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22 years ago a real atomic reactor exploded. The whole thing.

Belarus got more than 70% of the Chernobyl fallout. More than 2 million people are still living in contaminated areas. More than 125,000 died and more will die. Unofficially this number rises up to 800,000. IAEA and WHO say: 30 something died. IAEA and WHO do have a gag contract since 1959, which does not allow the WHO to publish other results about illness from radiation – unless the OK from the IAEA. Dont’t forget.

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368,000,000 EUROs for Chernobyl (more than 20 years after explosion)

Atomic power and Children cancer

I’m in Berlin right now (Germany), let’s see what the Government and Greenpeace do, 22 years after.



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This is something, which many German lobbyists and chairmen of German industry try to sell – in an ideologic way. “Without new coal power plants and atomic power plants the energy supply is endangered.” This and other things you hear from them regularly. Since when is solar power invented? Since when is it supported with subsidies? Think of atomic power – an oldtimer: Gets subsidies like 37,000,000,000 EUROs regularly. And what is it’s part of energy production on the whole planet? 6 LOUSY PERCENT! Absurd! Push those 37 something into solar power. Light is everywhere on the planet. Uranium… NOT!


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On March 27th UK’s Leader Brown and French President Sarkozy met to promote atomic power. Nothing new, shortly before Sarkozy arrived in the UK he inducted a new French atomic powered submarine. UK and France do have atomic weapons.  France has the EdF and UK Sellafield. Both leaders seem to like oldtimers and dangerous and expensive technics. Advised and payed by lobbyists they want to promote atomic power. Atomic power needs Uranium. Uranium has a range of 60 years.

Some British and French atomic power news:

# Bad Business: France and Lybia on the atomic sector

# French worker contamined in atomic power plant – Again!

# Rising suicide rates in French atomic power plants

# Sellafield – 50 years after

Anyone wants to congratulate?



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As reported on Feb 08, in Germany more and more lobbyist groups are marching against the total pullout from atomic power in Germany. See here

On April 6th  the chief-minister of the south-western German state “Baden-Württemberg” also tried to attack the atomic-power-pullout-contract which his own party “CDU” subscribed. In the first and biggest German TV Channel “ARD” he said, that he wants to step back from the pullout. It is a contract made between the two largest Government parties in Germany, the “SPD” and the “CDU”.

But who pays a few billion Dollars for atomic power plants during the global never-ending mortgage crisis? Oettinger? Remember: Atomic power costs the people 37,000,000,000 EUROs. Nevermind the crash of a reactor in the EU or US, which easily costs 2 –  5 trillion Dollars. No reactor in the world is assured against that.

What do you think of a politician who tries to attack his own contract? Can you believe him in future? Atomic power is one of the most expensive human adventures and one of the most dangerous ones. Especially Germany had a fatal atomic year in 2007 and 2008 began with a very big image damage for atomic energy, examples listed here:

# accidents in German Vattenfall atomic power plants

# German KiKK Study: Higher cancer risk near atomic power plants

# German Environment minister wants to shutdown atomic power plants

Does Oettinger know anything about the things he’s talking about? Does anyone?

More than 400 lobbyists are working inside of the top bureaus in German Government.

More information about Chernobyl, atomic power, radiation and Belarus:


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