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here is the final coffin nail for the Atomic Cancer Industry. No peaceful atom, atomic explosions of the “reactor type” are possible:



“The first explosion consisted of thermal neutron mediated nuclear explosions in one or rather a few fuel channels, which caused a jet of debris that reached an altitude of some 2500 to 3000 m. The second explosion would then have been the steam explosion most experts believe was the first one.”

Written by Lars-Erik de Geer, Swedish Defense Research Agency, CTBTO (!), and University of Stockholm, and Meterological Insitute.

Published also in “Nuclear Technology Volume 200, 2017”

And guess what, 37 years before, a similar hard to get article by spanish scientists was published, here it is:


That’s why Chernobyl is COMPLETEY EMPTY!

And that’s why Chernobyl is everywhere, just one of 10 half lifes (full decay time) is “gone”: France stopps Chernobyl mushrooms https://news.sky.com/story/chernobyl-blamed-for-radiation-found-on-mushrooms-being-imported-into-france-11150612



2 seconds later the Nuclear Explosion / Reaction occurred. This one was 1,000 Gigajoules = 1 Terrajoule. This is the equivalent of 200 – 300 Tons of TNT, or just the yield of a U.S. nuclear W54 warhead.


This nuclear warhead existed and was actually tested. It`s yield: 250 Tons TNT, or, in other words: 1,12 Terrajoule. Exactly the amount of Energy Chernobyl`s two explosions had (one setting the core dry, the other destroying it):

LINK of the 250 tons (0,25 kilotons TNT) Warhead:http://www.designation-systems.net/dusrm/m-26.html

And there is Constantine Checherov, who passed away 2011, and was 1,500 times IN the Reactor, in the Reactor Vault (!), who said this:


The phase transition Uranium Oxide core flew like a turbo jet engine into the air, ca. 20 – 30 m above the central hall and exploded in a nuclear explosion of the reactor type. The temperatures reached at this moment: 40,000°C.

But the Temperature of the Chernobyl nuclear explosion was 100,000 times lower (10,000,000%) than the nuclear explosion of the bomb type.

“Two different models of the nuclear explosions are known. According to, the core of the Chernobyl reactor transformed to a turbo-jet solid-phase engine after a very short initial overheating of fuel. It flied like a missile from the reactor vault to the central reactor hall by the hydrodynamic forces of gas-phase streams flushing down from the fuel channels. Then it exploded as an atomic bomb in the spaceof the central hall.” source:http://www.rri.kyoto-u.ac.jp/NSRG/reports/kr79/kr79pdf/Malko1.pdf

MORE: https://tekknorg.wordpress.com/2016/04/21/nuclear-explosion-emptied-chernobyl-concealed-by-the-nuclear-industry/


Monkeys, Brains and TEPCO radiation:

“The effects associated with long-term low-dose radiation exposure on fetuses are among the many health concerns. Children born to atomic bomb survivors from Hiroshima and Nagasaki showed low birth weight, high rates of microcephaly, and reduced intelligence due to abnormal brain development. Experiments with pregnant mice or rats and radiation exposure had been reported to cause low birth weight, microcephaly or both. We identified one similar study on wild animals, which reported that the brains of birds captured in the vicinity of the Chernobyl NPP weighted lower compared to those of birds captured elsewhere.” https://www.nature.com/articles/s41598-017-03866-8

quoted also on pro nuclear FORBES: https://www.forbes.com/sites/jeffmcmahon/2017/10/30/three-ways-radiation-has-changed-the-monkeys-of-fukushima-a-warning-for-humans/#7f0f60a465ea

Dr. Shin-ichi Hayama seems to refuse to link radiation and brain / head growth development. although it is known for decades, although at the same time he shows a connection. This is the typical scientific behavior. Calling their own studies myth.

Birds, Brains, and ROSATOM Chernobyl Radiation:

“Impaired brain development is linked to oxidative stress because of the high lipid content of brains. Large-brained individuals must be capable of continuously supplying the brain with high levels of oxygen for neuronal ion pumping, synthesis of neurotransmitters and protection from toxic compounds. This makes brain maintenance a highly oxidizing process that requires large amounts of antioxidants, in particular glutathione. Therefore, any environment with low antioxidant levels and/or high rates of use of antioxidants will provide a challenge to normal brain development.” http://journals.plos.org/plosone/article?id=10.1371/journal.pone.0016862

Humans, Brains and US Reactors Radiation:

“mental retardation in children exposed to radiation during the fifth to 15th weeks of their mother’s pregnancy. Radiation kills brain cells, causing both an underdeveloped brain [microcephaly] and mental retardation” https://ratical.org/radiation/NAvictims.html

quoted also on semi pro nuclear NATURE: http://www.nature.com/articles/srep16594

No impact on Science

No impact on UN / WHO / IAEA / UNSCEAR / ICRP / Health Policy / Energy Policy

Genetic damage excluded
All health damage excluded
Environment damage excluded
Subsidies excluded





