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The nuclear industry can cope with a disaster like Chernobyl every year. “(H. Blix, Director of the IAEA, 1986)


The money machine / Source: https://www.taz.de/Besuch-beim-Physiker-Sebastian-Pflugbeil/!82695/

The physicist Sebastian Pflugbeil a radical critic of the nuclear industry. His Society for Radiological Protection was the first one worldwide, which said “meltdown in Fukushima”.

His website: http://www.gfstrahlenschutz.de/

Mr. Pflugbeil welcomes us into his beautiful old building in “Berlin-Mitte”. We drink tea and speak only a little. He is very quiet, almost gentle. You could fall for that, but he is a bulky and tough obstructionists. After Fukushima he was brought out of retirement and asked in front of the television cameras. His Society for Radiation Protection had spoken first about a meltdown in Fukushima. Very soon, however, were his remarks too open and he disappeared into his contemplation. In which he has set up as a critic of nuclear energy. He is an outlaw, we say: bird freelance. From time to time, to regenerate, he makes house music with his daughters and his mother played on the harpsichord. Otherwise, he focuses on the causes and consequences of the radioactive disaster. The day before he came straight back from Fukushima.

“It was the summer of first visits by the Japanese with us, they have looked at what we – or the west -. That time made after Chernobyl with the measuring points which equipment you need, how to deal with what you need in logistics and there has now taken place, a return visit and I’m there from the experience told and from what I’ve gathered on Chernobyl is also on the subsequent health problems in Western Europe, so even health -.. and that’s an important point – at relatively little additional radiation exposure. . the danger is always denied I think the first health problems that will occur in Fukushima first, are: stillbirth, Down’s syndrome, thyroid cancer.

There now arise independent radiation monitoring stations from citizens’ groups, because the government will and not in a position to inform the population about how high the radiation and food loads. The first scientists to come out from their strongholds and even give lectures on the basics of radiation problems. At the beginning of September there were a sponsored by the Nippon Foundation experts’ symposium in Fukushima City on the health dangers of radioactivity, the expected, like, totally downplayed.Subsequently a disgruntled citizen initiatives and critical scientists in October, a counter-conference organized to raise awareness of the real dangers. I was there as a speaker. This year’s 9/11 will be Japan’s 2nd Fukushima! WARNING! The International Expert Symposium in Fukushima - Radiation and Health Risks – September 11-12, 2011, Fukushima Medical University: http://tekknorg.wordpress.com/2011/09/10/this-years-911-will-be-japans-2nd-fukushima-warning/

Counterattack with CRMS website and Pflugbeil:

Oct 12th 2011: Fukushima: International Conference of Citizens and Scientists – docs & media 市民・科学者国際会議: http://tekknorg.wordpress.com/2011/10/14/oct-12th-2011-fukushima-international-conference-of-citizens-and-scientists-docs-media/

quote: “In the symposium, “scientific findings” showing low radiation doses are safe were presented in order to “address concerns with the effects of radiation” among the general public, while the “Conclusion and Recommendations” presented at the end offered no proposals or advices to minimize exposure and reduce possible disabilities. All this reminds us of what the IAEA and other UN organizations did with the International Chernobyl Project and the Chernobyl Forum about the health effect of the Chernobyl nuclear accident. The International Chernobyl Project concluded in 1991″

Donate for independent radiation measurements in Japan! CRMS / Project 47.http://tekknorg.wordpress.com/2011/08/16/donate-for-independent-radiation-measurements-in-japan-crms-project-47/

Citizen’s Radioactivity Measuring Station gets support from indepdendent CRIIRAD France and now from German Dr. Sebastian Pflugbeil, president of the Society for Radiation Protection – physicist and former Minister: http://www.n-tv.de/panorama/Die-Angst-wohnt-in-Fukushima-article4055351.html Quote from the article “Dr. Pflugbeil particularly recommends the citizens’ initiative to build their own registers of diseases…” Quote by Wataru Iwata (japanese composer): “The high radiation levels in the reactor of Fukushima are proof that nothing is under control,” He came with Aya Fukushima Marumori to Berlin to show the work of their citizens ‘initiative “Citizens’ Radioactivity Measuring Station” (CRMS)” e-mail of Pflugbeil: Pflugbeil.KvT@t-online.de

There were also a number of events, north to southern Japan by Fukushima. Everywhere we met with women who have left their infants from Fukushima. It is very difficult for all concerned. There are also hurdles of bureaucracy and financial problems. The salary can say that the cat wears away on the tail. That’s € 8000 or so. If I understand correctly, this is far from the NPP operator Tepco has been paid. As the petty cash was then probably all of them. “(The applicant must complete a 60-page form, for which there is a 100-page manual. Note GG)

“Just as we came departed out of this, that in an affluent Tokyo neighborhood exposure to electromagnetic radiation has been found that hair’s breadth below the threshold for evacuation. If the officials say it’s hot underneath, then it’s hot sure about it! It is still debated. I have from the roof of a skyscraper taken a sample, but I am looking now for a laboratory. The Japanese government is currently in the problem solving one, adventurous’ thrust, it makes propaganda that remove all prefectures in Japan, a part of the contaminated waste and disposed of in incinerators. But they are not designed for the retention of radioactive dirt. The effect is like a vacuum cleaner around just wrong. The dirt is blown into the air and distributed throughout Japan. This is so idiotic. ” (On 3 November, a train has arrived in Tokyo with debris – it was forbidden to measure the radiation -., They were burned at the Tokyo Waterfront Recycle Power, a subsidiary of Tepco, the operator of the nuclear plant in Fukushima.

