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Greenpeace says, Russian officials don’t tell the people about the danger – created by wildfires in the Chernobyl contaminated radioactive areas in Russia. Smog may followed by Radiation – Greenpeace info here and LINK HERE

Burning forests and turf will set free radioactivity into the environment – a 2nd Chernobyl. In July more than 14,000 Russians died because of the fires. This sounds like “The Road” by Cormac McCarthy.

Even Mayak – the secret atomic complex is now in danger. Operator is ROSATOM  – the company which builds Belarus’s first atomic reactor – the most Chernobyl affected country.

More about MAYAK here

From 1949 – 1951 2,7 million curie contaminated the river “Tetscha”. On September 29th 1957 a tank with liquid radioative waste exploded. More than 20 million curie were set free. More than 2 million generated a cloud which spread above 15,000 square meters.

2010 – Majak reloaded.




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