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August 29th 2008 – This is one of the biggest atomic scandals in Europe EVER!

ONE WEEK after radioactive Iodine 131 was released into the environment from the Belgian factory in Fleurus [map] officals informed the people living in the City Fleurus about the accident. Source

This is the website of the scandal factory which released the radioactive Iodine 131 – view it HERE

The factory is part of the manufacturer IRE – world’s 2nd important producer of radio isotopes.

Iodine 131 has a half life of 28 days – then it becomes Xenon 131. Iodine 131 gets absorbed by the body and concentrates inside of the thyorid. It can cause thyroid cancer and a lifelong hormone therapy with additional removal of the parathyroid. Just like it happened to many children after the Chernobyl atomic reactor explosion in 1986. Thyroid cancer is the only illness the IAEA accepts as an illness caused by radiation. The IAEA denies any link between any other kinds of disease, death or mutation and radiation.

Belgian police warnes the people living in Fleurus of eating vegetables and fruits and not to drink water from wells or milk from cows. The warning takes effect for a 5 km radius around the IRE factory.

Belgian Nuclear Safety Agency (AFCN – web) categorises the accident as a 3 in the international index (maxiumum is 7). This is the worst Belgian accident of all times.

On Tuesday the production inside at the IRE factory was stopped. First reactions from IRE officals: No harm for the people or environment – that changed after examinations of the grass near the factory. The Safety Agency suddenly changed their mind and called for an emergency meeting in the main capital Brussels.

Result: For the 2nd time the European emergency system was activated (ECURIE). The first time was here:

Atomic Alert in the EU – Slovenia

The reaction of the civil major of Fleurus: “The people are concerned – this is normal”

Will the people in Fleurus file a suit against IRE or the officals? Maybe, but will they have success? Probably not, because after the Three Mile Island accident in the U.S. the victims also tried to go to law, but the IAEA protested. Did the WHO intervene? No, because the WHO does have a gag contract with the IAEA since 1959 – so, the WHO is under pressure by the IAEA, not to publish illness-caused-by-radiation-numbers, without the OK of the IAEA.

Until next time, have a look at all these European atomic scandals:

7th Atomic Scandal! Uranium in Germany’s drinking water!

Uranium solution leaked out from French atomic power plant! – Operator: AREVA

Again! – Uranium leaked out from French atomic power plant! Operator: AREVA

100 French workers contaminated!

French atomic power plant: Worker contaminated with radiation – Again

Switzerland: Two workers contaminated in Atomic Power plant!

Germany’s waste disposal ASSE II – a ticking time bomb




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A Belarussian mother calls for help for her ill son Vlady from Belarus. The mother is a Chernobyl victim herself, also her son, who was operated in Germany several times.

This is the original text – HERE

German translation and recapitulation – HERE



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Since the U.S. and Poland signed the contract to install an Amercian build missle defense system in Poland, Russia reacts: Russia wants to build an own air defense system in cooperation with Belarus. This was confirmed during talks between Belarussian dictator Lukashenko and Russia’s President Medwedjew in the southrussian City Sotschi. The whole thing is going to be signed in autumn 2008, along with the transfer of Russian bombers to Cuba. History repeats itself.  Source


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According to my sources in Minsk and the offical meeting in the Department of humanitarian Cooperation on August15th 2008,  Belarussian children are no longer allowed to leave the country. Detailed it means, that a Belarussian girl has not returned from her recovery holiday in the U.S., so Belarussian Government officials stopped the whole Children-recovery-holiday-program which worked in cooperation with families and NGO’s in the world. The groups who already got departure permission, are allowed to leave. Germany is one of the most active countries in inviting poor and Chernobyl affected children and youth and financing it. Many programs were developed, many friendships in the decades since the reactor explosion in 1986. The Belarussian Government is always searching for reasons to cut all links and uses it as a form of pressure. I myself was with 20 Belarussian children staying in the German town Rottweil for three weeks, it was one of my best times in life.  The groups going to Switzerland in September 2008 are allowed to leave.

The Belarussian Government uses it’s own Future /Children to underline it’s will. Mad.


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Translated by Tekknorg, Citation from the book: Permanent peoples tribunal – Chernobyl” by the IPPNW. Buy it here: Global Education Associates, 475 Riverside Drive Suite 1848, New York, NY 10 1115, Tel. + 1212 870 3290 / UK: Low Level Radiation Campaign, Ammondale, Spa Rd. Llandrindod Wells, Powys LD1 5EY, U.K., Tel. + 44 1597 824 771. Or in Germany: Bundesarbeitsgemeinschaft Den Kindern von Tschernobyl in Deutschland e.V. ESG-Haus, Breul 43, 48143 – Münster (Pfr. Burkhard Homeyer). Tel. + 49 2501 274 17.

From: Prof. Ludmilla Kryshanovska, Institute for Social and Forensic Psychiatry, Kiev – Ukraine. About: Psychiatric disorders on Survivors of Chernobyl.