“It stirs in Japan now more and more resistance. Even if the education is systematically obstructed. Even when politicians publicly on camera contaminated food stuff or drink a glass of water from a puddle of Fukushima Daiichi and-tell about Little Red Riding Hood and the Wolf ‘ . People believe the government and Tepco nothing more. The disaster was so long it was, at the center. With us you have been surprised that the people staying there so calm in the face of the actual disaster. The indifference of the Japanese population nuclear power plants but has a tradition that is not an oversight or stupidity. This has been done over a long period of time.

An early example I saw in the atomic bomb museum in Hiroshima. There is an exhibition of early photographs, because the entire ground floor was one big propaganda event for the nuclear power. And there are reasons: The museum was built after the end of the information barrier in the fifties – the U.S. had indeed a complete news blackout imposed after the bombing, no photos, no reports, no news. Medical documentation was top secret. But then seeping through gradually, so the early fifties, and the Americans feared that their nuclear strategies may be hindered by public opinion. You have searched for a solution and since then has invented Eisenhower before the United Nations in 1953 “Atoms for Peace” program, to rest in the shade in this wind continues to build nuclear bombs can. In this context, he has said something in a small group, which will then automatically transferred all nuclear states – to date: Keep them guessing about nuclear fission and nuclear fusion. You, that was the world’s attention.

MORE about Atoms For Peace: Low radiation kills everything: Trees, children, weather, green energy, peace, climate, democracy, mind, science: http://tekknorg.wordpress.com/2011/08/09/low-radiation-kills-everything-trees-children-green-energy-peace-climate-democracy-mind-science/

50 years brainwashing

The Americans have bribed the entire Japanese newspapers for years that they distinguish carefully: bomb and nuclear power. And that they make propaganda for nuclear power plants. This has been driven for a lot of money. This targeted brainwashed by the Americans worked more than 50 years, but gradually become more and more ineffective to Fukushima. Only now many have begun to talk about and think. Also, the hibakusha organizations, so the surviving atomic bomb victims. Meanwhile, the majority of the population against nuclear power plants and wants to be out. The government instigated from and talks vaguely of long-term exit from power saving, and lets the people in the dark about the radiation exposure. The operators of the Japanese nuclear power plants brace themselves, of course, on the other hand, they do not want to give up so much money.

In Japan, they have more than 50 nuclear power plants, many of them are already older. Fukushima one was already 40 years. As long as everything works, then plays a depreciated one NPP per day up to one million euros (€). This is purely a money machine. And even if something happens, then the operators have long brought their sheep into the dry and the citizens have the damage, as seen in Japan. When NPP jumps in like a systemically important banks in a crisis state. Tepco was to avert the bankruptcy and to pay compensation from a government fund was 8.4 billion euros. “(It needs, the company said in the next ten years further 23.3 billion, etc., to” the consequences of the disaster to cope. “Note GG)

Nuclear power plants are usually not insured once adequate. With us it is so that they must take out liability insurance over two billion euros, not individually, all together! Have professionals through calculated how high the insurance policy would have to be, and that would be so high that the electricity price would increase from today 16 to 20 cents up to about 67 € (!) per KWh. So that would be just flat. If the exit, which has now been decided to Fukushima for us, really wanted him not until 2022 drags on, then an adequate insurance would suffice as a rest completely. That would be the immediate off! Since no operator could also go to court against the shutdown, and against anything!

MORE:  http://atomhaftpflicht.de/

But if we now let’s see the whole history of development, then clearly the military aspect was the focus. That was the driving torque. This later economic interest in nuclear power, which was at the big energy companies did not initially present. They had to be there wearing almost executed to build any nuclear power plants. And the motive why the was so driven, with huge government subsidies, for me that is as safe as the Amen in the church: the NPP were, as already mentioned, on an excellent diversion from the rays of problems and of the will, undisturbed expand the military site offers.

There was no scruples. In connection with the nuclear weapons program in the United States has also made experiments on human beings, from the fifties till seventies, for risk research. It has been injected as blacks in the arms hospitals plutonium without their knowledge, of course, to see what effect this has. “(Scientists from Harvard and MIT have distributed the 1946 mentally and 1956 to people with disabilities in school radioactively contaminated breakfast. Anm . GG) “in the mid 90s in the U.S. is such a great commission was set up, which has everything rolled up. If you read the reports, is one bad! To date, reference is made in terms of plutonium on these studies’.