First, we create the conditions that people are genetically altered and then we create the solutions that will make them even more dependent. New genetic anti leukemia drug by NOVARTIS, in the U.S. for 475,000 US Dollars: https://www.nytimes.com/2017/08/30/health/gene-therapy-cancer.html?mcubz=0


Increases in perinatal mortality in prefectures contaminated by the Fukushima nuclear power plant accident in Japan: http://ebm-jp.com/wp-content/uploads/media-2016002-medicine.pdf

more: http://alfred-koerblein.de/indexengl.htm

“We each carry a load  of about four serious faults  in our DNA. We are saved from fourfold incapacitation by covering most of these faults with a normal gene from our parents.”Better medical care does not mean a bright future, the evolutions phases out each disturbance: ““H.J. Muller estimated that the genetic load accumulated in 8 human generations (∼ 240 years) living under constantly improving medical services with zero mortality rate due to natural selective forces is equivalent to that acquired in a single exposure to 200roentgen (1,8 Sievert) of gamma radiation 2 kilometers from Ground Zero in Hiroshima.”  https://tekknorg.wordpress.com/2015/09/22/the-radiation-generation/“Radiation exposure is an inevitable side-effect of our atomic energy programs, as well as of medical X-rays and of our natural environment. The Atomic Energy Commission (AEC = NRC) standards of permissible exposure (about 30 times larger than the level we experience now from atomic energy activities) would increase the natural rate of mutation about 10 percent. Over a period of generations the health costs of these additional mutations would be about $10 billion a year. This estimate and its probable uncertainty by a factor of 10 either way, needs to be factored into the economics of energy production and, more immediately, into the cost-effectiveness of the genetic research needed to plan on a basis of scientific certainty. Most of the atomic-energy related costs might even be canceled if we made sufficient efforts now to develop the countermeasures.”  Joshua LederbergLinus Pauling proved, that by fallout of the atomic and h bomb tests of 1958 15.000 children with severe hereditary error came to the world in one year. 38,000 children were born dead. 90,000 were murdered inside of the mother.Muller H J. 2014 May 12. Video – Hermann Muller (1955) – The Effect of Radiation and other Present Day Influences Upon the Human Genetic Constitution.Genetics in Geneva bookOur Load of Mutations PDF
Government Is Most Dangerous of Genetic Engineers PDFGenetic and Somatic Effects of Carbon 14 PDF

My Mari Takenouchi:

PLEASE CONDUCT GENE TEST AND EVACUATE KIDS IN FUKUSHIMA! 早急に遺伝子検査を行い、福島の子供たちを避難させてください!https://tekknorg.wordpress.com/2016/03/11/please-conduct-gene-test-and-evacuate-kids-in-fukushima-%e6%97%a9%e6%80%a5%e3%81%ab%e9%81%ba%e4%bc%9d%e5%ad%90%e6%a4%9c%e6%9f%bb%e3%82%92%e8%a1%8c%e3%81%84%e3%80%81%e7%a6%8f%e5%b3%b6%e3%81%ae/

Thyroid Cancer TODAY: “prevalence of thyroid cancer was 605 per million examinees”: http://journals.lww.com/epidem/Citation/2016/05000/Thyroid_Cancer_Detection_by_Ultrasound_Among.3.aspx

“Dr. Mettler (IAEA) learned well that solid cancers without a ten year latency period did not “count” as radiation-related under ICRP latency models. Therefore the Chernobyl thyroid cancers were seen, but not reported as radiogenic, since they were within five years of a disaster! The nuclear industry has a monopoly on radiation and human health scientific information, and its dissemination through the Universities into nuclear reactor facilities, hospital radiology laboratories and UN organizations. This poses a further serious problem. Normally, one believes the evidence at hand, rather than the theory! If one has been taught theory as fact, the situation becomes more complicated. ICRP has created an artificial “consensus” on the health effects of radiation” from: https://ratical.org/radiation/Chernobyl/CaUFtH.html

Thyroid Cancer – naturally a cancer of old people, naturally one to two cases per million people – BEFORE the atomic age.


