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To understand the Atomic Darwinism:

1) NATURE ELIMINATES MUTATIONS. The Nuclear Industry uses this LATENCY Weapon against us, to create Dependence in Future.

2) Accordingly, the great majority of mutations, certainly well over 99%, are harmful .” Herman J Mueller – father of modern genetics. Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine in 1946


We each carry a load  of about four serious faults  in our DNA. We are saved from fourfold incapacitation by covering most of these faults with a normal gene from our parents.”

Radiation exposure is an inevitable side-effect of our atomic energy programs, as well as of medical X-rays and of our natural environment. The Atomic Energy Commission (AEC = NRC) standards of permissible exposure (about 30 times larger than the level we experience now from atomic energy activities) would increase the natural rate of mutation about 10 percent. Over a period of generations the health costs of these additional mutations would be about $10 billion a year. This estimate and its probable uncertainty by a factor of 10 either way, needs to be factored into the economics of energy production and, more immediately, into the cost-effectiveness of the genetic research needed to plan on a basis of scientific certainty. Most of the atomic-energy related costs might even be canceled if we made sufficient efforts now to develop the countermeasures.” Government Is Most Dangerous of Genetic Engineers , Washington Post 1970 – by Joshua Lederberg – 1958 Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine. http://profiles.nlm.nih.gov/ps/access/BBABXZ.pdf

Herman J Mueller discovered in 1927 the following: ARTIFICIAL TRANSMUTATION OF THE GENE by radiation (Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine in 1946) same story proven by Fukushima’s butterflies, remember? Fukushima’s Butterflies – known since 1927: http://tekknorg.wordpress.com/2012/08/17/fukushimas-butterflies-known-since-1927/

The Japanese Government will Start GENOMIC ANALYSIS for FUKUSHIMA People: http://fukushima-diary.com/2012/08/jp-gov-will-start-genomic-analysis-for-fukushima-people/

edit 2013: JP Gov to postpone the genomic analysis for Fukushima people for “ethical matter”: http://fukushima-diary.com/2013/03/jp-gov-to-postpone-the-genomic-analysis-for-fukushima-people-for-ethical-matter/

In 1914 Thomas Boveri found that Genomic Instability causes malignant Cancer – : http://jcs.biologists.org/content/121/Supplement_1/1.full

quote: “existence of cancers produced by X-rays”

There was the Geneva Summit 1955, about the “peaceful” use of nuclear energy. Mueller wanted to present his report – see the scans – BUT the AEC (Predecessor of the NRC) gave him no talk permission. http://books.google.de/books?id=JAkAAAAAMBAJ&pg=PA314&source=gbs_toc_r&cad=2#v=onepage&q&f=false

Geneva01 Geneva02 Geneva03 Geneva04 Muller01 Muller02 Muller03 Muller04 Muller05 Muller06 Muller07 Muller08 Muller09 Muller10

According to Herman J Mueller – the Father of Modern Genetics – every fifth person faces extinction per generation. This is no longer the case, because of the nuclear industry. The mixture of genes from mom and dad, the reproduction can not catch up with the damage. Genetic Mutations can cause everything, asthma, diabetes, weakness in mathematics, etc… and after many generations, if the gene / person is not “extinct” it will become such a massive “disorder” that the now resulting human is so severely affected it will die or or not able to procreate. And this is the agenda for the next 10 generations.


You can now get the allowed dose, or pick it up over years and decades. And depending on how old you are, you experience the devastation in appearance. If not, and you have propagated, then get the children or their children get it. And now the question: Who brings this cause and effect in connection? Which authority which court will recognize it? You see, now you have understood how this war work to understand how this war works. Hope without facts is nothing.

And here is an example: ONLY 7 (seven!) mSv destroy cell membranes if you use a dose rate of 0,01 mSv per minute. IF YOU use a dose rate of 260 (!) mSv per minute you have to wait until 35,000 (35 thousand!) mSv are reached! This is 5,000 times more energy! Although the first dose is low and slow This means: Slow and low doses are (over the years) MORE DANGEROUS than high doses!

