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AUGUST 18th 2011, GERMANY:

WARNING: REWE sells them too! Labeles as “Weissrussland”

Discovered today: Chanterelles from Belarus – the most Chernobyl irradiated country in the World. Mushrooms / Chanterelles absorb radiation like a sponge absorbs water! DO NOT BUY THEM!

The European Union imports radioactive goods from areas with a maximum of 20 Milli Sievert per Year (official) AND MORE –  that’s an equivalent of 50 (!) mammograms! FOR CHILDREN. This is dangerous and irresponsible.

So far had a radioactivity of cesium-134 and cesium-137 have been allowed by a maximum of 600 becquerels per kilogram. Since last weekend the EU limit for food from affected areas in Japan, however, was significantly increased. Consumer organization FoodWatch (web) and the Environment Institute Munich announced in a joint statement, that: For example, should fish oil or spices to their previous value to twenty times higher than what corresponds to 12 500 becquerels per kilogram.

Cesium directly harms the hearts of our children: MODIFICATIONS IN CARDIAC-VASCULAR SYSTEM OF CHILDREN, LIVING IN CONTAMINATED WITH RADIOISOTOPES: http://chernobyl-today.org/images/stories/Bandajevski_2001_Radiocaesium_and_heart.pdf

500 Bequerel per Kilogram – japanese limit IS MURDER. Why: we can rightly consider the Cesium-137 in relatively small doses (20-30 Bq/kg); a breach of the regulatory processes in the body: PAGE 2 – 3: http://chernobyl-today.org/images/stories/BANDAJEVSKI_UNSCEAR_-_REUTERS_Sept_22nd_2010_Eng_V2.pdf

more: http://chernobyl-today.org/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=55&Itemid=45&lang=en

The appropriate Emergency Ordinance 297/2011 was on entered into force on March 27th 2011. Safety standards for Japanese food have been decreased. German Federal Minister of Consumer Aigner contains important information to the public. This is an act against the health of the people. This is not democratic. Then, the E.U. TOOK IT partly BACK: http://www.foodwatch.de/kampagnen__themen/radioaktivitaet/nachrichten/kommissionsentscheidung/index_ger.html
reason: Massive protest of consumer organisations! JAPAN, you can do it also!


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There are NO safe radiation limits according to the former ICRP (International Commission on Radiological Protection) chairman “K.Z. Morgan”: http://books.google.de/books?id=aAoAAAAAMBAJ&pg=PA30&lpg=PA30#v=onepage&q&f=false

There are NO safe radiation limits according to the General Secretary of the World Health Organisation “Margaret Chan”: https://tekknorg.wordpress.com/2011/05/12/w-h-o-secretary-general-chan-admits-for-the-first-time-in-52-years-radiation-is-always-dangerous/ For german readers: http://www.taz.de/!70237/ and: http://www.woz.ch/artikel/2011/nr15/international/20607.html


How belarusian people live there with radiation, they do NOT MEASURE their food, it’s not practicable and only a paper tiger:

I will not tolerate this. I have informed consumer organisation FOODWATCH (web) on that matter. More news soon!

It happened before: http://bag-tschernobyl.net/informationen/berichte-und-reportagen/261-verstrahlte-pfifferlinge-im-handel-entdeckt.html

With kind regards,


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It’s not 23 years after Chernobyl,

It’s “23 Chernobyl years.”


Chernobyl is continuing to harm people and environment (scientific proven by Dr. Gennadi Milinevsky, Kiev, Anders Pape Moller CNRS and Prof. Timothy A. Mousseau, South Carolina ):

US Chernobyl Research Initiative: Consequences for People, insects and birds

Chernobyl was the explosion of a former russian atomic reactor in 1986.

72 % of it’s fallout went down on Belarus – the most Chernobyl affected country in the world. More than 2 million people are still living there in contaminated areas. Here are Belarusian Radiation maps

More: Belarusian independent Chernobyl information

The Government has build an own city around the main capital Minsk, it is called “Malinowka” – it’s like a circle around Minsk. Only for Chernobyl evacuees. The IAEA gags the WHO not to publish any other numbers about death or illness caused by Chernobyl. It’s because of a gag contract between the IAEA and the WHO – since 1959:

Learn about this global scandal here: Independent WHO

That’s why both say only 30 – 50 people died of Chernobyl and 5000 could die. Sources like the IPPNW (web) or the Ukrainian health minstry say: 125,000 people have died (1993) and 800,000 (according to German Federal Working Agency Chernobyl) are affected by Chernobyl. The IAEA denies every other cancer caused by radiation except thyroid cancer. This is because the IAEA is a profiteer of atomic energy: Read more about it here – IAEA and ICRP and ICRP and ALARA


Chernobyl kills invisible and continues. Chernobyl shows that atomic energy is not peaceful. Chernobyl exploded with a yield of 0,2 – 0,3 kilotons. There are atomic weapons which have a lower yield. Source: Robert Green (former British navy member) and Prof. Robert Hesketh (former physicist and atomic operant – CEGB) & Don Arnott – Hinkley Point Hearing 1988 – mentioned in the IPPNW book “Tschernobyl 1996″.

