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Wladimir Nekljajew – former belarusian presidential candidate and a poet, discusses culture, in Minsk, along with others. He was beaten by belarusian police in Dec. 2010, put in jail, and is now under house arrest.

Write a postcard – powered by Charter97.org – to political prisoners in Belarus HERE

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The Robert Bosch foundation (web) and the University of  Baranovichi (web) are looking for students who want to take part at a Chernobyl workshop in Belarus.

Students can talk with belarusian and ukrainian students about new forms of energy and Chernobyl, in a workshop.

From: April 10th till April 18th 2011

Local Ukrainian partner: Baranovichi University

Age limit: Students

Costs: 80,- EUR

Closing date (because of VISA): February 28th 2011

More information: dorit.happ@googlemail.com

or agacz@gmx.de

Remember: Belarus is the most Chernobyl affected country in the world, and ROSATOM builds Belarus’ first atomic reactor there.


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German government misses climate protection, because they encounter the energy trend break with longer running times of their old atomic reactors. Full article by german BUND (League for the environment and nature conservation) HERE

March 12th 2011: Human chain against old junk reactor Neckarwestheim, based in Germany’s federal state Baden-Württember, organized by BUND, more HERE


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In cooperation with Service Civil Interantional Ukraine, the German SCI organizes a Youth Exchance in Ukraine about “Myth Chernobyl” with people from Germany, Ukraine, Russia, Czechia and Belgium.

From: April 11th till April 27th 2011

Local Ukrainian partner: 4th Block

Age limit: 30

Costs: 110,- EUR

More information: john.myers@sci-d.de

Website: SCI-DE.de

They are also searching for a group leader

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