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After the pro-atomic-power-party CDU and their partner FDP won the German election new shadows came over Germany and it’s atomic power policy.

1st. the new government makes a total pull-out from the pull-out out of atomic energy. Atomic Enery concern RWE wants longer running times for their plants. Source

2nd. the index of stocks made a positive reaction because of this development. Both energy concerns and atomic power plant operators RWE (web) and EOn (web) got a rise of their stock prices of 3,3 % and 3,8 %. Source

Again, accident in the U.S. 1979 Catastrophe Three Mile Island atomic reactor: More on CNN

Additional information about the 1979 accident: Thyroid sub function was rising in this area. At the same time US health ministry started registering this illness. 2000 victims went to the highest court – Reason: The IAEA said radiation can not create health damage and because of that not one case is for real. This is typical for the spokes-organisation of the atomic energy: The IAEA. Source

Legal radiation exposure is based on a healthy mature human. But how would it be if we lower it to the health of a human embryo?

Yes, every atomic reactor would have to be shut down. More about Reference Embyro HERE and HERE

Politics and Society after Chernobyl – 3rd Workshop in the german town Gießen, on Monday 14th dec 09. Program information HERE

South Korean energy concern KEPCO (web) and Hyundai (web) are going to build four atomic power plants in the United Arab Emirates. Each reactor will have 1,400 MW according to ENEC (web). Value of the Deal: 40 Billion USD. The reactors are first ever in this region. Source



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