“It is important to study the effect of low-level irradiation at the population level /in an exposed human population the number of people whose blood cells do not give an adaptive response to subsequent exposures has increased / it was shown that 15 generations of cells irradiated with the doses 10 to 50 cGy (100 to 500 milli Gray) “remember” the irradiation and respond to external stimuli differently than the control.” PAGE 60 http://life-upgrade.com/DATA/chernobylebook.pdf

When we talk about the Children of Chernobyl and Fukushima, we mean the children now and in 10 generations, which are then genetically wiped out. Nuclear weapons against people? We know. Nuclear reactors against people ? We do not want to believe.  There is no difference between a martial and a peaceful atom.  Terms do not change the core of the matter. The genes produce the behavior of the cells in case of an “event”, they complement the damage even further. This is the core of our being all that we are and everything we have. An aggressor must be small enough, then everything gets messed up. Even the losses are small, but they come together, grow with time, and destroy the “being.” Radioactive Atoms will cause the need for genetic medication transported via viruses, to lengthen the life span, that will be a designed life span. A “Natural” one will be no more, it will be forgotten what this means. Dependence, in a hostile future. The Atomic Age changed everything. Outdated Studies confirming genetic damage by radiation? A basic law can be outdated? So drinking water to avoid to die of thirst is an acient knowledge. Is it outdated too?

http://www.atomkongress.de/z_folien_busby.pdf – quote: “Nuclear site child leukemia and cancer clusters (Sellafield, Dounreay, La Hague, Aldermaston discovered in the period 1983-1996. Causality denied by
ICRP, COMARE, UNSCEAR, BEIR, WHO, EU and Nuclear Industry.” and: “New research shows that if a cell is hit, its progeny are likely to suffer from an increased tendency to general mutation. This is called genomic instability.”  PAGE 2 + 3

The Nuclear Industry is in fact a Nuclear Cancer Industry: http://tekknorg.wordpress.com/2012/06/17/nuclear-cancer-industry/

The most (radiation-induced) mutations are “small” / invisible. The visible damage is small, per individual. BUT – and that is the POINT! – with each generation it gets bigger. Until it leads to the death of the FUTURE individual, after many generations, or to the fact that it can no longer reproduce. And why is that? Because mutations must always be eliminated. Through extinction! That is the principle. 99.9% of the mutations are bad and cause them to be wiped out. We carry all point mutations and genomic instabilities, chromosomal aberrations in us. We pass it on through reproduction. By the Atomic Age all future generations will become slaves to the pharmaceutical industry – with it’s hardcore “brother”, the industrial military complex and customers without exception of palliative care. This is the Anticlimax we can not escape from, because the Solution of the problem is the extinction. Sperm banks, egg banks, hermetic gardens. And many, many children’s graves!

The genetic long-term damage of Hiroshima and Nagasaki victims have not yet reached their full extent.

IAEA collects the data WITH Fukushima Medical University and Dr. Evil YamaSHITa – just like Atomic Bomb Casualty Commission ABCC did along with its partner RERF officially after 1950.

Hiroshima & Nagsaki: Birth of a killer dose limit Agenda (T65D study 1950): http://tekknorg.wordpress.com/2012/08/10/hiroshima-nagsaki-birth-of-a-killer-dose-limit-agenda-t65d-study-1950/

“…the IAEA will endeavour to organize conferences, seminars and workshops, in cooperation with the University, with the aim of enhancing public awareness of radiological effects on human health and addressing the issue of “radiation fear” and post-traumatic stress disorders in the Fukushima population…”

it is recognized by the World Health Organization that the International Atomic Energy Agency has the primary responsibility for encouraging, assisting and coordinating research and development and practical application of atomic energy for peaceful uses throughout the world without prejudice to the right of the World Health Organization to concern itself with promoting, developing, assisting and coordinating international health work, including research, in all its aspects.http://www.iaea.org/Publications/Documents/Infcircs/Others/inf20.shtml#note_c

The Evolution of Violence changes the Evolution.
Understand this: If a man strikes another, we see the violence and horror. For example, when a child by an adult is beaten in public.
But if reactors on an atomic basis cleave the depths of our being, where is the outrage? Where is the outcry of doctors, geneticists! We get clever studies that are designed to keep us looking away – by the UN and the experts. Are we to believe that?