Radiation News:

“Over 30μSv/h was read along side the recently-reopened Route 114 in Fukushima, September 20, 2017. It’s nothing more than insane for the government to give a green light people to cross by. 6.5 years mean nothing here. Nothing at all.” quote Kaye Nagayame



= 0,03 Millisievert per hour. Run away. Normal is 2 Millisievert PER YEAR (30 micro sv per hr = 263 Millisievert per year EVACUATE)

720 bq per kg of nuclear substance has been detected in mushrooms sold at a farmers market in Nasu Shiobara City in Tochigi Prefecture. That figure is over seven times higher than the government’s standard. It came to light through an individual inspection. The market has been recalling the products and alerting customers not to consume them: http://web.archive.org/web/20170826142825/http://www3.nhk.or.jp/shutoken-news/20170825/3355481.html

“100 Bq / kg or less is safe” has NO scientific basis
Mr. Yagasaki http://okinawahinansha.wixsite.com/houshanou-kougai/single-post/2017/08/08/%E7%A6%8F%E5%B3%B6%E3%81%AE%E7%8F%BE%E7%8A%B6

“An essential factor is that sensitivity to other damaging effects of molecules, cells, organs and animals changes after exposure to low dose radiation. The indices of health of people exposed to low dose irradiation also change. The bimodal dose-dependence of the effect was illustrated by the leucoses death rate. The explanation is given in terms of the changes in the relation between the quantity of damage and the activity of repair systems induced by low dose irradiation.” https://academic.oup.com/rpd/article-abstract/62/1-2/13/3107577/Low-Intensity-Radiation-Radiobiological-Aspects?redirectedFrom=fulltext

The outlook for Japan in 2021:
Dr. Kazue Kadamori, Investigative Commitee of Atomic Bombing Victims, Hannan Chuo Hospital, Osaka, Japan, IPPNW Conference 1996 (ten Chernobyl years): How Thyroid Cancer is used by IAEA, WHO, ICRP, to conceal all other radiation induced cancers, and even thyroid cancer effects are misinterpretated:



The Japanese radiation victims (anyone who takes in radioactive food) do not suffer from “mental disorders” or “phobias”.
They suffer from the murderous lies of TEPCO, IAEA, Fukushima Medical University (a human-nuclear research lab), from the Abe government, industry, even doctors, and hospitals, and even NGOs and pseudo NGOs like the ETHOS program. It is a catastrophe in a catastrophe. Both man made. The first one attacks the body cells, the DNA, the tissue, the 2nd one attacks the thinking process.
The reality is not just irradiated. The reality is absurd, murderous and not a bit normal. Anyone who does not adapt to this real madness “suffers” from a non existant “mental disorder” or under a trauma. No! People suffer from the fact that the truth is not told to them.
The Japanese population is punished for suffering, for being sacrificed and feeling it, for showing up courage, for telling the truth, even for protecting their kids.

1. About 2 grams of radioactive cesium release radiation of 10 sievert per hour. Scale that up to become your average TEPCO high readings. Still believe high readings correspond to “fuel somewhere” – or are it rather tiny spots causing it?
2. A 1,3 billionths of a gram of Cesium 137 (4,000 becquerel) creates a load of 100 Becquerel per Kg in the body of a 40 Kg heavy child, 20 bequerel per kg cause serious damages to the cardio vascular system.
3. one millionth of a gram of plutonium-239 cause cancer. TEPCO vented 700+ kg to the outside.
4. Polonium 210: A lethal dose of 2 Sieverts would be delivered by inhalation of less than 5 nanograms of the isotope (4.7 x 10-9 grams or 4.7 billionths of a gram).
There are no LOW doses of radiation.
It is always the same energy.


From 1989:


His studies:


image from: http://www.rri.kyoto-u.ac.jp/NSRG/seminar/IS/Imanaka20120627.pdf

“Checherov analyzed all the reports and minutes of the Integrated expedition with measurements and calculations. The analysis estimated the amount of fuel made on the basis of thermal measurements showed that this estimate was based on assumptions that do not reflect the real picture of the thermal situation in unit 4, and secondly, were based on experiments that are not based on reliable measurements, and voluntarist declarations of expenditure thermal parameters experimentally recorded variations of which varies in the range of up to two orders of magnitude.” / “The maximum thickness of the fuel accumulation , measured on the spot and recorded on the film is 0.5 meters , and if you increase the thickness of the layer 8 times, then this cluster should have a thickness of 4 meters.” / “At the time of the accident in the reactor core were 1,659 fuel channels withg 190,257 kilograms of uranium or its kg Uranium Oxide (UO2).

AN Kiselev, Chernobyl, 1986, block 3: “Power of gamma radiation from a channel, lying on the roof of the third block measured by Zherdev was 2 Sievert per Hour (the limit of the measuring range of the instrument DP-5V ) at a distance of three meters” / “we had to work in an environment where radiation levels could exceed the 10 Sievert per Hour and even higher” / “As soon as the rotary drill bit to the fuel clusters, fuel chips along with the water got into the room , and immediately dramatically increased gamma-ray background” / “Biological protection of the camera has been redesigned in accordance with the requirements of radiation safety.” / “On the tube sites were about 15-20 tons of fuel. On the roof lay the whole fuel assemblies. Approximate weight of 300-350 kg each. The rate per person was calculated by removing 50 kg of graphite or 10-15 kg pieces of fuel rod.” / “the total amount of fuel in the lava-like clusters is within 20 % of the entire nuclear fuel that the reactor had at the time of the accident.”