MORE: Dark History: Plutonium Experiments by Wright Langham: http://tekknorg.wordpress.com/2011/05/28/dark-history-plutonium-experiments-by-wright-langham/

Just as the Russians. Semipalatinsk – – For example, the nuclear weapons test site in Kazakhstan was chosen deliberately by the father of the Russian atomic bomb ‘Kurchatov and Beria, the secret service chief. You have chosen the area, not because there is a desert, but because it was pleasantly crowded. They have used the population as a guinea pig, have said them, when the earth shakes, let them go once beautiful houses from the outside, so that they can not think of bars on the head. They have done their tests and then meticulously examines the people. Only been investigated. Not treated! So the extent of the perfidy and brutality is almost unbelievable, on both sides, because the great powers have done nothing wrong. MORE: http://www.boston.com/bigpicture/2009/11/kazakhstans_radioactive_legacy.html

Of course that was all top secret. Worldwide, there has always been to block the primary task of governments, to date, all information or downplay that might somehow reflect badly on the use of nuclear energy. And on both the military and civil use. Act accordingly, the international organizations or commissions, such as IAEA, WHO, ICRP, etc. with their information and their policy recommendations. For example, independent experts from around the world went from 1.8 million dead who have died in the aftermath of Chernobyl and will die. The IAEA, however, spoke of 50 deaths of the super-meltdown. In the determination of radiation levels will be decided after the interests of the nuclear industry. From the Medical ago which is an absolute disaster. I think these people that are active in such bodies and the risks and explain away down count for absolutely dangerous. On my bar are much more dangerous than the NPP itself!

MORE: W.H.O. Secretary General “Margaret Chan” admits for the first time: RADIATION IS ALWAYS DANGEROUS http://tekknorg.wordpress.com/2011/05/12/w-h-o-secretary-general-chan-admits-for-the-first-time-in-52-years-radiation-is-always-dangerous/

Also meet with us the people who sit in these reactor safety and radiation protection committees, all confidential documents you do not get nothing! We have searched for years for the causes of leukemia in Elbmarsch and Geesthacht. And of those people that have hindered it, even from the research center, there has still not unpacked. Her gag order until the end of life is associated with the pension, apparently. The nuclear research centers are the way of nuclear phase-exempt. They have all been renamed several times and are now united in the Helmholtz Association. The word nuclear, nuclear energy, or later, appeared no more. They are now called simply the Helmholtz Centre for … But at Geesthacht, there we have even more to hide than the accident and the 1986th As the trail leads right back to the story in the German atomic bomb research to the Nazis. ” I take it together sometime short of 1956, nuclear physicists, nuclear scientists and explosives experts along with the physicist E. Bagge Diebner of the Society for nuclear energy and shipping (GKSS) in Geesthacht (on the former site of Dynamit Nobel): Both had, as Heisenberg and his group, the uranium project, the secret nuclear weapons program under the Nazis and the SS Army Ordnance Department worked, but were second or 3rd Garnish. Otto Hahn, Heisenberg and von Weizsäcker did not achieve the 1st nuclear explosion, but Diebner. He will was the first one, in 1945 in Thüringen (Germany) – and succeded with a “small” nuclear explosion in the concentration Camp. Prisoners were used as experimental subjects and killed.Diebner and Bagge never ceased to occupy themselves with nuclear weapons. They have the “Göttingen appeal” of the German nuclear physicists (including those from the NS-uranium project) is not the only one signed. This commitment, “not to manufacture, testing, or to participate in the use of nuclear weapons” would run counter to their research. They gave out for the GKSS the journal Nuclear Energy, in which their research results during the Nazi period were presented with pride

MORE INFO: http://www.strahlentelex.de/Stx_05_436_S03-04.pdf AND: http://www.nuclear-free.com/deutsch/pflugbeil.htm

AND: http://www.strahlentelex.de/Stx_05_436_S01-03.pdf

Accident in Geesthacht

30 years after its founding, there was an unexplained accident or fire on the grounds of the GKSS Geesthacht nuclear research facility. He was immediately played down and covered up. That was in 1986. In the nineties it was there then the “world’s most notable accumulation of leukemic children in the vicinity of nuclear facilities.” To their education in 1992, an independent eight-member Commission was established officially leukemia of Schleswig-Holstein. The high-profile commission consisted of experts from the fields of environmental toxicology, radiation biology, physics, nuclear medicine, medicine and biochemistry. She worked for twelve years volunteers and found in environmental samples nuclear-engineered “PAC-microspheres,” which suggested illegal military experiments. 2004 occurred, unnerved by permanent disabilities and from “a wall of silence”, six of the eight members of the Commission. They wrote their own final report in which it admitted the causation of the NPP crumbs to the leukemia while, but the critical contamination on secret nuclear experiments in the special area of research reactor led back. This result is a thorough analysis was dismissed as baseless conspiracy theory and discarded. Prof. Lengfelder, founder of the Society for Radiological Protection and the Otto Hug Radiation Institute (for Chernobyl Aid), radiation biologist and physician, a man with extensive Chernobyl experience, spoke of “mechanisms of concealment and suppression of political, scientific, economic and state administration “. Another member, the biochemist Prof. Scholz in Munich, called it “cronyism between science, politics and industry,” and withdrew.