Chernobyl is 65 miles away from Kiev, the main capital of Ukraine. The atomic reactor explosion in 1986 has big political, social and personal consequences. Many people still suffer from it. The people don’t believe in the authorities anymore. The task of decontamination of the 30 kilometer zone was committed to 800,000 workers (liquidators). All from former parts of the Soviet Union, which later decayed. Most of them were exposed to radiation at an average of two months, often without the right safety equipment. Most of them didn’t know the truth about the radiation level. So it wasn’t too much stress for them to work there.

According to the Ukranian Health ministery in 1993 more than half of the Ukrainian national territory was affected by Chernobyl. About 2,8 million people still live in contaminated areas. Between 1990 and 1993 official statistics show that only 28 – 32 percent of the mature population and 27 – 30 percent of the children were healthful. The number of healthy people has decreased. There is a strong tendency in the direction of chronically, not specific in the population: Gastro-intestinal disease, disease of the airways, the heart, cancer (Memo wordpress.tekknorg: Denied by the IAEA). One of the tragic consequences is the increase of childrens thyroid cancer (Memo wordpress.tekknorg: thyroid cancer is the only approved by the IAEA as a disease caused by Chernobyl because inside of the IAEA physicists decide, not medics).

In 1993, a book called “Chernobyl: What can we learn from it” was released in the U.S. In this book you can read details about acute radiation syndroms, about thyroid disorders and about psychological problems of the liquidators. When the radiaiton level reaches 40 – 50 Rem (1 Rem = 0,01 Sv) it can cause all kinds of mental disorders. The classification of these disorders is debatable and a topic of debates with psychiatrists, neurologists and psychologists.

In 1991 all date was kept secret. The patients were sent to special hospitals. The official diagnosis was “Vegetative Dystonia”. This was a vague defintion, which included a big bandwith of disorders. Not all medics affirmed that. After 1991few articles were made public and material about mental disorder of liquidators. There were three opintions:

#1 – Most of these disorders were functional: Vegetative Dystonia, neurotic disorders, post-traumatic stress symptoms, radiophobia (Memo wordpress.tekknorg: Official statement of the IAEA and the WHO – WHO is gagged by a contract with the IAEA), despair and psychosomatic disorders.

#2 – Patients suffer from brain disorders.

#3 – Some patients suffer of post-traumatic disorders caused by stress, and pseudo-neurotic syndroms and psychosomatic disorders, somatisation disorders, hypochondria, disorders caused by fear, and various depressive syndroms and organic mental disorders.

Till today there are no clear categories for the diagnose of these disorders. It depends on the neurological or psychological school you’re with.

In 1990, the Ukrainian Institute for Social and Forensic Psychiatry began to study the consequnces of Chernobyl on people, who had taken part on the liquidation of Chernobyl. 380 liquidators were examined, clinical and psychologic. The examination began four years after the catastrophe. All patients were treated in a special hospital, which opened it’s doors after the catastrophe of Chernobyl. Most of the patients were transfered by the medics to our psychiatric examinations, because of psychologic or psychiatrical problems. The aim of the study was to determine the clincal and psychologic aspects of not-psychotic mental disorders with the link to the catastrophe of Chernobyl.

A special questionary and psychologic tests were developed, to get the data. We asked high level radiated patients, when the first symptoms appeared. The exposed doese depends on the time when they started working as a liquidator in the Zone and on the duration of the work. 55 percent of our patients showed first symptoms at the end of 1986. Not until 18 months later, sometimes 2 years later, the symptoms developed to a full picture. (Memo wordpress.tekknorg: This shows the complexity of radiation disease: It’s invisible and takes a long time. This is the reaseon why IAEA and even normal people mistake it with diseases caused by other things such as poverty).

At this time the age of our patients was 30 – 45 years. Most of them had similar problems: Headache, fits of dizziness, chronic fatigue, concentration problems, mindful problems, memory loss, testiness, sometimes fury, moodiness, anxiety states, exhaustion after mental and pysical work, high clood pressure, dysregulation of breathing, feelings of desperation and trashiness and loss of the libido. They also showes a sensitivity against lout noises, bright light and high temperatures.

In short, it was described as “Cerebrasthetic Post-Chernobyl Syndrom”

More Chernobyl information:

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The Principle of Substantial Equivalent

Proven: Higher cancer risc near atomic power plants



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Never before seen Hiroshima photos (atomic bombing 1945)

G8 and atomic power plants

Strong quake damages Japanese atomic power plant

Fire in Japanese atomic power plant

Earthquakes and atomic alerts: Two IRSN papers

McCains 45 atomic reactos

IEAs 1,300 atomic reactors

Toshibas 65 atomic reactors

France atomic reactors

Switzerland atomic reactors

International atomic-power-scandals:

How not to help, when suffering from radiation: IAEA and ALARA – we don’t help you

7th Atomic Scandal! Uranium in Germany’s drinking water!

Uranium solution leaked out from French atomic power plant! – Operator: AREVA

Again! – Uranium leaked out from French atomic power plant! Operator: AREVA

100 French workers contaminated!

French atomic power plant: Worker contaminated with radiation – Again

Switzerland: Two workers contaminated in Atomic Power plant!
When remembering the man made catastrophe of Nagasaki and Hiroshima, never forget:




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