We make bacteria and viruses responsible for diseases. Why not radioactive atoms also? They are much smaller. Simple fact. We refuse to get cancer and nuclear energy related, on paper and in our heads. An army of millions of people is already dependent on drugs. This will be the meaning of life, and is for many already. Look into the Future! Prof. Dr. Hedy Fritz-Niggli from Switzerland said: “If each year the maximum allowable dose is reached (5 mSv) the genetic mutation rate is increased in 30 years (one generation) by a fifth.” This is reached many many times, with internal emitters, 10 to 100 times more damaging. In your body is no barrier to shield beta, gamma or alpha radiation, as it would be outside. THE FUTURE IS ON FIRE.

What kind of Dream World are WE living in?


Parents, use the Whole Body Counters for you and your children @ CRMS Fukushima http://crms-fukushima.blogspot.jp/p/wbc_22.html
お申し込み電話番号 : 024-573-5697
MAIL: crms.info@gmail.com

Alzheimer’s? No idea or hide the smallest offender: Radioactive Atoms and DNA changes …
Diabetes? No idea or hide the smallest offender: Radioactive Atoms and DNA changes …
Allergies? No idea or hide the smallest offender: Radioactive Atoms and DNA changes …
Asthma? No idea or hide the smallest offender
Radioactive Atoms and DNA changes …
Why the immune system goes haywire? Experts do not know. They suspect, children are not enough outside… The opposite is the case. This sounds like the criminal lie of “Radiophophobia” – blaming Stress as cause, while it IS RADIATION! The impact of the Atomic Age is written into our DNA (see above), and the results are “harmless” effects, as allergies… But this “harmless” becomes WIPEOUT in the Future.
“Presently the international organizations (WHO, IAEA) recognize as the main cause of increase of thyroid cancer in liquidators and children population after the accident their irradiation with radioactive iodine, I-131. The rest of diseases, they suppose, are provoked by psycho-emotional reactions..” (!!!…… ” http://www.rri.kyoto-u.ac.jp/NSRG/reports/kr21/kr21pdf/Burlakova.pdf
KofiAnnan murder-money 0390 0388 0389
The gender gap in 1987 – 2007 (Chernobyl gender gap) corresponds to approximately 440 000 theoretical missing female births when only the female sex was affected. If also male births were affected at a ratio of male: female = 3:10, is the gender gap by about 790 000 (180 000 +610 000) male + female births” PAGE 32 http://www.tschernobylkongress.de/fileadmin/user_upload/pdfs/ScherbVoigt_fehlbildungen_fehlende_geburten.pdf

Up to 1,300 million people have been killed, maimed or diseased by nuclear power since its inception. The industry’s figures massively underestimate the real cost of nuclear power, in an attempt to hide
its victims from the world.” http://exacteditions.theecologist.org/read/ecologist/vol-29-no-7-november-1999-5368/29/2/

“The most important consideration is the generally accepted value judgment that early embryonic losses are of little personal or social concern.” Dr R. Mole, 1979, a member of ICRP – The international committee which makes the dose limits WORLDWIDE ignores LIFE. http://bjr.birjournals.org/content/52/614/89

“Possible scale of lost or impaired children after Chernobyl in all of Europe and the part of Asia covered – Missing Children: 2,5 Million.” PAGE 34 http://life-upgrade.com/DATA/RIGEinEuroandCNPPc.pdf

Dwight Eisenhower advised AEC (NRC): “Keep the Public confused about Fission and Fusion.” http://news.google.com/newspapers?nid=1755&dat=19790423&id=nXUjAAAAIBAJ&sjid=lmcEAAAAIBAJ&pg=6981,3863905

760 milliSievert thyroid gland dose per year for an infant (up to one year of age)
1390 milliSievert thyroid gland dose per year for a small child (1 to 2 years of age)
1340 milliSievert thyroid gland dose per year for a child of 2 to 7 years of age SOURCE: http://www.strahlentelex.de/RadiationRisk_EU_042011_engl.pdf

We are on the threshold. At the threshold at which we will accept cancer as a natural / normal cause of death. When this happens, the crime is perfect. So, the future consists of totalitarian Child Care and Palliative Care. Future generations will have no comparison because there are only updates and no “before” anymore.