MORE about Lengfelder: http://www.facebook.com/note.php?note_id=165064803582158

Pflugbeil says: “We had to send our samples to Belarus Prof. Mironov of the International Sakharov Environmental University, Minsk – it was founded in the aftermath of Chernobyl – she has analyzed and confirmed our assumptions we have been totally disabled permanently.. by all parties including the Greens. The parents, the whole population and we were always just, Little Red Riding Hood and the Wolf told. ‘That was instructive. But there was only one example of the foreclosure and for the lies in this area. For I was an absolute example of Chernobyl, was a lie as the first minute goal-directed, there were only a total ban on information from all ministries and the KGB, then an official version, which we all know.

I want now to the second Sarcophagus come to speak, because it does not serve to disguise a dangerous ruin, but for the concealment of dangerous lies. Since there are a lot of inconsistencies. Worldwide, for example, the version that 95 percent of the nuclear fuel still in there, and it posed a threat for Ukraine and for the whole of Western Europe. Tschetscherow has refuted this claim and it clearly goes from less than 10 percent that are still in there. He was commissioned in 2001 by the Kurchatov Institute, a research report related to the second Sarcophagus. He has investigated room by room, measured, photographed, core samples taken and has made its research report. He got a high distinction for it and the report ended up in a drawer forever! It interferes with the business.

Tschetscherow told me before we – went inside the destroyed reactor in Unit IV, as he is there crowled everywhere, even on the bottom of the reactor – accompanied by a small film crew. And that he has worked in the surveying of the lower part there for five hours. He said there were only 200 tons, 20 tons, perhaps, but realistically is 10 tons. In the other case they would have been so dead as a doornail. When we were in there, that was an uneasy feeling for me. The sound of the instruments, no light, you had to watch where you step on this climb and you never knew whether or not the same as a concrete chunk falls down from above. There are a thousand different rooms accessible in these ruins, heavily damaged. At the bottom of the reactor pot, I’d say of them that some debris that have fallen down from the upper chamber. We climbed over it since. Under it’s even different rooms in which at some points even these elephants ‘feet’ to see the molten material. Tschetscherow has shown us all and the movie people have taken it.

In the reactor pot was nothing. It’s all been thrown out with tremendous force into a short and violent explosion, which was so strong that it has lifted the 2,000-ton concrete lid. So the energy source is nuclear energy have been clearly and the explosion was a nuclear explosion! The Western world – where is yes, nuclear power plants and nuclear weapons which are completely different – wants to admit it, because otherwise would clarify that a nuclear power plant with a nuclear explosion can destroy itself. But in the textbook, there is a nuclear power plant can not. But it can.

One must ask, who benefits from the new sarcophagus, a thing of vast scale high, 100 meters, 250 meters breadth? By June 2011, Ukraine has received financial commitments of € 685 million. A large part of the international aid funds from the Chernobyl fund flows back to firms from donor countries. All the major international companies in the nuclear industry in Chernobyl are already in business. The total cost is currently estimated at 1.6 billion euros. This is issued for something that is unnecessary. And on the other hand, is designed to have virtually no cents for medical and welfare cases that are pending there. In March 2011, former liquidators were demonstrating against the reduction of their financial contributions.

These scissors we wanted to show the film. Was sent a couple of times in 2002 on ZDF. “Chernobyl, millions coffin.” On the Internet you can look at on youtube be the patched. Before the first broadcast of the German partner for the sarcophagus, the Society of Nuclear Safety has tried to intervene with the ZDF director, and to prevent the broadcast. But you can now say anything publicly, without consequence.

ABOUT Sebastian Plfugbeil:

Dr. Sebastian Pflugbeil, a physicist, a radical critic of the nuclear industry and president of Society for Radiological Protection d. e. V., born in 1947 in Bergen / Rügen. School and high school in Greifswald (GDR) from 1966 to 1971 study of physics ad Ernst-Moritz-Arndt University of Greifswald. Then employees d. f. Central Institute Cardiovascular Research ad Academy of Sciences in Berlin-Buch. His doctoral work was begun there hampered because of dissident remarks and recognized only by d. turn, nevertheless, he remained uncomfortable and stubborn. He was co-founded in 1989 d. New Forum and sat as a representative of the round-table d. GDR. In February 1990 he became minister without portfolio id Modrow government. He compiled a dossier on fd Volkskammer serious security shortcomings of nuclear power plants, which led to the closure of nuclear power plants VEB Kombinat “Bruno Leuschner” Greifswald nuclear power plant Rheinsberg d. uz closure. 1990-94 he was a member of NF d. d. Berlin House of Representatives. Since 1993, d. Chairman association “Children of Chernobyl”. He worked together with the Schleswig-Holstein commission to investigate the leukemia cases in the Elbmarsch and Geesthacht. D. From 1999 President Society for Radiological Protection e. V. 2001, he was accompanied by Russian scientist d. Tschetscherow under the sarcophagus at Chernobyl destroyed Unit IV (d. direct inspection reactor pot), he found confirmation of d. Tschetscherows heretical assertion, Most of that d. d. d. explosion of radioactive material in 1986 was thrown out. Pflugbeil speaks fluent Russian and made about 90 trips to the affected regions, talked with numerous scientists, liquidators and other stakeholders, both reported on technical and d. d. d. catastrophic social consequences (most recently in Japan). Since March 2011 intensive study of Fukushima, on a several-week visit to Japan, he gave lectures and met with scientists and citizens’ initiatives. Pflugbeil lives in Berlin. His wife is an internist, they have four grown daughters. His father was a church musician in Greifswald, his mother harpsichordist.

