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1) TEPCO to name NHK chairman as director: http://ajw.asahi.com/article/0311disaster/fukushima/AJ201205120047

2) TEPCO shows eagerness to restart reactors at shareholders‘ meeting: http://english.kyodonews.jp/news/2013/06/232494.html

3) NHK holds 7,100,000,000 JPY of Tepco’s bond. NHK is the biggest stakeholder of TEPCO: http://www.asyura2.com/11/senkyo117/msg/360.html

This is one of the reasons why: NHK weather forecasts were without radiation levels FROM DAY 1.

NHK is the biggest stakeholder of these power companies.The sum of money is 34,000,000,000JPY


2.CHUBU power company

3.KANSAI power company

4.Chugoku power company

5.Tohoku power company

NHK doesn’t show radiation levels per city / region during their Weather Forecasts. NHK told the people, the biggest danger goes out from Iodine.

Just like in 1986 – Chernobyl. NISA asked CHUBU Electric to manipulate public opinion: http://ajw.asahi.com/article/0311disaster/fukushima/AJ201107295038

And now Nuclear and Industrial Safety Agency NISA again plans to restart the reactors AGAINST the People’s will: http://www.newsonjapan.com/html/newsdesk/article/96802.php

2007: Japan Nuclear-Site Damage Worse Than Reported http://www.nytimes.com/2007/07/19/world/asia/19japan.html?_r=0

DO NOT LISTEN TO MASS MEDIA.  This is a murderous Agenda they are playing.


Expect ONLY Pro Nuclear from ALL Lame Stream Media. And a total blackout on Civil Society protesting against nuclear holocaust by most media: http://www.aljazeera.com/news/asia/2013/06/2013631371588689.html

And this is the Fukushima Holocaust Sponsors Club: https://tekknorg.wordpress.com/2013/06/03/fukushima-holocaust-sponsors-club/


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“According to its statutes, the IAEA (a UN agency which reports to the Security Council) is mandated to “to accelerate and enlarge the contribution of atomic energy to peace, health and prosperity throughout the world”. It is in fact a lobby, industrial and military, which should have no role to play in public health policymaking or research.” http://mondediplo.com/2008/04/14who


The real World War kills peaceful and in slow motion.

Not with big explosions. Or fire. Or bullets.

It kills with cancer, food, soil, air, genomic instability, atoms.

You can see it only in oncology wards or if you compare WHOLE Generations.

And if you look between the lines:

A) “Working together to prevent diseases caused by childhood malnutrition: WHO, UNICEF and IAEA consider joint technical cooperation activities”: http://www.iaea.org/technicalcooperation/Home/Highlights-Archive/Archive-2013/03152013-WHO-UNICEF.html

B) “IAEA and FAO work together”: http://www.fao.org/ag/magazine/0410sp.htm

C) http://www.iaea.org/newscenter/news/2013/solidpartnership.html

300 year decay time Cesium 137 is used: http://www.scielo.br/scielo.php?script=sci_arttext&pid=S1516-89132003000300001

this is how Cesium 137 kills:

This is from Mr. Bandazhevsky, soon in Japan talking about Cesium 137: http://aoitoribunko.blog91.fc2.com/blog-entry-96.html

WHO is no longer funded by UN, but by sponsors (biotech, genetic engineering, nuclear industry)

IAEA annual budget: 330 million €.

The IAEA ignores cancer, leukemia, diabetes, trisomy 21, all kinds of illness, all kinds of cancer in connection with radiation, especially low radiation.

The IAEA calls it “Radiophobia”.

The present and future victims are perceived as a disturbance to the atomic industry, to the japanese government, to the companies running atomic plants. They are going to end it.

Since the foundation of the IAEA their purpose is: To serve and protect the atomic industry in these five countries: USA, Russia, China, France, Britain.

They also monopolized public health during and after atomic accidents, by the gag contract WHA 12-40 between them and the WHO (1959). IAEA and WHO say: “Panic and fear of radiation is much worse than radiation itself“ The IAEA is undermining the right of expression and legal justice.

The IAEA wants the people make believe, that the main effect of the atomic catastrophe is psychological. This is made in these steps:

– Make the people believe, that because of background radiation every additional radiation is natural, normal, not bad (known as the principle of “substantial equivalence”)

– Tell the people, that Fukushima is not as bad as Chernobyl, and, Chernobyl was a small accident (50 deaths acc. to WHO, 125,000 deaths acc. to Ukrainian health minisry 1993).

– Make the people believe, that any other statement is panic and unobjective (The IAEA uses the word “Radiophobia” for Chernobyl)

– The IAEA recognizes the disease in highly contaminated areas as not in connection with the contamination.

– Make sure that there are no independent measurements, only measurements by the atomic power plant operator, it is also important NOT to show radiation measurements during the TV weather forecasts.

– Make sure that there are no organized measurements at all, for each region, each plant, each city – especially not in the media. Or do reconstrucion on the basis of official data, which are often too low.