Each step of the radiation threshold damages. It is not visible immediately. But from the threshold on it appears, BUT it was there all the time.
And the radiation threshold knows no descending steps. Because children have a rapid cell division, and thus a rapid damage distribution. So, what is the real threshold? Z.E.R.O. – a thing WHO, UNSCEAR, IAEA, ICRP don’t want to admit.

During the period 1935 – 1944, which is pre-nuclear, the trend of THYROID CANCER rate was very LOW, less than one in a million cases, it was declining. (…)
It increased 5 fold since 1945: http://tekknorg.wordpress.com/2013/04/08/prof-gould-explains-how-radiation-kills-infants/

We face this for example with Thyroid Cancer in Japan, because of the Fukushima Explosions. They are forced to accept this total unnatural development.

Chernobyl “compressed several thousand years of evolution into a decade” – New York Times 1996 http://www.nytimes.com/1996/05/07/science/chernobyl-s-voles-live-but-mutations-surge.html

The progress in the diagnosis sector means that people believe there are more cases through better diagnostics. Is such a basic thinking right? Or is it totally crazy? Thus, the acceptance of a constantly increasing rate of illness is promoted and still covered up! By the victims! And then they make large events, laugh, talk about optimism and hope! The IAEA forces dose limits on people, brakes the DNA, makes the victims pay and is bullying the survivors. The IAEA in Vienna among the most powerful EVIL forces on this planet. The IAEA is an advertising agency with murderous powers. Peaceful murder, gentle dictatorship. At the same time Hope and naivety blur together, because mistakes are rewritten as solutions.


Herman Joseph Mueller (above at the top) wanted to present his report in which he had calculated that people in 200 to 300 years – by the current radiation – will have genetic damage as the most affected survivors of Hiroshima. These people, in 10 generations, would have to work only for one thing: To obtain the means to take care of their suffering. We experience this NOW! Cancer thins the rows around us (malignancy by genomic instability, by radiation). And the cancer drugs are the most expensive out there. More and more people accept euthanasia. We are eradicated, and then we are obedient till death! And then we twist the truth also: More cases because of better diagnostics!
We are getting older? Yes, if we look at the people who were born BEFORE the atomic age. The ones TODAY do NOT!

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Tomorrow at 7 am starts early the big trip to Japan.  The german NGO “For a world without an Atomic Threat” travels with german an belarusian youths to Japan. The programs includes Fukushima 20 and 30 km zone, Hiroshima, and the place where radioactive waste is burned, meeting with other students and youths.

Visiting: Peace Museum Hiroshima: http://www.pcf.city.hiroshima.jp/index_e2.html

Exchanges with students in Hiroshima City University  (Professor Masae Yuasa)

Photo exhibition Chernobyl Fukushima
Event at the House of Representatives (upper house) 102
with experts and activists

Speech on incinerator of radioactive waste in the village Samekawa

Action by Mrs. Keiko Sasaki, talk with Fukushima Prefecture Officials

Meeting at the OAG House
Symposium with Japanese students / young people and with women’s Hitomi Kamanaka

There will be a diary video blog on this website: http://restart-initiative.org/about-us-2/

The overall programm:


The program in Hiroshima:



Base for the trip, the 2013 program:

Japanese, belarusian, german youths: Initiative for a World without nuclear threat

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“Dr. Inge SCHMITZ-FEUERHAKE – Genetic Effects of Ionizing Radiation Born 1935 in Osnabrück, studied physics and mathematics. 1966 she wrote her PhD thesis on dosimetry of radioactive fallout. From 1966 to 1973 the physicist worked at the institute for nuclear medicine at the Hannover Medical School and researched on the dosimetry and diagnostic application of radioactive radiation. From 1973 to 2000 she taught as professor for experimental physics at the University of Bremen.”