MORE: http://www.chernobylcongress.org/speakers/artikel/4dd2fa3d436f621b58642ac1257685b6/sebastian-pflugbeil.html

FUKUSHIMA DIARY: Dr. Sebastian Pflugbeil “Tokyo is on the path of Kiev”http://fukushima-diary.com/2011/12/dr-sebastian-pflugbeil-tokyo-is-on-the-path-of-kiev/

with kind regards,

Jan Hemmer

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From May 7th 2011, 5 pages long:

Nuclear Agency Is Criticized as Too Close to Its Industry

It’s the same with the german TÜV (web), which reviews atomic power plants in Germany. All atomic power plant operators are involved in the TÜV.


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Video made by me



Vladimir Anatolevich Gudov, Liquidator of Chernobyl, Special Battalion 731, author of the book “W.A. Gudow, Specbatal’on 731″ – during the Fukushima / Chernobyl IPPNW congress, in Berlin, from April 8th – 10th 2011.  information: http://www.chernobylcongress.org/speakers/artikel/b184b4080697f24807a531d6714…

It’s gruesome, how the liqudatores suffered, died. The ukrainian health ministry said in 1993, that 125,000 of them died. 800,000 took part during the “Chernobyl liquidation”. And now, japanese liquidators share the same truth. They are the heroes, the human robots. And still, countries plan to build new atomic power plants. Arrogance is one of biggest weakpoints of the human race. Prof. Alexey Jablokov said in his study, that 1000,000 people died because of Chernobyl.

The Chernobyl liquidators are RIGHT NOW demonstrating in the Ukraine, Kiev

Here is the Association for the Liquidators of Chernobyl

I gave him a copy of my Chernobyl and Belarus DVD “The Time blurs the Truth”


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It’s 25 Chernobyl years.

25 Years of lies by the IAEA and the WHO.

25 years of suffering.With still more than 2 million people living in contaminated areas in Belarus. 1000.000 Children are ill.

Therefore, the Federal Working Agency Chernobyl (web) of Germany organizes a bus tour through Europe:


The trip will consist of three stages:

  1. Minsk Garden of Hope: The peace tour starts and ends in Minsk in the “Garden of Hope” where vigils (sit-ins) and candle burning actions will take place on the commemoration day. Byelorussian participants as well as organizers will assemble in Minsk and international participants can join at this point. The Foundation “The Children of Chernobyl” is responsible for the organization and program of the trip and will decide on the itinerary. If possible, a group of animators should be included.
  2. Intermediate stops: bus of the foundation will transport us. En route, people can join, for example, in Poland, Germany, Benelux countries, Switzerland, among others. If there are not enough places, there will be an additional bus. Stops will be made where initiatives have taken to invite the group. The organizers in these places are responsible for lodging – in families, youth hostels and other places – and for a program – possibly with guests (where donations can be requested), for ex.: memorial services, vigils (sit-ins), laying of wreaths, memorial unveilings, etc.
    Reports from “witnesses” – this does not only include guests from Byelorussia but also local people, parents, teachers, doctors, local authorities who were responsible at that time, on how they witnessed the shock of Chernobyl, in towns, schools, etc.
    Reading literature on Chernobyl, possibly by authors, people who are known in the area, in churches, schools etc., at a “reading night” with Chernobyl cultural events with guests – theater, music, exhibitions, etc. Special actions: Theatre in pedestrian zones, paintings, and a display of the ‘Chernobyl candle’, catastrophe exercise, stock of milk powder for infants distributed in little bags, ‘mushroom’ soups, nuclear chain reactions, etc.
    In any case, the reason and aim of the “Peace Journey through Europe” in April 2011, should be made clear through reports, media, etc.
    The return trip could be similar.
  3. Meeting place Geneva: Aim and meeting place is Geneva, with a participation in the (memorial) vigil (sit-in) on 26 April 2011 in front of the WHO – also for those who arrive by private car, bicycle, on foot, tractor, etc. Accommodation: Youth hostel in Geneva and surroundings, hotels, or private homes, etc. The Federal Association of ‘ For the Children of Chernobyl’ in Germany) will be responsible for preparation and organization.
    An international group should already join the participants in Minsk.
  4. Invitation to the federal government / German Greens in the federal state “Niedersachsen”:

