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A few days ago German TV (channel RTL) reported about some former SPD (big fraction) members. They went off their party and are now members in several energy concerns. The SPD party (which is 50% of German Government) does have a contract with the CDU party (50% also). This contract promises the total pull out from atomic power in Germany, including shutting off all German atomic power plants till the year 2017. More information HERE

Nearly at the same time, the big player RWE (a company which produces atomic power) failed in the court to achieve a longer life-span for their old atomic power plant Biblis A. Also at the same time Vattenfall released some advertising showing their catastrophe reactor Brunsbüttel as a climate rescue something. Remember Vattenfall HERE

more to come,

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the latest video – I’ve shot the scenery around a white lake, near the small town Luninetz in Belarus. I also show some paintings of a Russian artist, shown during Geseke meeting in Germany, where 400 NGO members from Belarus and Germany met, during 20th Chernobyl year (April 2006).

1st video including additional information HERE

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