9th post about the Chernobyl Fukushima Symposium with REAL independent experts, from March 4th – 7th 2014, Germany:

Documentation: http://www.chernobylcongress.org/documentation-arnoldshain.html

more about  her / Source: http://www.chernobylcongress.org/speakers/artikel/b15e8810beda2864301f9d0a42d951c1/katsumi-furitsu.html

Program: http://www.chernobylcongress.org/filead



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Dr. Katsumi Furitsu, born 1959, holds a PhD on medical genetics and radiation biology of the Osaka University.

8th post about the Chernobyl Fukushima Symposium with REAL independent experts, from March 4th – 7th 2014, Germany:

Documentation: http://www.chernobylcongress.org/documentation-arnoldshain.html

more about  her: http://www.chernobylcongress.org/speakers/artikel/b15e8810beda2864301f9d0a42d951c1/katsumi-furitsu.html

Program: http://www.chernobylcongress.org/filead

Katsumi Furitsu, born 1959, holds a PhD on medical genetics and radiation biology of the Osaka University, Japan and at present works in the department of genetics at the Hyogo College of Medicine.  Furitsu has been a member of IPPNW Japan since 2005. She got involved in peace and anti-nuclear-movement as a student activist in 1980 and continues the activities up to the present date as a member of “Campaign Against Radiation Exposure” and “Wakasa Solidarity Network” based in Osaka.

From 1986 to 2000, Furitsu was a member of the “Investigation committee of A-bomb survivors of Hannan Chuo Hospital” in Osaka. The committee carried out a questionnaire survey of 1200 A-bomb survivors regarding their health, living and mental situation.

She is one of the founders and executive members of the “Chernobyl Relief Group of Kansai” based in Osaka and visits Chernobyl affected areas in Belarus every year for exchange and cooperation with local people.

In 1992, Katsumi Furitsu was one of the witnesses at the “World Uranium Hearing” in Salzburg and gave testimony at the Permanent People’s Tribunal, Session on Chernobyl in Vienna in 1996.

Since 2004 Furitsu has been a member of the steering committee and science team of the “International Coalition to Ban Uranium Weapons” (ICBUW)

She visited several areas affected by the impacts of the “nuclear chain”, including uranium mine sites in the indigenous people’s land in the Southwest of the US, down-wind area of Nevada test site and Hanford nuclear facilities, as well as a former French nuclear test site in Algeria. Together with her colleagues, she is still struggling to do what she can do for the radiation victims in cooperation with the victims and to achieve a “nuclear free future”. SOURCE: http://www.chernobylcongress.org/speakers/artikel/b15e8810beda2864301f9d0a42d951c1/katsumi-furitsu.html

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Dr. Kaoru KONTA  Japanese doctors, Doctors of Belarus, Fukushima Chernobyl, Fukushima Children survey. She is a doctor from Fukushima, cares for the evacuated people from Namie. She says, belarusian doctors lied to her and her team. She is right. There is a total cover up in Belarus about Chernobyl: http://tekknorg.wordpress.com/2011/07/24/japan-goes-the-same-way-as-belarus-dictatorship-a-deep-insight/

7th post about the Chernobyl Fukushima Symposium with REAL independent experts, from March 4th – 7th 2014, Germany:

Documentation: http://www.chernobylcongress.org/documentation-arnoldshain.html

more about  her: http://www.tschernobylkongress.de/fileadmin/user_upload/Arnoldshain_Doku/Kaoru_Konta_Fukusima_-IPPNW.pdf

Program: http://www.chernobylcongress.org/filead

Dr. Kaoru KONTA, Allgemeinmedizinerin aus Inawashiro City, Fukushima. Foto: Xanthe Hall / IPPNW copyright IPPNW / Xanthe Hall

The IAEA is Japan’s 2nd Fukushima – Summary: http://tekknorg.wordpress.com/2014/01/09/the-iaea-is-japans-2nd-fukushima-summary/


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