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North Korea tested it’s 2nd atomic bomb and it’s intercontinental rocket – Source HERE

Thanks to atomic energy atomic bombs can be made. Both are siamese twins. The IAEA could not stop North Korea from becoming nuclear. The IAEA is neither ethic nor scientific. They’re not the atomic police and they are the profiteer of atomic energy. IAEA (and WHO) and ICRP

At the same time El Baradei told the Guardian news paper, that he is in sorrow ’cause more and more countries are becoming atomic. At the same time the IAEA supports it.

At the same time, when re-inforcing atomic power plants / atomic bombs, both the american and the russian presidents are talking about an atomic bomb free world – sounds like a joke regarding the situation on this planet. Or is it some kind of “1984” lingo , which means ignoring the reality. Source

German chancelor Angela Merkel was environmental minister in the mid 90ies. Back in the days she allowed atomic waste to be dumped into Morsleben (Source) – which was a bad idea. The public was not good enough informed about that – according to sources of german television ZDF and the Federal Agency for Radiation Protection (web).

Czechia is planning a new waste disposal for atomic waste near the german border – Source. Would be the first on the planet. According to Vitezslav Duda (director of czechian agency for atomic waste management) the areas are: Hradiste (near Karlsbad) and Boletice (near Krumau).

Slovakia is planning a new atomic power plant, near Jaslovske Bohunice. The contract was signed by JAVYS and CEZ – costs: 3,500,000,000 EUROs.

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I was in Luninetz six times, the last time in April 2009. Luninetz is affected by Chernobyl (atomic power plant explosion 1986). 23,000 people are living there, here are my impressions:

More Belarus impressions here:

Link1 Link2 Link3 Link4Link5 Link6

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The latest about the continuing Violation of Human Rights in Belarus – Europe’s last dictatorship (click on the links left):

Reporters Without Borders: Belarus – World Report 2009

Stop executions in Belarus – HERE

Facebook action: Time for a Free Belarus!

Call for end to unofficial ban on foreign journalists

More Reports HERE

Source & copyright of all articles:  www.belarus-actions.org

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This is what I’ve shot on April 15th 2009, during my stay in Minsk, in the National Library:

Here is my visit at the new Opera in Minsk, also on April 15th 2009 – HERE

And here are more impressions: Link1 Link2 Link3 Link4

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