regulations (an international standard) – which do not exist in Germany.


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Remember the KiKK study of Germany’s federal agency for radiation protection? KiKK is about the scientific proven higher cancer risc for kids – when living near atomic power plants. Read all about it HERE.

Share & Download! “Childhood Leukemia and Cancers Near German Nuclear Reactors” – World’s biggest 20 years Study FINALLY online for free: http://doris.bfs.de/jspui/bitstream/urn:nbn:de:0221-20100317939/4/BfS_2007_KiKK-Studie.pdf English consumption and background: http://www.nirs.org/radiation/radhealth/kikkcommentary0709ijoeh.pdf

I’ve sent them an E-Mail on August 5th, 2008. This is my mail:

Here are their responses:

They say, it can be found here: http://www.bfs.de/de/bfs/druck/Ufoplan/4334_KIKK.html

And also in the European Journal of Cancer (Volume 44, Issue 2, Pages 275 – 284, Authors Spix C., Schmiedel S., Kaatsch P., Schulze-Rath R. and Blettner N.)

For all English speaking persons out there, here are the translated KiKK study docs (by ejcancer – the European Cancer Journal):






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Remember the scandal news of high Uranium levels in Germany’s drinking water HERE

The Consmer Protection Organisation “FOODWATCH” (web) discorvered, that of 8000 examined data 950 have more than 2 microgram of Uranium in one liter – that’s breaking the tolerance limit. Uranium in drinking water is dangerous for babies.

Adding to this: 150 data values are above the limit of 10 (!) microgram per liter. Is this still drinking water?

Worst of all: The German Authorities did not inform the German people about the Uranium in German drinking water – never did.

Only Foodwatch did it.

So, I sent them an E-Mail on August 7th 2008 regarding the shocking news of Uranium in drinking water. This was my Mail:

And this is their answer:

There are companies which are specialized in filtering Uranium out of the drinking water, for example Krueger Wabag – web

They use Uranex devices.


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