“where, how much and in what state the nuclear fuel ?” / “Our reports of fuel found in the Unit 4 was several times smaller, but the debate as to why such differences exist and where the truth is – was not gebated in this symposium” / “regardless of the fact that the reactor vault is empty and you can not see this amount of fuel and the amount of such fuel just could not fit in the observed areas, those who were there and personally saw it with their own eyes the empty space – you can not convince the others that there are not huge amount of fuel as declared by those who have not been there ” / ” it turns out that the minimum found fuel is 53 % of the fuel, and if we accept the second version, you still have to find the 91%!http://www.souzchernobyl.org/?section=31&id=563

This is from an article of Mr. Kiselev, who was with Checherov INSIDE Chernobyl 4 where the fuel WAS, many many times. “The most significant work in its results was the work of the neutron research laboratory in the past year by VI Morozov. They compiled and analyzed its neutron measurements, which were carried out in the 4th block of Chernobyl nuclear power plant within a few years and determined the concentration of uranium dioxide in more than hundred samples of lava-like fuel-containing masses… After the publication of the work, where on the basis of direct measurements determined the amount of lava-like fuel-containing material (and the results of radiochemical and neutron research) determined the concentration of uranium dioxide in the samples of these masses: the number of detected nuclear fuel in the fourth block does not exceed 20% of all fuel… Research continued: 1991 results were: 23 +/- 7 tons of uranium dioxide – then 1992 research results reduced it to 11,6 +/- 1.9 tons, and direct measurements gave the result of 3,75 +/- 0.6 tons… All reports are published in separate editions, and the magazine “Atomic Energy” published several articles on the subject. The scientific community did not react to it.. the reactor pit is empty, and in under-reactor premises can not be seen such quantities of fuel, and such fuel volumes simply could not fit in the observed areas, and those who were there and personally saw with their own eyes the empty space are impossible to convince that there are huge amounts of fuel, which is proclaimed by those who have not been there… There is a total absence of an active zone in the reactor pit (!)… ”

the Temperature of the Chernobyl nuclear explosion was 100,000 times lower (10,000,000%) than the nuclear explosion of the bomb type.


“Two different models of the nuclear explosions are known. According to, the core of the Chernobyl reactor transformed to a turbo-jet solid-phase engine after a very short initial overheating of fuel. It flied like a missile from the reactor vault to the central reactor hall by the hydrodynamic forces of gas-phase streams flushing down from the fuel channels. Then it exploded as an atomic bomb in the spaceof the central hall.” source: http://www.rri.kyoto-u.ac.jp/NSRG/reports/kr79/kr79pdf/Malko1.pdfchernobyl-nuclear-explosion34

The thermal observation showed no melting process and no graphite fire.




IAEA says 96% of the fuel is still in the reactor. But it is not.

In September 1986 126 tons of graphite and 26 tons of fuel were removed from roofs at Chernobyl plant site.

If much Boron is used in western reactors, similar over moderated situations can happen.

Western reactors avoid explosions, via cooking and steaming the reactor cores and letting the aerolized inventory fly through the safety relief valves (SRVs). It`s like a pressure cooker.

NUREG 1250 also speaks of “aerolized” fuel particles after phase transition, on page 6-7.

The industry simply avoids the term “nuclear explosion in a reactor” and simply calls it: “prompt critical excursion.” That`s all.




“an average operating nuclear power reactor will have approximately 16 billion curies in its reactor core. This is the equivalent long-lived radioactivity of at least 1,000 Hiroshima bombs.” http://www.nirs.org/factsheets/routineradioactivereleases.htm


Vladimir M. Chernousenko, Scientific Director of the Ukrainian Academy of Sciences  Institute of Physics in Kiev’s Task Force for the  Rectification of the Consequences of the Chernobyl Accident- HE SAID:

“Radiation emission was no less that 80% of the core (with a total of 192 tons), which amounted to 6.4 x 10^9 Ci (Ci = Curie = 37,000,000,000 becquerel) If we divide the figure by the population of the whole earth (4.6 x 10^9 people) then we get 1 Ci per person.”


“15m³ of radioactive substances emitted from Block 4 at this time could be diluted in 15 x 5 x 10,000,000,000,000 km³ if water, In 100 years 15,000 km³ would be needed. In 1,000 years 15 km³ would be the required amount. For comparsion: the total outflow of the world`s rivers is 36,380 km³.” Dilution is just another word for retransmission. More radiation for everyone.