Advise the officals with authentic language.

– Fake research, use faked research: Dr. Rosen (Vice director of the IAEA in 1996) said in 1996 that represent cases of cancer that occur, are a very small part of the millions of cancer cases that will occur anyway. The estimate of Dr. Rosen is a factor of 10 or more too low. Dr. Rosen replaces the number of children cancer illnesses  in the number of cancer illnesses in the elderly. (quote Prof. Michel Fernex, University of Basel, Switzerland)

Or: 25 Years with FUKUSHIMA

If no result is to be found: False initially selected indicators are used for example, when looking for cancer, choose death rather than disease rates. Dying from cancer takes time, the study must be published before the death occurs. You can also choose the wrong Pathology, and search for diabetes rather than stress. In the end statistically significant differences are not found, so it is difficult to demonstrate phenomena that may be unusual. So it is concluded that there is no relationship between the event and the pathology which was investigated. This way you can advocate nuclear power plants. (quote Prof. Michel Fernex, University of Basel, Switzerland)

– The IAEA denies damage such as leukaemia, which is caused by Chernobyl, so they can continue to talk about  “nuclear safety” to increase their own kind. (quote Dr. Katsumi Furitsu, Osaka Japan)

The main point of the contract between WHO and IAEO: No public information on health problems when could influence the development of nuclear industry.

The period of the symbols has to come to an end.
We must not confuse symbols with reality.
But we do, as we try to convince others.
The general view is that radiation causes cancer.
But somehow everyone thinks he or she is spared.
Bringing radiation and food in connection exists in no way in no thinking.
People accept cancer as a natural cause of death. “It is just us.”
Morals and ethics are missing in kindergartens, schools, universities and corporations, even in families.
I would say, start school projects “how to measure radionuclides in food, stuff, bodies” as a starting point.  I ask back: Where are schools doing this? Nowhere to be seen.

The latest from Ukraine: Heart problems with no end, solution ONLY with foreighn help / doctors:


it is recognized by the World Health Organization that the International Atomic Energy Agency has the primary responsibility for encouraging, assisting and coordinating research and development and practical application of atomic energy for peaceful uses throughout the world without prejudice to the right of the World Health Organization to concern itself with promoting, developing, assisting and coordinating international health work, including research, in all its aspects.https://tekknorg.wordpress.com/2012/05/27/margaret-chan-versus-world-health-organisation/

Cs-134/137 detected from 15 of 15 tea leaves samples in Shizuoka prefecture | Fukushima Diary

[Express] “Heart abnormality found increasing in school medical examination”

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“The Rapporteur criticizes the use of “cost-benefit analysis” made by the Japanese authorities (following the ICRP recommendations) since such analysis does not respect the fundamental right to health of individuals.”

MORE: http://independentwho.org/en/2013/06/22/grover-stunning-report/

100 mSv lie: http://www.strahlentelex.de/The_100_Millisievert_Threshold_Lie_Statement_German_GSS.pdf

World Health Organisation ignores health of irradiated people: https://tekknorg.wordpress.com/2012/05/27/margaret-chan-versus-world-health-organisation/

this is the ICRP (pro nuclear commission) risk assessment (http://www.icrp.org/publication.asp?id=ICRP+Publication+22) on page 14/15 they say The commission discussed the application of risk assessments to estimate the actual cases of disease that can result from a given radiation exposure of individuals or populations (…) One way to improve the usefulness of risk estimates, is to express them as damage measurement in monetary terms… Several authors have already performed such calculations and indicate the cost per person, and “rem” (1 rem = 10 mSv) to 10 to 250 US dollars. (ICRP publication 22 1973)

BEIR 1972 page 69 / 70: Created by the National Academy of Sciences: suffering is “converted” in dollars. In the 1970ies the annual health care costs per capita in the U.S. estimated at $ 400 lump sum for medical expenses, based on $ 80 billion for medical expenses in 1970 (200 million citizens). Mr. Lederberg (BEIR) said that when allowed 1.7 mSv per year (mSv for nuclear workers 50 / a) is increased in 30 years, the total level of disease in the U.S.increases by 0.5 to 5%. 10 mSv increase 0.1 to 1%. In 30 years (one generation) causes $ 12,000 per head (30 x $ 400). 10 mSv per generation would result in 10-120 dollars costs (0.1 to 1% of 12,000 dollars).

How much does a cancer drug? 10.000, $ 20.000? Genetic defects are not considered.

