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Voters in Germany once again are confronted with the atomic decision. The two biggest coalition parties made a contract: To pull out from atomic energy. One of them is pro-Atomic: CDU / The other one contra-Atomic: SPD. The prime minister Wulff of the german federal state Niedersachsen wants atomic power plants to be run longer and he wants to keep the radioactive waste disposal “Gorleben” (map) to store waste from the atomic industry (Source). But according to german television ARD and scientists (shown below) “Gorleben” awaits the same fate as scandal disposal ASSE II (read about it here). There is nearly no clay matter above the salt matter of Gorleben, so water can flow into Gorleben and then contaminate our sphere. Here is the new video:

German television VIDEO

In Asse II they have to pump 12,000 litres of water daily out of it. In Gorleben the mountain starts to crash barrels full of radioactive waste.

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The U.S. and Southkorea are going to make a yearly joint military maneuver. Part of it are computer based simulations and communication exercises. 10,000 U.S. troops are taking part, as well as SK troops. It’s a yearly maneuver, called “Ulchi Freedom Guardian”.

A North Korean military spokesman told NK’s KCNA web that if this maneuver takes place, NK military will launch an atomic strike against the U.S, if the U.S. is threatening NK with atomic weapons. Source

What happenes if atomic weapons are used can be read HERE.

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The major of Hiroshima (Japan) today claimed that all atomic weapons gotta be destroyed. 140,000 people were killed due to the atomic bomb explosion in 1945, by the U.S. military. Source Many people still suffer, Miscarriages, illness, cancer and the Bura Bura illness are the consequences – similar to the 2000,000 bealrusian, ukrainian and russian million people still suffering due to the soviet reactor explosion of Chernobyl in 1986. The 2nd USAF atomic bomb killed 70,000 people, 9 days later, in the Japanese town Nagasaki. See here, why the IAEO, the ICRO and even the WHO denies illness, mutation and deaths, caused by atombombs and accidents:

WHO gagged by IAEO


Fire in Japanese atomic power plant

Earthquakes and Japanese atomic power plants

Also today, in Germany, the investigation commitee begins it’s work due to the ASSE II radioactive waste disposal scandal. The first witnesses are a works doctor and a former expert of ASSE II.

What happend (quote of my post from Nov. 1st 2008):

130,000 barrels of middle and low radiative waste, kilograms of Plutonium and Caesium 147 – 750 meters below.  Asse 2 was and is the world’s first underground disposal for radioactive waste. And then this scandal:

Long lasting leak in Asse II

Now, Germany’s environmental minister Sigmar Gabriel takes over the Asse II disposal – the federal environmental agency “Bundesumweltministerium” is now responsible for Asse II. The new operator is the federal agency for radiation protection Germany – web – known from their KiKK study.

The former operators State Office for mining, energy and geology in the German federal state Niedersachsen (Landesamt für Bergbau, Energie und Geologie / LBEG) – HERE is their website and the “Helmholtz Zentrum München” / Munich – HERE is their website failed to operate the disposal properly.

Both did not react on their website.

Asse II is full of holes, as Gabriel said. He added, the cause of fault is not clear.

Let this be a learning experience for all pro atomic power activists.



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