My summary: https://tekknorg.wordpress.com/2016/04/21/nuclear-explosion-emptied-chernobyl-concealed-by-the-nuclear-industry/


The Summary of 3/11

Brief summary for English readers: Complete fuel loss TEPCO 1,2,3 – my summary. No, TEPCO has not emitted only 180 million curies, which is only 6 to 15 % of the radioactive inventory or 555,000,000,000,000,000 in becquerel – IAEA says Chernobyl has only released 50 million Curie – also a lie) they simply tripled the Chernobyl textbook assumptions. The 50 million were tripled for TEPCO only because there are three TEPCO reactors. Silly. Ok, they put 30 mio to it, but I say: NO! 40+ billion curie were emitted!
Dear reader, you too can judge what happened in March 2011. Just look at a reactor core as a steam cooker. A core heats up when dry, around 100°C per 0.1 second. These are data from a US test reactor. Furthermore, the imagination of fuel as “a core” is wrongly chosen, it is not a “total mass”, but there are thousands of small uranium dioxide pellets, on and beside each other. No problem losing that bit by bit, right? Thus each one melts in succession when the water level drops, after 2,8 seconds – because 2,800°C. is the melting temperature for reactor fuel. And so they should have stayed? No way. After melting the phase transition begins to the next stage. The pellets dissolve, in macro and microparticles, up to gas. However, this requires more volume than the pressure (!) Tank (CONTAINMENT) offers. So it is vented. The great thing about the pressure containment system is, you open up somewhere, and the superfluous content is sucked out, with it the dissolved fuel pellets (the “core”). A containment is a pressure system, a steam cooker. Do not vent, and the pot explodes like the bomb on the Boston Marathon – remember? The pot lid was found on a skyscraper. At first, pressure relief valves, the dry well, the torus, the pressure chamber, but the place goes out when thousands of pellets, plus water vapor, oxygen and hydrogen, are suddenly there in a pressure system, demanding space. At the same time, these madmen have cooled with water. A melting “core” llocated in the phase transition. Pour water onto the hotplate. What happens? Your kitchen fills with water vapor and residue builds up on the plate. The whole thing does not work, the plate continues to heat, unless you switch it off. This is not the case with a “core”, because it is driven by natural laws, decay and temperature increase, since the water is no longer there to absorb neutrons. The temperature then reaches nuclear temperatures of 4,000 to 5,000°C (similar to the NASA Nerva drive, such a thing takes off!) And thus merge one with the other and a critical mass can form, mostly like in the bottom. TEPCO wanted to prevent this. Above 2,100°C, oxygen and hydrogen no longer explode. Everything was then vented to the reactor building, the SRV through the exhaust chimney, but that was not enough. According to NRC, TEPCO drilled holes in the 2nd containment, the burst or explosion protection. That too was not enough. There are photos of reactor 2 with square holes. At the time of venting, which is a standard in an emergency (also in a reactor near you!), there were offshore radiation doses of 100 mSv per hour over days, 0,28 km off the Fukushima coast, and the Takasaki CTBTO measuring station was irradiated completely by cesium atoms. I am concerned that these stations were built for the measurement of atomic explosions – and this one was rendered useless! Then 400 mSv per hour between units 1 and 2. And 200 SIEVERT, yes full sievert per hour with the cameras in the dry well. The peaks were around March 14, 2011, and according to SPEEDI and JAEC, the fuel from Reactor 2 was completely dry at 6:22 pm on March 14th. Think about the 2,8 seconds. Why people fear some ominous “core that is supposed to be somewhere”, riser anger in me. Six years versus 2,8 seconds. Ridiculous. The end of the venting process and the lack of space was the triplet explosion of all three reactors. What came out were the dissolved, (and also gassed) “cores”. Not a single photo, no video, no Muonscan could ever provide evidence of molten fuel. No single sample was ever taken from the reactors. In my estimation, more than 40 billion curies have escaped, corresponding to the radioactivity of 3,000 hiroshima bombs. 70% of them went to the waste bin called Ocean, 30% on and into land and soil. Reactor operating regulations worldwide require that the fuel remains in the containment or bursting protection in case of emergency, otherwise there is no operating permission. Therefore, TEPCO keeps to the fairy Meltdown fairy tale, and scales down the readings when people are close, and up when they send in toy robots that are turned off or “die” when they are to near to tell the truth of the empty reactor, near sensitive areas. This is the madness we call normality. Not a single scientist or activist is in the remotest of truth when he simply titles this with Meltdown. Because that helps TEPCO. Pushing control rods into a dry core is totally pointless. They are made of silver indium cadmium. These elements have much lower melting temperature than the fuel. A return to reality is still possible. This lie in a disaster millions will pay with their life or being unborn, through non-dominant mutations (disguised by “normal mutations” happening anyhow – like experts say). What TEPCO has blown out, is perhaps comparable to the 2,000+ above-ground nuclear bombs during the testing era, some hydrogen bombs were there also, with significantly more radioactivity. We survived the 2,000 atomic tests, yes, but the damage is built in into the DNA. And after a certain amount of generations suddenly huge parts of the human race do not exist anymore.