The Belarusian Government denies Chernobyl: 1000 villages struck off from being contaminated

This is also international supported via CORE Program – or “How to end Chernobyl”

The Belarusian Government denies every link between illness and Chernobyl – medics can lose their jobs if they make a connection. Next to Radio Belarus in Minsk is a house where the state records thyroid illnes among belarusian people. Here are photos from April 2009:

And near this house I’ve spotted a white bus. It was from the “Chernobyl Children’s Project International” – view their great website here and watch their interesting and well made movies. Regards to Mrs. Ryan.

And now, ROSATOM - the builder of the Iranian atomic reactors builds an atomic reactor in Belarus: Atomic power crisis

ROSATOM also started a joint venture with SIEMENS (Source) – which recently left AREVA (Areva scandals here)


Olga, a young journalist from Kiev, remembers her childhood as a wonderful time: she used to live in Pripyat, a young town, full of children, mushrooms and flowers. The only problem: Pripyat is located next to the reactor of Chernobyl. At the age of eight years Olga was evacuated with her family. 22 years later she returns with her Brazilian husband to the place of her childhood, which is now a ghost town. A film about the loss of home, the second generation after Chernobyl and the question if it is still dangerous to eat daisies?

Length: 61 minutes, 2008

More information and TRAILER here: lostparadise-themovie.com

Additional coverage in German news mags about LOST PARADISE:

Sueddeutsche NewsMag

DerFreitag web


old movie and blog entry HERE


And now more of my works:

Here are the latest photos I’ve made in Belarus

And here is the latest movie I’ve made

Never forget:

This is me, in April 2009, in Minsk:

The Chernobyl doctor’s name is Dr. Kalinskaya, watch her here

with kind regards,


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Yesterday (April 17th) I returned from a trip to Belarus. Organized by the German Civil Initiative for a World without an Atomic Threat (based in Rottweil) and the Belarusian Fond for the Children of Chernobyl (based in Minsk). We were a group of 11 people (age range from 18 – 54), students, special need carers, translators and teachers.

The program consisted of:

A stay at the City of Brest (historical memorial), the Technician University of Brest and a meeting with Prof. Severianin who has 200 patents and showed us various pioneer projects of thermal and solar energy, and also a 2 kw/h wind energy installment. After that we went to Luninetz (a Caesium 137 contaminated region due to the reactor explosion in 1986 / Chernobyl), where we visited the school, a club for disabled children, the White Lake and many many friends.

After 2 days we went to Minsk, there we met Chernobyl survivors, a doctor who was at the site of reactor No. IV / Chernobyl, in 1986. We stayed at the National Library (even on the roof), and the IBB supported history building about the Jewish Ghetto in Minsk. In the evening we were at the re-opening of the Minsk opera. The Moscow ensemble was there with Swan Lake, the Belarusian culture minister, the Belarusian foreign minister and the Russian Culture Minister. It was an unbelievable atmosphere, so tense, so magic.

Here are the first photos, from Brest, Luninetz, Minsk, ranging from April 10th to April 17th:

More Impressions form Belarus / Minsk / Luninetz / Radiation:


with kind regards,


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Germany, federal State “Niedersachsen”, radioactive waste disposal Asse II, Sept. 4th 2008. Source

130,000 barrels of middle and low radiative waste, kilograms of Plutonium and Caesium 147 – 750 meters below.  Asse 2 was and is the world’s first underground disposal for radioactive waste. And then this scandal:

Long lasting leak in Asse II

Now, Germany’s environmental minister Sigmar Gabriel takes over the Asse II disposal – the federal environmental agency “Bundesumweltministerium” is now responsible for Asse II. The new operator is the federal agency for radiation protection Germany – web - known from their KiKK study.

The former operators State Office for mining, energy and geology in the German federal state Niedersachsen (Landesamt für Bergbau, Energie und Geologie / LBEG) – HERE is their website and the “Helmholtz Zentrum München” / Munich – HERE is their website failed to operate the disposal properly.

Both did not react on their website.

Asse II is full of holes, as Gabriel said. He added, the cause of fault is not clear.

Let this be a learning experience for all pro atomic power activists.



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