Candle actions everywhere
with the symbol of the Chernobyl candle

The “Chernobyl candle” is the center of all candle actions. It reminds and warns everyone in a peaceful way and cannot be overlooked. Everybody
can take part in such an action by placing a candle in the window to remember together with host families the Chernobyl disaster:

  • for all who have become victims of this ‘invisible war’, who suffer from it and have to carry the consequences for the children of Chernobyl as well as
  • for all children whose lives have been and will be destroyed through atomic action
  • for our friends and partners in Byelorussia
  • for all courageous and engaged people who oppose the atomic threat and who stand up for life
  • for the participants of the ‘peace journey’
  • for a world without atomic threat – each nuclear power plant is a potential atomic bomb
  • for free access to medical data and information without any hesitation, imposed silence, according to the statutes of the WHO
  • for people who do not withdraw from their responsibility
  • for bridges of humanitarian cooperation
  • for..
  • for..

Where there is church involvement, Western Easter (24./25.04.2011) could be a focal point with the use of the Easter candle.


The WHO constitution describes 22 actions which are to enable it to obtain its medical goals. One can read that it is mandatory to give the widest possible information on health problems to the population so that it can come to its own conclusions.


The main goal of the IAEO is ”to accelerate and promote the nuclear industry for peace, health and well-being of the whole world”. Almost
by way of parenthesis it is underlined that the IAEA is also accountable for health in the field of nuclear industry.

The contract of 1959

The main point of the contract between WHO and IAEO: No public information on health problems when could influence the development of nuclear industry.

This commitment to keep secrecy is however totally against the WHO statutes which state that the public be informed. Consequently, it seems that the world is being kept in the dark concerning risks from the nuclear industry or, so to say, protected from the truth. It will still be worse when it comes to information and protective measures regarding the expected waste from the nuclear industry, as was in the case after Chernobyl, because first of all the promoters of nuclear power plants will be financially protected (Prof. Dr. M. Fernex, France).

“The peak of the number of concerned persons will only be visible by 2016. The heritage of Chernobyl will accompany us and our children,
for generations” (Kofi Annan, former U.N. general secretary). He surely has the information from WHO. We want to know this, too

To tell the truth

1. Unforgettable is the date of 26 April 1986. It was with horror that all of Europe observed what happened in the former Soviet Union: The unimaginable, the ‘GAU’ of a nuclear power plant, a super-GAU – bigger than the greatest imaginable accident. This horror was called Chernobyl. Europe was scared, fear over the children, helplessness, what shall we do, what are we allowed to eat, how can we protect ourselves? Europe was lucky. Immediately affected however were the regions around the nuclear reactor in the Ukraine, Russia and in large parts of White Russia/Belarus. However, nothing of all this was known in the beginning. There was nothing but silence, repression, bluff. The then politbureau of the USSR had ordered silence. Silence was maintained by all means.

Europe, however, should remember and hear the warning.

2. Only the civil movement could and would not be silent. On its very own it wanted to find out. It informed its own population and the world at large. It tried to make known this disaster by involving the media, by ways of scientific congresses, with civil rights’ engagement, to bring Glasnost and Perestroika into the disaster. It organized immediate aid for children and for the people in the heavily affected regions. A world-wide network of self-help and humanitarian cooperation developed – marked by international solidarity with the courageous people who took their fate into their own hands, who broke through the silence, who brought light into the darkness. It is the civil rights movement who up to this date carries out international humanitarian programs and who, in deep solidarity, stands on the side of the afflicted and engaged people. It is the international citizens movement who over and over again calls for the truth – particularly today, 25 years after the ‘Chernobyl’ disaster. This memory moves between the two poles: solidarity and truth. We need free information and medical data over ‘Chernobyl’. The real situation at that time and today must be transparent and made known.

3. After a short democratic opening in Belarus, silence has again been installed. The silence has an international dimension. The silence which had once been ordered by the politbureau of the Communist party of the Soviet Union is today being steered by the IAEO. The IAEO is subordinate to the U.N. Security Council where the five leading nuclear powers have the word. The whole military-industrial nuclear complex wants ‘Chernobyl’ forgotten. The nuclear lie is, not the least, the result of the agreement of 1959 between two U.N. organizations: the IAEO and the WHO. As to nuclear issues, the WHO is only allowed to publish what is agreed to with the IAEO. There have already been publications that had to be destroyed, and congresses had to be cancelled. This is how in the end physicists and politicians decide over what medical doctors have to say.

Remembering and Reminding

WHO has an enormous amount of medical documentation, data and information with regard to ‘Chernobyl’ and to the whole nuclear program. However, silence is the order. Facts and data cannot be obtained anymore. The IAEO declares today as it did in 1986 “Chernobyl is not that bad” – only 31 dead and – in the meantime they admitted that there are some cases of thyroid cancer in children. IAEO even starts a counter attack: What is really bad is how one speaks about Chernobyl. Many negative initiatives create insecurity among people and make them depend on outside support, plunging them into apathy and poverty.

