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Medium-range ballistic missles (IRBMs) have been deployed to Belarus, as the BAG Tschernobyl Germany informed. Is this the answer to the anti-missle shield in Czechia and Poland? Let’s wait for more details to come.

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For years it’s known, that Russia is a key developer of atomic architecture in Iran. This time, it’s time for big a load, such as 163 containers full of fuelrods, used for the Iranian atomic power reactor “Bushehr”, which is going to be online in September 2008 (March 2008 acc. to CNN). The money is transmitted by Iran to Russia already. The IAEA is going to control the containers, which are stored in a special place. The IAEA is fighting it’s fight for a world full of atomic power plants, although Uranium won’t last more than 60 years. The price for Uranium will rise in the next decades, like the risc of new energy wars. But who knows what happens with the produced Plutonium from Irans atomic power reactors. Trust in the IAEA? Well, the IAEA couldn’t stop India and Pakistan from building atomic bombs. And Iran is better equiped with infrastructure, oil and money, than North Korea And, by the way, Iran is building atomic reactors.

So, you cannot compare this situation with North Korea and the actions of the IAEA there. Atomic power plants and atomic bombs are siamese twins.

Everytime when people hear or read IAEA, they think: We’ll it’s handled.

But the IAEA also handled some other things:


  • According to the IAEA low and high radiation cannot cause mutations

  • According to the IAEA low and high radiation cannot cause mental or body handicaps.

  • According to the IAEA low and high radiation cannot cause cancer (except thyroid cancer).

  • According to the IAEA all illness caused by radiation (like the one from Chernobyl, 21 years ago) is caused by stress.

    Just a few things which are neither scientific nor ethical. And they are fighting this war, no matter what other scientists or doctors say.


By the way, where does Russia get it’s Uranium from?

From Australia – see HERE

What happens to the Plutonium from Russias atomic bombs?

It’ll be used inside of South Africas new reactors – see HERE


Uranium is shipped around the world.

(Not by Santa)


Merry Christmas!


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Remember Irans Plan to enrich Uranium in Switzerland? HERE

Now, there are new considerations, like to build new atomic power plants in the northwest, next to the German border. A week ago one of the most costly and methodical studies (“KiKK study“) about atomic power plants and cancer was made public via Federal Agengy for Radiation Protection Germany (Dec. 10Th 2007): HERE – More than 6,000 children werer observed 20 years long, living near the 16 German atomic power plants. This study shows, that children living near atomic power plants do have a scientific and statistic higher risc of becoming (blood) cancer. So, it’s just logical that German politicans are against the new atomic power plan(t)s.

By the way, there are alread many atomic power plants, like “Leibstadt“, “Gösgen“ and “Benzau“ near the “Hochrhein“ river. And who is going to finance this plan(t)s? Banks?

Such like the new atomic reactor in Finland which is financed by the German Bavarian Bank “Bayrische Bank“ with 2,000,000,000 EUROs. A good idea, in times of mortgage-crisis and bad credits (?).

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First: Information from the German KiKK study about higher cancer risc when living near atomic power plants – from 1980 – 2003

Second: Unofficial data about rising illness of Chernobyl children in a hospital in Minsk (Belarus) – from 2001.


(pre-info): There is a English version of the BfS website HERE

GERMAN CONSUMPTION of the 300 pages long study here: http://www.bfs.de/en/bfs/druck/strahlenthemen/stth_kinderkrebs.html

order it here http://www.bfs.de/en/bfs/druck/strahlenthemen/stth_kinderkrebs.html/orderarticle

or here:

Name: Bundesamt für Strahlenschutz
Adress: Postfach 10 01 49
City: 38201 Salzgitter
Phone: Telefon: +0049 30 18333 – 0
Telefax: 030 18333 – 1885
Internet: http://www.bfs.de
E-Mail: ePost@bfs.de

EDIT: Share & Download! “Childhood Leukemia and Cancers Near German Nuclear Reactors” – World’s biggest 20 years Study FINALLY online for free: http://doris.bfs.de/jspui/bitstream/urn:nbn:de:0221-20100317939/4/BfS_2007_KiKK-Studie.pdf English consumption and background: http://www.nirs.org/radiation/radhealth/kikkcommentary0709ijoeh.pdf

