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Denver USA. On Tuesday, Republican Presidental Candidate McCain spoke out for worldwide cut of atomic weapons, also in the U.S. Also with China negotiations should be made. He hopes that U.S. atomic weapons can be cut as soon as possible.  He also pleads for an offensive to stop circulation of atomic weapons. Source

How about cutting the atomic weapons in Germany first



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The Core Program

CORE – or “on how to end Chernobyl (atomic reactor explosion 1986 / radiation) and the resettlement of people in contaminated areas in Belarus”

CORE – from “Cooperation” and “Rehabilitation”. Rehabilitation means: Restoration.

CORE – program launch in Belarus: “Bragin”, “Chetschersk”, “Slavgorod” and “Stolin”.

CORE – the successor program of the failed program “ETHOS”.

The already existing Chernobyl NGO’s do not play a role in the CORE program, beside themself participate on CORE – with their own (already short) budget – raised from international donations.

The CORE program was made public by the IBB (Link) in 2004, after developed behind secret doors.

Who developed CORE / ETHOS and why is it the mayor international Chernobyl project today? Simple Answer: CEPN – “Centre d`etudes sur L’Evaluation de la Protection dans la domaine du Nucleaire” – a Study Center for radiation protection in the atomic sector, which should controll both research and science. CEPN already developed the failed ETHOS program and is also responsible for the today programs of CORE. View CEPN website HERE

But CEPN is not a NGO. CEPN was founded by the French Électricité de France (the mayor atomic power BIG player in the E.U.), French electricity association, and by CEA, the Comissariat for atomic power AREVA (former COGEMA). Not far away from IAEA. Remember the IAEA: They deny any links between radiation and illness excpet thyroid cancer.

Now everybody can see, that ending Chernobyl or making it’s results on health is even tried to manipulate by so called humanitarian projects like CORE / ETHOS. By the same people who sell the ideology of atomic power around the planet. It also shows that you can get BIG money by BIG players, but only if doing what they are saying. Independent science and research does hardly exist anymore. Simple truth, like the gag contract between the WHO and the IAEA from 1959, which does not allow the WHO to publish illness and death numbers from Chernobyl radiation on their own. So, don’t expect the WHO to criticise the CORE / ETHOS program or the attempt from Belarussian Government and the IAEA to end Chernobyl. Can you end halflife periods?

The WHO does know that 300 Million people on Earth have become victims from atomic power, Uranium caving etc…

The Budget of the CORE program: 5 Million EUROs. But there are also papers which show a Budget of 4 Million EUROs. The truth is: You need Billions of EUROs to “handle” Chernobyl: More than 2 Million people are still living in contaminated areas in Belarus. How to evacuate them? Build endless houses? Why such a small budget? If you would push more money into it you would admit that Chernobyl was what it was: A unpayable Catastrophe. And one 2nd thing: You would admit that atomic power is unpayable – none of the atomic reactors on this planet are assured. A big crash like the Chernobyl one would cause a damage of 2 – 5,000,000,000,000 EUROs in the U.S. or in the E.U. Goodbye exports…

So it’s cheaper to develop CORE – which tells the people to come back and stay where they are: In contaminated areas.

How is the CORE / ETHOS program processed and evaluated? Is it possible to suggest own proejects inside of the CORE program? Apply here: PAC (The Preparation and Assessment Commintee). But the projects are also suggested by the CT (Coordination Team), which consists of a Belarussian Coordinator of CORE and out of national and international represantatives and “experts”. The last approval is made by the Jury AB (Approval Board), which consists of three state represantatives (means: three NGOs): the IBB, the DTHV (German Chernobylhelpfederation Munich) and one French NGO. Yes – in theory. But the importat administration positions are taken. And it is a long road through all these institutions.


1) CORE does not ban the worst from the Chernobyl catastrophe

2) CORE does not protect children, families and people in general

3) CORE does not ease destitute

4) CORE is not build on partnership with already (since 20 years) existing NGO’s

5) CORE is not a honest dedication in civil society, a honest stock taking and analysis of interests

CORE tells the people to live in contaminated areas.

CORE / Resettlement of contaminated areas is financed by the atomic industry.

Chernobyl is a market in which various interetests compete against each other.

The IAEA decideds which case is “valid” – neither the U.N. or the WHO can do this.

INSIDE OF THE IAEA: Physicists decide over medical results – NOT medics.


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1 Ton of Uranium causes 2000 tons of radiative and pollutive waste material.

And fossil fuels are needed for cleaning, preparation, transportation and enrichment.

So, is Uranium and atomic power environmental friendly? Is it cheap?

There was the German Uranium caving Wismut in former Eastern-Germany. Results: Radiation, 7000 cases of lung cancer and more than 20,000 victims, in the whole German Uranium caving. Here are the costs of the Wismut redevelopment: 6,500,000,000 EUROs.