The ‘atomic lie’ then leads to a direct battle against civil society – not only in Belarus. Much has in the meantime been destroyed. Humanitarian cooperation is constantly being threatened and hindered. The more necessary is the call for truth.

4. One should remember that ‘Chernobyl’ does not belong in a museum but remains a constant challenge today and tomorrow: To stand for the cause of free access to all necessary information, for an “independent WHO”, that the agreement of 1959, which leaves people to suffer, be suppressed, that silence be broken, that the truth about the consequences of Chernobyl for life and health be put on the table, that the whole dimension for man and environment become visible. Because the medical records will show that for a long time to come ‘Chernobyl’ is not over, it continues to threaten the people in Belarus, Russia, the Ukraine, Europe. Genetic consequences cannot yet be estimated. The atomic lie is like an octopus that spreads its deadly arms over humanity, like cancer which starts to grow and forms metastases. The whole Chernobyl work depends on medical data and facts. For its humanitarian programs, it depends essentially on up-to-date information on radioactive emissions, on the consequences of nuclear contaminaon and the health situation. Whoever accepts the “atomic lie” makes civil movements and humanitarian cooperation loses ground, and leaves children and the weakest to their fate.

5. At the same time, ‘Chernobyl’ is a symbol for taking the wrong path and for the disaster of the whole military-industrial nuclear program. Silence, bluff, repression, is worldwide. The consequences are incalculable.

6. For many years, vigils (sit-ins) for an independent WHO on a local and international level, take place in Geneva in front of WHO. Chernobyl is constantly being remembered and the truth about the ‘nuclear lie’ is being remembered. They need support, especially also from Germany. German initiatives are missing here. The 26th of April 2011 therefore offers the possibility to participate in Geneva in these vigils (sit-ins) to protest against the ‘nuclear lie’ and to make visible these events and actions. The “peace journey through Europe” and candle action will serve this aim.

For further information: www.independentwho.info

An additional Chernobyl Congress will be held in Berlin, Germany by the IPPNW (PSR in the U.S.) more information HERE



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Warning to all pregnant women in Japan: Get away! 20 – 30 Km is not enough!

Children should stay in the flat during fallout, for 2 weeks! Or should be evacuated to southern Japan.


IAEA, UNCESCO, ICRP: Playing down radiation in Fukushima and Chernobyl is scientifically valid


All recommendations for radiation emssion out of atomic power plants are based on a healthy mature 34 / 35 year old human.

This is called REFERENCE MAN

But what happens if you do not take a mature human as a default for limit values.

What if you choose a HUMAN EMBRYO

The answer is ZERO. This is called REFERENCE EMBRYO.

PDF / Downloadable Review of Risks from Tritium. Report of the independent Advisory Group on Ionising Radiation HERE

and HERE <- How Tritium makes children sick (in German)

List of downloadable documents by Prof. Pflugbeil, Germany HERE

And this is why IAEA, WHO and ICRP close their eyes: HERE and HERE

More here and here

Press releases by operator TEPCO (offline March 13th 2011)

This is the Livestream of japanese NHK Broadcast. It is now offline. Here is the NEW one.

This is how a General Electric BWR reactor like Fukushima looks from the inside: PHOTOS

This is the webcam of Fukushima HERE - updated per hr. It is now online again. During the explosion of block 1, it was offline.

The pressure tank is not damaged, but the meltdown will do it.

This is the Wind map - Japan USA

Reference Embryo Information was sent to the Comission on Radiological Protection Germany (web) by the IPPNW (web) two weeks before xmas 2009. No decision yet.

What comes out of cooling towers at atomic power plants?

Steam PLUS Tritium (heavy water, Beta emitter)

In a radius of 5 – 10 km around every atomic power plant PREGNANT women’s embryos are exposed to that.

Around / before/ after the 10th pregnancy week Tritium / beta radiation harms the cell information, when inhaled and transported to the embryo itself. It does not cause a pregnancy abortion, mind you. But after the child is born, and let’s say 2, 3 years are gone, this child is likely to get blood cancer.You should ask your gynecologist about this and leave the area if you want to have a child.

The atomic power plant operators publish only averages of Tritium emissions. This convincing, with those numbers it is possible the camouflage high emissions or even accidents. You can not rely on that.

Dr. Ian Fairlie is an independent scientist who researches on this sector. More HERE

Read all about it HERE and HERE, in the German KiKK Study – released by the Federal Radation Agency (web HERE) in 2007. Children living in a 5 km radius around German atomic power plants do have a higher cancer risc. It is scientific and confirmed in professional circles.

Explosion in Fukushima 1 confirmed SOURCE

After the 8.9 earthquake on March 11th 2011, 3000 people have been evacuated living around the atomic power plant Fukushima. The emergency cooling system was running on battery mode.

Fukushima Nr.2 (12 km from Nr.1) is now also without cooling system. The Government evacuates everyone within 20 miles. Chernobyl was and is 30 miles – because 30 miles zone was used during the atomic bomb tests in the U.S. 30 miles is pretty useless, because the wind blows the radioactivity thousands of miles away.