background1: https://nuclear-news.net/2017/08/18/aipri-reports-on-257-tons-of-corium-and-180-million-curies-of-deadly-heavy-metal-poison-and-radiation-released-from-fukushima/

background2: https://tekknorg.wordpress.com/2017/07/25/tepco-found-the-control-rods-not-fuel/

background3: https://tekknorg.wordpress.com/2016/04/21/nuclear-explosion-emptied-chernobyl-concealed-by-the-nuclear-industry/

Kurzusammenfassung für deutsche Leser: Kompletter Treibstoffverlust TEPCO 1,2,3 – meine Zusammenfassung. Nein, TEPCO hat nicht nur 180 Millionen Curie rausgelassen, was nur 6 bis 15 % des radioaktiven Inventars entspricht, und damit 555,000,000,000,000,000 Becquerel – IAEA sagt Tschernobyl hat nur 50 Mio Curie entlassen – ebenfalls eine Lüge, was nur 185,000,000,000,000,000 Becquerel wären) – das alles basiert auf theoretischen Annahmen. Die 50 Mio wurden für TEPCO nur verdreifacht, weil es drei Reaktoren sind. Albern. Ok, sie haben 30 Mio dazu getan, aber ich sage: NEIN! Es waren 40 und mehr Milliarden Curie!
Lieber Leser, auch du kannst beurteilen, was im März 2011 geschah. Sieh einen Reaktorkern einfach als Dampfkochtopf an. Ein Kern erhitzt sich, wenn trocken, um 100°C pro 0,1 Sekunden. Das sind Daten aus einem US Test Reaktor. Ferner ist das Bild eines Kerns falsch gewählt, das ist keine Gesamtmasse, sondern es sind tausende kleine Urandioxidpellets, auf und nebeneinander. Kein Problem, die Stück für Stück zu verlieren, nicht wahr? Also schmilzt jedes einzelne nach einander, wenn der Wasserpegel sinkt, und zwar nach 2,8 Sekunden, weil 2800°C die Schmelztemperatur für Reaktorbrennstoff ist. Und so sollen sie dann geblieben sein? Niemals. Nach dem Schmelzen beginnt der Phasenübergang in die nachste Stufe. Die Pellets lösen sich auf, in Makro und Mikropartikel, bis hin zum Gas. Das braucht aber mehr Volumen, als im Druck(!)behälter ist. Also wird entlüftet. Das Tolle am Drucksystem ist, du machst irgendwo auf, und der überflüssige Inhalt wird rausgesaugt. Ein Containment ist ein Drucksystem, ein Dampfkochtopf. Mach nicht auf, und der Topf explodiert wie die Bombe auf dem Boston Marathon. Zunachst über Druckentlastungsventile, in den Trockenbrunnen, den Torus, die Druckkammer, aber der Platz geht aus, wenn tausende Pellets, plus Wasserdampf, Sauerstoff und Wasserstoff Platz in einem Drucksystem Platz suchen. Gleichzeitig haben diese Wahnsinnigen mit Wasser gekühlt. Einen schmelzenden, sich im Phasenübergang befindlichen Kern. Giesse mal Wasser auf die Kochplatte. Was passiert? Deine Küche füllt sich mit Wasserdampf und es bilden sich Rückstände auf der Platte. Das Ganze bringt nichts, die Platte erhitzt weiter, ausser du schaltest sie ab. Das geht bei einem Kern nicht, denn er wird durch Naturgesetze angetrieben, Zerfall und Temperatur nehmen zu, da das Wasser nicht mehr da ist, um Neutronen zu absorbieren. Die Temperatur erreicht dann locker nukleare Temperaturen von 4000 bis 5000°C (ähnlich dem NASA Nerva Antrieb hebt sowas ab!) und so rückt eins mit dem anderen zusammen und eine kritische Masse kann sich bilden. Das wollte TEPCO unbedingt verhindern. Über 2100°C explodieren Sauerstoff und Wasserstoff nicht mehr. Alles wurde dann in das Reaktorgebäude entlüftet, die SRV über den Abluftkamin, aber das reichte nicht. Laut NRC bohrte TEPCO Löcher in das 2. Containment, den Berst oder Explosionsschutz. Auch das reichte nicht. Es gibt Fotos von Reaktor 2 mit quadratischen Löchern. Zur Zeit des Entlüftens, was übrigens ein Standard in einem Notfall ist, gab es Offshore Strahlendosen von 100 mSv pro Std. über Tage hinweg, 0,28 km vor der Fukushimaküste, und die Takasaki Messstation der CTBTO wurde komplett von Cäsium Atomen verstrahlt. Ich gebe zu Bedenken, dass diese Stationen für die Messung von Atomexplosionen gebaut wurden. Dann 400 mSv pro Std. zw. Einheit 1 und 2. Und 200 SIEVERT, ja volle Sievert pro Std. bei den Kameras im Trockenbrunnen. Die Peaks sind um den 14. März 2011 herum, und laut SPEEDI und JAEC, war der Brennstoff von Reaktor 2 um 18:22 Uhr am 14. März komplett trocken. Denke an die 2,8 Sekunden. Warum Leute irgendeinen ominösen Kern fürchten der irgendwo sein soll, lässt in mir Wut aufsteigen. Sechs Jahre versus 2,8 Sekunden. Lächerlich. Das Ende vom Entlüftungsvorgang und Platznot war die Drillingsexplosion aller drei Reaktoren. Was da rauskam waren die aufgelösten, vergasten Kerne. Kein einziges Photo, kein Video, kein Muonscan konnte jemals den Beweis geschmolzenen Treibstoffs erbringen. Keine einzige Probe wurde jemals aus den Reaktoren entnommen. Nach meiner Schätzung sind über 40 Milliarden Curie entwichen, was der Radioaktivität von 3000 Hiroshimabomben entspricht. 70% davon gingen in den Abfalleimer namens Ozean, 30% an Land. Reaktorbetriebsvorschriften weltweit verlangen, dass im Notfall der Treibstoff im Containment oder Berstschutz verbleibt, sonst gibts keine Betriebserlaubnis. Darum hält TEPCO am Kernschmelze Märchen fest, und skaliert die Messwerte runter, wenn Menschen in der Nähe sind, und rauf, wenn sie Spielzeugroboter rein schicken, die abgeschaltet werden, bzw. sterben, wenn sie der Wahrheit des leeren Reaktors, d.h. sensiblen Bereichen zu nahe kommen. Das ist jedenfalls der Wahnsinn den wir Normalität nennen. Kein einziger Wissenschaftler oder Aktivist ist im entferntesten an der Wahrheit dran, wenn er dies simpel mit Kernschmelze betitelt. Denn das hilft TEPCO. Steuerstäbe in einen trockenen Kern zu schieben ist total sinnlos. Sie sind aus Silber Indium Kadmium. Diese Elemente haben viel niedrigere Schmelztemperaturem als der Brennstoff. Eine Rückkehr zu Realität ist noch möglich. Diese Lüge in der Katastrophe werden Millionen mit dem Leben bezahlen, durch nicht dominante Mutationen. Was TEPCO raus geblasen hat, ist vielleicht vergleichbar mit den 2000 oberirdischen Atomtests, wobei da auch einige Wasserstoffbomben dabei waren, mit deutlich mehr frei gesetztem spaltbaren Material


