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Remember the Uranium solution leak in Électricité de France’s atomic plant Tricastin – July 8th 2008 – HERE. The decision of the French prefectur of the Deptartment Vaucluseweb took hours, so the warning not to take a bath in the now Uranium contaminated also came too late. Here is their official paper: .pdf file

But the Uranium contamination already happened. This is radiation safety in France: A scandal. Similar to Germany: Vattenfall scandals in atomic power plants.

Here are more reactions on this new French scandal:

IPPNW news – Uranium: bio-available, toxic and radioactive

This article contains the following: IPPNW (http://www.ippnw.org) believes, that the leaked Uranium now is easy biological available. The decay products of the leaked Uranium now enters fishing, irrigation of farming and the food chain – so they reach the people. Uranium is an alpha emitter – this means that at the same energy dose there is a much more higher cytotoxic and cancer carcinogenic potential than a gamma ray emitter. A thing the IAEA denies.

IPPNW also writes, that as usual in the atomic industry, we’ll have to reckon with aimed disinformation.

So, I also think the French authorities tell the people, that peoples health is not in danger. That’s what they always say, no matter what happened, cause in an emergency it’s not EdF who pays, it’s the federal state – with our money. So, let’s downplay.

More reactions from environment protection movement Sortir du Nucléaire – web:

They say it is impossible, that the people are not in danger – because of this worst French atomic accident in the last years.

More French atomic power scandals here:

EdF – Eléctricité der France and the rising suicide rate in in Chinon atomic power plant

Cooperation between Lybia and France on the atomic sector

French atomic power plant: Worker contaminated with radiation – Again

Bad Business – France and Lybia on the atomic sector

Let’s build more atomic power plants. It’s green, it’s peaceful. Forget about the health.



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30 cubic meters of Uranium solution leaked into the canalisation and into the ground, from the French facility for atomic reclaiming Tricastin – the operator of this facility is AREVA [map]

According to the French atomic supervisory agency ASN web each litre which has leaked from Tricastin contains twelve grams of Uranium.


Fish from the environment near to Tricastin is no longer allowed to eat. What does that mean? Up to which radius? For how long?

More News can be expected within the next days, as ASN said. More inforamtion about Tricastin HERE

Thank you EdF and ASN, let’s wait. Maybe Uranium half-life is two days or something, who cares.

Of course AREVA is not going to pay, mind you. For what? Uranium? Pah!

AREVA is one of the biggest pro-atomic-lobbyists and suspected inventor of the CORE program (how to end Chernobyl) – a “humanitarian” project – more about this HERE

More French atomic scandals here:

EdF – Eléctricité der France and the rising suicide rate in in Chinon atomic power plant

Cooperation between Lybia and France on the atomic sector

French atomic power plant: Worker contaminated with radiation – Again

Bad Business – France and Lybia on the atomic sector

It’s a nice club of scandals: The U.S. with atomic bombs over the U.S. sent by the USAF, and, of course their scandal safety condition of U.S. atom bombs in the E.U. , then Germany with it’s Asse II scandal and now France with some new scandals.

Let’s build more atomic power plants. It’s safe energy, it’s green energy.

And don’t forget to drink that Uranium water. With electrolyte!


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German Government plans total pull-out from atomic power.

Remember: Total pull-out from atomic power is in the making by the following countries: Austria, Sweden, Italy, Belgium and Germany (2000). Poland stopped it’s construction of an atomic reactor (although they plan a new one in 2020), Ireland stopped the atomic program in their country.

17 of the E.U. countries do have plans for total pull-out.

Uranium is needed for atomic power plants. Uranium has a range of 60 years. If you renew Uranium for re-use in atomic power plants you get radioactive waste materials. The quarrying of 1 ton of Uranium causes 2000 tons of radiative material.

Atomic power is not environmental friendly and it cannot stop climate change.

It’s just another money printer for the industry.

