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The IEA wants 1,300 new atomic power plants to be build till 2050. They made this public in Tokio. They want 32 new atomic power plants per Year.

HERE is their scenario (.pdf file)

The IAEA which sells pro-atomic ideology around the globe and denies any link between desease / death and high or low radiation for sure supports the opinion of the IEA.

A scenario like this would have drastic changes in energy costs – such as rising Uranium prices. From the 60 year range of Uranium we have today, with 1,300 additional atomic reactors worldwide, the Uranium range would drop to 3 years and the prices will explode more than oil does today (US $ 140 / barrel).

2000,000,000  EUROs (as for the new reactor in Finland – funded by the Bavarian Bank) per atomic power plant makes 1,300 times 2,000,000,000 EUROs. Unimaginable costs – plus mortgage crisis – plus (!) rising Uranium / shipping / security prices – plus new energy wars.

IEA and IAEA indirectly support worlds insecurity in my opion.

Every non-objective Organisation like the IEA or the IAEA which reclaims more atomic reactors (1,300 !) mustn’t wonder when countries like Iran or North-Korea want to build new atomic reactors.

Also a peaceful atomic power plant creates weapon ready Plutonium.

Don’t let IEA and IAEA destroy your money.

This is an energy-politcal Rampage!

further information HERE


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Given the fact of rising oil prices, Presidential Candidate Senator McCain wants to build 45 new atomic power plants. During his Presidential race, President Bush also announced that he wants new atomic power plants to be build. Guess what? Nothing happened during his 8 years. And nothing will happen during the McCain or Obama Presidency. Why?
Simply because atomic reactors are too expensive. For example the new reactor in Finland – which is funded by the Bavarian Bank – with 2,000,000,000 EUROs. That’s 45 times 2,000,000,000 EUROs according to McCain’s plans. And this is what McCain wants, this is what the IAEA wants. They want to destroy money, it seems.

Atomic reactors never never amortize. Really, never. They become more and more expensive instead. Why?

If you build one reactor, more Uranium is needed. Uranium has a worldwide range of 60 years – that’s the way Oil goes: Up the price. So, if you build more reactors, you need more Uranium. Uranium will be more expensive and new energy wars will be on the horizon. More and more costs. As said, this hopefully will never happen.

McCain also said, his ultimate goal would be: 100 new atomic reactors.

Since the 1970ies not a single reactor was build in the U.S.



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According to an internal study of the U.S. Air Force most of the U.S. atomic weapons storage places in Europe are not conform with the minimal security standards of the Pentagon. Source: Federation of American Scientists [FAS]

The FAS estimates that 200 – 350 atomic weapons are stored in Europe. For example in Germany: Bundeswehr-Fliegerhorst Büchel / Eifel [map] On top of this there are other storage places Great Britain, Italy, Turkey and the Netherlands. The U.S. Military plans to reduces these places but not the atomc weapons.

The problems are: The security systems, fences, and that 9 month conscripts were used to ensure that the places are safe against thievery.

The study was only made public (due FAS), because the U.S. Air Force itself has big security problems:

U.S. Air Force Chiefs fired because letting fly six atomic weapons over the U.S.



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On Jun 7th 2008, Gen. T. Michael Moseley and Secretary Michael W. Wynne were fired. Source


U.S. Warheads over (!) the U.S.


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Denver USA. On Tuesday, Republican Presidental Candidate McCain spoke out for worldwide cut of atomic weapons, also in the U.S. Also with China negotiations should be made. He hopes that U.S. atomic weapons can be cut as soon as possible.  He also pleads for an offensive to stop circulation of atomic weapons. Source

How about cutting the atomic weapons in Germany first


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