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2009 – a year of pro atomic power propaganda:

Italy wants to go back to atomic power (source) and France aides Italy. Both presidents Sarkozy and Berlusconi signed an agreement which contains the construction of new atomic power plants. One should be finished in 2020. Electricité de France (web) and Italian Enel (web) both signed a partnership agreement which contains the construction of at least four presswater reactors of the third generation. Italy announced one year after Chernoby, that they want to go atomic again, in two decades.

France also helps HERE:
France and Lybia cooperate on the atomic sector

France and UK support atomic power

France wants to build a new atomic power plant

Is France a good partner? Have a look at the French 2008 atomic year:

France: 30 cubic meter of Uranium solution leaked

French worker contaminated with radiation – again

French scandal – sloppy work by officials

France: Again – Uranium leaked

France: 15 workers contaminated

France: 100 workers contaminated

Way to go,  EdF and France!

Good news from Germany: The atomic reactor Biblis A – operated by RWE (web) is now offline – forever. Why? The German Government plans the total pullout from atomic power 2021. But RWE wants France-like a restart and hopes for a Government change in the next elections on Sept. 27th 2009. Source

Simply, because RWE holds former politicians who were contra atomic power and are now pro – example:

Former Federal Minister Wolfgang Clement of the German SPD party – now in the board of directors of RWE – an atomic power plant operator – see HERE

CDU Economy politician Laurenz Mayer regularly “granted benefits” from atomic concern RWE. He still is in Government (!) – web

Longer list here

Germany – agin: 15,000 people were demonstrating against scandal waste disposal “ASSE II” (background story here) and Shaft “Konrad”. The chain of people was 53 km long. More here

German environmental minister Sigmar Gabriel supports the demonstration.

Again: Germany. In 2007 the Federal Agency for radiation protection made the KiKK study public. Worlds most scientific and biggest study about the rise of chrildren cancer in 5 km radius around atomic power plants in Germany. The public and the Agency are waiting since 2008 for a validation of the environment ministery. So far nothing. Which is sloppy work in my opinion. In 2008 I emailed the Agency – this is their response HERE

The KiKK study can be found here: English consumption of KiKK

This is important for my international readers. I know some people from the U.S. who did not know the existence of this study. This is sad.

So far it is waiting instead of doing – Source here



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Pro-atomic-power and it’s propaganda: “atomic transmutation”

Two things:

1.) Transmutation is a bad excuse for NOT finding an atomic waste disposal.

2.) Transmutation may transform some material into short-living emitters.

But some into long living emitters.

And don’t forget what atomic reprocessing facilities cause:

Here is

The Real Costs of Cleaning Up Nuclear Waste: A Full Cost Accounting of Cleanup Options for the West Valley Nuclear Waste Site

on the webiste of http://www.synapse-energy.com/

Transmutation is dirty, expensive and dangerous. And, of course, a bad excuse.


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March 5th, 2009, Japan

A fire broke out in the biggest atomic power plant of the world: Kashiwazaki-Kariwa in Japan. One worker has been wounded in his face and is in hospital now. According to the operator Tokyo Electric Power (web) there was no danger for the reactor. The fire was fought 90 minutes long. Source

This is the atomic power plant: map

It is 140 miles north of Tokyo. A few weeks ago one of the seven reactors was online again because it has been heavily damaged during an earthquake in 2007. Read about it here

3,9 gallons of radioactive water were realesed then.

More atomic power accidents:

Uranium solution leaked out from French atomic power plant! – Operator: AREVA

Again! – Uranium leaked out from French atomic power plant! Operator: AREVA

100 French workers contaminated!

French atomic power plant: Worker contaminated with radiation – Again

never forget


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