One analyses:


based on one TEPCO PDF:


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From the Toys R Us at TEPCO HQ.

In the imagination of the people and in the graphics of so called experts the molten core exists as a whole. We should separate from this. And look again at reactor fuel assemblies.
These consist of SINGLE, very small fuel pellets, many of them.
The water level sank in March 2011, right? Individual pellets were affected one after the other, downwards. They began to change their aggregate state. They melted, yes,but they became even hotter, due to the nuclear reaction, and DISSOLVED, or in other words, easy to VENT.

TEPCO melted, vented, melted, vented. But the space is limited.

So the reactor housing /burst protection exploded. That’s when the particle version of the reactor finally became free, after days of venting tiny bits into the air.

A second important thing I would simply like to explain. Cooling. If you try to cool a cooking plate in your kitchen, which is at the highest level, with water, The water evaporates, leaves traces, and your whole kitchen will be full of steam.The cooking plate will continue to heat because it is operated electrically.The only chance is to switch it off.

Now, for the nuclear fuel: Once it exists, it makes reactions (well, this is some sort of analogy to the kitchen). Without cooling water, it becomes hotter and hotter. It reaches the melting temperature in 3 seconds. That’s when it is 2,800°C or 5,072°F hot. It is so hot, that any water immediately fizzles, not even coming anyway near it. This steam must also be vented out, in the pressure containment. You can’t switch it off, because it’s nuclear reaction depends on natural laws and not on electrics like your kitchen.

Fukushima Unit 3 Muon Scan Finds NO FUEL In Reactor Vessel: http://www.tepco.co.jp/en/nu/fukushima-np/handouts/2017/images/handouts_170727_01-e.pdf


There was no fuel found in Reactor 1
There was no fuel found in Reactor 2
There was no fuel found in Reactor 3

TEPCO about Reactor 1: “It is considered that there is no fuel debris or very little even if exist”: http://www.tepco.co.jp/en/nu/fukushima-np/handouts/2017/images/handouts_170727_02-e.pdf

TEPCO just downgraded (!) the radiation readings in Reactor 2 (they calculated estimates from visual “noise”!: http://www.tepco.co.jp/en/nu/fukushima-np/handouts/2017/images/handouts_170727_03-e.pdf



Why do japanese Children have in 2017 the same amount of radio-cesium in their urine, as they had during the bomb test era? Were any bombs tested in the last years?