Photos 1 and Photos 2 (Before and after)

In June 2008 Fukushima was also damaged by an earthquake and fire HERE

In July 2007 there was a fire in the Kashiwazaki atomic power plant HERE

TOSHIBA announced In June 2008 that they want to build 65 new atomic reactors SOURCE the Stocks of TOSHIBA went DOWN on March 15th 2011 by 20%.

When an accident happens (an atomic reactor crash, for example) the whole point of Status Quo is that the people are contaminated with radiation.

By the ALARA principle you have to prove that the money you are going to spent to lower the radiation exposure does advance peoples health.

Read about it HERE (ALARA, ICRP and atomic reactor CRASH)

Now, after radioactive steam has built up – and the operators released it, the pressure has built up one and a half the time allowed (yesterday).

The reactor is built for a quake of 8.25. The latest quake was 8.9.

Japan plans to build 14 new atomic reactors until 2030. They already have 54.

The radioactivity has risen one thousand times. Backup generators are not working. SOURCE

Japan was hit by another quake of 6.6 afterwards.

Atomic power is a big risc for everyone. It is not safe.

There is no peaceful atom.

WHO and IAEA are going to ignore the consequnces of the atomic power plant catastrophe in Japan:

from independentwho.info:

The World Health Organisation (WHO) is failing in its duty to protect the victims of radioactive contamination.

Daily messurements for the Federal Agency for Radiation Protection Germany

Fukushima [map] reactor building1 is completely destroyed, Meltdown has begun. 03/11/11  Source

11 atomic reactors were shut down, five of them were allowed to spread radioactive water steam. 03/11/11

3 people in Kyodo are contaminated. Myagi [map] is contaminated 03/12/11

160 people are contaminated. Reactor 3 is out of control. 03/13/11

Emergency at Onagawa [map] atomic power plant . 03/13/11

Eruption at Shinmoedake vulcano [map] . 03/13/11

Cooling system offline at Tokai [map] atomic power plant. 03/13/11

210,000 people flee the area of Fukushima. 03/13/11

Explosion in Fukushima reactor 3. 11 people wounded. Radiation rising. 03/14/11

Cooling system in Fukushima reactor 2 offline. 03/14/11

Seawater is pumped into Fukushima reactor 2, but it the water level drops. 03/14/11

Fueling rods of Fukushima reactor 2 are without water. Meltdown warning for three of four reactors. 03/14/11

5 workers radiation exposed, two wounded at Fukushima reactor 1. And the reactor is without cooling water again. 03/14/11

WHO tells the people that there is no harm to health. READ HERE WHY. 03/14/11

Big explosion in Ibaraki reactor 2 between Tokio and Fukushima. 03/15/11

Fukshima fuel rods 1 seem to melt. 03/15/11

Fukushima reactor 4 burning. 03/15/11

Radiation nine times higher in Tokio. 03/15/11

Fukushima: 400 milli sievert per hour acc. to IAEA. 03/15/11

Condition of the 50 workers at Fukushima unknown. 03/15/11

Flight ban over Fukushima. 03/15/11

Increased radation at U.S. naval personnel. 03/15/11

Yukio Edano: Cooling of Fukushima reactor 5 and 6 faulty. 03/15/11

Prefecture Yamagata has shelters. 03/15/11

Water in decay pool of Fukushima is boiling. 03/15/11

According to French atomic agency Fukushima is INES 6 (Chernobyl was INES 7) Source. Japan gives it a 4. 03/15/11

Radiation to high for workers at Fukushima plant. 03/15/11  Source

Helicopters shall drop water above Fukushima. 03/15/11

Helicopters stopped – too dangerous because of high radiation. 03/16/11

No water in cooling pond of Fukushima reactor 4. 03/16/11

U.S. says Japan must install a 80 km evac zone, not only 30 km. 03/16/11

Temperatures rise in Fukushima reactor 5 and 6. 03/16/11

Japan will stop selling food from Fukushima region.  Spinach and milk are contaminated. 03/19/11

Tochigi region: Spinach high contaminated. 03/19/11

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Wladimir Nekljajew – former belarusian presidential candidate and a poet, discusses culture, in Minsk, along with others. He was beaten by belarusian police in Dec. 2010, put in jail, and is now under house arrest.

Write a postcard – powered by Charter97.org – to political prisoners in Belarus HERE

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The Robert Bosch foundation (web) and the University of  Baranovichi (web) are looking for students who want to take part at a Chernobyl workshop in Belarus.

Students can talk with belarusian and ukrainian students about new forms of energy and Chernobyl, in a workshop.

From: April 10th till April 18th 2011

Local Ukrainian partner: Baranovichi University

Age limit: Students

Costs: 80,- EUR

Closing date (because of VISA): February 28th 2011

More information: dorit.happ@googlemail.com

or agacz@gmx.de

Remember: Belarus is the most Chernobyl affected country in the world, and ROSATOM builds Belarus’ first atomic reactor there.


with kind regards,


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