The results of a unique longtime study (called “KiKK“ which is 337 pages long) which shows higher (blood) cancer rates of children living next to German atomic power plants, were made public on December 10th 2007 in Germany, by the Federal Agency for radiation protection (BfS.de). The study itself is scientific and without a visible mistake. The study is the 3rd of a row of appropriate examinations of the Children Cancer Register. BfS President König said, that this is the first time that in a so called Case-Control-Study exact statements about the distance between a living area and an atomic reactor, as well as for ill as for not ill children, could be done. The result fits to similar examinations which are made worldwide, said König. In 2007, also a Meta-Analysis was made in which all studies till now which summarize and evaluate cancer of children in the surroundings of atomic power plants – this analysis also remarked a connection between atomic power plants and children cancer. The new study was accompanied by a expert-team of twelve people. All of them share all significant results of the study.

With no doubt the BfS, the experts and the order-taker are in agreement about the results. The Environment Confederacy of Germany was instructed by the Environmental Minister of Germany to examine the results of the KiKK study, two weeks ago.

Also in the opnion of other experts the design of the study fits the level of science. The study itself is worldwide the most methodicial, the most costly and comprehensive examination. The question for the connection between the distance of the living area to an atomic power plant and the risc of becoming ill is unequivocal answered for Germany.

Since the use of atomic power is seen critical by the public, there are discussions about higher cancer rates in the surroundings of atomic power plants. 1987 (one year after the Chernobyl accident) and 1989 British studies reported of a significant riisng appearance of children blood cancer in a 10 miles-neighborhood around atomic power plants in England and Wales. 1992 in a analogous carried out study of the German Children Cancer Register (DKKR) between the time from 1980 till 1990 cancer of children below the age of 5 in the 5 kilometer-zone was observed. The result: The rate of blood cancer has grown staistical higher.

How was the study carried out?

All to the DKKR reported cancer ill children which were living around the 16 German atomic power plants (below the age of 5) were considered (1,592 children). For every child of these 1,592 there were controls determined, for those who were living in the same area. So, 4,735 controls were determined. The distance to the next atomic power plant for all 6,327 children was defined (average) as 25 meters. So, it was possible to compare, if the the cancer ill children are living nearer as the average to an atomic power plant of the region, as there respective controls.

There were three questions:

1.) Does cancer appear more often by children below the age of 5, in the surroundings of atomic power plants?

2.) Is there a negative distance, which means: Does the risc rise with the distance next to an atomic power plant?

3.) Are there influence factors, which can explain the results?

To answer the questions the study was organized in two parts:

Part 1: Case-Control-Study without asking questions

Part 2: Case-Control-Study with asking questions, in which one examination from the Case-Control Study without asked questions was asked, to regard possible disturbance factors (Confounder), which could explain the found result in Part 1.

The KiKK Study includes the time from 1980 – 2003 (23 years), divided in two study-time-periods: The first 11 years of the operation of a performance-reactor and the remaining years. This was necessary, because the results of the so called “Michaelis-Study“ showed that the found risc in the first study was higher than in the second one. So, appropriate in the KiKK Study also was asked, if a possible down-trend between the earlier and the later time of operation does differ itself.

The load of radiation could not be observed, because there were no measure-results and there was no meaningful model of radiation-exposition in the living areas. As a replacement for the not direct defined radiation-exposition the distance between the flat and the reactor was used.

Swiss Childhood Cancer Cancer and Nuclear Power Plants in Switzerland (as usual attacked by physicists BUT confirmed by physicians: the IPPNW – peace nobel prize 1985): http://www.canupis.ch/index.php?id=studydesign

World Health Organisation ignores all Fukushima and Chernobyl children – Geneva April 26th 2011


How does the IAEA and the ICRP react?

The IAEA denies the connection between (blood) cancer and radiation, even in Chernobyl / Ukraine / Belarus.

They only accept thyroid cancer as an illness (because after Chernobyl, 21 years ago, the numbers of this kind of cancer werer so high, that the IAEA could no longer deny it).

The IAEA says all other illness of people who are or were affected by high or low radiation is caused by stress. Also blood cancer.