Prepare yourself with easy-reads and contra-atomic information (Made in Germany):

German Federal Construction Minister wants 30 new Wind Energy Parks of 25,000 Megawatt

German politician: Atomic energy is NOT green

German KiKK study proves higher risc of children cancer near atomic power plants

German chronological plan for setting atomic power plants offline

German radioactive waste disposal to be closed till 2014

German atomic power plants operated by Vattenfall – the 2007 accidents

More scientific information:

Into the Future without Atomic energy. Pullout in 10 years – Win for Environment and Working places. CAN (Anti-Atomic coalition, Sihlquai 67, 8005 – Zurich), December 1995.

Burlakova E.B.: Low intensity radiation: radiological aspects. Radiation Protection Dosimetry Vol. 62, No 1/2 pp. 13 – 18 1995, Nuclear Technology Publishing.

Gadekar S.: Conclusion of the health survey of villages near Rawatbhata. CANE 767, 36 Cross, 4th Block Jayanager Bangalore 560 041. April / May 1993 Anumkti Vol. 6 No 5, pp. 1 – 32.

Muller, H.J.: Genetics, Medicine and Man (1947). (Memo wordpress.tekknorg: HERE)

Nussbaum R.H. & Köhnlein W.: Health consequences of exposures to ionizing from external and internal sources: Challenges to radiation protection standards and biomedical research. Medicine and Global Survive De. 1995 Vol. 2, No. 4, pp. 198 – 213.

Viel J.-F.: Consequences des essais nucléaires sur la santé: quelles enquêtes épidémiologiques? Médicine et Guerre Nucléaire, janv. – mars 1996 Vol. 11, p 41 – 44. British Medical Journal, January 1997, vol. 314, pp. 101 – 106.

Wolff Et.: Thesis on Teratology and X Rays, Arch. Anat. Hist. Embr. 1936, Vol. 22, pp. 1 – 382

More HERE [1] and HERE [2]


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The IEA wants 1,300 new atomic power plants to be build till 2050. They made this public in Tokio. They want 32 new atomic power plants per Year.

HERE is their scenario (.pdf file)

The IAEA which sells pro-atomic ideology around the globe and denies any link between desease / death and high or low radiation for sure supports the opinion of the IEA.

A scenario like this would have drastic changes in energy costs – such as rising Uranium prices. From the 60 year range of Uranium we have today, with 1,300 additional atomic reactors worldwide, the Uranium range would drop to 3 years and the prices will explode more than oil does today (US $ 140 / barrel).

2000,000,000  EUROs (as for the new reactor in Finland – funded by the Bavarian Bank) per atomic power plant makes 1,300 times 2,000,000,000 EUROs. Unimaginable costs – plus mortgage crisis – plus (!) rising Uranium / shipping / security prices – plus new energy wars.

IEA and IAEA indirectly support worlds insecurity in my opion.

Every non-objective Organisation like the IEA or the IAEA which reclaims more atomic reactors (1,300 !) mustn’t wonder when countries like Iran or North-Korea want to build new atomic reactors.

Also a peaceful atomic power plant creates weapon ready Plutonium.

Don’t let IEA and IAEA destroy your money.

This is an energy-politcal Rampage!

further information HERE


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If Atomic Energy is Green Energy – that would be the first Green Energy which can emit radioactive Caesium 137 into Drinking Water.

citation Jürgen Trittin (party whip of the German Greens) – June 26th 2008

(Half-Life of Caesium 137: 30 years)

See what 1 ton of Uranium causes



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On June 14th 2008 a quake in northern Japan killed several people and injured hundred.

From the atomic power plant Fukushima [map] 3,9 gallons of radioactive water leaked out after the plant was damaged. The atomic power plant Machimure [map] was not damaged – according to the operator company. 30,000 households were without electricity. Source

Remember the Fire in the Kashiwazaki atomic power plant in July 2007

Japan is a country with serious problems in their atomic power plants.

Also the Krsko reactor in Slovenia which caused an E.U. wide atomic alert is build in a quake are.

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German atomic power plant operator (3rd largest) EnBW has a problem with Philipsburg [map] – this is known since 2000 / 2001: Reguarly shutdowns because of disturbances there. This time, on June 6th 2008, a leak inside of block 1 was the reason. Reminds on the Krsko accident three days before here.


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