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Contingent on the Heat which occures during Summer, atomic power plants worldwide will have problems. The temperature in rivers is going to rise. So, less cooling water can be used from these rivers. And the other way: To avoid breaking the limit for minimum quantitiy, less warm water from the atomic power plants can be preluded into the rivers, because this would harm fish and the ecosystem.

Several atomic power plants will have their performance lowered. Take an example from 2006 / Germany: Operator and concern E.ON Energie web reduced the output from their atomic power plants by 50 % (!). The cause was the high temperature of the river “Weser”, whose water is directly used for cooling.

Atomic power plants do not guarantee security of supply.

The electricity price will rise.

This is an old blog entry made by me, but the Centre for European Economic Research now (on July 31st 2009) says, that cooling water is getting short because of climate change: HERE

They say, reactors will be without cooling water.

Source: ZEW Mannheim



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Interesting new German anti-atomic energy project:


Movies about the lies, the work of atomic lobby and industry, in german lingo so far. You can type in your name – which will be then in the clip itself. A clever idea previously used durin Obama election.

Made by http://www.campact.de/

Campact is known by this:

In Germany 50% of the Government (the CDU fraction) wants a comeback of atomic power, although 100 % of the Government (CDU & SPD fraction) signed a total pullout from atomic power – contract. Now, people are demonstrating against this come back. SOURCE here and here (CAMPACT CIVL e.V. action), more than 2000 people were surrounding the building in which the CDU meeting was held (Berlin). More here

Democracy in Action!

Want so watch more anti-atomic movies?

Go on Tennerfilms!



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Germany, July 25th 2009


An invigilator on a general transformer switched the reactor “Emsland” map off -after an incident – acccording to the operator RWE web. No reaction on RWE’s website so far, no press information. Federal and state officials have been informed, as RWE said. Emsland (1,400 MW, operating since 1988)  now is in one line with other german atomic scandals:

Jülich reactor radiation

Krümmel – Vattenfall scandal

Asse II scandal

or french atomic scandals:

Tricastion EdF and Areva scandals



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Germany, July 18th 2009:

The environment ministry now examines high radiation caused in the research reactor “Jülich” map near the town “Karlsruhe”.  In the 1970ies few scandals happened there and they need to be inspected again. Jülich came into service in 1963. It is a pebble bed reactor. It went offline in 1978 after the worst case scenario nearly happend. Source

The moderator inside of Jülich is Graphit – just like in Chernobyl. The electric output was 15 MW. Due to it’s high radiation it is not possible to transfer the reactor into a waste disposal. Jülich is under a sarcophagus – for the next hundred years. It’s Germany’s Micro-Chernobyl.

In the meantime even pro-atomic power Government party “CDU” wants that scandal operators get their licence revoked (Source).

HERE are the other German atomic scandals



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Printed by the IAHC in Minsk, Belarus, made public in December 2008 at the YouthConference held in Minsk. The photos are from the visit at the Brest State Technical University, April 2008. There, Prof. Severyianin showed us some of his 200 patents he has made. None of his projects have become real, but they are fully working. The Wind Energy Installment near Brest delievers 2 kw/h – because of it’s architecture, which is western style. Belarus needs another design, because of Belarus’ low wind speed. More about the University HERE



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