The IAEA does not allow the WHO to publish anything else, because of a contract made in 1959 between the IAEA and the WHO. This also explains, why the WHO published a paper with a total number of 5000 deaths caused by Chernobyl (which is was below 125,000 deaths – which was published by the Ukrainian Health Ministery in 1994).

The IAEA plays the one who is responsible for human health and radiation and the world accepts this fate.

In 2005 the IAEA got the Nobel Peace Prize.

It seems that most people only know the IAEA from News like “Iran” and “North Korea”.

This brings us to the following rare graphs I got from Belarussian sources via Bundesarbeitsgemeinschaft Tschernobyl Deutschland (Federal Consortium Chernobyl Germany), in 2004. The Data itself is from 2001. It is very hard to get Data like this, because the Belarussian Government does not allow to publish this Data like rising cancer rates of children affected by Chernobyl / Radiation. Also the IAEA denies the connection between radiation / Chernobyl and rising illness. If Belarussian doctors talk about this in public they loose their job. In 2006 the propaganda chief of Belarussian dictator Lukaschenko was in Geseke (German town in Nordrhein-Westfalen). He denied any connection between radiation and illness. I had the chance to answer him about these graphs and the situation of Belarussian doctors, right infront of 200 German and 200 Belarussian guests. He did not respond. So, here are the graphs.

This one shows the amount of healthy children in a children hospital in Minsk (Belarus). Grey means general population; Black means “Chernobyl children”:

Here you can see the frequency of inflammation and knob-accumulation in the thyroid (drawn on 100,000 children in a children hospital in Minsk – Belarus). Grey means thyroid inflammation; Black means “knob struma”:

This graph shows the tumor-frequency in a children hospital in Minsk / Belarus (per 100,000 children 0 – 14 years old):

This graph shows the frequency of specific diseases in Belarus. Drawn per 100,000 children 0 – 14 years old (from left to right: malignant tumors / tumors / cardiac defects / bronchial asthma / deformities):

Frequency of inflammation and knob-accumulation in the thyroid (drawn on 100,000 children in a children hospital in Minsk – Belarus). Grey means general population; Black means “Chernobyl children”:

Growth of specific disease-structures (in percentage) from 1997 till 2001 in a children hospital in Minsk – Belarus (from left to right: diseases of the back-up apparat / tumors / endocrinal disorders / cardiac damages / eye aberrances):

The Number of children with chronic diseases (in percentage) – in a children hospital in Minsk / Belarus, Grey means general population; Black means “Chernobyl children”:

Frequency of malignant brain tumors and tumors (drawn per 100,000 habitants living in Minsk / Belarus):

Chernobyl Data: Dr. A.Okeanov – Ministery of Health, Belarus: Morbidity rate among Children and Teens: https://tekknorg.wordpress.com/2011/09/25/chernobyl-data-dr-a-okeanov-ministery-of-health-belarus-morbidity-rate-among-children-and-teens/

more to come,

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On July 24th 2006 Lybia claimed to build an atomic bomb soon.

On July 27th 2007 Lybia and France announced cooperation on the atomic sector (Info).

Today Gaddafi (lybian ruler) arrived in Paris. Both countries signed a contract with a volume about 10,000,000,000 EUROs. France is going to help Lybia to use atomic power. France also delivers military equipment and a few atomic reactors.

With kind regards to Électricité de France. Don’t forget:

French atomic power plant: Worker contamined with radiation – again – Oct. 29th 2007 and

Électricité de France and the rising suicide rate in Chinon atomic power plant – July 8th 2007

Where ever you look you’ll find bad news. Bad atomic news.

More information about Chernobyl, atomic power, radiation and Belarus:


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The study shows that children do have a higher blood cancer rate depending on the distance between their place of domicile and an atomic power plant.

This study was ordered by the “Bundesamt für Strahlenschutz” / Federal Agency for Radiation Protection – Germany.

I’m going to translate some points of it, but it is a Study which is 337 pages long.

>>>>>>>> The original study from Dec. 10th 07 can be found HERE

 Information from Dec. 8th 07 HERE

More information about Chernobyl, atomic power, radiation and Belarus:


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Although all atomic power plants are dangerous (because of low radiation causing cancer), the most dangerous ones are

Listed HERE

More information about Chernobyl, atomic power, radiation and Belarus: Life-Upgrade.com

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