BEIR 1972 still assumed it will come to more than 6.2 deaths per 100 people when irradiated with 1 sievert, the same panel twenty years later, already figured at 12.4 cancer deaths. ICRP has confirmed in 1966 that natural radiation is harmful! ICRP Publication Number 8 from 1966 on page 60. in relation to the health damage caused by natural radiation for the bulk of the world’s population is a risk of sixth order (1 to 10 dead per million per rad / gray) in a few areas with high natural background radiation the risk fifth order. 10 to 100 dead per million and rad (gray). and in 1977 the ICRP publication number 26 said, that, in this sense, regional differences of the natural radiation are so regarded, that the corresponding differences include the damage. and in the ’80s the natural radiation was simply doubled. and in 2011 it became the twentyfold in japan: 20 mSv/a. Natural radiation is used as an excuse to increase artificial radiation with radionuclide-antagonists.

They call that radiation-protection!

1971: the discoverer of plutonium and president of the USAEC (“protects” health and advertises nuclear industry at the same time, later AEC, then NRC) Glenn Theodore Seaborg resigns – at the same time the ICRP reduced the the additional maximum dose near reactors for the public from 500 mrem/annual (5 mSv/a) to 5 mrem/annual (0,05 mSv/a). Thanks to Prof. Ernest Sternglass and his studies about infant mortality near reactors;: http://www.ratical.org/radiation/inetSeries/ejs1192.html

MORE about IAEA, ICRP, BEIR, UNSCEAR – the nuclear hitman: http://www.ratical.org/radiation/Chernobyl/

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In 1963 the radioactivity in milk was so high, the public got alarmed. But the USAEC (today NRC) denied everything. Former President Kennedy held his speech and demanded the bomb test stop: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:President_Kennedy_signs_Nuclear_Test_Ban_Treaty,_07_October_1963.jpgIronically, the health authorities (former NRC: USAEC – president: Seaborg – who discovered Plutonium:) were particularly zealous advocates of nuclear bombs Supporters. Three months later, President Kennedy was shot.

President Kennedy, June, 1963: “the number of children and grandchildren with cancer in their bones, with leukemia in their blood, or with poison in their lungs might seem statistically small to some, in comparison with natural health hazards, but this is not a natural health hazard–and it is not a statistical issue. The loss of even one human life, or the malformation of even one baby–who may be born long after we are gone–should be of concern to us all. Our children and grandchildren are not merely statistics toward which we can be indifferent.” http://www.ratical.org/radiation/inetSeries/RB89.html


Where to go, Adam and Eve?


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What are nuclear reactors?
Nuclear bombs!
Exploding in SLOW MOTION!
This is meant by “CONTROLLED chain reaction”!

The Nuclear Reactor War:
Disarm Reactors! They are Weapons!

reactor-bomb-evolution nuclear-reactor-war reactor-core-bomb

Up to 1,300,000,000 people have died because of the nuclear fission: http://exacteditions.theecologist.org/exact/browsePages.do?issue=5368&size=3&pageLabel=408

“Possible scale of lost or impaired children after Chernobyl in all of Europe and the part of Asia covered – Missing Children: 2,5 Million.” PAGE 34 http://www.ratical.org/radiation/Chernobyl/RIGEinEuroandCNPPc.pdf

President Kennedy stopped the nuclear above ground tests – and then he was shot.

He said: “the number of children and grandchildren with cancer in their bones, with leukemia in their blood, or with poison in their lungs might seem statistically small to some, in comparison with natural health hazards, but this is not a natural health hazard–and it is not a statistical issue. The loss of even one human life, or the malformation of even one baby–who may be born long after we are gone–should be of concern to us all. Our children and grandchildren are not merely statistics toward which we can be indifferent.” http://www.ratical.org/radiation/inetSeries/RB89.html

Nuclear reactors are the REAL nuclear weapons. One reactor’s radioactive inventory is more than a full scale nuclear war!

peaceful-atom OneGram

Nobel peace laureate Linus Pauling proved, that by fallout of the atomic and h bomb tests of 1958 15.000 children with severe hereditary error came to the world in one year. 38,000 children were born dead. 90,000 were murdered inside of the mother.  http://books.google.de/books?id=2QduA19d_X8C&pg=PA1310&dq=Linus+Pauling:+Biomolecular+sciences+90,000&hl=de&ei=tXlGTuMWg8PxA4rQscoG&sa=X&oi=book_result&ct=result&resnum=1&ved=0CDEQ6AEwAA#v=onepage&q&f=false In 1963 the radioactivity in milk was so high, the public got alarmed. But the USAEC denied everything. Former President Kennedy held his speech and demanded the bomb test stop. Ironically, the health authorities were particularly zealous advocates of nuclear bombs Supporters.


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decay-times murder-death

“As Marie Curie observed, 85 percent of the radioactivity in the ore remains behind in that crushed rock. How long will it be there? Well, it turns out that the effective half-life of this radioactivity is 80,000 years. That means in 80,000 years there will be half as much radioactivity in these tailings as there is today. You know, that dwarfs the entire prehistory of the Salzburg region which goes way back to ancient, ancient times. Even archaeological remains date back no further than 80,000 years. We don’t have any records of human existence going back that far. That’s the half-life of this material.” http://www.ratical.org/radiation/WorldUraniumHearing/GordonEdwards.html

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