So, is atomic power cheap? Is it clean? Does it have a future with a range of 60 years?

Where Uranium comes from: Niger, Gabun, Namibia, Sudan, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, South-Africa, Russia, Australia. As you can see, most of them won’t have the 6,500,000,000 EUROs. Most of them are politically instable.

Add the following costs to the energy consumption costs of Atomic Power:

Recovery of damages

Redevelopment of radioactive wastelands

– and the (still today non-existent) assurance for atomic power (plants) – from 2 – 5,000,000,000,000 EURos for each reactor

-> Atomic power would be unpayable.

Thanks to the atomic states and non-objective organisations such as the IAEA, atomic power is payable, although it isn’t.

But it will become more and more expensive, just like Oil today.

Why the responsible organisations still want to sell the ideology of atomic power: ICRP and IAEA or view my archive.


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Swedish police arrested two craftsmen in the Swedish atomic power plant Oskarshamn [map], because of arranging a sabotage. During a samples controll the explosive Triaceton Triperoxide was found. The men stayed inside the compound for several days, without custody, as a spokesman said. The atomic power plant Oskarshamn is run by the German E.ON concern and the Finnish Company Fortum. Triaceton Triperoxid was also used in the 2005 London terror attacks. The safety systems are working well, as the this case has shown. The safety of all three reactors was not endangered, said the Swedish press spokesman of Fortum. Soures: Here

Not a single word on the official website of Fortum

nor on E.ON

I want to ask: Are the safety systems working well? What about the two men, wo stayed there, without custody?

Remember the bomb found inside of an American atomic power plant on Dec. 3rd 2007: Link


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According to the French Institute IRSN (radiation protection and nuclear safety) no radiation was measured after the quakes which occured on May 12th 2008 – Source HERE

But it is not out of question, if or if not atomic facilities got damages – they added. Light damaged were small facilities, which had been put offline, before the quake. IRSN said it is possible that other atomic power plants such as Lingao [map], Daya Bay [map], Qinshan [map] and Tianwan [map] were not damaged worth mentioning, because they were 1000 kilometres away.


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Watch them HERE (gruesome photos):

Original SOURCE and additional info.

More than 150,000 people died after explosion, more than 100,000 after. Today there are still people suffering, because radiation has long time effects on health and genotype. IAEA denies this, although it is scientific proven (HERE), published in a paper 2 years after the atomic bomb exploded over Hiroshioma. The Americans dropped an atomic bomb in 1945 over Hiroshima and the 2nd one over Nagasaki, to end WWII. What are the atomic plans of the U.S. today – see HERE – nuking again?



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Do you know the ICRP? See HERE


They were originally founded in 1954. While their foundation was going on, an atmosphere of secrecy because of the atomic weapons and the secrecy of reasons of national safety were around them. 1954 ICRP was an organisation of 13 male members.  Till 1990 the first woman came to them…

They made the recommendations for radiation protection norms, which were accepted by all countries, and which (very important!) justified the set of regulations of the IAEA. Interesting isn’t it? Here is one:
ICRP said, the tritium emission (from atomic power plants) in water should be 40.000 Bq. And now the crazy progress of the ICRP: In 1990 they said: Lets make 7000 Bq/ litre. This was proved by ACES (Comitee for environmental standards). They said: Wrong housenumber, change the 7000 (Because of cancer danger). They also said: Lower it to 100 Bq in five years until you get 20 Bq / Litre. I think its a big difference between 40.000 and 20, don’t you?

Thats why we should never tolerate a number for low radiation emission from atomic power plants.

But the IAEA uses them in a very cruel way, since the Chernobyl reactor explosion in 1986. If you read through a paper from 1990, written by the ICRP you find the description “temporary radiation effect”. Effects which they did not find heavy enough in order that the effected people can be compensated. And today? Have a look at his HERE

ICRP totally gave up tp IAEA. IAEA is doing ICRP work today. And more: IAEA is selling the “peacefull atomic energy theory” worldwide. Although peaceful atomic reactos do develop low radiation (whose effects IAEA does try to deny) and weapon-ready Plutonium. It’s a BIG money game they are playing for decades and which will end hopefully soon (Uranium range: 60 years and below).

ICRP is NOT the organisation (in my opinion) which is in charge to protect the workers of the atomic industry. The ICRP does make down-the-lines and brings economic “imperative” into account. ICRP is not the advocator for radiation protection. Are there ICRP members who do have an apprenticeship in public health or industrial medicine?

ICRP members are profiteers of the atomic industry, just like the IAEA. Don’t expect to them to make radiation safety for YOU.

This is an evidence that our modern society seems to have big problems.


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