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Lithunia State puts it’s 2nd Ignalina atomic reactor offline – for ever. The first one was put offline in 2004, because the E.U. demanded it, for Lithunia’s entry into the European Union. Source

But what is so special about Ignalina’s reactors? map here Here is it’s scandal history:

Ignalina was, until today, one of the worlds most powerful atomic power plants: Gigantic Chernobyl RBMK architecture, with an out put of 1500 MW.

It was running since the 1980ies, but also one of the most dangerous atomic power plants in the world. Because of time shortage, the engineers and officials dispensed with important safety installements. For the operators the time schedule was more important.

The following safety installements were missing until today in Ignalina:

lift installements to exchange bad wires were not installed

inspection installements for tube inspection were missing

steam seperators were false installed: they were important to exchange (which needs to be done in every atomic reactor in a 5 year cycle). In the meantine those steam seperators became so porous, that they couldn’t seperate the water. So the water steam became so hard, that it could destoy the turbine blades. So it could have entered the machine sector and react with the oxygen there – which could have lead to an oxyhydrogen explosion.

– the necessary repairs would have to be done, while pulling the reactor cover off (!!!). Costs: Several hundreds of millions of dollars. Duration: 2 years. 80 % of Lithunia’s electricity comes from Ignalina, except they would continue to run the reactor while it’s being repaired, under the free sky…

– thanks to the soviet decay in 1989 Lithunia became a part of the nuclear club, with no experience.

– Ignalina has the same architecture as Chernobyl – a crash would destroy the small country totally, and not only them: Berlin, Stockholm, Minsk, Riga, St. Petersburg, Helsinki, Warsaw also.

– in 1994 terrorists tried to blackmail Lithunia with an terrorist attack on Ignalina, they wanted a mafia boss to be released from prison.

– since 1992 there were many leaks of radioactive emissions from Ignalina.

– since then there is the whisper, that the officals hire a dairvoyant for their reactors.

But at the same time the European Union supports the Restart of the Bulgarian Junk Reactor “Kosloduj” (in service since 1974) – one of Europes most dangerous reactors (Source).

Here is a list of dangerous atomic reactors:

Sosnowij Bor – Russia
Medzamor – Armenia
Smolensk – Russia
Kursk – Russia
Kosloduj – Bulgaria
Bohunice – Slovakia
Saporoschje – Ukraine
Mochovce – Slovakia
Jusnukrainsk – Ukraine
Dukovany – Czechia
Kola – Russia
Nowoworonesh – Russia
Kalinin – Russia
Balakowo – Russia
Bjelojarsk – Russia
Rowno / Khmelnitzki – Ukraine
Paks – Hubgary
Temelin – Czechia
Krsko – Russia
Cernavoda – Romania
Rostow – Russia




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