Source 1962: https://www.jstage.jst.go.jp/article/jrr1960/3/2/3_2_120/_pdf

Source 2017: https://nuclear-news.net/2017/07/21/radioactive-cesium-detected-in-the-urine-of-100-children-after-the-catastrophic-accident-of-tepco-fukushima-daiichi-nuclear-power-plant/

So, again a fact that TEPCO vented reactors empty, and that the vented radioactivity is 3,000+ hiroshima bombs. Let me explain, step by step, ok? It will be interesting for you to read. That is what I mean with looking for clues: Japanese officials tested urine of children. So what acually do we see here? We are idiots if we think 0,3 bq cesium 137 per liter is “not much”.

from above PDF:


This radionuclide / element is perfectly water soluble. The first thing is, that if cs137 is in the urine – the body load is exceptionally high, because the kids live in an irradiated environment. Why do I think that? Since its detectable in the urine, which very “fast” contains what people drink, the supply of radio-cesium must happen regularly. That is, the children eat regularly, daily, perhaps irradiated food!

Second thing is, as far as I know, urine tests are inaccurate, such as bowel measurements and hair sample measurements. Of course the body mostly is water, but that’s not the point. Cesium accumulates. By the way, we are technically no longer in the 50s, Japan! Use Whole Body Counter Check ups! Urine tests are NOT equivalence of the total body burden.The burden in the body, in the cardiovascular system, in the intestines, in the heart muscle tissue can be immensely high, but in the urine is only “little”. It simply gives you no impression, except, that they EAT and DRINK Cesium. Fist rule: If cesium is present in the urine, then children are regularly fed with irradiated food.

Cesium does not come from the heart to the urine, or from anywhere else. Its from the intestine, from the food and drinks, but also remains there, It makes damage on its way, and in the heart area, because it’s on the same chemical level as potassium, there it causes arrhythmias, extrasystoles, and because it disintegrates into stable barium, it also blocks the receptors. It remains there, and the heart can become increasingly poorly adapted to stress, e.g. in sports in school, kids are suddenly “out of breath” and the like. Are you still reading? Good! I always bring this example to show how much “little” is: “Cesium 137: A 1,3 billionths of a gram of Cesium 137 (4,000 becquerel) creates a load of 100 Becquerel per Kg in the body of a 40 Kg heavy child.” Japan should also make “children radiation maps”.

Maps of INTERNAL radiation, not external soil radiation, which are totally faked in Japan, and based on theoretical assumptions, which are based on the one of the so called “meltdown”, saying only 2 to 5% of core inventory was vented out / lost during the acute technical phase of the catastrophe. Now, again: 3,000+ Hiroshima bomb radioactivity was vented out. 3 x full core inventory = 3 x 15something billion (!) curie. They masured 0,3 becquerel per Liter Urine, right? Let’s look back at the late 1950ies and early 1960ies. There exists data, urine tests done back then: 0,5 becquerel per Liter. here, μμCi data ( μμ = One-trillionth (10^12) = Pico Curie. 0.000000000001 Ci.

So 13,1 μμCi = around 0,5 becquerel. It was during the atomic above ground testing (2,000+ tests done worldwide), many of them much bigger than Hiroshima, same in the upper Megaton range. Releasing massive radionuclides into the world. And that’s the same situation today, this time without the atomic flash and big bang and what not, “just” by venting reactors empty, bleeding them out. Same results,

The peaceful murdering atom has created an environment as radioactive as it was during the Nuclear War we still call “testing era”.

No meltdown, no matter how many photos of molten material TEPCO shows. There will be no verification if they can not present 300 tons of molten reactor cores.

Cesium 137 becquerel per square meter Soil in the table below:
Elementary schools in and around Fukushima.
581,000 becquerel per m² = 15,7 Curie per km² – I know areas in Belarus and I’ve been there with that much.
The “top gun” is the one with 1,080,000 bq cs137 / m² which is 29,1 Curie per km² – this needs immediately EVACUATED: Highest Alert.
Thank you Kaye Nagamine who I quote:
“from the left: names of cities, names of elementary schools, amount detected on the surface of the soil, in the soil, categorized levels of risks equivalent to Chernobyl.”
What you see here is a catastrophe worse than any official or media ever told us. Spray liquid polymere weekly, evacuate the kids, abondon the areas, warning signs, walls, stop migration.


belarusian equivalent with 15 Ci / km²: https://tekknorg.wordpress.com/2012/04/21/good-will-is-irradiated/

Cesium 134 & 137 deteced in Tokyo Tapwater, local newspaper
thank you Kaye Nagamine (blank / no numbers means “not detected”) Dear readers please remind one thing: Cesium is pefectly water soluable BUT at the same time substance tend not to accumulate in water, but in the matter / life forms swimming in it, or in the life form drinking it: